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When you are thrifting or looking at a fabulous jacket from the sale rack, consider the fit at the shoulders first. Other alterations are more reasonable, but shoulder alterations are so expensive, you might as well buy a full-price blazer that fits you better.

The pants and tank are different fabrics, but both are black. When you wear unrelated garments in the same color, vary the textures. This trick will make your look more interesting and less like the pieces don’t match.

When the temperatures drop, it is time to cover the toes. With casual shoes such as loafers or short boots, I wear crew socks or opaque black tights. With dressier shoes, I wear black pantyhose. The more formal the look, the sheerer (lower denier) the hose should be.

Denier refers to the thickness of the yarns used to knit a pair of tights or pantyhose. The higher the denier, the thicker the fabric. Opaque tights begin at 30 denier, and 5 denier are ultra-sheer pantyhose.

Similar black suede pumps are here and here.

Now let’s discuss the proper jacket fit. Notice the bunching at the shoulder area of my jacket? (B) The edge of the jacket extends beyond the end of my shoulder. (A) I have lost so much weight this year that it no longer fits. As is the case with most of my beloved jackets and blazers, so I am letting them go.

The jacket on the left is size 8. The one on the right is size 10.

  1. Wow, thank you for this post. So true. I recently asked my seamstress about reviving a much loved navy blazer. The lining had torn inside the armholes. She told me to buy new. Too costly plus blazer was out of date. Now, I need to check all my blazers/jackets for the dreaded “bunching”.

  2. Susan, it’s a tribute to the effectiveness of your advice, which I’ve been absorbing for the past few years, that when I opened today’s post and saw “Jacket Fit” followed immediately by the photo, I thought, “But those shoulders are a terrible fit–why is our fastidious Susan showing this jacket as an example? Then I read down, and your tactics became clear. Thank you once again for your constant ingenuity in telling those of us over 60 how we can face the world with confidence by the way we put ourselves together.

  3. Thanks for your post Susan. I, like you, am large busted but I have narrow shoulders. How do I accommodate my bust without altering the shoulders?

  4. I wore my brand new scarf that I bought from you with a blazer to church. It came Friday. I love it! I have never had a silk scarf and the difference is amazing! It looks and feels luxurious! Thank you!

  5. I love your tips. I just bought a new jacket and had a difficult time getting the right fit. Interested in size 10, my shoulders are narrow not so much for the bust.Love the tips about the stockings, I still have nice ankles but they look better in stockings.

  6. This is off topic, but….do you know of a source for quality but affordable leather belts in a variety of colors and widths to wear with jeans? One soft enough or with a bit of curve to lie flat on the natural curves of the body? And one without a bulky buckle that adds to the dreaded “pooch?” In other words, the Perfect Belt!

  7. I, too, have narrow shoulders with a larger bust and find that jackets are the trickiest thing in my wardrobe in which to get a good fit.

  8. As always, this post is so helpful, Susan.

    For Sue re- the perfect belt.
    You might want to check out this Canadian site, unbelt.ca because these belts apparently sit flat and don’t have the bulky hardware by the bellybutton. I haven’t tried them, but am considering a purchase from this site. I believe there is an American equivalent.

      1. I wish I could lose weight. It’s a struggle for me. I watch what I eat but do enjoy the taste of food. Each year I give up another item. This year it’s bread! Lol.

  9. I think you look beautiful, however, I am concerned you may be coming anorexic. Once your tummy shrinks, it is hard to eat more and may have a problem to stop losing because you just aren’t hungry…. If you are at your desired weight, perhaps it is time to add an item to your diet to keep the same weight so you don’t keep losing. My sister and I both read your blog and as I said, right now you look really good we are just concerned. I have a daughter who was anorexic and she did not see a problem until it was almost to late.
    If others or your doctor have not mentioned anything to you, then just chalk this up to a concerned fan.
    Love your view points and advice in dressing and other pointers you share. Thank you very much for your time and effort. I hope you continue for many more years.
    Clara B

    1. Thank you, Clara. I am well. I’ve stayed at about 135 for a couple of months now. The weight loss is just more evident as I start to wear the clothes I wore last fall and winter.

  10. Personally I prefer the look of the blazer on the right. Both pretty but the style on the right I believe suits you best. Thank you for your blog and your fashion tips for those of us 60 and older.

  11. HI, Susan.
    I, too, have lost much weight — about 25 pounds and pretty much everything that I own is too big. As you are doing, I am donating or taking things to a consignment shop. I am interested in your size 10 jacket with the single button. Is it lined? It looks as though it is a pale blue? What is the fabric, please. Also, of course, what is your price?

    Thanks, Susan.

  12. I want to recommend an invisible belt called Beltaway. I LOVE this belt. It is a stretchy, adjustable belt with an absolutely flat buckle. Comes in a variety of colors. Have had mine for several years and is just as stretchy as the day I bought it. I only wear it with a top covering it. Not decorative but highly effective.

  13. Thank you for your post with good information. I am glad you included footwear as weather turning cooler. I have been struggling with that and now know what to do. You are an inspiration.

  14. Personally my weight fluctuates so widely that I keep my clothes to have on hand for a sudden weight loss/ gain. Ah, the fun of menopause & hypothyroidism

  15. I love your style. I I did not already have the same jacket, I would make an offer! I’d be interested in any other size 10 jackets you may want to sell. Having the shape of an upside down triangle makes getting a good fit difficult!

  16. Everyone is going to hate me, no doubt. I think you look too thin. It ages us when we are too thin. I think you looked better before you lost the weight. I understand if you have conditions you cannot control, but I hope you are not criticizing yourself and trying to be thinner for your blog. I daresay most of us began following you because you represented “us”. Real women, real sizes especially in our 60’s. Anorexia shows up on our skin and hair and I can see the signs. I’ve been there, done that. Please be careful, and I hope you will accept this as a concerned follower. Wonder if you will post this?

  17. Love the outfits, information, and your style! You are an inspiration and motivation for all of us….You look great, and you certainly do not look too thin! Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself, and eating healthy…

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