First Cool Weather

October’s first frost arrived a few days ago, so it’s time for the sweaters and warm blazers. A warm jacket felt great when we drove through the countryside to enjoy the changing leaves on Saturday afternoon. I’ve worn my cognac belt, boots, and bag a few times recently because the color feels so appropriate for the fall weather.

Our journey began at The Arts Depot in Abingdon. The Abingdon railroad freight station was burned during Stoneman’s Raid. It was rebuilt after the Civil War, and in 1990 a dedicated group of volunteers began the hard work necessary to transform it into a home for thriving art galleries, working resident artist studios, and the education space it is today.

All the items in my look are from previous years, so I’ll share links to similar current items. BlazerTankJeansBootsBagBelt.

We drove on to Backbone Rock from Abingdon, where we stopped to take a few photos before going back to Johnson City via Shady Valley.

After the rain and cold wind passed, the sky became a brilliant blue, and the drive through the mountains was a delight.

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  1. Susan,
    I don’t comment often but this outfit deserves a big thumbs up. You look so tall, slender and beautifully proportioned in it. Wow, really terrific look. Dale Duckworth

  2. I enjoy learning about all the interesting places you visit in your area, as well as the information on your outfits. The pictures are beautiful as always.

  3. Love the outfit, it looks so comfortable. The cognac bag is great, but when I clicked for details, I was directed to the boots. All the others were fine, just the bag. The autumnal pics were beautiful. Thanks.

  4. Susan, Love your outfit. I also love cognac, tan, those type of neutrals as I’m a Spring warm color type. I find it difficult, at least in my part of the world, to locate the items I want in those particular colors. I’m also petite in proportion. Any thoughts on where I might find basic items? Have a great day

  5. Would you mind sharing the name and style of your new glasses. I love both frames and would really like to get some like them! Love your blog! You are AMAZING – in more ways than one!

  6. Susan, you look lovely against the blue in the building. I’m sure you didn’t plan your outfit to kinda match the building but that’s what I saw in the first few pictures. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. It’s colder here too and I’m bringing out my sweaters and boots. I also have some of your scarves that I bought and I’ve been wearing them and getting compliments.

    Have a great weekend and Hi to Mr. Mickey.

  7. I love and admire your outfits (and personality ); obviously, we are the same “style personality !
    Therefor I am trying to imitate some things , but in petit and ,unfortunately, with more pounds .

  8. Hi Susan,
    The scenery is simply beautiful. You look adorable as usual. I love your new frames, they are modern looking,
    hope they are comfortable and the new script is working well for you.
    Sending you smiles.

  9. Outfits with cognac are just what I need, My daughter gave me lovely bag a few yeas ago and I hate to admit it, I have never worn it. I have shoes with a 1 1/2″block heel that are the same color. The bag is huge and that is why I have been hesitant to wear it. I am 6 ft, so it is not the proportion that caused me to avoid it. Today however will be the day.
    Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. The stream at Backbone Rock just took my breath away. The angle of the shot really took advantage of its natural beauty.

  10. Love this fall look! Thanks for sharing wonderful pictures of your beautiful area– fun to live vicariously!

  11. In a previous blog, you mentioned magnets… I printed out the site and cannot decide how to order…very confusing for me…. Is there a simple way to order these?
    Esther Rabenstein

  12. I think this is my all-time favorite outfit; simple, but fabulous. One of my other favorites from a while back is the polka dot blouse and jeans jacket with the collar and cuffs all perfectly arranged.

    The fall pictures are lovely. The countryside looks like a fairytale land. Thanks for sharing.

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