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Is your style a fun expression of your personality or too safe and predictable? Lately, I’ve started to feel like a watered-down version of myself in only classic basics, so I added a few new pieces to spice things up. Remember, a strong foundation wardrobe of various essentials always benefits from interesting statement pieces.

I hear you! A satin lapel black blazer with covered buttons isn’t groundbreaking, but it has a deep red lining, and I can wear it forever. I wore it with a black sequined shell and slim-fitting black knit pants in the look above. It’s an easy and elegant look for dinner and the symphony but a bit much for joining my girlfriends for a holiday cocktail. Pairing it with jeans, layers of pearl necklaces, and red suede pumps is more fun and festive.

The crepe tuxedo jacket is here. The black pants are here. The jeans are here, and the reversible belt is here. The other items are a few years old, so I’ll share links for similar elements. Black PumpsRed Suede PumpsHoseSequined Shell – Black Tank – Bags here and hereEarringsCrystal RingTennis BraceletNecklaces (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

I adore the simplicity of this flare sleeve top since it can be dressed up or down in endless ways. In addition, the ponte fabric skims the body in a very forgiving way. I’ve never tried a mock neck top because I thought it wouldn’t be flattering or comfortable, but I like it. Lesson learned!

Wearing the top with jeans, a favorite hat, and animal print pumps created a fun look that reflects my personality since I’ve always loved wearing hats.

Black PantsJeansTopHeelsHose – A similar pearl necklace is here – Similar animal print pumps here – Similar black and white clutch here – Similar hat here.

I stopped wearing heels a few years ago, so I gave away all of my tunic tops, but I’ve learned that lug-soled and platform shoes can give me the proportions I need. I’ve had these combat boots with chain trim for about three years but rarely wore them. Now that I have a couple of tunics and jackets that land mid-thigh, I may buy more super comfortable combat boots. Stay tuned!

Leggings can be very tricky! They need to be opaque, sturdy, and thick. I only buy them in materials thick enough not to see through, and I usually size up, so they don’t fit so tight.

The white tunic above and the blue and white striped one were just too good to pass up. I will wear them with white ankle jeans and platform espadrilles in summer. But, for now, I will layer them with wool jackets, vests, trench coats, and leggings. Another benefit of long shirts with buttons is the option to wear them open as a lightweight jacket over a tank and jeans.

Similar items are linked when mine are no longer available. LeggingsVest BagBoots – a similar black bag is here.

A shirt that is heavy enough to wear open as a light jacket is always a winner. I wore this twill shirt as a jacket over a merino wool sweater and jeans to the grocery store, but it would also work well over gym clothes. The loafers above are here, and a similar bag is here.

The black tunic is a long tank to wear over leggings. The ballcap is here. The black tote is vintage, so similar ones are here and here. Similar sneakers are here, and here, and the no-show sports socks are here.

As always, when I add new things, I think about how many ways I can wear them and if they go with other items I already have. As a blogger, I strive to share helpful tips and examples and look forward to chatting with you in the comments section below. If you use the links on this website to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. Hola Susan, te veo desde España, me encantan tus consejos y en mi nueva etapa de jubilación me estan ayudando a mejorar mis posibilidades. Me gusta mucho esta imagen más relajada, juvenil y divertida que tienes con estos nuevos looks. saludos desde Zaragoza (spain)

  2. You are my absolutely favorite blogger! I have a tuxedo jacket and a black pointe flare sleeve in my closet! Going to pull it to the forefront now! You have shown me I don’t need to wait for only a fancy occasion! Thank you and merry Christmas!

  3. Love this post. The outfits were so cute whether dressy or casual. Thanks for this post, it made me realize that you can buy certain things and wear them different ways. The older I get the harder it is for me to find clothes that I like and shoes that are comfortable and stylish.

  4. I like to see you add a little spice to you outfits. You always look nice but very predictable. These new additions are fun and edgy. I think it shows how to be modern and still classy. I’d like to see more!

