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Wearing only two colors and repeating one of them can pull together a look in elegant style. Below, dove gray is repeated in the cardigan, necklace, bag, and cap toe of the cream-colored shoes. A column of one color as a base gives one unbroken line from head to toe so that I look taller and more slender, even if that color is white. I wear white jeans on sunny days all year round since the weight of the fabric, rather than the color, determines the season for wear.

When we go out to dinner, I like to wear a shorter necklace so that it shows while I am seated at the table. I usually pull up long sleeves to a three-quarter length but keep the bulk of the fabric near the elbow for the most flattering effect. A smaller bag holds all I need for dinner or brunch. I place evening bags in my lap under my napkin or behind the small of my back in my chair. A bag hook is excellent for hanging a bag from the table beside you.

Earlier in the year, I decided to let my hair grow to a softer, more feminine medium-length layered bob. My stylist trimmed the length only at the back a few times to allow the front to catch up.

A similar French coin necklace is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) The cardigan is here. The mini bag is by the brand By Far. The tank is here. The jeans are here. The cap toe mules are on sale here. (The taupe and black pair were so comfortable, I also got these to wear with white jeans.) When you use my shopping links, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. A summary of recent posts is here.

Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts for my father. I am humbled and overwhelmed by your lovely comments. Dad was released from the hospital on Monday, so I am staying with my parents a lot this week to help with his continuing care. My sister and her husband are still recovering from Omicron. We are deeply grateful to the professional team and all the specialists who cared for my dad at Franklin Woods Community Hospital.

Wednesday was my father’s birthday, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. He sends his gratitude for your prayers.

  1. Thank you for the update on your father! Love the outfit too. You can take the most simple pieces and create the most perfect look! I have learned so much from you.

  2. I am very glad to hear your dad is out of the hospital and on the mend. Thank you for the styling tips. I work in a woman’s clothing store and women are amazed how column dressing thins them no matter what the color. Many ladies think they have to stick to black but any color can work as you have demonstrated here.

  3. Prayers for the continuing recovery of your family. I noticed recently that your hair was a little longer and l really like it. It always looks perfect.
    Thank you for all you do to inspire us.

  4. Yay!! Great news about your dad. My husband has photos that he sometimes streams over our television when it is not on. Whenever my kids or their spouses see one with my hair longer, as it was during the Covid shutdown, they comment on how much they like my hair that length. So I am also growing my hair out as well. I appreciate your tips.

  5. First of all, happy birthday to your father and I’m glad he is at home recuperating. Thank you for updating us all, your friends near and far are praying for the health and happiness of you and your family.

  6. That’s such great news about your father and may he have continued health to enjoy many more birthdays. Lovely styled ensemble, your hair is perfection and good glory….that’s impressive you can wear those shoes. You continue to amaze. Maybe in a future post you could share more shoe options for us mere mortals. . Have a blessed September and don’t forget to take care of yourself as you take care of others.

  7. Good news on your Dad! I hope he will continue to improve.

    I love the color dove grey on you! Also I like the length of your hair style right now. It really does suit you.

    Have a good day

  8. I am so happy to hear your father is out of the hospital. I am sure he will grow stronger with your care. I hope your sister and her husband recover soon as well.
    I miss my parents everyday
    Wishing you and yours a safe & happy holiday weekend.

  9. This is wonderful news about your father and a belated happy birthday! If and when you have a moment, may I please ask you if you would recommend any of the other colors of the Royal Plum (which I’ve ordered) V-neck top from L.L. Bean that would be suitable for a cool skin tone. Possibly the Black Forest Green? Another great post today but I kind of miss those pictures of what you purchased on your shopping list, along with a photo of one of your creations. 🙂

    I’ve pretty much stayed with the Mediterranean diet for many years after too many health episodes making bad choices while in the hectic workplace – too many trips to fast food places to grab a bite to eat while on a lunch break or after leaving work for the day. This month I’m going to a class at the local library on a plant-based diet and in October, a class at our parks & rec department to sample vegetarian dishes and we’ll be given lots of recipes to take home. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Continued recovery for your father with your loving care. We all appreciate your sharing this latest update. God Bless you and your loved ones.

  10. So happy to hear of your father’s improvements! I wish him a very Happy Belated Birthday! Continued prayers for his health.

