Faded Denim

Jeans are a superb neutral choice in black, light, and dark blue, as well as white, ecru, or olive.

Among the things I’ve recently given away is a faded Levi’s jacket. I still wear lighter wash jeans, but I add a crisp navy jacket or white shirt with faded denim. Garment dyed, marled, or faded items near my face wash me out and make me look very tired.

Another tip I apply is to repeat colors so that they look intentional. I love the look of cognac or luggage brown in fall, but warm colors are not the best choice to wear near my face. Instead of a camel jacket, I opt for shoes and a bag or belt in brown tones.

Navy BlazerTankJeansLoafersBag

Adding a scarf pulls together my looks and keeps me warm as a bonus.

  1. I may be interested in number 3. I am more “warm” in my coloring but have a number of black jackets and long black cardigans. Do you think this works? My eye sees some pops of gold or warm tones in this scarf? How much is the scarf?

  2. I eat as often as I feel hunger. Sometimes it’s three or four times a day. Most often it is breakfast and a late lunch of vegetables and chicken or fish. I am much more active in the summer, so I always drop a few pounds when the weather warms up.

  3. I am also in my 60’s and prefer to wear a dark denim jean. I feel it makes me look more pulled together. You look lovely, though.

  4. Good morning! I am interested in scarves #2, 4, & 12.

    Also, even though I’m 10 years younger than you, your blog is such a “go to” for me. You are so very elegant, and I learn so much from you about being stylish as we age.


  5. Susan, please ignore my email just sent. Are #s 2, 4, and 18 available? You have my billing information. Thanks, Beth

  6. Hi Susan! I have been following your blog for several years and look forward to reading it each week.
    I am interested in number 12 and 17. The beautiful blue really speaks to me.

  7. What are the dimensions of #18 and what is the price? I have followed your blogs for 5 years and love your style. I have shared SusanAfter60 with friends and they love your style also. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  8. Great casual look Susan. I bought a black blazer like this one you are wearing last year, I bought two of your beautiful scarves to wear with it Will this work instead of a navy blazer with the lighter jeans? Thanks!!

  9. Hi Susan,
    I am sorry you closed your store, loved having the opportunity to buy your scarves and emulate your great style. I would like to know the price of # 4 and #17. Love your videos , keep doing them.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. I just purchased a navy blazer from a thrift store! I love it, LLBean, classic! I have the cognac loafers and purse, love the white blouse and jeans! You’re the bomb!

  11. Hi Susan,
    I bought a scarf from you a while back, I love it!
    I am interested in number 12. Can I pay with PayPal.?
    I appreciate all that you teach on fashion, that is how I discovered you a few years ago when I googled “how do women over 60 dress”! Your advice is well thought out and I am constantly telling people about you!
    Enjoyed seeing your pictures from your visit to Hendersonville NC. We have a lake house just a few miles from there and we love the area, wish I had bumped into you!

  12. Hi Susan, A quick hello from Perth, Australia. I read your daily news every day while having my coffee at work. I very rarely comment but just to let you know that I love your posts and photos. You are very elegant and look terrific and are a real support to women around the world who want to look the best that they can.

  13. Scarf #2. Is it silk georgette and 51” ? Other than fuchsia what are the colors? Price?

    Love your posts! Live near you but discovered your site while at my home in NYC. Saw a photo of you in Blowing Rock.

  14. Hi Susan,
    Am very interested in one of your silk georgette scarves. Which are those and what is the cost. They are beautiful!

  15. Thank you so much for your inquiries and comments. I have emailed the prices and payment info to everyone who asked for the information. Check your spam folder if you didn’t hear from me. Please respond with an email list if you are sending me a check payment for a scarf or scarves. I will hold it/them for you.

  16. Susan,
    Do you have any information to share about detoxing your home? I know you have a water filter, but I wonder if you have any more information regarding this. (I know this isn’t clothes related, but thought you may have some insight.)
    Thank you.

    1. I use white vinegar to clean instead of harsh smelling cleansers. Drapes, carpets, shower curtains, and liners, or even ironing board covers that have a strong odor can be releasing toxic fumes. Air out your house often. I rarely buy anything new, but, if possible, I wash it as it comes in the door. (Sheets, towels, etc.) I vacuum and dust weekly and avoid wearing the same shoes inside my house that I wear on the street. I have many live plants in my home and especially in my bedroom. I change my return air filters monthly and avoid using air freshers or any other unnecessary chemicals of any kind.

  17. Good morning Susan! Could you please tell me what the colors are in scarf #16? And the price and payment option?

    Thank you so so much! Birgit

  18. I would very much love to see photographs of how you store your purses… Many of us have very small closets. Thank you. I LOVE your style and have already adapted the simple feminine style that you promote.

    I’m age 68 a size 14, 5 ft. 3″ but not petite. I have very wide shoulders, a short neck inherited from my German grandmother. My greatest challenge is my 42 C buat. I love scarfs but wearing them just draws attention to the part of my body I want to downplay!!! Do you ever work with or dress chunkier women for your blog?

    I would love a post where you dress a friend/neighbor/model that is built more like me!

    I plan to visit Chicos to look for the black basic slacks (with the V at the ankle) and top. I LOVE this as a basic outfit -you are a fashion genius!!

  19. I would love scarves 2, 4 and 10. I already have two of your scarves and they are lovely. Great quality. Thanks so much for the informative posts.

  20. Very interested in #3. I have 2 of your scarves already and love them, but I’d like to have one with some black in the color scheme.

  21. Hi Susan – If you have any scarves #2,3,4,16 or 17 still remaining, please email price info to me. Thanks! Sharon

  22. Hi Susan, I have never left a massage on a site like this before so here goes,!! I am 64, look in my 50’s and live in Sydney Australia. I like your style and it is similar to how I dress. I don’t have faded jeans, but have a lovely navy Tommy Hilfiger blazer, so you have inspired me to buy faded jeans. It’s just that when I go shopping in Sydney, all faded jeans seems to have rips in them!! I will keep on looking. Beat wishes Narelle

  23. I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Liverpool jeans. I finally ordered a pair and they arrived today. I love them!!! They are so flattering and comfortable! I ordered the faded denim pictured in this post. I’ll ask Santa for additional colors. My husband and I are leaving tomorrow on a vacation to Colonial Williamsburg and the Outer Banks. Thanks to your blog, I know I’ll be comfortable and confident in my travel wardrobe. Thanks so much, Susan!

  24. I like to see looks in flats. This is perfect. Please do more. I am unable to wear heels because of broken ankles. My fashion choices are limited.
    Thank you
    More please

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