Favorites On Repeat

Some items are so versatile and comfortable that I reach for them repeatedly. The combination of a cashmere V-neck sweater and a soft pair of jeans has been one of my favorites for the past few winters. The look is a simple and comfortable base that can be dressed up or down.

Working on my taxes has taken most of my time recently. The weather has also been extra gloomy, so I’ve rarely left the house for days. Thankfully, as I write this, the sun is shining today, and the temperature is 49°F.

I completed my part of the tax preparations at 5 am, so I took the package to my accountant later in the day. The sweater and jeans with a royal blue quilted jacket served me well. The coat is from Chico’s a couple of years ago.

I wore the same base with my trench coat and a suede fedora earlier this week while it was raining. My facial appointment had to be rescheduled, so I only wore the look for about half an hour. The pieces were still on the rolling rack since I always air out garments before putting them away. When I wear something for only an hour or two, I don’t launder it.

The black jeans are here. I’m wearing a size 28 regular. The cropped cashmere sweater is here. I am wearing a size medium. The trench coat is here. I wanted it to be oversized, so I ordered an extra-large size. (Their coats and jackets run small.) A similar fedora is here. Mine is about four years old. I nearly always wear a hat whenever there is rain or snow. The short boots are also not new. Similar boots are here. My earrings are here. The watch is here. The Staud black clutch is old as well. Here and here are similar bags.

I don’t shop or blog often anymore since I’m mostly retired, but when I share a post, the shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Love that trench but has limited sizes available. I’m on the search for a grey trench. Not an easy task. I do not think the traditional khaki color of many trench coats complements silver hair.

  2. Hi Susan! Love the trench and fedora look! Please tell us more about the facial. What kind do you get, and how often. I wish I had my taxes done! Thank you!

  3. You look lovely, as always!
    I envy your 49° weather, as we are expecting a windchill of -40° tonight (on top of the 10″ of snow in the last two days!
    Nothing but poofy down-filled clothes will do if you need to go out when it is like this. We are hunkered down, wood stove burning bright and waiting for it to warm up to the single digits!!!

  4. I really like the base jeans and sweater. My favorite is the blue jacket from Chicos I just wish they still had it. Are you still doing your same makeup routine? I really like the lipstick color it brings some color to your face. What color is it? I just feel so washed out all the time. I think if I wear too much color on my face I look too made up but if I wear more natural colors I feel washed out.
    These are more good suggestions on how to use what we have in our closets.

    1. My lip color is usually a combination of two or three colors over a lip liner. The makeup I wear for photos is always bolder, but I still use the same routine. However, I wear a more natural look most of the time.

  5. I appreciate your blog and look forward to your hints and suggestions. I know you put time into research making it easier for us to dress classy. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love the new flare leg pintucked jean concept and have already purchased some. The one drawback is that one has to wear a higher block heel with them in order to keep the line right. I much prefer loafers around the house. So I save the flare leg jeans for when I am going out. They do make one look taller and more slender. Thank you, Susan!

  7. Thank you Susan,
    You look lovely as ever and I always learn something from you. I miss seeing your signature scarves in this post though. Are you not wearing scarves as often these days? Both coats look great on you.

  8. Such a fabulous classic casual outfit! With the nasty weather coming our way, warmth is key. The blue coat is stunning, too bad it is no longer available. Love the trench coat and fedora on you. Pin tucking on pants was popular many years ago and it’s interesting to see new and improved versions of it today. That is a feature that has stood the test of time, unlike some which shouldn’t have been worn in the first place. Do you ever see something and wonder why on earth it hit the stores? I can think of several now. I can rely on your innate good taste for classic and tasteful examples for dressing no matter the occasion.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments, Donna. I always enjoy hearing from you.

      There are indeed many trends that I’ve skipped over, but when the things I like are the height of fashion, I take advantage of their availability.

  9. I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing the procedure you use on your face to remove age spots. Maybe it’s just the photos, but I don’t see any dark spots. I’ve looked into a few different procedures but feel overwhelmed with the choices! I believe I’ve read you don’t use fillers but in your post above you mention “facial appointment “ so I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thank you!

