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Let’s follow last week’s failure with resounding successes in this post. New items are usually added only after much consideration and planning, so my failures are significantly less frequent these days.

Each time I’ve dressed to go out this fall, I’ve thought, “I wish I had a warmer casual coat for walks or to run a quick errand.” Puffer jackets are warm but not within my style comfort zone, so I looked for a more fitted jacket in a bright color. The winter collections now in stores include clear, bright primary colors, making it my best shopping season. So when I found these jackets and vests, I knew immediately that they would get lots of use.

The Wild Poppy red jacket is here. I bought a size 1.
The Seafaring Blue jacket is here. I bought a size 1.
The waist-defining seams, structured fit, and button-snap details are flattering for my shape and suit my style.

The reversible vest is cozy and colorful, and I can layer the jacket above or my winter coat over it if the weather is freezing. The vest is here, and I bought a size 1.

The soft cashmere turtleneck sweater is here. The jeans are here. Similar short boots are here. My watch is here. No-show socks are here. The red lipstick is Forever Dior 999 here. My skincare routine is here. My makeup routine is here. Finally, a summary of recent outfits is here.

Our downtown parks feature sponsored Christmas tree displays, including over 160 trees. More about that here.

A similar crossbody camera bag is here.

Thank you for your comments and questions. I hope you have a lovely week. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission at no cost to you.

  1. Susan,
    Perfect timing. I need a new jacket and this could be it. I’m going shopping today!
    You look great in these. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

  2. I really liked all the styles you have on here, however, the blue jacket made you stand out and the reversible plaid vest made you look so perky and festive. Those were my two favorite but all were very nice on you.
    The explanation on your choosing the jackets were very informative and I probably wouldn’t have noticed the details if you had not pointed them out. That is why I love your blogs, as you point out various details of the why’s and how’s of choosing clothes, jewelry, scarves etc.
    Hope you and Mr. Mickey have a fantastic holiday season and thank you for keeping us “older” seniors up to par on fashion, makeup, skin care and nutrition.

    Clara from Iowa

  3. Susan I love your style, but many times unable to open where you both the clothing. They are block like today. Helen

  4. I don’t often find items at Chico’s that fit or suit my coloring, but I loved this jacket the moment I saw it! My husband is giving one in Deepest Teal to me as a Christmas gift.

  5. Yay! I must be doing something right as I have a couple of jackets like those and I love them! There is something great about having a colourful jacket and not just black or navy all the time. I really really love your plaid vest. I haven’t seen one like it over here in NZ.

  6. Have you ever stayed at the Trickle Mansion in Wytheville? A lovely place to visit. Check it out on the internet. Loved the vests and jackets you showcased today.

  7. Susan,
    That jacket is perfect. I love the slightly longer length. They did not have size 4. I would get the black and the teal. Do the run a little large? Thank you, by the time I see Chicos, they are sold out. These look beautiful on you.
    Thanks, Judy

  8. I’m so bummed that Chicos isn’t showing that beautiful cobalt blue color for the jacket! Maybe they will restock it later. As always, you look great!

  9. Love your posts, and my older son is getting ready to move from Florida to hopefully Johnson City after the first of the year! He hopes to work in the brewery business and start his own organic farm to sell to high end restaurants! I told him about your post, and all the great restaurants that you and Mr. Micky go to! He absolutely loves it in upper east Tennessee area and I live in the Knoxville area so it’s really close! Thanks for all your info!!

  10. Charming, classy, and comfy! You look fabulous in red! I may need to buy one too! So happy to see you today!

  11. I love all your fashion, ideas and pictures of Johnson City in the surrounding area. My older son is getting ready to move from Florida to upper east Tennessee. He loves that area too and wants to continue to work in the brewery industry and have his own organic farm to sell to high end restaurants. I told him about your posts and all the great places you and Mr. Mickey go to eat! I live outside of Knoxville in Lenoir City so of course, I’m excited to get him closer to! Happy holidays!

