Hot Weather Casual

My summer wardrobe includes various lightweight jackets, cardigans, and kimonos, which allow my arms and middle to be covered without making me feel too hot. The fabrics include crepe, almost sheer knits or polyester blends, and rayon. When the shapes float across the body, and the style is open and airy, I can wear the toppers even on a scorching day. I am always more comfortable with some coverage. I do not wear shorts, tees, or a tank top unlayered with flip flops because I do not find that look to be comfortable for my personality, more about that later in the week.

A loose-fitting tank top and a pair of soft, comfortable jeans form the foundation of many of my looks because I live in a temperate climate, and I usually work from home. The next layer might be a lightweight cardigan or a floaty kimono. The jeans are usually white or faded (but never torn) since lighter colors are cooler than the dark wash ones. I look for summer jeans. My jeans and this tank are from Chico’s. The sandals are by Montana via Dillard’s. The handbag and my watch are by Michael Kors. I would wear this look to run errands such as going to the grocery store or the office supply store.

  1. Hello Susan.
    Can I ask if your shop mails to the U.K. ? Love your kimono jackets but cannot find similar here.

  2. Love your style. It has helped me this past year develop my style and wardrobe. Love this kimono, I have placed my name on wait list for it.

  3. Love this comfy classy casual look! It’s me! Susan, thank you for pulling it all together for me & for sharing the look!

  4. Do you ever wear capri pants? I never wear shorts either, but find capri pants a nice alternative to jeans when the weather gets too hot.

    1. I sometimes wear ankle pants which end at the slender part of my leg above the ankle but capri pants do not land at the right place on my leg. They make me look shorter and much heavier.

  5. Susan, Thank you soo much for this blog – you are an inspiration! I have been looking at kimonos but wasn’t sure. You have convinced me!

  6. Do your jeans button and have a zipper, or do they have an elastic waist? I enjoy your blog very much, here in Arizona I dress the same as you in the fall and winter here as you do in the spring and summer where you live. The summers here can reach 120 degrees,I wish I could wear the things that you show in the summer. I enjoy your blog very much.

  7. I’ll have to look for some “floaty” things. A nice way to dress up casual jeans and top. I have recently bought cotton and linen shirts from Foxcroft. They seem to work well in SC summer heat.
    Thanks for this update!

  8. Susan, such a pretty and feminine look! Thank you for posting. I enjoy your blog so much. You have a great sense of style.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing all of your tips! I would love to wear capris, but they don’t hit me at the right place either. Your kimono looks lovely.

  10. You are a breath of fresh air Susan…I am older than you and I so enjoy
    the interesst we can have in looking lovely…the pursees, shoes, sunglasses
    are such a sophisticated touch and make me feel like the woman I love to be no matter
    what age!!!! Thank you for sharing you.

    Lorraine Lorenzo

  11. I love ALL your great Information, your style is my personal taste, Great pictures, I’ve learned so much from your site,I just turned 65,and peite 5ft☺ you look great for 60yrs. Thank you so much for sharing your time, stories,and fashion shows. lm ready to start living a little myself from your friend Barbara..

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