  11. So glad to hear your family is recovering. I’ll continue to pray for you all. We have managed to avoid Covid so far. We continue to wear our masks everywhere and avoid congested places. it is a pain, but seems to be working for us.
    I like your simple combinations: classic and chic. White pants look wonderful, but I can’t seem to keep them clean. It seems like I always get smudges or dirt around the hems even when i try to be careful. So a sand color is my choice. I find I can style similarly. Thank you for taking the time to post. Take care of yourself as you care for others.

  12. Good news! Thanks for letting us all know.
    I’d be interested in another dietary column, too. I’m curious about how your routine may have changed now that you have a roomie. I know it’s very challenging to me to have to take another’s food needs into consideration since I’m the main hash-slinger.
    You look lovely! That shade of grey is very becoming and very serene, also.

  13. You probably are taking a good deep breath now that your Dad is home recuperating. Sigh, relief for knowing he is well enough to return home and how thoughtful and generous of you to continue helping not only your Dad but your Mother as well during this time.. Aging certainly has its perk when you have wonderful children who are willing to step up and be there during times like this.
    You are not only thoughtful and helpful with your folks but you are also helping us older gals with styles and confidence as we get better and better at dressing ourselves, facial enhancement (make-up & cleansing along with nourishing skin), eating and all the other nifty things you write along with wonderful pictures of places you visit as well as restaurants and the list goes on.. Thank you and I hope you will continue for a very long time.
    Clara from Iowa

  14. So glad for your Dad and you look lovely Susan. Such pretty surroundings where you live. Wear your well-chosen clothes to feel like a hug during these times! 🙂


  15. So delighted to hear that your Dad went home from the hospital. Prayers for his continued recovery as well as for your sister and brother in law.

  16. Wonderful to hear your father is home from the hospital and belated birthday wishes. Beautiful outfit. I especially like the combination of the white and grey.

  17. I pray your dad feels better and better. This outfit is wonderful and I love the tip to wear white on white. I haven’t done that myself.

  18. Prayers for continued healing for your father. And, prayers for you and your mother as you care for him. God bless!

  19. Susan, so glad to read your father was able to come home. I’m sure your mother is relieved also. Sitting in hospital rooms is so fatiguing. Relaxing at your parents’ home will definitely be better for all.

  20. Dear Susan,
    I’m so very happy to hear that your father was released from the hospital and got to celebrate his birthday! I will continue to pray for him, your sister and her husband, as well as you, as you help your parents. I love this outfit of white and gray and you look beautiful, as always. Thank you for your insightful and very helpful tips on how to dress and the many other things from skin care to good foods that you share with us.

    Susan Haynes

  21. Looking fabulous as always! So happy your Dad is home and feeling better. No place like home, especially with a loving daughter at your side. You amaze me all the time with simple yet classy fashion! Hugs.

  22. Hi,

    Glad that you dad is home from the hospital and hopefully resting well. I like the sweater that you have on and will look into purchasing it. I am wondering if you have any recommendations for other solid button down sweaters? I am short wasted and about 5ft 3.5. I have loss over 30 lbs and have about 16-18 more to go.

    Thanks again and I love your blog.


  23. Susan, thank you so much for your suggestions with the Black Forest Green, Navy & Black V-neck Pima tops from L.L. Bean. That’s just what I was hoping you would say especially on the Black Forest Green!
    Well, it looks like the consensus is, many of us have expressed on the latest posts how much we really like your current hairstyle, it really is “more you” as it has been pointed out. Hoping you can find some relaxing moments this weekend and Labor Day holiday.

  24. I’m so glad your dad is back home, such wonderful news. Beautiful outfit, I love the color of the sweater.

  25. Such good news about your Dad! So special that you can spend time with him. Always enjoy your blog and the way you continue to be an inspiration!
    Peggy Ann

  26. How marvelous! So, so happy to hear your father is recovering. May your sister and brother-in-law also move past this with all possible speed.

  27. That’s wonderful news about your father. I hope you are remembering to take care of yourself as you are caring for others.

