Ageless Attitude

Beyond wearing the current styles and eating with optimum health in mind, there is another intangible aspect of remaining active. A positive attitude leads to a better quality of life.

The beautiful sunny weather and warm temperatures meant wearing white jeans and suede booties was safe. A white tee, a dark navy wool blazer, and a brightly colored silk scarf completed the look. The small rose-taupe bag held everything I needed for the day. All the elements in this look are a couple of years (or more) old except for the booties here. (I also have them in smooth black leather and have worn them often.)

We were on our way to Saturday brunch, so we dressed appropriately for the venue, for warmth, comfort, and in a way to please ourselves and each other.

He may appear a dignified older gentleman who would be too overly serious or intimidating to enjoy sharing an afternoon conversation over good food.

I assure you there will be a surprising amount of giggling. Among the countless things I have learned from Mr. Mickey in the past seventeen years is to decide to be positive every day. (I most certainly did not grow up with that example.) Don’t take yourself too seriously; always wear what makes you happy, be kind, and delight in helping others and making people laugh.

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  1. How blessed you two are to have each other! It takes most of us a lifetime to realize what is truly important in this world, our relationship with our heavenly father and having those around us that we love. Material things are bottom of the list. Thank you again!

  2. I totally agree with you statement about positive attitude. I believe it helped me in my numerous hospitalizations. It’s not a way to win over physical illness, rather a way of dealing with the fact that you have it. Every day I wake up alive I am grateful.
    Susan, are your jeans the ones from BR? Are you wearing regular length if so? I rarely wear any heels, so am hesitating about ordering them as I’d have to hem them. Perhaps the petites might work since they are high rise. Do they fit true to size or run large? Thank you for any information.

    1. I am wearing an old style of Talbots flare-leg white jeans in the images here. I bought the regular length, but I always check the inseam listed in the descriptions. I need a 31″ inseam in a straight leg and a 34″ inseam in flares that I will wear with heels and boots.

  3. Good post! I volunteer in 4 different organizations, from dog rescue to being a master gardener. In in local elementary school, there is a large quote painted on the wall. It says “If you can be anything, be kind.” What a wonderful quote for a young student to see every day!
    Loving your white jeans! I quit eating sugar and high carb foods which caused me to lose 56 lbs so I will be shopping for new white pants in a smaller size soon. Your posts on what you eat dining with Mr. Mickey always encourages me to choose a healthier diet!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Scrolling down this post I was delighted to see Mr. Mickey’s impish expression, then another scroll revealed his Mickey Mouse Socks! Thanks for sharing, you and Mr. Mickey made my day!

  5. That’s great advice from Mr. Mickey.
    I’m married to an older man, 20 years my senior. He is always negative about everything. Always thinks he is a comedian. Not at all a gentleman. Loves to travel though. And never thinks about trying to eat to be healthy. He has diabetes and congestive heart failure. And ears everything that he shouldn’t eat.
    It’s a constant struggle to take care of him. You are blessed to have Mr. Mickey.

  6. It’s always a delight to see you and Mr.Mickey enjoying yourselves. You both are stylishly dressed and ready for fun. Thanks for the reminder about having a positive attitude. It is easy to slide into negativity these days. My husband and I continue to work on improving our diet and exercise. We now eat plant and fish based meals six days a week. One of our new favorites are mackerel patties made from canned mackerel. We also have many of the quinoa and lentil vegetable bowls frequently. We sold our large home last fall and have been living in a tiny apartment while looking for another home. We finally found it and are closing soon. Then we’ll be having some updating and will finally get settled. It has been a struggle to remain positive after leaving our lovely home of many years. But of course, there is much to be grateful for and to look forward to. Thank you for the inspiration to focus on all the good in our lives and how we really do have the upper hand in deciding how we go about living our lives. Have a wonderful week!

  7. I love this post, Susan! You and Mickey (those socks are perfect!) look adorable — and I bet you’d be lots of fun to spend time with. Thanks for the smiles today!

  8. Oh, I LOVE those socks! I laughed out loud, in delight, when I saw that pic! Thank you, Susan, and please thank Mr. Mickey for such a wonderful day brightener!

  9. I’m so ready for spring but not in the cards for me right now as I’m wearing my Sorels, snow pants and parka; have no power and would love a hot shower and hair washing. Our storm isn’t over yet after 2 1/2 feet of snow. And we’re in sunny California!

  10. The two of you are an amazing couple! …as well, one of the most handsome & classy couples I’ve yet to see! For myself, you’re style is impeccable! Enjoy!

  11. Susan – So happy to see your post in my feed today. My husband had emergency surgery early today and I am recovering from COVID. Looking forward to feeling better, dressing well, and having our Saturday day trips back on schedule. Thankful that we are moving forward and have everything we need.

    This was such a fun post! So many lately that have been very enjoyable. I just finished making Valerie Bertinelli’s Vegetarian Minestrone Soup and I can’t stop sampling it. I’m always searching to find new soup recipes in the rotation I make for my 98-year young at heart mom, who is in excellent health. She always believed in eating good food but not a lot, always some form of exercise and to find the blessings in every day. Throughout the years my parents were very social through church, their place of employment and through the military. Before Covid my mother and her gentleman friend were polka dancing twice per week but have since slowed down a bit. Thanks to you, I am more than halfway through the Maisie Dobbs novels by Jacqueline Winspear. Love Mr. M’s socks and seeing him in a playful mood! Your posts are a bright spot whenever they appear. It’s like connecting with good friends.

  13. A positive attitude is something I need to constantly think about. This was a very good post!! I agree that a positive attitude is just as important as diet, exercise and how we look. What fun you two must have together!

