Long Range Retirement Plans

Two years ago, I launched my now closed shopping site; behind the scenes, there was a tremendous amount of work and months of preparation, and a significant financial investment to make this lifelong dream a reality. Since childhood, I’ve wanted to own a boutique offering great basics and styling tips so that I could help women look their best without spending a ton of money on clothes they rarely wear. Thank you so much for making that effort such a success.

These photos include items from the Shop My Closet section of my now closed shopping site.

I used to shop way too often, and I’ve been gifted hundreds of things over the past few years. It seems such a waste for someone not to enjoy them, so I’ve pulled another rolling rack full of those items, and I’m in the process of adding them to the site. They are all freshly cleaned and like new in condition. In some cases, they have never been worn. The prices are significantly less than retail.

The black flats are old by Rockport.

I’ve been asked often lately, “Are you going to retire from blogging too?” Most of us want to perform a service, feel a sense of purpose, and contribute to others’ well-being. I plan to continue learning, trying new things, and sharing my experiences with you for as long as your comments let me know you find the posts helpful. Thank you for joining me on this lovely journey.

  1. Wow, those flowy pants are a big change from what I’ve seen with you. They look great! I love that look on you.

    How tall are you?

      1. I bought these pants a couple of years ago, I would recommend that customers buy a smaller size than normal as the waist is very stretchy! I never thought of wearing them with pink, looks fabulous!

  2. Good morning Susan! I am very interested in your 709 pants but I need a little help with the sizing. I normally wear a 16 or 18 pant depending on the fabric. Do you think I should be able to wear the XL which says 14-16? I really appreciate the help I have been reluctant to order because I’m just not sure.

    1. Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it !
      I hope you continue to share your great tips, I have learned a lot from you. Thank you.

  3. Hi Susan—I love the Malibu Punch jacket on you and remember it was a new purchase early this year. Just wondering why you would list it to be sold so soon? At the time you bought it you thought it was a prudent purchase that would go with a lot of your basics. What changed your mind? Just trying to understand your thought process. Do you retirement plans include selling your home and moving? Thank you

    1. No plans to move at this time. I’m just letting go of all the things I rarely wear or use. I feel a bit too bright when I wear that jacket. I guess I’m more comfortable in drab solid colors.

  4. Congratulations, Susan. I have enjoyed you and your blog for many years as a suggestion from a friend of mine. I am incredibly happy for you as you celebrate this momentous occasion. I am always heartened when I see someone doing work that they love and that makes their heart happy. It becomes so obvious that this is a labor of love and not motivated by money or sales. Thank you for being part of my “online” morning routine.

    I wish you the best!

  5. Congratulations and Thank you Susan!
    I, like so many have learned some very important basics from your site that I wish someone taught me years ago.
    I so appreciate your knowledge and time in getting this very helpful information out there.

  6. Susan ~ Heartfelt congratulations on your retirement. I am happy to see that you will continue doing what you love. I retired at age 59 and was happily relieved to discover that the word “retirement” did NOT mean being non-productive. I prefer to think of it as streamlining. In my case, as a retired educator, I still return once a week to my former school to assist with writing workshops, help with assessments, and whatever the teachers need. I have taken up acrylic painting. These are activities I love to do, not have to do. Wishing you many years of retirement happiness.

  7. I’m so glad your boutique is doing well and all your hard work has led to a good outcome. I really appreciate your advice and your willingness to take a few well thought out risks. And if it doesn’t work out, you are willing to let us know why. I can see why some of the clothes you are letting go of did not work out. I really like some of the looks, but I could tell there was too much fabric and you like a sleeker profile. I still like the coral on you though. That pop of color was very pretty in the photos. Sure you don’t want to keep those items? Best to you as you pursue what you love!

  8. I never called it “retirement.” I call it “Phase III”

    Phase I: Childhood, growing up, getting educated.
    Phase II: Adulthood, making a career, building a nest, making a family.
    Phase III: Doing anything I want!