  5. Really love this post! I love your “ classic” looks but these were much more youthful and practical. You still look elegant but these looks would fit into my daily life much more! Cute.

  6. Susan,
    I was just about to ditch all my tunics, which l do like but thought l was out of style. I love your new additions! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to shop my closet now!!!

  7. Now THIS is more my style. Classic, a little edgy, a little casual. I love leggings when done right and this is! How do get your collar to stay popped up? That makes all the difference I think. Great post.

  8. Susan, a word of warning. I think you’ve been hacked. This can’t be your post. LOL, only kidding. But you must admit…some of this is pretty edgy for you. Lovely as always and you pull it off with a classic elegance. I enjoyed reading about your updated “vibe” but be careful. Mr. Mickey might pulls up in a motorcycle and jet you away. Happy Holidays to you both.

  9. Love these outfits! I would wear all of them and reminds me of you a few years ago. I stay current in what I wear, I agree with buying classics, but it is fun to add items that are new and fun.

  10. I certainly think fashion should be fun, and I do think we all need a refresh at times. To me, at 75, leggings are not the answer. My children would think my cheese had slipped off my cracker.

  11. That tuxedo jacket is “to die for”, the red lining really makes it. When I saw you wearing it, I had to have, but alas my size is sold out!

  12. Are the black slacks you are wearing the same pants that are linked? The linked pants look like the have wider legs. I like the pants in your photograph. Thanks.

  13. You always look so “put together”…..and I like your classic style. I like the black flare sleeve top…but how do you manage to wear a coat over that type of sleeve? Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey. Mr Mickey would make the perfect Santa for a childrens Christmas gathering!

  14. Good for you! I was thinking you were recycling a bit too much and lost the pizazz! There are no luggage racks on a hearse remember- have some fun! I’m 67 as well and you need to throw a curve ball once in a while every season!

  15. These are all wonderful outfits for everyday and some for the Christmas holiday. I’m loving your new look with the addition of the cap.

  16. Great reinvention and am glad you emphasised ‘occasional’ switching up as elegance is still the bees’ knees and you do it so well.
    Not a fan of the combat boots. Not flattering. For people like me with short muscular legs, narrow-legged jeans, jeggings and leggings actually pass muster with driving shoes, moccasins or ballet pumps, extending my leg. The only time I ever wear runners or sneakers, is when I walk my dog which is usually a long and fairly physical event twice a day.
    Have to say though, if I was trudging through snow, a snow boot might pass a sort of muster. Especially if lined with fleece.
    Love your suede red pumps – a beautiful little shoe. Your are always an inspiration.
    Happy Christmas to both you and Mr. Mickey. Cheers.

  17. At age 86, I wear a size 8, and I dress similarly to the way you dress. However, I would not be caught dead in a TUNIC! why? Because they are pretty much exactly like the maternity tops we had to wear in the 1960’s when I was pregnant with my two sons. One of the nurses in the doctor’s office referred to them as “hatching jackets,” and I absolutely HATED that terminology. Soooo: I will NEVER, EVER wear a tunic! I love to wear dressy jeans with a blazer or with a shorter, button-front cardigan. I will not be caught dead in a tunic OR leggings!

    Cynthia B De Maagd

  18. Susan, I’m confused. You have said a few times that you don’t wear heels any longer, but in the photos just above, you are wearing heels. Do you only wear them when you’re modeling a look and change to flats when you go out? I haven’t worn heels in a few years, but sometimes a small heel is more comfortable than a completely flat shoe. Chunky heels are best for me, but they don’t look as young and chic. I couldn’t wear the military boots. I think I’d feel silly in them. You look good in them, but I’m not a fan of them with leggings.

    I love the tuxedo blazer, and esp the red lining. However, they’re out of my size, too. Talbots has a 50% off entire purchase going on right now, and there’s a lovely striped tunic on sale, then 50% off. After seeing this post, I think I’ll order the black and white. Like another person said, I thought tunics were out of style, but maybe not. Thanks for showing us some switch ups; I was also thinking your blog had been hacked.

