Inspiration vs. Reality

“I can’t afford what you show.” “What you show isn’t right for my lifestyle, my shape, or my coloring.” “Your looks are dated.” I have received many similar comments over the years. Today’s post shares randomly grabbed inspiration photos. I used them to challenge me to create modern looks, using only the items in my closet. Sharing this exercise may help you recreate looks from inspirational photos in an appropriate way for you. In the process, you may discover new outfit combinations while shopping in your closet or learn to purchase basics that can serve you in many ways.

This $530 Georgia Alice cropped jacket is on the Net-A-Porter site. The items shown on this site constitute a significant investment, but the ideas are free. A team of professional stylists created modern and youthful looks. My take will always be more mainstream and appropriate for me.

The cropped black knit jacket from my closet was purchased on sale at the end of the season at Dillard’s. It is by Armani Exchange. The dress is from my now-closed shopping site. The shoes are several years old by Kenneth Cole Reaction. The bag is also several years old.

The Balmain denim jacket is $2,650 at Net-A-Porter.

Both the jacket and leggings are by Clara Sunwoo and were gifts from My Fair Lady. (Please note that I would never wear leggings with a short top, the look is shown only for this project.) The white microfiber tank was from Chico’s. The bag is several years old from T.J.Maxx. The shoes are also several years old from Macy’s.

The navy trench coat is $795 at Net-A-Porter.

My navy trench coat is from Everlane. Mustard yellow would never work with my coloring, so I added a Malibu Punch tunic (old) and Montana Moss jeggings from Chico’s. I don’t own any plaid pants, but I pulled the color inspiration from the photo and used a bag with a plaid(ish) pattern. The mini Sade bag is from F&W Style here. The Rockport heels are old.

The Balenciaga leather jacket is $4,600 at Net-A-Porter.

My faux leather moto-style jacket was on sale for around $100 at Stein Mart about ten years ago. I don’t own a checked or plaid asymmetric hem skirt, but I do own a midi-skirt. I purchased this skirt at T.J.Maxx more than twelve years ago. It is the only skirt I own. I tied an old plaid Halston scarf on the diagonal to relate to the original skirt’s pattern and make my skirt look less fancy/more modern. The bag is old.

The RE/DONE jeans are $225 from Net-A-Porter.

My wool jacket is from Everlane. The black leggings are from Chico’s. My Vince Camuto over the knee boots are old.

The Current/Elliott jeans are $230 on Net-A-Porter.

I would never purchase a bulky furry coat. My animal print coat is old from Ann Taylor Loft. The gray tank and the So Slimming Girlfriend ankle jeans are from Chico’s. The booties are by Marc Fisher. The Italian Leather bag is old.

I’ve addressed the power of a minimal wardrobe of high-quality basics many times. If you own pieces that look good on your shape and complement your coloring, you can layer, accessorize, and adapt those pieces to any look that suits your mood or the weather. If you enjoyed this project, let me know in the comments below. I’ll do more if this is helpful to you.

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  1. Good morning! What a fun and interesting project. Of course, I always enjoy your posts. I find this is what I do with them naturally… look at your outfits and then shop my closet to see what I can create. You help me focus! Thanks so much. Have a blessed day!

  2. I loved this project – showing how it’s possible to adapt high fashion looks (at prices most of us can’t or are not prepared to pay) using affordable pieces that are more suited to regular body shapes. Thanks Susan.

  3. I often do an “if money was no object” scan through the latest clothing catalog or website, before moving on (because money IS an object!). You’ve inspired me to run the latest ideas from current photos past my existing closet with an eye toward updates and new combinations. Thanks!

  4. Yes! This is so valuable! I could never see a look and try to copy/adapt, but you made me begin to think differently! Thank you!

