Fun in Blowing Rock

Last Friday, the weather was cool, and the sky was blue, so it was the perfect time for our first visit to Blowing Rock, NC, this year.

I shared my look for the day in a previous post here, but I thought you would also enjoy seeing what Mr. Mickey wore.

None of the elements in his look are new, but your gentleman might be able to use the inspiration to put together a similar look from his closet.

Small details such as a good quality watch with a leather band, and goldtone button covers elevate casual looks.

Fun socks with polished tassel loafers are timeless casual elements that show his personality.

Our newest neighbors strolled by as we were shooting the above photos.

The views along the Blue Ridge Parkway are breathtaking.

Catching a glimpse of waterfalls along the drive to Blowing Rock isn’t unusual.

One of the best shops in town is Finely House Couture on Main Street.

Seeing all those elegant Chanel bags and other treasures the shop owners have brought back from Paris is always a treat.

This is the double flap bag in caviar leather with silver hardware. My favorite combination thus far!

After sightseeing and shopping, we enjoyed another delightful meal at Antlers Bar in Bistro Roca.

That’s Mr. Mickey’s lobster roll with sweet potato fries above, and I had the lobster salad with a crab cake and tiny fish sticks.

Since Mr. M most loves dessert, we ordered two to sample. The first is poundcake with fresh berries and ice cream.

The second dessert is a slice of warm pecan bar with ice cream and caramel sauce. Their desserts are always made in-house and very fresh.

Driving through the neighborhoods to see the lush gardens is a joy.

The bunny topiary is at the end of a driveway.

On the drive home, we usually stop to enjoy the dahlias in front of the Eseeola Lodge in Linville.

We hope you enjoyed coming along on our fun getaway to Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

  1. I love Blowing Rock! Your trips always inspire me. We stay with friends in the tiny town of Spruce Pine and then travel to Blowing Rock. Mid October last year was the peak leaf time. Such exquisite views! Always a treat! Linville Falls Winery is also gorgeous! Enjoy!!

  2. Loved seeing your smiles and pics! Hope both of you are feeling as good as you look! I have only made one visit to Blowing Rock and it was so very neat and worth the drive!

  3. Good morning, what a joyful post. Nice pictures of you and Mr. M, food, and landscaping. Looks like it was a good day trip. I had to look at the picture with your sunglasses holding your hair pushed back twice because you look years younger. Very nice handbag.

  4. Susan
    Since you signed off about a month ago, I’ve been checking back to see if you had returned to blogging. I was so pleased to discover that you had and that you’re looking as beautiful as ever! You are truly an inspiration. Here’s wishing you good health and much happiness.

    A long-time follower and fan!

  5. You both look so good! The trip sounds perfectly lovely.

    Susan, I have been meaning to ask–how are your parents doing? I know for awhile you and your sister were having to alternate caregiving duties. Would love to have an update.

  6. Thank you so much Susan for sharing your story with us. It means a lot to see you and your Mr. Mickey so happy together. I so miss my husband Michael,who passed away over 3 years ago, on his 80th birthday. We had been married over 50 years. Bless you, and may your posts continue. (I am also a Virgo, Sept 5, and wish you also a Very Happy Birthday). Pat.

  7. Susan, Thank you for continuing to share your life’s journey with us. You and Mr Mickey look so wonderful and very happy. I’m glad you are both able to continue your special outings that have meant so much to you both. Continued blessing to you.

  8. It is wonderful to see you and Mr. Mickey looking so vibrant and enjoying life. Your photography is stunning. I appreciate all of your fashion and lifestyle advice. May God’s blessings continue to be upon you both.

  9. Susan, I have to say, the photo of you with your hair held back with sunglasses as you modeled the Chanel bag is the most flattering look I’ve seen yet as far as your hair goes. It created angels that flatter, showed your face and lovely smile to its best. Have you considered a bi-level cut? Maybe longer curtain bangs. I find one length bobs around the face pulls features down. You can still maintain the ease of having a bob but with a more flattering shape around the high cheekbone area. Truly, when I scrolled and saw that one photo it was instant thumbs up!

  10. Thanks for the trip to NC delightful excursion. Love Mickey’s socks. Leaves should start to turn in a few weeks. Looking forward to the fall splendors of NJ.

  11. A joyful post – thank you, and so happy to see you both enjoying the most wonderful pleasures in life – and thank you for taking me, and everyone else along on the ride ❤️

  12. Oh Susan, this post is an absolute delight! Everything, from Mr Mickey’s socks to the ducklings, to the yummy food, the stunning views and the bunny topiary, just makes my heart sing! And best of all are the pictures of you in the shop, looking so happy and beautiful. I didn’t realise how much I needed this boost until I saw it. Thank you so much!

  13. Love this post as always!
    Thank you and Mr. Mickey for taking us along on your beautiful journey.
    You definitely look like you’re aging in reverse especially in the photo with the coveted Chanel bag.
    I know you eat clean, exercise and follow a good skincare routine.
    Please share if not too personal if you use Botox or have had other procedures.
    I think most women our age have but would love to have what you are having.
    So glad to see you both happy and healthy as you are definitely an inspiration!