    Merry, Merry Christmas. Please post some photos if you get snow. You live in such a beautiful area.

    1. Thank you, Janice. So far, we have rain, fog, and wind, but no snow.

      The essential rule in fashion is that it must feel right for you. If a trend suits you, go all in. I don’t care what the current style is, but if a silhouette fits me and I know I will get lots of wear, I’ll buy it.

      When I say heels, I mean four-inch stilettos. Those are out for me, but platforms and two or three-inch block heels are fine. They are comfortable and provide height and stability.

  19. Dear Susan, I love the outfits you posted here. You look great. I love the idea of tunics but at 4’10” tall, I tend to get swallowed up in them. They look wonderful on you. I also bought a sequined top this year and wore it to a holiday party my husband & I hosted in our home. I love hats and yours look great on you.

  20. Ok now, I feel like my favorite blogger of all time has finally evolved to her true style for this stage of life! In my mind, this reflects modern classic styling. It doesn’t mean we all have to wear every element. As you’ve said many times, the secret is to adopt what fits our style. And we will truly never know our style unless we try different items continuously and not eliminate something just because we don’t like it on someone else or seeing modeled online, magazines etc.
    Maybe we are continuously preparing ourselves for the style challenges we will encounter as we age….uumm!
    I wear and love my combat boots! Super comfortable. Susan, would you consider a pair in dark red/eggplant color??
    Thanks for teaching us.

  21. I like the flair you put in to your outfits. I have a couple pairs of combat boots and I love them. You look great in everything you wear! Also, how cute are those leopard shoes!

  22. We’ll love your addition and discussion regarding the no high healed shoes (understand completely @75 yrs old). But love the casual look with the leggings, which I just bought per your recommendation!….Always seem to wear with a long tunic…..always feel “the fine China” should be covered, and feel more comfortable with my 2 new pairs of comfortable, suede shoes from LANDS END…..bought the brown suede, leopard print, so many compliments, bought their black version……sort of clunky looking, but fine for casual.
    Love your blog, and happy holidays to you….LAURA

  23. Sorry, I really don’t like the tunics, leggings, combat boots and all the black!
    I thought that style had seen its day! I am for blue, tan or white jeans, light colored tops and feminine shoes any day! And fun outerwear!

  24. Love the new direction you are taking. With those leggings and combat boots, you could have just stepped out of Düsseldorf. Very nice….and a great age-appropriate way to add a dose of youth without showing the skin!

  25. Yea, you’re back! Lately your looks have been good, but reserved. This post shows your fun side, you look younger, interesting and ready to take on the world. I love it. Merry Christmas!

  26. Ohh, the “hatching jacket,” I haven’t heard that term in a while. I’m 60 and my mom (83) used to say that too. Yikes. I had twins so I really did need that and I agree, there’s no going back! But the vertical stripes on Susan really help and a big shirt is a nice light layering option when the weather is warm.

  27. I loved these looks! And I wear tunics a lot because I found a company that makes really cool ones . They do not look like maternity tops, and are fitted. I get them at Soft Surroundings. The Boyfriend Velvet Tunics are my favorites and I have them in all colors. I don’t buy anything with flowers, mostly solid colors. Even though rhe slim pants are going out of style, I still prefer them to the wide leg jeans.

  28. I am so glad you have added some spice to your wardrobe. You always look so pulled together, but, not to be negative, so predictable and boring. You are now showing that we can use those staples and still add some interesting accessories that take it up a notch.

  29. Where would you wear leggings to? I have always thought of those as for much younger people. Not sure at all that I like that look. Please explain where you would wear it to and what you find attractive about it

    Most things you post I really love but this one I’m not so sure about.

    1. The leggings are warm and offer another style option. I wear them to the gym, to walk in my neighborhood, to the grocery store, while relaxing at home, and even under jeans when the weather is freezing. But, of course, I always wear them with a top mid-thigh or lower.