  5. I really enjoyed this post; it was very helpful .. You seem to be able to address a lot of the concerns of the mature modern woman. Keep up the good work and your very informative blogs. I have purchased some of your items as well as scarves. Thank you

  6. I love it! I cut pics from catalogs for the latest “look” and shop my closet to copy it best I can. Always looking for inspiration to use what I have.

  7. Today’s post is very helpful. I am going through my fall/winter clothing today. I live in a small house so I have to store my seasonal clothes. This post will help me discard the pieces that are no longer flattering. Thanks for sharing these ideas. God Bless!

  8. Wow! Great power in pictures. You have done a fantastic job and deserve a big Bravo. The pictures definitely show the outfit ideas derived from our browsing of media and your translation is perfection in demonstrating that many ideas are within budget in our closets. I am often forgetful about shopping what I already own.

    1. Hope you dont mind me commenting Mary. I saw a hint once for travelling but can be used for the wardrobe in general, that you may find helpful re forgetting what you have (I have same problem!!).Lay out on your bed one pair of pants and then different tops that go together etc, photograph the different outfits on your phone, put them in a photo “album” so when you are out you can quickly see what’s in your wardrobe and what goes with what!

  9. Good Morning Susan,
    Your blogs have been an inspiration for me. I see what you have done in this episode with matching things in your wardrobe with styles that appear in ads etc. But as you have so often said not all of what we see on rail thin models will complement the mature figure.
    Just wanted to tell you that your own instincts on what suits “you” are bang on. I use your ideas “with a twist” to suit my own figure. It works.
    Thank you I look forward to each episode along with the introduction to places that I might visit one day.

  10. Many of the items you showcase are so far out of my budget that I only laugh that someone would actually pay that much for the item.
    I have a super power & that is I sew.
    My clothing isn’t “home ec” looking I spend a lot of time getting bit just so.
    In fact people often ask where I bought what I am wearing. When I tell them it’s one of a kind – that I made it they are in awe.
    My plaids & stripes match, my buttons are secure & my hemlines are not falling down which is more than I can say for many high end items.
    Because of my super power I can pull the styles, designs & fabrics that I like and make them for a fraction of the cost were I to go buy them. I enjoy reading & looking at your blog as an inspiration for my style.
    I use what clothing I have and style it in ways that are pleasing to me. Sometimes an accessory, be it scarf, earrings, shoe or bag is all that’s necessary to update & change a look.
    Thanks for all the hard work you put into making this a blog I enjoy & a wonderful look book I use to pull my fashion ideas.

  11. Loved it! I often search Pinterest for ideas on combinations that I need. Recently I purchased a pair of loden green skinny jeans. I had no idea what to wear with them, but a quick search of Pinterest gave me ideas from my closet. I also “save” pins in a “closet needs” file. When I am shopping I refresh my memory on items to look for. Your blog is always inspiring me to look my best! I am currently working on gradually doing without harmful chemicals in my home cleaning and personal hygiene products.

  12. Susan, this was a great project and inspired me to look at pinterest, and other websites for inspiration.
    Your greatest inspiration to me was the video “Change your pants; change your life.” That and your joyful, inspiring approach to aging are wonderful gifts you share with your readers. Thanks for all you do. I know it is work with little remuneration for all your efforts; except maybe the knowledge that you are making the world a better place for many women. Thank you.

  13. This was a great post! Like you, and some of the commenters, I take insperation from fashion blogs, pinterest, magazines and people I know to create ourfits. I look for items I own something similar to or would like to own and build from there.

  14. Great post, read your blog faithfully and learn a great deal from you. I’m at a crossroads to downsize and will use your ideas to now streamline what’s in my closet. THANKS for all your ideas that you share.

  15. These are inspirational. You are inspirational. Real people wear their clothing over and over again. You don’t fall into the trap of “outfit of the day”. I take your lessons and adapt them to my own circumstances. In many cases, I turn your lessons upside down, because I have a triangle shape. You stay true to your best silhouette, colors and lifestyle, not bending in the wind with every passing fad. That’s the takeaway lesson. To thine own self be true.

