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Attempting to defy our age is a stressful, labor-intensive, and usually futile endeavor. Embracing and accepting the natural changes while striving to remain as healthy and happy as possible seems much more realistic. I permit myself to be sixty-one without trying to “fix” the situation. Regular health checkups, staying physically active and socially engaged, using safe products on my skin, and a whole food plant-based diet serve me well.

My annual eye exam appointment was yesterday. It isn’t smart to try to drive with dilated eyes, so Mr. Mickey was kind enough to be my driver, which means I had someone to snap a few photos as the sun was coming up. I wore the Malibu Punch jeans with a white Microfiber tank top and old silver-tone statement earrings, all from Chico’s. The black blazer is from Neiman Marcus Last Call a few seasons ago. The VANELi Aliz Slingback Pumps are from Nordstrom. The scarf and the bag are old.

An easy way to wear a forty-inch scarf is to fold it in a triangle, drape it across your shoulders and then put a jacket over it to anchor it in place. The colors in this one complement almost everything I own, so it gets worn often.

The sunglasses are by Dolce & Gabbana. My skincare and makeup are by Beautycounter. Proper cleansing and moisturizing help keep my skin looking its best, and wearing less makeup than when I was younger looks more subtle and very liberating. Lip color in a brighter (never dark color) is still a priority.

  1. Thank you for these wise words. I’m turning 50 soon, and feeling a bit down, not really about my age, but about the physical changes I ‘m dealing with right now. You inspire me to believe there are better days ahead.

  2. Great color combinations on you. . I agree with getting regular check-ups as we age being vital. At my yearly skin check my dermatologist found a skin cancer spot. Recovering from recent surgery now If I hadn’t been going each year he wouldn’t have pictures to compare from previous year.
    Your blog is wonderful and really makes me think about my clothing choices when I shop.

  3. The pants add so much to your outfit. They make everything come alive! I’m going to have to get a punch of color added to my wardrobe. I really love the way you styled today’s outfit. You look wonderful!

  4. You used to wear your hair in a similar style a few years back, I think. Very becoming on you! I know you’re not asking my opinion on your hair, I’m just a “hair fan”!

  5. Love the outfit. Looks so great on you! I’d like to comment on the Chico’s pants that shrink up a bit. I have found there is a remedy. When you take them out of the washer, hang to dry with the pant legs clipped to the pant hanger. In other words, the waist of the pants is hanging closest to the ground. The weight of the wet pants helps to maintain the length! You can even do this on Chico’s pants that have shrunk up already. Disclaimer: I don’t know if this works on other brands of pants. Keep up the good work, Susan! I never miss a blog post and learn so much each time.

  6. Never saw you in the coral or red pants before,inspires me to do the same,always self conscious.

  7. I love and agree totally with your views on ageing.Your hair style is fabulous I shall ask my hair dresser to style mine like yours if possible.also have taken on board your travelling tips. Once again thank you for a realistic outlook on ageing.

  8. Susan,
    You look wonderful as usually and you are giving me so many ideas on wearing those shoes. I just received my black and white twin set from my fair lady. I love it I can’t wait to wear it out to lunch, dinner or party. It can be dressed up or down with jewelry or a pretty scraf. I know just where to look for a scraf hint your website( lol).
    Have a great weekend looking forward to your next post.

  9. Hi Susan, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the lovely outfits you put together. I am 4’ 11”…could you please tell me what size square scarf you think would be best for my height . Thank you .

    1. A small scarf which is forty or fewer inches across would be best for you. Wear them folded small on the diagonal to take up less space so that they do not overwhelm your frame.

  10. Susan, do you wear shirts or tees that are longer than your jacket? I have a couple great jackets that are hip-length (or a bit longer) but most of my shirts/tees are longer. I need tummy coverage … what do you suggest? Buy longer jackets?? Thanks so much – love this outfit on you!!

    1. I always wear a longer top with the shorter jackets. It can look more modern and slenderizing than wearing a long loose fitting jacket. Here is one of my favorite looks with a short jacket long shirt combination.

  11. Well said Susan. I think just being healthy and happy with where you are is what matters. The day I decided to let my hair be natural, wear less makeup that looked flattering, and lost weight was a great decision.
    You are looking fabulous…in my opinion much better than the ladies who are wearing dyed hair that looks kind of orange from color that doesn’t last nor match their skin tone could take a lesson in how wonderful you CAN look.

  12. I like your hair cut, and your hair color is so pretty, I admire it. I’m still coloring my hair because I have only the pretty silver gray at my temples, and then I have areas that are naturally blond, and other areas at the back of my neck under most of my hair that are very dark brown. My hair looks like a calico cat if I don’t make it the blonde that most of it is. I have stopped coloring the shiny silvery white gray at the temples. I’ve earned that platinum. I sure won’t mind stopping coloring my hair when it all turns the same as the platinum at my temples.

  13. I follow your blogs and read such great ideas, but the red pants are not you. Might want to rethink that outfit. Btw, every outfit has been spot on except this one.

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