  14. Hi Susan! I just had to comment on the picture of you with your hair pulled back by your sunglasses. You look so fresh, young, and carefree. I couldn’t help but also notice how great your arms look. Do you also use Beautycounter bath products?

    The Channel bag looks great on you. Maybe you should consider a splurge! : ) Thank you for another great post.

  15. Love to see you both are doing well. When we lived in SW Virginia we would go to Blowing Rock once in a while. What a pretty place. Thanks for bringing back memories of that place.

  16. You live is such a beautiful part of the country. I envy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. You even get to enjoy wonderful restaurants together. Thanks for sharing. We are frying out here in West Texas!

  17. I always enjoy your days out! The ducks, the scenery, the food, the shopping. And, the clothing. The socks remind me of the Mickey Mouse socks my daughters bought for my dad in Disney World years ago. He wore them proudly. My daughters still laugh about it.

    Thank you

  18. Thank you for sharing, Susan. We have always loved Blowing Rock. Our dear VA TECJ friends lived there and we used to visit them during football season…sadly he passed away about 3 years ago. Have not been back since. My sweet hubby passed away in July, so doubt I will be there anytime soon, so thank you for bringing back the wonderful memories I have of Blowing Rock. Such a sweet town and area…
    You both look great…and love the picture of you with the purse and your glasses on your head…you look amazing!! You all keep enjoying life and sharing with us. I always look forward to your posts. They do give me ideas for “shopping in my closet”…
    Hope you are doing as well as possible. Blessings to both of you…

  19. What a lovely day out! Thanks for sharing with us. Love Mr Mickey’s loafers and matching socks! (and you look great too of course)

  20. Where to start?
    Every photo just lovely.
    I said Mr Mickey would look a hoot in burnt orange socks , well they say it all foxy for sure! The cute yellow chicks and proud Mum
    captured so beautifully, what a shot. Gorgeous food , stunning scenery , Chanel bags galore and one very pretty lady.
    Susan have you ever considered growing your hair long enough to pull back off your face as I think you would look stunning in a ‘ French Pleat ‘
    The photo with your sun glasses pulling your hair back shows what a truly beautiful open face you have.
    Thank you both so much for a great post
    Pamela from Wales UK

  21. I am a Carolina girl and looking at your pictures is a reminder to me to pay attention to the beauty all around me and be grateful !

  22. Another cheerful and beautiful post. You both are looking fabulous and happy! Thanks for sharing your fun escape to Blowing Rock! Love the fox sox!

  23. What lovely pictures, Susan. I have been wanting to visit Blowing Rock. When we planned to go to Madison, GA, you went the week before. Maybe one day we will run into you on our adventures. You’re looking great and even extra pretty with your hair pulled back in that photo! Mr Mickey is as handsome as ever. I’m glad you were able to be out and about. Prayers for you both..

  24. Every picture in this post captured a special moment. I wish we could board a motor coach and be with you on these adventures! Thank you for providing a link to where you dined, shopped or other points of interest – I enjoy reading about a lodge, a restaurant menu, or a shop you popped in to. Both of you are so sweet. Thank you for all the sunshine you send our way! Now we’ll see where you take us next.

  25. I love my hometown, Houston, Texas! But your post has been a wonderful respite form our 103° (and higher!) weather. The pictures are beautiful (and green!). I am so happy to see you and Mr. Mickey out again!

  26. Oh, my! Those dahlias are exquisite! Mr. Mickey always looks so well turned out. The tassel loafers are my favorite shoe for men. Susan, I really like your hair pulled back with your glasses. Have you tried that with a hair band? So cute!

  27. You both look fabulous and full of joy!

    I know you’ve shared your walking routine, but I’m curious if you do an arm exercise routine. Your arms look terrific! I’m always self-conscious about mine.

    As always, thanks for sharing.

  28. Looks like you both are getting out and enjoying the days of early Autumn, doing what you love most.
    Even if you are not well, you both look the picture of health. Continue to enjoy life and treasure the beautiful Autumn.
    upon us.
    Love that Chanel chain bag.

  29. Beautiful!! If it weren’t for my pine/fir allergies, we would love to live in that area! Can’t beat the Blue Ridge mountains!

  30. LOVE BLOWING ROCK WE lived in S.C. for over 40 years.( My hus’s job) We retired back to my home in R.I. Never thought I would say this but I really miss the South.Especially Asheville.Hus said I could choose where to live after following him all over country (Nav. Ofc. and job.) I wanted to come home to R.I. We live on the ocean. It is beautiful but I DO MISS Southerners and Southern Cooking. LOVE Mr. Mickey’s Socks. Does he route for a sig Basketball team? Are there little tigers on his on his socks? Each of you is looking great!!!

  31. Love that white top but any issues with showing tummy if you needed to raise your hand say to get something off a shelf?