  16. Great post, Susan. I too, get frustrated seeing photos I love in magazines or on pintrest that don’t work for my figure/lifestyle/coloring or more importantly budget. You did a GREAT job of copying the “spirit” of the outfits without having to literally copy each element and made them work for you. I am going to keep this in mind in the future. I can get the idea of a look I love and still adapt it to my style and needs. Thank-you for the inspiration!

  17. Absolutely loved this post. Your hard work showed through on each and every picture. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for explaining how to wear the moto-style jacket if you have a larger middle section.
    Your blog is one of my favorites.

  18. Thank you Susan for your common sense and wisdom about using what we have to make the best presentation of ourselves. Over the past many months, you have taught me to pare down to simpler, classic pieces that can be interpreted in many ways but always look elegant but with some sass! Having just turned sixty in the past year, it has been a journey to figure out what works for me – you are my style guru! Thank you so much for what you do. I really enjoy the picture examples of attaining a similar look to the latest fashion trends without being a slave to them.

  19. Fun post & would especially like to see more that you would actually wear yourself. You have very good taste. Thank you!

  20. Susan–

    I can’t believe that people visit your site, then criticize you! Of course your looks will not fit everyone else — you constantly explain why you do what you do, and people with different shapes can do otherwise. Sheesh!

    I am a very different shape with a more traditional (preppy?) style. Yet I am constantly inspired by you & pin many of your looks to my Pinterest board.

    You are such an inspiration for MOST of us. Please just keep doing what you do so beautifully & the haters can go elsewhere.

      1. After reading many of the comments, I can only add “ditto”! I so enjoy your blog. Thank you for all your hard work.

  21. Great post, Susan!!! I loved seeing how you have recreated looks with clothes from your closet. Also interesting is how you successfully styled looks for people of all sizes and shapes. I would enjoy more posts like these.

    Susan, I also want to apologize for the inconsiderate people who have told you that your style is “too old”. Don’t they realize that with any look, you pick and choose what suits their own style!! I am always amazed at the bluntness and unkind attitude of some people’s Comments!

    Thank you for your diligent research and transparency to share on the blog!

  22. I found this educational because you are the only “catalogue” that I browse. My daughter says that she is so happy that I haven’t “let myself go” like so many 60’s ladies. I gave you credit for my style sense – scarves, tunics, Chico’s and underwear! I have thought about how many hours you must put into this blog just to make us happy – please keep it up so we can all be Stylin’ Sisters!

  23. Just a tip to help the rest of us emulate one of your looks: Costco (yes, Costco) has a dead ringer for your trench look currently for $79 both in stores and online. Love your blog!

  24. I love this!!! It is so informative and shows that you don’t have to break the bank to look stylish and classic.

  25. The heels with the trench coat are exactly what I’ve been looking for! Perfect for so many outfits! Definitely will be buying those. I think you did a good job of adapting trendy looks for age and lifestyle. It is possible to dress well on a tight budget… less and make it count. I must admit I shop charity stores for some of my most complimented items. I look for fine, timeless clothing only. This is the way I afford silk blouses, beautiful wool blazers etc. I have to look frequently, but find what I want with patience. Keep up the good work helping women find how to look their best. By the way, I do not fool myself or others when I wear clothing that is too “young” in style for me. I still am 70. Adapting those looks the way you’ve done is helpful.

  26. I enjoyed this post very much! To be honest, I preferred YOUR take on all the outfits! (The Mustard yellow/plaid pant combo was hideous!) And all the “Stylist created” looks on the left are way over priced in my opinion! Thanks for showing us creative ways that we can use to style these outfits – I’ll be able to shop my closet and stay within my budget!

  27. Yes. Please do more. Also, I like the idea of crossover items. If you can’t afford an item, then find something of quality for the best price that’s similar. Some of the bags for instance are in the upper thousands, but there are s usually similar bags with good ratings on the less expensive sites.