  14. Wonderful post. Both you and Mr. Mickey look fantastic. And, being a long time Disney fan, I love the socks 🙂

  15. I went looking for the scarf, in particular the dimensions, but the link took me Banana Republic and a notice that “Page cannot be displayed”. Maybe you could just tell me the dimensions of your scarf. You look terrific and your attitude is terrific, and you can tell by his expression that Mr. Mickey is anything but overly serious! Look at those eyebrows! Great fun.

  16. Susan, This was another inspiring post. I truly believe a positive attitude has made a difference in my recovery from bladder surgery just a few days ago. Yes, I had an expert surgical team — but I am recovering so quickly and feel grateful that the I am feeling stronger already. My greatest gift has been the circle of support from my family and friends. These are the things that matter.
    (As an aside, I also wanted to thank you for the suggestions for clothing items in particular shades of green from Chico’s. I ended up purchasing several tops.)

  17. Susan and Mr Mickey you both look so very polished and smart. Those Micky socks
    are priceless fun , great wit. Now Susan as lovely as you look, what priceless bit of
    fun did you have up your sleeve to give Mr Mickey a chuckle? Or are you not telling.?
    Great to see you wearing a lovely scarf, it somehow pulls the whole look into understated
    elegance . Fab that you dress for your self .
    Best wishes Pamela from Wales UK xx

  18. This post is a inspiring reminder about the power of positivity in our daily lives. Thank you! Also, your skin looks amazing!

  19. Gayle,
    After opening the scarf highlight on her description, if you scroll down in the Banana Republic site there are many more beautiful scarves, colors and good prices, lovely navy stripe and dark red.

  20. Oh my, chuckle, chuckle. Mr. M usually looks very well dressed and serious and to see him posing with Mickey Mouse socks was a real hoot! Especially that impish look in the picture.
    As always, another great look you present to us. The scarves you choose just sets the outfits apart from the ordinary. Love the way you arrange them and give us instructions on how to copy different looks with the scarf in other posts.
    May your smiles and positive attitude continue throughout your lifetime.

    Clara from Iowa

  21. So beautifully written Susan. I could not agree more. At 73, I’ve finally learned to do all of this! Thank you for always sharing your wisdom and advice.

  22. You’re a lucky girl to have such a wonderful companion in life. Men like that are very rare. Treasure the moments.

  23. Love the socks!! With that sparkle in his eyes, I figured Mr. Mickey would be fun to hang around with.
    I enjoyed this post. Attitude is everything particularly as we get older.

  24. That is so true. Thank you Mr. Mickey for that special thought. We take ourselves toooo serious and try to please others. Thank you Susan for reminding us that life is too precious to waste.

  25. Susan,
    I, too, did not grow up with feelings of positivity. Dealing with anxiety doesn’t help this. So good that you two have each other. Cultivating positivity is so important.and to Kathy’s point, material possessions are at the bottom, which becomes more and more clear the older we get. It’s all JUST STUFF.
    Be well and have a beautiful and positive day

  26. Susan,
    Love it, love it, love it . . . Certainly a playful and humorous side of Mr. Mickey, despite aches and pains that aging and life bestow on us!

    I feel so grateful to be able to receive and view your blogs. I have learned much from you! Thank you for all you do!

    Choose “Happy”,
    Terri Agold
    Blog follower since 2016

  27. You have made my day with your great words of wisdom and Mr. Mickey made me laugh with his cute socks! Bless you both!!

  28. Keep livin’ life everyday! I always get that from your posts. Love your attitude, your sense of style and your Mr. Mickey!
    Great socks!

  29. Yes, I definitely did giggle!!! Was not expecting that! Mr. Mickey and his “Mickey” socks! So fun! I’m sure the two of you had a wonderful day together!

  30. Thank you for this post on positive attitudes! You and Mr. Mickey are inspirational. You both demonstrate the importance of caring about one’s appearance (for your own pleasure), but also about being an exceptional person. I appreciate your words! ♥️

  31. Your posts always inspire me. My next birthday is a big one – 70 – and it will be the first one that has ever kind of bothered me. Your positive attitude, and Mr. Mickey’s, help lift me up. And, I’ve always loved fashion and enjoy seeing you style your clothes so well.

  32. Oh to have a significant other with such a joyful attitude! How lovely ❤ My husband is a pessimist, he’s a good man and enjoys a nice time but his negativity is draining. We’ve been married 42 years, we are both a work in progress! Enjoy your lovely times together and thank you so sharing❤

  33. I also enjoy dressing up. It makes ordinary activities a little special. You and Mr. Mickey looks great and very happy.
    By the way, I went to Chicos to buy a few of those eyelet sleeve tops. They were so cute on you but made my 5″3′ frame look like a linebacker. I bought a couple of others but I really love those tops with the fancy sleeves. Just not on me.

  34. You both look lovely and fun! Remaining positive and enjoying our lives makes us a lot more fun to be around as well! I’m sorry that you didn’t grow up that way Susan.

  35. Susan, as you said positivity is so very important. Remaining positive, especially as we age, is essential to our health and happiness. And, having a twinkle in your eyes and “surprising “ socks doesn’t hurt either , Mr. Mickey!

  36. What a handsome, happy couple!! You both are are an inspiration and I appreciate the positive outlook you each have! I grew up in a negative environment and know how oppressive it can be so I try to be as optimistic as possible! Thanks for the encouragement and all the great posts!! Mr. Mickey is really rocking those cool socks and that impish smile!!!

  37. You’ve shared your facial skincare and could you also tell us what you use on your skin after a shower and for applying hand lotion?

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