    1. I don’t use anything to lighten dark spots, but I have a few. They are still reasonably light, so a dot of concealer can mostly cover them. When I get a facial, the goal is exfoliation and moisturizing.

  10. You are beautiful, classy and so informative as usual!! Love the trench coat you suggested. Thank you so much for listing sizes…many bloggers wouldn’t…it really helps when one goes to purchase one of your recommendations. Thank you!!

  11. I am so very glad to hear you say that about pant length. In all the years they have been around, I have never gotten used to what I knew as “high water” pants or “swamp pants” being attractive or intentional. It just looks like your pants are too short. You look lovely as always.

  12. Hi Susan, ty for post. I am 5’1”. Will the trench be too long? You went from medium to extra large?

    1. If you buy a smaller size, it might work for you. Always look for measurements of items somewhere in the description. I wanted a very oversized look to wear the trench over bulky sweaters and blazers or even a denim jacket. I’ve learned that buying overcoats that are too small means I never feel comfortable, so I rarely wear them.

  13. Thanks for a lovely post with great and usable wardrobe ideas. I want to add that I enjoy your simple backdrops just pictured in your own home a lot more than the bedsheet-looking type of backdrop you sometimes use. Makes it so relatable!

    1. Thanks. Keep in mind that without the white backdrops and lighting, the posts in winter would be substantially fewer since you wouldn’t even be able to see the outfits in our poor winter lighting. It is often overcast, rainy, and dark here in winter.

  14. I always enjoy your blogs. I would be interested in reading a post about what to wear with wide leg trouser jeans. I’m thinking that a short style sweater and a pair of short boots would look nice. Are there other ideas?

    1. Always think about the proportions. When you wear something full and loose on the bottom, it looks better to wear something slim-fitting and tighter on the top so you aren’t overwhelmed by fabric.

  15. Hi Susan! That hat is absolutely stunning on you! Love the effect of the color, shape, and design with your beautiful face.

    I’m embarrassed to say it never occurred to me to wear a fedora in rain and snow, but it is so chic–and practical!

    There’s a chapeau shop here in Asheville, and I’m going to go try on some fedoras soon.

    You and Mr. Mickey stay warm!

  16. I was pleasantly surprised to see your post pop up on my feed. I used to follow you several years ago when you first started blogging about your changing lifestyle. Very inspirational and loved your looks. You continue to shine. Thank you for sharing! JT

  17. Hi Susan,
    The trench coat and fedora hat look fabulous on you and the royal blue jacket and jeans too.
    So glad that the plastic wrap jeans (skinny’) are hopefully a thing of the past. I used to wear them, they are all gone, hopefully someone at the Goodwill was able to put them to good use.

  18. Susan,
    Concerning the monthly facials…. Have you had a hydrafacial and if so , what are your thoughts as compared to the regular facial ?
    Thank you

  19. Susan,
    As to your monthly facial. Have you had a hydrafacial and if so what are your thoughts on it as compared to a “standard” facial. ?

  20. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of years ago. The first couple of weeks, I visited all your previous posts. I think you dress younger now than you did in your 50’s, no offense intended. I have learned so much from your blog. With your ideas and suggestions, I have built a wardrobe that I can work with and enjoy. I look forward to your new posts, please keep it going.
    Happy New Year and best wishes always.
    P.s. please tell Mr. Micky I like his collection of funky socks.


  21. I read your blogs all the time. I would like to know how the lemons drinks are important to you. I also like to know if you cook the beans you put into your meals. I only use canned beans drained and rinsed. Is this ok?
    Thank you
    Patricia Kane

  22. Hello, Would you mind telling me your natural waist size. We actually look quite alike and I like to dress similar to you. However, I am almost 85 and my waistline has expanded, although a definite 6 chest and hips. Makes sizing difficult. I find I can no longer be comfortable in size 6 pant so I am buying size 8 but the Crew pants you are wearing in this post show a natural waistline at 28 as size 6 and 29-1/2 as size 8. I would be inclined to pick the 29-1/2 as that is closer to my natural waistline. Would you venture an opinion?
    Thank you,
    Ann (Handels)

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