    If it is an item that you don’t wear that much, it makes sense to get a better facsimile. ( Just because something is “cheap” doesn’t mean it won’t last. You’ve got to examine stitching, materials and construction) I’m not proposing supporting rip off artists; but finding something that can work beautifully in their place.

    These type of posts are excellent and what I’d like. I like the way you show the pictures instead of referring me to similar items online. I’d also like to know what items you splurge on and what items you would buy off brand and for a less expensive price.

    Thank you so much.

  28. As with everything in life, you will have people who like your outfits and others who don’t. I always find your selections to be classy! And Classy is Timeless!! Modern isn’t always stylish and age appropriate. Stay true to yourself. You are admired by many!

  29. Great article, Susan, thanks!
    And yes, I’d enjoy seeing more of how you interpret magazine/advertisement photos using your own pieces.
    I’m beginning to get the idea of re-purposing items in my closet &/or basics I might still acquire.
    Thank you so much for all you are willing to share!

  30. This post is GREAT! I learned so much about taking a look and adjusting to my needs. Thank you so much for putting this site out there for all of us.

  31. I think you are wonderful and so inspirational. I have been following you since fifty, not frumpy and now SusanAfter60 I think you do a great service to women of a certain age. Thank you.

  32. Thank you for sharing how you use inspiration photos to create your various looks. Most of us who follow you probably use YOUR photos in the same way. . .as inspiration to create our own looks that fit our lifestyle .

  33. Thank you for this post, it was very helpful in helping me think outside the box and try something I may not have been inclined to try before. I especially enjoyed that you didn’t copy the outfits directly, rather made them your own. Please do more of these posts!

  34. I loved how you put your pieces together a la the couture look! Most of us would never be able to pull off the designer look anyway at this stage of our lives!

  35. P.S. I’ve noticed those horrible plaid pants are trying to make a comeback. Too 70’s for me. BTDT including bow blouses. I jus CAN’T!

  36. Yes more posts like that please… I have enjoyed your blog way back to when you were50 not frumpy.
    Love the health/food posts and admire the way you are such a down to earth stylist. Would never spend more than we could afford but love style and clothes. Love the way you shopped your closet and made the expensive clothes over in your own stake. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah and love going on food adventures with you and Mr. Mickey
    Jude Klearman

  37. Yes I loved this project. Please do more. I’m getting better but not totally there. You win for the “who wore it best”. The plaid skirt was beautiful but that uneven hem would drive me crazy. I look forward to your blog each time. Can you do something with pearls and more examples with green pants? Thanks so much.

  38. Wow! Amazing that someone would be so rude! Unfortunately not surprising. I cannot resist checking out your blog when I get an update in my email. I am an aging Cali girl and need to grow up my style a bit. And even though we are shaped different, styles are different, grew up different . . . just different, I LOVE to read your blog and your concepts for better style and better dressing. And I’ve learned a lot. Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to do so.
    Sincerely – Pamela

  39. LOVE this post. If you titled it “Who wore it better?” I think we would all agree you do–hands down! Your creativity is an inspiration and shows us we can appropriately wear youthful, fashion forward looks, within our budgets and our own closets.

  40. Susan ,
    I love your blog and your styleing ideas ! Sorry about the negative posts .. don’t people have any manners ? If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing .. oh well . Haters gunna hate .. but not me . Keep up your fab style .

    Port Washington, NY

  41. Could you do an article on a minimal wardrobe? Like what pieces you need to start a basic wardrobe. My closet is a jumble and I need help!

  42. Susan, this post was extremely helpful, as it is hard sometimes to interpret a look on a model into real life. It would be wonderful if you could do this for each season . I look forward to your blog and photos each week, up here in chilly Canada (Ontario). Thank you for all your many helpful fashion suggestions, and I also very much enjoy your travel photos and descriptions.