    I don’t know what I’d do without your blog and your advice. It has helped me a great deal transitioning from my former life as a buttoned-down lawyer to a Phase III-embracer. Look forward to your sharing for a long time to come.

  9. Your oriental rug in the photos is the exact one I have in my bedroom. Yes, we both have good taste. I bought mine in 1997 and still love the colors! Glad you are going to keep up the blog.

  10. It would be more convenient for your customers to have these items listed in a separate area of your site. That way we wouldn’t Have to page through all the top & pants to find the ones you are offering on sale.
    Thanks for all your good advice.

  11. I also loved the first outfit on you, don’t give up the beautiful relaxed look anytime soon, I think it suits you best!!

  12. Thank you very much for your informative blog. I love your shop and have bought a number of items from you. Your pants fit me perfectly and I hope you keep on stocking them. They wash well and I am delighted I have found basics that look good and can be dressed up or not depending on the occasion.

  13. I enjoy reading your blogs . Thank you for sharing your experiences and advise. By following you I have learned to change my wardrobe with what looks best on me and not so trendy. And that black, grey and white are okay. I live in Florida where it seems like everyone but me wears lots of colors and prints. It’s just not for me. Thru your blogs I have narrowed down my style and feel so much more confident. I hope you keep going for many years!

  14. I so enjoy your blog and have learned so much. Please do not give up the blog, I just cannot imagine not being able to learn from you on a continual basis. Thank you.

  15. Congratulations, Susan, on your shopping site and on your long-running blog! It’s good to know you enjoy what you do after all these years and that you will keep on doing it. 😀 Best wishes for continued success, Angie

  16. Are you interested in selling that sweet ‘picnic basket’ purse. You don’t have to post this, but please let me know. I’ve always admired it. You can PM me on my Facebook page if you like. Also are you going to sell your home? Please don’t think me crazy. We are seriously considering moving to the Asheville area. We love it. But we’ve also heard taxes are better in Tennessee. Thanks in advance.

  17. Good to hear you will keep up blogging, Susan as you move into a new phase in your interesting life. Best wishes for the next part of your life. I look forward to your blogs and love your style.

  18. Susan you look great in all as always…As anyone ever ask to see your beatiful home…I love your style please share

    1. The upstairs sitting room, guest room and storage room over the garage have since been taken over by the business (studio, and inventory storage for my shopping site). Much of the rest of my current decor is in the blog post here.

  19. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and beautiful clothes. I am the proud owner of several of your scarves which I always get compliments on.
    I love your helpful suggestions and your adventures with Mr Mickey.

  20. Thank you for style advice. I am an avid reader of your blog. Please tell me where I might find the hot pink asymmetrical top you are wearing with the palazzo pants? It is absolutely gorgeous and my favorite style and color. Thanks for info

  21. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, I think one reason is our similar ages. I can’t use a lot of your advice, because I am pear shaped, but you comment on different shapes periodically, so the blogs are helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

  22. Today was my favorite post of all. You look beautiful in your clothes and offer some color combinations that I would like to duplicate. Best wishes to you.
    Kathye Vance

  23. Susan the pink top in the last photo looks absolutely stunning on you. The colour is made for you. Congratulations on your achievements and I greatly appreciate your words of wisdom. I am so much more discerning when I am about to make a purchase and my husband has also taken on board your ideas and he thinks about his colour combinations now. That is such a great feat. Xxx

  24. I love all of your posts, fashion tips and style….I, too, have purchased several things from your site and have been very happy with the items and with your personal attention when help is needed…..Congratulations on your two year anniversary, and I also hope you continue to blog! I would miss that!!!