  12. So festive. Would you say the Forever Dior 999 is red with blue undertones? Am an icy winter for colors and orange red doesn’t do anything for this gal!

  13. Susan, you look lovely in the jackets and vest. You’ve taught me a lot of things, as I had already purchased one of the vests. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey.

  14. Love the red jacket & vest on you!
    Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs books are engaging reads. You might also enjoy reading Louise Penny’s Armand Gamache series. He,
    Best wishes!

  15. Hello Susan!
    Your clothes fit you so well, that it’s confusing reviews on the jackets say they have fit issues. Is the blue jacket dark teal, as it is showing cobalt on you? Just hate to have to return anything these days. You are certainly a good model. Take care!

  16. Hi hello Susan,

    That shade of blue is so beautiful! I love the Xmas trees. Do they put photo on line? I needed more tree topper ideas.
    After the hurricane and the sad state of our City, I want to do outside Xmas trees using some of tree debris that still has not been removed. If life gives you lemons….. Can’t do much inside house due to damage but will give people a smile when they drive by.
    Merry Christmas.

  17. Red, my favourite non-neutral colour! It looks so good on you and is especially appropriate for this time of the year. For the autumn/winter, I have a suede mid-thigh length jacket, a smart military-style winter coat and a padded duvet coat, all in red. They never fail to cheer me up on a cold, dull day.

  18. Susan, I also purchased the Seafaring Blue jacket and am in love with it. It is a perfect weight for where I live, SE Georgia. You look fabulous in the blue and also the red. And, after seeing you in the Wild Poppy Red, I am considering purchasing that one, also. The vest is so festive and the fact that it is reversible is an added bonus. The all black turtleneck and slacks truly allow the colors of the jackets and vest to pop. I know you hear this all the time, but you certainly are a beautiful model in all the photos. In addition, I clicked on the link which took me to The Gump. What a wonderful neighborhood of grand old historic homes! As always, thank you immensely for your blog and styling tips. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey the most wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you, Melinda. Mr. Mickey and I met at a neighborhood Christmas party seventeen years ago when we were both living in the Gump. (Named for local businessman Harry D. Gump who developed that addition.)


  20. Love these outfits!! Fabulous! Perfect for Michigan too! Ps – I did donate those ruffle neck blouses and appreciated them before I passed them along. They were Ralph Lauren and someone will love them too! Thanks for the tip!

  21. The coats were a good buy. I really like both colors they look so cheerful especially during this time of year.
    Sometimes people wear too much black.
    Love your longer hair!! How long did it take to get it there?
    Also some good makeup and skin care tips. Thanks.

  22. It is so nice to see colouful coats in the winter. I am loving the royal blue on you.
    Our Canadian winters are so long that colour is needed to perk up our spirits – if not in a coat, then definitely in a scarf and gloves.

  23. You were right about the “failure”. The red jacket and plaid vest look smashing on you. I have never heard of the Lily Silk brand, I will check this out.

  24. Terrific looks! You can’t beat reversible clothing. I just bought 2 pairs of reversible leggings. So many looks to make with them. Love Chico’s and those jackets are something I hadn’t seen or thought they carried. Thanks Susan! Love your posts.

  25. You look fantastic in that red reversible vest! I just received my jacket today! I am so pleased with the fit and style and quality!
    Thank you for sharing this find!

  26. Jackets and vest, great finds. Wondering about red lipstick, how red is too red? I need a warm undertone. Last few times I’ve worn I feel the lipstick is too bright. Thanks in advance for your help.

  27. Hello Susan, I have a question about the Shapeez bras. I purchased the same one you wear and I sometimes am a bit sensitive to the underwire. The representative said the underwire is easy to remove and I am contemplating doing that, but wonder if you ever had and if it worked well. Thank you so much; I always enjoy reading your posts.

  28. Fabulous post and styles I will emulate. The solid column of color under a colorful jacket looks so slimming. And I will look for a seam that helps define the waist in a coat. That should help alleviate the “solid block” look that I dislike so much.

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