  43. What a fun post, Susan! There used to be a monthly feature column in some young woman’s magazine (I can’t recall which one — Cosmo? Elle?) in which they would take a very expensive designer-label outfit & replicate it using much less expensive off-the-rack pieces as you have done here. I loved it! It taught me a lot about how to get the *essence* of a look even when the specifics were out of reach financially or just not suitable for one’s height, shape or personal style. And with respect to this post — I much preferred your take on each of these! I love the way you shop your own closet, using items you already know you like & which suit you so you’re not reinventing the wheel with every look.

  44. Great article, loved the comparison to the over the top fashion clothes. You always have good ideas and although we lead different lifestyles and I am short with autumn colors my strength, I always get good ideas from your blog. Keep it going

  45. Maybe the ladies who criticized you are not able to assimilate what’s in their closet to look similar to your outfits. This is very difficult for some people . I think you do a marvelous job!

    I have adapted many of your ideas and feel much more better addressed and updated now!!!

    My friends and I love your site!

  46. Hi Susan,

    I just found your site and am enjoying the inspiration. I turn 45 in the spring and your advice is great for all women. Thank you for the ideas!

  47. I enjoyed your take on the more expensive fashion sites. One question–do you usually buy jackets in a size you can zip or button closed, or do you sometimes buy smaller sizes that you will only wear open? If I buy a jacket that closes easily, it looks sloppy when I try to wear it open.

    1. I buy jackets to fit my shoulders and rarely close them. They need to remain open to flatter my shape. That uninterrupted column of color down the center makes me look taller and thinner.

  48. Bravo! Such a very helpful post. I appreciated your interpretations and find them so much more adaptable to real life. Thanks so much for all your work!

  49. Absolutely love this post. I came away after reading it with so many different looks I can achieve with my closet. This is especially good when you want to create different looks…while shopping your clothes. Yes, please do more of these. You are just a gem!!!!!!

  50. Thank you so much for doing this post for us “regular” folks. Our clothes are actually our “costume” for the day (Halloween-on-my-mind). Where will I go, who will I see, who will see me and what will I be doing? Yard work, errands, lunch with friends, Costco run, fuel fill up, conference, and – is it a full make-up day, or not??? Retirement gives me the freedom to choose. Thank you for giving us inspiration & ideas!! More, more!!!

  51. Dear Susan,
    My husband and I had dinner at the Harvest Grill last Thursday evening thanks to your recommendation. It was a delightful experience. We live in the Atlanta area and I’ve been following your blog for a few years. Thanks for all your advice.
    Glenda Patterson

  52. I love your inspiration pieces. You have helped me a lot. I am taller, 5 feet 8 inches tall, but still wear your style. It works for me. Thank you

  53. I like this! Shop your closet. some things work ..some do not. Mostly, I would say that your attention to proportion really makes all of your outfits look great. In this project it is easy to see which ones are simply not you. I especially love your links to show currently available clothing similar to something fabulous you purchased long ago. I like that you look great without trying to alter yourself to look younger. You are a great version of a 60 plus woman. I aspire to that!

  54. Hi Susan,

    I continue to love your posts! You are educating me on the art of “downsizing” my wardrobe and moving towards a type of “capsule” closet….thank you so much!

    It would be great if you would continue with some posts along the lines of today’s – – – very, very helpful. I love your style choices and have learned a lot from following you.

    Great to focus on simple, classic, VERSATILE, mixable/interchangeable, and attractive/elegant without fussiness.
    SO HAPPY I have discovered your site – – really, really helpful to me.

    I have ordered from Everlane (navy trench!) and own many Chicos items. What are your thoughts re. Talbots? I was a Talbots afficianado for years (well, decades) but have moved away from them in recent years…however, just purchased some classic items (2 cashmere sweaters, velveteen jeans) and I am seeing them carry a few more attractive yet not frumpy items as of late…

    Again, thank you so much!