  28. Thank you for the post Susan. How wonderful that your Dad was out of the hospital and celebrating his birthday. Hope you felt the prayers and another one is coming to you and your family when I press the submit button. Hi to Mr. Mickey too. Take care.
    Patty V

  29. As always you look fantastic. I’m a huge fan of a column of color, very slimming. Great outfit, but I’d never be able to fit all I carry around in that tiny purse.

  30. Continued Prayers For Comfort & Healing & Belated Happy Birthday Blessings To Your Father…. Thanks For All Your Tips. I really enjoy Your Emails.❤️

  31. Dear Susan, first I am so sorry I did not see your post about your father, but I’m glad to learn here that he is out of the hospital. My prayers are with you and your family.

    This is perhaps one of my favorite looks I’ve seen on you. Perfect styling–and I really like your hair.

    Take care of yourself, and thank you for always sharing your fashion styling tips!

  32. Happy Birthday to your Father & thank the Lord for his recovery. Love your longer hair. I discovered during covid shut down that I look better with the longer hair. Love the gray. You are so elegant.

  33. Glad to hear that your dad is improving, as well as your family.

    Would you ever be willing to share some of the things you do to care for your aging parents? Nothing that would invade their privacy, of course. And I guess I’m mostly thinking of small ways to bless them or to help them or encourage them, that might inspire others in the same situation.
    (If not, I totally understand)

    Your outfit is beautiful…simple, clean and elevated.
    I also like your change of hairstyle, lovely!

    Thank you!

    1. Some ways my sister and I help our parents include doing laundry, basic housecleaning, preparing food, sometimes dining with them, cleaning up the kitchen, and putting everything in its place. I take out the trash, clean the birdbath and refill it with water, check the mailbox, and make sure they get a shower safely. We take them to doctor appointments and get groceries or household necessities for them. But, I think the thing they enjoy most is telling us their memories. My father has dementia and is nearly deaf, but he loves to tell me about his early life, so I sit and listen as if I’ve never heard that story before.

  34. Susan, so glad to hear your dad is improving. Just having you there sure helps both mother and dad feel better. I went to Chico’s this morning to pick up a tank top. On me, the tank felt a bit too fitted, almost snug, and long. I even went up a size to overcome the snugness. I would have bought several colors if they fit me as well as they do you. Thanks for continuing to share.

  35. Dearest Susan,
    Thank you for allowing us the honor to journey through life with you. Though I don’t often comment, because others share my feelings so well, I want to thank you for being real. You share the ups and downs, the good and bad. Your authenticity is priceless, as is your all that you share with us. Wishing you and all those you love abundant blessings. My wish for you…have a happy life. Healing thoughts and birthday joy to your Dad as well.

  36. I am happy to hear the good news about your father. Hopefully your sister and her husband recover soon. Blessings to you and your family. Love the mix of white and grey.

  37. Susan, you look lovely as usual. Glad that your father is home. I took care of both my parents when they were sick and when they passed away. It’s very difficult. My birthday was Tuesday so your Dad and I are both Virgos. Yay! Happy belated Birthday and Speedy Recovery!

  38. Susan,
    I like how you put a simple outfit together and make it special. The accessories really set it apart and the shoes are lovely. Your hair is so healthy looking and perfect for a little more length.
    I’m happy to hear about your father’s move back to his home.

  39. Hi Susan. I’m glad your father is on the mend. That’s a good birthday present.
    Thank you for your color suggestions. You look lovely in this post.

  40. So glad to hear that your dad is doing better and at home. I like your new hair style it looks very nice on you. Thank you for your articles I always enjoy reading them and I always get some helpful info from them.

  41. Hi Susan,
    You look lovely, change is always a welcome for a different look with your hair style. I’m sure it will look feminine and stylish.
    What a blessing that your father is out of the hospital. Please tell him I wish him a belated happy birthday. I would think being released from the hospital was a wonderful gift for him. Knowing you, he is receiving the best of care in your hands.
    Your parents must be so grateful that you are present for them in time of great need.
    I hope your sister and your brother-in-law continue to heal from Omicron. It’s no fun being sick.
    Sending you a good day.

  42. Love the white and dove gray combo. You’ve got great hair so whether longer or shorter it always looks good. Prayers for the continued recovery of your family.

  43. Love the look and I’m thinking about the grey cardigan but not sure which size. I am definitely a S but not sure I could wear a sleeved shirt. I’ve purchased from them before and the size was spot on.

