Elf: The Musical

This past Saturday, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing ‘Elf: The Musical.’ It was a pure delight to watch the talented performers on the stage and the children around us sitting on the edge of their seats, completely absorbed in the show. The Barter Theatre is only about an hour’s drive away from my home. We always enjoy seeing a matinee performance followed by a leisurely dinner at Sister’s American Grill in the Martha Washington Inn across the street.

The velvet pants are a recent purchase. When I discover that a necessary item is missing from my wardrobe, I look for it during the season that it will be featured. For example, I knew from last year that I didn’t have any party-worthy pants. When the Holiday launch rolled out at Chico’s recently, I focused on pants for special evenings. I bought black velvet ankle pants, brocade pants, and the color Deep Merlot coated jeans. One of the reasons I shop with Chico’s for pants is that the quality is good for the price, and I know which style and size will fit me. I always order online to save time.

The vest was a Christmas gift from Mr. Mickey more than twelve years ago (similar here). The red Portofino shirt is old from Express. If you also order a size larger to avoid the gap at the bust, make sure you turn up the cuffs or get the shirts altered to fit. (I lose styling points for failing to do that here!)

If you have followed me for a while, you know why Mr. Mickey’s beard is so long. The blog post (here) shares the reason.

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to meet the people who follow me. Nancy and her husband were also waiting to enjoy dinner at Sisters when she came over to introduce herself. We had a lovely visit.

Our habit of sharing an appetizer or two and a dessert allows us to experience other items without overdoing it. We often order a salad as our main course.

  1. Beautiful post, Susan! The town in your top photo looks so charming! Can you tell us where it’s located? Would love to visit.

  2. You and Mr. Mickey look beautiful as always. One of these years, on our drive from Houston to NH we will stop at the theatre or the Martha! We have a dog, so we must order order take out from the wonderful Tavern.l and eat in our hotel room! We love Abingdon and the Barter Theatre is a national treasure. Thanks for sharing your adventures and your shopping tips.
    Holly Rigby

  3. Enjoyed your travelogue as always, even more so to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. I thought your beau looked a bit like St Nicholas before I finished reading the entry! Bless him! Love your classic ensemble! We’ve actually had some cooler weather in Houston to be able to dress seasonally! Keep up the good job of keeping us informed of styles for our age!

  4. Love your pictures but am going to comment on your hose and shoes, I think they are a miss, I would have liked booties better…I love it when you tell us the why on your choices.

  5. We saw that musical a few years ago. I was just grinning like a goofball at the end of it. I had never seen the movie and the play was just so fun!

  6. I am pleased to see in this post of your outfit that you have matched a “faux” vest link. You may (unless I wasn’t alone) remember my comment from the initial post about your fur….. I believe that fashion statement to be long gone.
    I also would like to say how very much I enjoy your blog. There are many similar sites but your personality shines through and your tips and simplicity in pulling outfits together combined with meal ideas and travel tips is so enjoyable indeed! I think you and Mr. Mickey’s zest For enjoying weekend getaways is inspiring!

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