  55. I really enjoy your posts. I recently retired and relocated to NC from the north east. I have been trying to clean out my closet and only keep a minimum but am finding it hard to do. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for all that you do.

    1. Keep what you love and wear often. That which no longer serves you well, or no longer fits should go to someone who will enjoy it more. It is very liberating to have only the things that you use and need and that bring you joy.

  56. Love all your posts. Today’s was extra special. I get so many good ideas from you. I have the pleasure of being able to sew – take the time to fit the patterns and carefully construct garments.
    Please do more post like today’s. I also love the posts about your and Mr. Mickey’s adventures. You two sure know how to have fun.
    If at all possible, please overlook the rudeness of some people. It amazes me how rude some people can be.
    Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog.

  57. Dear Susan,
    I love your fashion sense and the graceful and tasteful attitude with which your present your styles.
    You’re a classy lady. I look forward to your blog and greatly appreciate the tips.
    Warm regards,
    an Alexandria VA fan

  58. Great idea to have the everyday comparisons. As I am in Aus Susan can I purchase from your shop. The black dress …. the only one you own or wear would be soooooo useful.

  59. I really enjoyed this post and would love to see more. I really enjoy your site thank you so much for your good posts.

  60. I enjoyed and learned from your project. How do know what are good color your skin tones? I just do not understand the blue undertone on you or anyone. Nor do I see yellow or olive complexions. I do not think neon yellow or lime green looks good on anybody over the age of 12.
    Thank you

  61. Thanks for your fashion inspiration. I’ve been following you for a while and although our colouring (I think you are “winter” I am definitely summer) and our figures are probably the same height/wt they are proportionately different so I just draw what I can from your style and add my colour palet and personal preferences. I find the majority of your outfits fit my overall simple style, easy coordinating, comfortable and easy care. Thank you Susan

  62. Thank you Susan! I am new to your website but I very much appreciate you! I am nearing 67 years old, but told I look much younger. I own a ton of clothes, but wear only a fraction of them, and I admire your minimalist approach and your great sense of style. I look forward to learning with you, thank you so much for being there!

  63. I have followed you for a couple of years and can’t thank you enough for all your advice and the pleasure your site brings. I love your travel/food features and your exquisite taste. You have convinced me that my style is right for me. I’m 70, petite and prefer uncluttered columns of neutrals with a zing providrd by a scarf or bag. I was a redhead until 10 years ago and now I’m Father Christmas white! The only time I veered off track was this summer when I bought a flowered print trapeze dress for a wedding. The photos came back and I looked like an explosion in a sofa factory. What was I thinking!! Thank you again

  64. I really did enjoy this blog. I love seeing all the different combinations. Your style is great and I appreciate all the inspiration and help you give. Thank you for doing it. Linda Cotten

  65. Susan, I just love your posts! I had never thought about taking a picture I like and then adapting it to my coloring, shape and wallet! I have learned something valuable today that I will use in the future. My life is better thanks to what you so generously share with us 😉

  66. I loved seeing this as I do all of your posts. But it’s especially nice to see the comparisons done at a reasonable cost.

  67. I think that what you share with people — including your uplifting personal story — is amazing. Yes, sometimes the looks aren’t for me or the clothes might be too expensive for my budget, but I appreciate what you do. It’s great to see that just because I’m in my 60s, it doesn’t mean I can’t be stylish. Thank you so much for all you do!

  68. Susan, I love the way you take what could be perceived as a negative and turn it around completely. I love what you’re doing and this post. Thank you for gifting us with your very special guidance.

  69. This was awesome! I thoroughly enjoy your posts and this one was great. I loved how you showed the interpretation of an inspiration photo. I’ve always felt you need to copy them exactly, you’ve shown me that is not the case at all. Thank you!

    1. My thighs are the most slender part of my body. When you conceal the slim parts of your body, you always look heavier than you are. My calves, on the other hand, are not my best feature at all, so I do not want to show them.