  44. May I make a couple of suggestions on eldercare?

    Lighting, lighting, lighting!

    Install simple, battery-operated motion detector lights all around the elder’s home. These come on automatically as the light senses any movement nearby. They are readily available on Amazon and install easily. I use Command Strips so I can change the location & batteries with no fuss (and, Command Strips won’t damage anything!).

    Placed correctly, they will illuminate the floor as the elder walks (like the sensor doors on Star Trek opened automatically!).

    Pay special attention to their bedroom & route to the bathroom, as many seniors don’t/won’t turn on a lamp for a “trip” they’ve made for years!

    Mount them at the base of bedside tables (they’ll be able to see the floor area when their legs swing out of the bed). Placed above wall light switches, no fumbles to find that switch. NEXT to the toilet (high enough that the seat area is lit) but, not on the tank (which would cover/knock off the light). Above grab bars. Above the bathroom sink & tub. Above exterior door knobs & deadbolt locks (difficult to place keys, at any age!). Near their favorite seating area, in case they doze and awaken after darkness falls before they can turn on table lamps or ceiling fixtures. Multiple locations on stairways (install these when the room light is low or at night ) paying attention to where the lights cast shadows on the individual steps! At the entrance to each room or general doorways.

    Keep the lights at about their knee-height, so the illumination created is enough to spread a good field of light. Knee-height also spares their eyes from the direct beam.

    If they should fall, they will at least have light (with every move, the light will come on again) and not lay in the dark, when they might already be frightened. I know it helped my Dad-in-law when he took a nightime fall!

    Remember, too: change the batteries regularly!!!

    I think they are one of the best (& cheapest) investments for senior safety.

    We have these throughout our house (we’re in our 60s) and love them! Prepare yourselves before need, especially if you are/will be without assistance as you age.

    Exterior motion detector lights add to their safety & deter criminal activities!

    Also, adjust the water heater temperature to a lower “high” setting. Scalding happens on the more delicate nature of elders skin.

    Add grab bars everywhere and make sure they are at a height that your senior can easily grab!!! Next to the toilet, next to the tub, anywhere there are steps (even a single step).

    Sorry to hijack your thread. These things assist your loved ones when you are NOT with them!

  45. It’s such good news your father is back home to celebrate his birthday. Please take good care of yourself as well as him.

  46. I like reading your styling tips. I love your haircut. I like the longer hair on you. So glad your dad is feeling better. Thanks from NC.

  47. So glad your dad is recovering; prayers that your sister and brother-in-law will continue to improve. I love reading your posts, and especially the adventures you and Mr Mickey have. I’m in the process of “rebuilding “ my wardrobe, having lost 55 pounds since November. I’m getting so many ideas from your posts. I have also decided to allow myself to wear white jeans whenever I feel like it! Continued blessings for you and all…..
    PS- I love your haircut. Please show the back

  48. Susan,
    I have enjoyed so much reading your post the last few years since I found you..Your hair looks great
    with length to it. I love your outfits. You are such a striking lady. I believe you and Mr. Mickey are perfect together.
    Prayers for your dad. God is good.


  49. Susan and family, sending prayers for healing and good health. So glad you can help your folks and were there to help when your dad was released from the hospital, and to celebrate his birthday. They are blessed to have you, as you are to have them. Speedy recovery for your sister and her husband.
    Love your hairstyle and the dove gray accents for the white column outfit…. I love to do columns with white, black and gray, as well as denims. Do you also use your blue denims as a column?
    My computer acted up last week, glad for the update. You were an inspiring when you downsized – I made slower progress but have found teachers of art, history and 4th grade Wyoming subjects who will take my many sources for projects and ideas! I am delighted to share them.!My home art studio will be ready to do watercolors( haven’t painted except with flowers in yard since a TIA small stroke). Fall is my favorite season( because I am a teacher and is my birthday month, too) . We’re delighted to be in town where we can attend many activities for our 4 grands.
    Blessings to all.