  25. I have found your blog to be just lovely and informative! Your story is one of courage, fortitude, and smarts. Good going Susan! I wish you the best in your retirement years. I do hope you continue to write not just because i love reading what you have to say, but that i’ve sent a lot of friends to your blog too.
    Good luck Susan,
    All best,

  26. Hi Susan,
    I like your style. It mirrors my own adherence to solid base layers followed by pops of color in jackets, tops and scarves. I wonder if you considered donating those shopping “extras” and gifts to women who are entering the workforce after child rearing or initiating a career after public assistance. They could well benefit from your guidance and the small ROI that you must receive by reselling these items would be multiplied by donating them. Please consider this suggestion as an opportunity to share your gifts with others.

  27. Susan and Mr. Micky, thank you so much for whatever role you’ve played in keeping our country safe and free. Most US citizens take their rights and freedoms for granted, but having traveled to a lot of places in the world, I’ve seen places where freedom isn’t an everyday thing. I appreciate my freedoms and thank you and all veterans who have helped to make it that way. I don’t take you or your service for granted.
    Connie A. Briggs

  28. Having recently retired from the corporate world, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your getting back to basics blog as my wardrobe was sadly depleted from “everyday clothes”. I am enjoying putting together my new wardrobe.Thank you

  29. I have recently been finding more and more of your blogs and am having so much fun discovering all of your wonderful tips and knowledge in fashion, makeup and health. I hope you will continue with all of this wonderful information as well as the photos of the lovely trips you and Mr. Mickey take. I have changed the way I am eating and am totally off of sugar, so the extra weight is slowly coming off. Thank you so much. I wish I had discovered your on line shop before it closed, but am looking forward to your blogs.

  30. Hi, your blog is wonderful, so many ideas but…..what abt us over 70, still loving clothes but w/out the budget. (& Ross, 10% Tues our only option). your shoes are FAB ! (Sketchers do help some for our 70+ poor feet, but…..). suggestions please ! & Thank U. I can’t b the only one looking for 70+ outfits. Sincerely, B Sumners 😉

  31. Dear Susan,
    I came across your site a couple days ago and have enjoyed every post I read. Thank you for sharing and being willing to help others. I’m 43 and can relate to many of the topics you have touched on. Blessings to you and thank you.

  32. I have just recently found your site, and I am enjoying it so much! We seem to have similar taste in clothing, and you are inspiring me to thoughtfully peruse my closet and put items together in fresh ways, as well as donate pieces that don’t make me feel joy when I wear them. You are lovely and gracious, and each time I visit your site, I feel I’ve connected with a good friend! That is so welcome, especially during this time of quarantine. Thank you, Susan.

  33. Susan, I just discovered your blog this week. You have already been a blessing and the inspiration I really need. I am 60 and recently completed chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. My prognosis is excellent and my hair is slowly growing in. It is wonderful to feel healthy again. Prior to chemo I had colored my hair for two decades. Your blog has convinced me to embrace my silvery natural hair. Your style sense greatly appeals to me. I am now in the process of a methodical review of my current wardrobe. Most importantly, your health and lifestyle tips have made me feel excited and encouraged to work daily on staying healthy. Your honesty and openness about your own past issues with weight and health help your readers feel a personal connection. You are an amazing and elegant person. Thank you for all the excellent posts. You are helping so many women feel positive and confident!

  34. Thank you so much for all the ideas
    I enjoy every moment of reading it
    Hope you will do it for a long time
    I am 61 and it changed my life

  35. Thank you Susan for all that you have helped me get together. I’m the person who has a closet full of clothes. I must say I do buy quality clothes so I have been putting clothes together after I see how you do yours. Recently went thru my whole closet and purged everything that I never wore or wore them once or twice. You have made me realize that my clothes can be used in so many ways. And I have had so many compliments.

    Thank you,

  36. Did I understand correctly that you occasionally post items available for sale now? What sizes do you offer? I so hate I missed connecting with your website when it was open. I love the selections that are pictured here.

    Hooray for you that you stepped out there with your boutique. Enjoy your retirement.


  37. I am new with seeing your blogs. Have certainly enjoyed seeing & reading them all. Please keep up the awesome work. Thank you.

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