  70. Such a wonderful post! I enjoyed viewing the photos side by side so I could really compare. I appreciate how you explain your thoughts on style. It really helps to shape my style sense and how I can make things work for my lifestyle & body shape. You are so inspiring and I hope you are inspired by all these lovely comments!

  71. Thanks Susan, what great ideas you shared. You make it look effortless to dress nicely for all occasions.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  72. Susan ~ I always look forward to reading your posts as I sip my morning coffee. They are inspiring and informative. Thanks to you I have finally figured out how to best dress for my size 12-14 hourglass figure. All those squats from my strength training classes combined with my naturally abundant hips have made wearing tunics an exercise in absurdity. I look like I am trying to cover a regulation-sized basketball protruding from my backside! I know now to stick with shaped tees and ruched or surplice tops that fall at my hipbone and curvy-styled pants. I no longer try to follow trends. Thank you for all you do to encourage us to feel good about ourselves.

  73. I really love this post! It gave me a fresh perspective and way of gaining inspiration from many ads that I see. Thanks for all that you do.

  74. This is great stuff. I have found that if you look for classic pieces you can find them anywhere, from Wal-Mart/thrift stores on up. Yes, the expensive pieces are better quality but you can certainly get the look on a budget. My own favorite place to shop is TJMaxx—great place for bargains on better quality clothing and accessories. And i could spend more, I just prefer to get a good price if I can.

  75. What a brilliant post Susan! It just goes to show what can be created when we give it some time and patience. I’ve been putting off going through my wardrobe and trying new combinations, this has given me inspiration to do so!

    Cheers, Lynda

  76. I love each and every one of these fashion ideas! You did a fabulous job adjusting these looks for all of us, I appreciate your style!

  77. I love the idea of putting your outfits together that are similar to the newest trends. I look through the catalogues and take out pages of outfits that I like to duplicate with my clothes . Keep it up!!!

  78. I look forward to each of your posts! They give me inspiration and please keep these projects up. I like your thinking and you have such great ideas. Looking on pinterest is something I havent even thought of DUH…..

  79. I came into your site following a link from a blogger friend who linked your Clara Sunwoo cobalt Jacket pic as inspiration… and I feel I have found a style mentor in you.
    My jacket has arrived and it is gorgeous. I ordered the Moto jacket Macy’s and Chico jegging‘s this morning. I am home much of my time and shopping is not available near me and after losing weight I need to shop . I love your take and translations of the inspirational styles and will continue to be a faithful follower of your blog and FB Page. Thanks for doing what you do

  80. This was very helpful. I am a new reader and love your blog. I save it each day as a fun ‘reward’ for myself. Glad to see belts back again, especially over jackets, etc. You look great. Keep up your good work.

  81. So glad I stumbled upon your page!! Love the idea of “shopping” in my closet and combining items in different ways, and without always having to spend $$$$ on designer brands to get a look! Thanks for the inspiration!

  82. My takeaways from this great project and all the responses: Sewing as a super-power provides me with wonderful cost-effect tops, jackets and coats, scarves and more. Sewing lessons for simple projects are available and the results can be truly one-of-a-kind wearable are that sets us sewers apart when the garments are truly well finished. (Thanks to Sewinggator for the ‘supre-power’ idea).
    Shopping my closet – and sharing what doesn’t work with friends and charity shops, keeps clothing out of land-filled and in the hands of people who can enjoy the thrifting experience.
    Great website, ideas and photos.
    I am pleased to ‘find’ you and thanks for your wonderful helpful fashion focus!

  83. That was lots of fun and inspirational. You put a lot of thought and work into doing that for us. Thanks. Would love to see more.

  84. Hi Susan,
    Please don’t change your style! Just be yourself. Sorry, but most of your copy cats are not attractive on you!
    You are chic and elegant.

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