  50. Praise You Lord for healing Susan’s father! Give Susan & her family strength & please heal her sister & brother in law. I ask inJesus name Amen

  51. Oh Susan, that’s just wonderful news about your father. I’m so very glad to hear it, I can only imagine your relief. You look beautiful in today’s post, so cool and fresh in your color choices. This is the time of year I always get excited about Fall clothes, yet it will be 100 degrees here in La Mesa (San Diego area) tomorrow, which is typical for Labor Day. Excited about my LL Bean tee shirts in royal plum coming next week. Take care.

  52. I’ve been following you for almost a year now and love the tips you have for pulling an outfit together! Since COVID, dressing styles have changed, but you show how casual can still be elegant. Please keep doing your newsletters!

  53. So glad your father is out of hospital. COVID is a nasty virus. Your father is lucky to have a loving daughter to take care of him.
    I like your hair that longer length it really suits you.

  54. I am glad your father is doing better. I love your hair in a bob. Your styling tips are so helpful! Take care of your health also. As a retired nurse I know care givers need rest also.

  55. Prayers for your father and all your family who have Covid.

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful at that length! It really suits you. Wish I could wear mine like that.

  56. Susan, I’ve been on vacation and away from electronics for a week, so just catching up now on your recent posts. So glad to hear your family members are on the mend. Thank you for soldiering on with the blog all the while under a stressful, demanding situation.

  57. Susan, so glad to hear that your Dad is back at home. May I suggest that you look into a support group for dementia caregivers? I started attending one when my husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 59, and it helped me tremendously. Since 2008, I have been a volunteer support group facilitator for the Alzheimer’s Association and it is very gratifying to help others who are going through what I did. Our Chapter has in person groups as well as virtual ones that were started during Covid.
    P.S. I’m not surprised at the number of followers your blog has attracted—it’s one of the best!

  58. Glad you’re Dad is home recovering, you and your sister clearly love you’re parents.
    Family are precious, but you and your sister must rest when you can as it can be
    Physically and emotionally draining
    Lovely photos of you, hair ,make up spot on and outfit simple but fresh and less is more.
    Best wishes,
    Pamela , from Wales UK

  59. So happy to hear your father is home from the hospital! What a relief this must be for you and your entire family. I hope he continues to heal and life returns to normal soon.

  60. Good wishes for your father’s full recovery. It is not easy when parents are ill. Sending positive energy to you as well.

  61. Love your posts, Susan! Wondering how long the Countertime beauty regime lasts. Will it take one through 3 months, 6…? Also since it’s not really affordable for me right now, what would you recommend for skin care?

    1. You will use some products faster than others. The night cream lasts for more than six months,but in summer the toner may only last for three months, for example. A cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are the basic necessities.

  62. Hi Susan.
    I just love how you teach some of us to wear things I never would have. Never have been a BR shopper, but I love that sweater. Thank you for showing how to style it. Bought two of them, and they’re perfect. You look so cute!
    Prayers to you, your family, and dad. Glad to hear he is out of the hospital. It’s very fortunate that you’ve had him for as long as you have. I lost both my parents in my 40’s. Mom had Alzheiner’s, and it was heartbreaking to watch. It seems you are a very strong woman; call upon that strength to walk through each day. I’m very grateful that I was blessed with the strength to be there for both my mom and dad when they needed someone the most.

  63. That is excellent news about your father. I’m so glad he came through the awful illness.
    New vaccines have just been approved in the UK to help prevent the Omicron variant. I had one of the trial vaccines earlier this year, though I’m not allowed to know which until the trial is over. Please, everyone, take advantage of the vaccines to help protect yourself and others.

  64. Hi Susan! Wonderful news of your dads recovery and a belated Happy Birthday to him. Praying for the rest of your family to recover as well.

    I love your hair length. So becoming on you. The outfit is stunning as usual. Great sweater & shoes.
    I’m sure that I, as well as other ladies, appreciate that you continue to post during the most difficult times as well as the good. We all greatly admire you!
    Take care of yourself!

  65. Susan,
    I have just looked at this post and the previous one. Praying for healing for your father and your family along with strength for you.
    Pam Reid

  66. Hi Susan! Wonderful news regarding your father’s recovery. Thank you for sharing how you and your sister share helping your parent’s at home. It warms my heart how much they enjoy sharing their memories with you two. I love your hair, the best yet!

  67. Happy Birthday dear Susan!
    “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”
    Thanks for inspiring me to embrace aging gracefully,
    From Canada,

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