  32. It’s so nice to see you and Mr Mickey out and about. You two look great! The photos in and around Blowing Rock are lovely. I always enjoy the photos of your adventures as well as the fashion. Best wishes!

  33. Love Blowing Rock. We used to go many years ago when we lived in Charlotte. Would enjoy going back sometime. Love Mr. Mickey’s socks. So cute and a good way to add some flair to his outfits.

  34. Love the pictures. And glad to see Mr. Mickey – always so “snazzy”. Seems as if you had a wonderful trip – well deserved. Stay well.

  35. Susan, thanks for sharing this most beautiful drive, shopping and food that you and Mr. Mickey recently enjoyed. Blowing Rock, NC looks like a wonderful place to explore. And, how amazing that the boutique had authentic Chanel handbags brought back from Paris by the owner. Just curious. Did you buy the Chanel bag pictured or do you already own that one? I really liked it, too!

  36. This looks like a fun day! Did you buy that Chanel purse? It’s so good looking.

    You look wonderful, Susan. Mr. Mickey looks great, too! Love those socks, shoes, and watch he’s wearing.

  37. Love all your trips near the Blue Ridge Parkway. We enjoyed traveling that road to see my parents when they lived in Hendersonville and Horse Shoe. Glad you are feeling better and enjoying your days.

    Just bought a NYDJ medium blue jeans and am looking forward to wearing them this fall. Cheers!

  38. So wonderful to see you both back on the adventure trail and loved seeing Mr. Mickey and his socks!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  39. Susan, you look great in the shorter length top and they are more flattering on you. However, I am not sure they would be flattering on us all. Can you give us some advice on deciding what length top is best? After cleaning out my summer wardrobe, I am definitely going to be in need of some tops by next year (stains take a toll on my tops) and it would be great to have some guidelines. Thank you for all your lovely posts!

  40. Wonderful pictures and looks like a lovely trip. I’m with Mr. Mickey on great desserts, but those entrees, mmmmmmm….. Thank you for sharing.

  41. What a truly wonderful post! I feel like I’ve been on a lovely trip with dear friends. You are so gifted to be able to connect with your readers on a level that is deep and meaningful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. You both look wonderful and that makes my heart smile!❤️

  42. Hi Susan,
    The duck and chicks are so sweet, what a pleasant surprise. That must have brought smiles to your face.
    I love Dahlias, flowers bring smiles and joy.
    You both look good. Susan, you would never know what you have been through both mentally and physically. I hope you feel as good as you look.
    The Chanel handbag is beautiful, the silver is so good with your hair and overall look. Did the Chanel bag go home with you? You looked so adorable modeling it, all smiles.

  43. I love the photo of you looking over your shoulder. You look 10 years younger and the picture of health.
    I also love reading your blog, getting good advice about my wardrobe and styling techniques. And I love shopping in Blowing Rock, especially at the Finley House. PS, that purse looks great on you, go ahead and splurge!

  44. Beautiful scenery, food and pictures. Love all your posts and travels. You both look wonderful. Blessings and prayers for each of you and your families.

  45. Hi Susan. I’ve been following you for several years & always enjoy all your wonderful helpful tips for us over 60! You are so very pretty & inspiring as well as your gorgeous Mr. Mickey! You both seem to have a very beautiful & fun relationship which is so fun to read about! My husband & I married as teenagers & are going to be celebrating number 54. I’m so sorry you both had health issues but sounds like you’re both doing better. I am having back surgery soon myself. Anyway I just always look so forward to see where you & Mr. M travel to & again you’re so inspiring!

  46. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Your photos are beautiful. I am glad to see you two had a wonderful day out!

  47. Susan your sunglasses holding back your hair, shows off your beautiful face. I luv the look. So nice to see you and Mr Mickey out and about. You’re both in my prayers.
    Blessings from New Jersey

  48. What a delightful post! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s wonderful to see you and Mr. Mickey out and about and looking so good!

  49. Oh my goodness, Susan, I absolutely loved the picture of you with the sunglasses holding your hair back. You looked like a young model for sure, just beautiful. Both of you look stunning as usual. Of course I loved seeing the pictures of the scenery as well as the food choices you made.
    I wonder if you could give some advice on accessorizing with scarves and jewelry. I have been using scarves more for casual dressing but not sure when or where to use scarves or use jewelry. You always seem to know what to wear when and with what kind of clothes. I have no problem with super casual or super dress up, it is the in between kind of dressing I am not sure about. Any advice on this particular problem for me would be appreciated.
    Take care and God bless you both.
    Clara from Iowa

    1. Thank you, Clara. For example, When I wear one of those crew neck sweaters above, I will break the expanse of material with a long necklace to create a more slimming V, or I will wear an open vest to break up all that “real estate.” There isn’t much more than instinct involved when I decide to wear a scarf or jewelry. I usually want to create interest in an outfit that seems flat or fool the eye into believing I am more slender than I am.

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