  30. Susan loved this post and your outfits. Like you I am a very basic dresser and tend to get in a rut. Your post has given me some great ideas for wearing my velvet loose blazer that I purchased at Chicos several years ago and have only worn it at Christmas and never thought about pairing it with jeans!

  31. OMG all these looks are great Susan.
    I am in Barcelona right now. Christmas!!!
    Everybody is wearing combat boots and leggings. And mostly with dresses. You are right on Susan. Young and old are doing this. And the last three years I have been in Spain during the holidays…same. Boots, leggings, dresses or tunics. They look great with a dress coat or long blazer too.
    Off to Paris soon. Hope the dress is similiar as it is what I have packed and been wearing. You are on target with these outfits!!!
    All the best

  32. Love these new pieces. As usual, they all look great on you and are keeping in you conservative style! Great looks!

  33. Hi Susan,

    This was such a great post. Just loved all the looks. They are refined, current and most of all, flattering on you. One day when I was reading your post, my husband was looking over my shoulder. He said, that lady looks great and when you dress like that, you do too. thanks for helping to keep me looking my best.


  34. Susan, I’ve been following you for a long time and I must say I love these looks on you! So fun and youthful looking! It gives me some great ideas to liven up my mostly boring wardrobe! Happy holidays!

  35. Loved these looks! Could you do something on gym clothes. I am 73 and go to a trainer but never know what I should wear to the gym. Of course my young trainer looks wonderful in her spandex but what should I wear since I certainly don’t look like my trainer!

  36. Some great looks and some wonderful ideas. For me it’s hard to get out of my boring comfort zone. These I might try. I do like them.
    Have a great day.

  37. Hi Susan, my name is Diana & I live in London Ontario Canada. I really like the dark red twill shirt but I am unable to order it here in Canada. Is there anyway you could send me one in an xlrg size? I could send you the payment first by mail?

  38. Love all these looks! Would never think to wear leggings this way. Love your black pumps and regretting not jumping on purchasing them months ago. Believe they were Sam Edelman, is that right?


  39. Love your new looks! In years past, I would have never considered wearing leggings. But after losing a significant amount of weight, they have become my new best friend. I only wear black, and they MUST be opaque, no see thru for me. And I will only wear a tunic when wearing leggings. The white shirt/blue stripe shirt look so smart and chic. I’m not quite ready for the combat boots, but would probably wear some white tennis shoes or black flats. Thanks for showing so many different ways to wear one item. It helps me stay on track with my style, AND keeps rarely worn items out of my closet. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey, and a very Happy New Year

  40. You look great in these looks, Susan. I’ve been on a search for new boots, so just ordered the Sam Edelman combat boots you posted. Hope they work as I’ve had to send back several pairs already that weren’t quite right. The leggings/tunics are such an easy look to wear, but I have tired of them after wearing for so many years. May try again if the combat boots fit. By the way, I’m 73 and don’t feel I’m too old for any of these looks!

    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a wonderful Christmas!

  41. Thank you for all these ideas. I have long shirts, tunics, thick leggings, and combat boots, and now I have lots of new ways to wear them. I am 70 and think the smile on my face makes up for the solid boots/hikers I wear most of the time due to arthritis in my feet. You look warm, happy and stylish, thanks for the edgy inspiration.

  42. Susan.
    Your edgy look is perfect. We need to wear comfortable stylish outfits that make us happy.
    Ponte pull-on skinny pants that look like leggings were my starting point. Maybe this will help the other followers who hesitate to try leggings.
    Thanks for the post.

  43. Loved the black blazer ideas as they looked so very nice on you! Not a fan of any of the other items, especially the leggings and the boots. If you like them, that’s all that matters.

    I have seen a good number of leggings with short tops on women lately. I wonder if these ladies know what their back view really looks like to others. They are not very flattering. To me, it looks like they’re wearing colored or patterned pantyhose and they forgot to finish getting dressed!

