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Growing up on a farm in western North Carolina, going for a walk in the woods is a symphony for my soul. In the springtime, when wildflowers are everywhere, it is an even greater pleasure.

Virginia Blue Bells are now entirely blanketing the floor of many woods and forests in my area.

On Sunday, we took a short walk in the woods at one of our city parks, Winged Deer. Later we visited my parents and then went out to lunch. I wore a cardigan by Cali & York over a tank by Peck & Peck via Stein Mart. The jeans are by Michael Kors. The city sneakers are by Ralph Lauren via Dillard’s. (The only time I wear trainers with jeans is when I am walking briskly around the neighborhood for exercise early in the morning.) The sunglasses are by Tori Burch.

When I share a new post announcement on Facebook, I often get requests for more casual looks. If you look closely, you will notice that I usually start with a tank top and jeans. I don’t know how to get more casual, but that is usually the beginning. My love of shoes and accessories might be the difference. I never leave home without finishing my look with accessories. My guidelines for getting dressed are always:
1. Dress for the weather.
2. Dress for the event.
3. Dress for your personality in what suits your body shape.

  1. I’m always glad to see your casual looks. Im working on not being sloppy with casual clothing. Thanks for all of your help!

  2. Lovely area for a walk. Thanks for sharing appropriate choices for an extremely casual day. I’m ordering that sweater ASAP.

    I’ve ordered several things now from Cali & York as well as Shopmyfairlady and Covered Perfectly, based on your blog. As a result, my life has become so much easier and getting dressed every day takes a fraction of the time because everything works together.

  3. I’m going to Paris for a week in May any ideas about some outfits ,I’m a young sixty three.

    1. I wish I were going to Paris! If I were, I would take solid color separates that could be mixed and matched and worn dressed up or down. There would be two pairs of comfortable shoes for lots of walking and one nice pair of heels for going to dinner. There would be several scarves and at least one jacket as well as a nice structured bag to wear crossbody style and a clutch for evening. Have fun!

  4. What a lovely area for a walk. It’s is still a little too cool in Illinois to walk without a jacket but I’m hoping in the next week or so I can start my walks again. For me, a casual look would include sneakers or moccasins vs. the (very) high heels you so frequently wear. And like Maggie said, I’m working on my casual not being sloppy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. What beautiful flowers! I must share that I just transitioned my spring and summer clothes from storage to my closet. I laid every thing out, and had my shoes, bags, scarfs and accessories handy. I put together outfits, by trying every thing on and making meticulous lists of ideas. I referred back to your blog several times, and am happy to say that I have a big pile of very nice clothes ready for the resale store that supports seniors in my community. I have learned a great deal from you! Thanks.

  6. Oh no, I just saw your comment that Cali & York is going out of business. I have looked at their on line site and get their catalogs and love their clothes but everytime I go to order something they are out of my size/color. I will definately check them out soon and try to grab something before they shut down.

  7. Have a great weekend Susan. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the blue bells…so very pretty! Here in Canada still waiting for the last of the snow to disappear. Its beautiful today so won’t be too long before we see our spring flowers popping out!
    Take care

  8. You do wear casual outfits! haha But…I think when people say that, they are probably referring to leggings, the new althleisure wear, etc.I do believe those items have a place in our life. As…I would not wear jeans of any kind walking for exercise in my neighborhood. They are too restricting. Yoga pants are so much better. I do, at times, wear yoga pants out for quick errands always making sure my rear is covered and any private areas. lol Where I live…..many, many women wear them out in public.

  9. Hi Susan, I think maybe why some ladies ask for a more casual look is that some of us can not wear the heels like you are able. I can for a short period but also in my town of Chico it is really casual and I sometimes feel over dressed in a heel. I am having problems finding a lower wedge heel in a store in our town, unfortunately I need to try shoes on. I think you are doing a great job with ideas for all of us.

  10. This morning on HODA & KATHIE LEE
    they highlighted scarves. Said they are “the big thing” this spring. Also, one of the gals on FOXNEWS had a scarf on last evening!! I have a big selection of them. Scarves were my Moms thing…so I carry on. Plan to order from you…one of these days…

  11. After following your blog, I realize my wardrobe is missing scarves. That’s my project this spring is to update my clothes with colorful scarves.
    Thank you for the inspirations!

  12. Susan, thank you for your fashion/style ideas. You have amped-up my consciousness about dressing to feel better about myself. I take better care of my clothes and know when to let go of items past their usefulness in my wardrobe. I too like to add accessories that make my outfit a statement about who I am. For me, it’s more fun than just putting on jeans & shirt!

  13. I am so happy I came upon you and your website.
    I have renovated my wardrobe now I need exercise a little
    to complete the picture. Is walking an effective solution…
    you look lovely and I will follow your path!

    Keep in touch..I am from East Coast and 10 years ago came to Idaho…
    It is much more sophisticated now and our newest attraction is
    Meridian Village…with all great restaurants and shops…I’m happy.
    Oh, I have 2 darling granddaughters 1 and 8.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Lorraine Lorenzo

    1. Walking is great exercise. Even when I don’t get to go for a planned walk, I remain very active all day every day. I climb the stairs two at a time many times each day, park far away from the store, drink water from a small glass so that I have to get up more often for just a few examples. Walk briskly and for as long as you can often every day. Glad you are enjoying being with your family in Idaho!

  14. I am a newer member to your blog. Enjoying your posts, and love the pictures! I have the, ahem, casual look, down pat. I need help with a more stylish appearance and appreciate your style. By the way, this is the first time I have posted on anyone’s blog, so that shows how much I like yours.

  15. Have always enjoyed a walk in the woods as well; and what a pretty park that is. Nice photo of the violet in the moss. Do like your casual look & cute shoes. My lifestyle is mostly very casual & will have a similar event later today…birthday dinner at a restaurant & back here for dessert and Easter egg hunt outside. Just came in from hiding the eggs & hoping the pets & squirrels aren’t too curious! So this was a very timely post as I will be doing jeans, tank and a third piece…Thanks & wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  16. Your new photos are so lovely and clear Susan; what brand and model of new camera are you using now please?

  17. Hi Ms. Susan,

    I love what you share on your blog, but I especially love these photos of you walking and enjoying the woods, This is mother nature in all her glory. The Virginia Blue Bells are really so beautiful. Walking/hiking is truly “a symphony for my soul”, I so relate to what you said.
    My husband Barry and I built a second home in Sedona (Oak Creek Canyon) back in 1992 and spent 22 years enjoying our Triona (name of our retreat). We went out into the forest and ventured out for walks into the woods, and up the backside of the canyon, to explore nature just as you shared brings back the most treasured of memories.
    Living in Scottsdale, now Anthem as you know from your weather, it’s very hot. We sold our beloved home back in 2016, the memories are etched into our hearts forever, along with the community.
    Thank you for all the love, effort, energy, and time that you put into your blog, nothing goes unnoticed. You are very
    special, your parents must be very proud of you.

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