  44. you look great, I need pull on jeans in petite, they are hard to find
    I just wear pull on knit woven pants

  45. Your new items look great! Along with your longer hair you look younger. Love your blog. Thank you for the inspiration. Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mickey.

  46. Love the boots! I wear a pair of brown boots that are similar ( bought at Toas since I have foot issues) with skinny jeans tucked in and tunic length tops. I’m 63 and not “skinny” (yet). I’ve had nothing but compliments on the look.

    Your blog inspires me regularly. Thank you!

  47. For half a century I was confined to school uniforms or ER scrubs, so now I can choose what I wear, you’re blog has become a very useful and effective style guide. You have such great taste, I wish you’d write a book!

  48. Susan, thank you for sharing your new items. Leggings and combat boots are a hard pass for me but many women can rock it! For those who may like the comfort and casual feeling of leggings but prefer something a bit less fitting, Talbots makes a great Everyday Stretch Straight Leg Pant (yoga pant). They skim the body, are very comfortable, and can be worn with tunics or shorter tops (since not as revealing as leggings). I love the community of readers you have grown on your blog and appreciate all of their comments. Merry Christmas to all!

  49. I think your outfits with “attitude” are terrific, combat boots and all. My faves are the jacket with jeans and the two strand, pendant necklace, and the flare sleeves with pearls.

    I recently saw some footwear that looks like combat sneakers. I don’t know what they are really called, but they looked nice.

  50. Your looks here really do look fresh! It seems you can pull just about anything off. I wish I knew my style as well as you do yours. A work in progress! Particularly like the caps on you. Very cute and modern.

  51. Susan, this has been a terrific post and I’ve enjoyed seeing your readers’ varied reactions to the leggings and combat boots. I enjoy wearing both and have to smile when I think of the old insult “Your mother wears combat boots.” I guess it needs to be updated for today as “Your grandmother wears combat boots.” Who would have thought!

  52. Wow Susan – you really stepped out of the box with these new modern looks! Looking good! Love the red suede shoes and your boho hat! Merry Christmas to you & Mr. Mickey!

  53. I really like the flare sleeve top! What type of coat do you wear over it? I have a little cape I can use with blouses with billowy sleeves but it is not warm enough for the winter here in NYC. Just wondering if you had a good solution. I guess a coat with wide sleeves would work…will have to look for one! Cheers!

  54. You show that twill shirt much better than the retailer website.

    They’ve made their photos so big it’s hard to see the entire shirt and how it looks on.

  55. Just wanted you to know that the Marcus Adler black cap is sold out so I signed up to be notified when it is back in stock. I hope when I order they will remember I came through your site.

    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey!

    Susan Too

  56. I can tell that this list is a several days old since we have been -2 in middle Tennessee and you are probably colder this Christmas weekend. I don’t get your emails anymore for some reason so I gave to remember to check your site from tune to time! I wear leggings around the house or under a couple of flannel shirt dresses that are just above my knees! Can’t bring myself to west even thigh length tunics and if I walked out in combat boots my girls would think zi was in a mud life crisis I do have some grey Sperry boots I wear with my Chicos slim leg Ponte knit pants and skinny jeans! Love your hats! I need to get back to wearing them. I always had shirt hair I didn’t like ball caps on me but I grew my hair out and is the length of yours in these pictures and you look great in them!
    I did change email but still have old one active! Guess I need to sign up for your newsletters again!

  57. I have always loved the outfits you have chosen and the way you put them together.
    The leggings and tunic tops are not in the same league as your other outfits. I think they are cute on young girls but as we age our leg shapes change and they are generally not flattering.
    Just wondering if you really like the leggings and tunics on yourself? I would love to see you feature some workout clothing that is flattering on older ladies.

    1. I find thick leggings warm and comfortable with a long tunic or under a coat with a long sweater. They also provide the correct proportions with winter coats and boots. There are specific tips I always use to style leggings: The top, tunic, or mini dress must land mid-thigh or longer, and I must wear the look with platforms or combat boots, never flat shoes.

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