Business Or Pleasure?

Don’t you love it when you find the perfect neutral piece that can be dressed up or down? If it goes with everything in your closet and you get loads of compliments each time you wear it, then it is a winner!

I wore this comfortable, light-weight topper from Covered Perfectly on an earlier post with white here. It looks equally good with black or any other dark neutral colors. It can be dressed up for a business meeting or worn with jeans and a tee. Now that’s a versatile piece worth having! You can find this jacket here.

Pictured above are some other shoe options. They are all random shoes from my collection and may no longer be available. I am showing them to you as alternative style suggestions for low or flat heels. Wear what is comfortable for you. If your feet hurt, it will show in your face, in your attitude, and how you carry yourself.

The low slung hook belt is old from Chico’s. The Antonio Melani tasseled hobo bag is from Dillard’s last season. The other items in my look are more than two years old, but they are basics which you may find that you already own.

The jacket was a gift from Covered Perfectly, where you can buy two and get the third top for free. Susan After 60, followers can get a 20% discount on up to two items. Use the discount code FNF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several great styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items; after that, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special. Only one discount will work per order.

I may earn a small commission from any purchase you make from those companies. If any product shown here was a gift, it is disclosed in the post.

  1. My “neutral” is usually red — I always get compliments when I wear it, so I make a point of having many garments it will go well with.

    In your photos today, I was impressed by the way the front of your black shoes made a continuous line with your black pants. Very cool!

  2. This looks great on you and I’ve seen the jacket on other bloggers also. I thought you had decided not to accept gifts and most recently that has changed. What happened?

    1. My friends in the fashion industry sometimes send me gifts understanding that I may or may not wear the items on the blog. I still do not do reviews or product endorsements for companies.

  3. I love this jacket, unfortunately I am 5’2 and I find the covered perfectly line runs way too long on me. Please ask them to start offering a few things for petite ladies! Great look!

  4. Haven’t commented in a while but still read your blog avidly as I always learn something from you so a big thank you for keeping them coming. As always a great look but particularly love your hair in this. A more modern casual vibe.

  5. Hi Susan, I’ve noticed in the last several blogs, for several months you are promoting the Shop My Fair Lady store. Do you work for them?

    1. Another reason I shop from the same sources and buy the same lines is the fit. Both in attitude and style, some lines fit me better than others. I don’t have the time to order, try on and then have to send back everything. This practice wastes time and money. When I find a line or a style that fits me, I remain true.

  6. This is a great look on you as you are tall; I understand that the sweater jacket is so versatile but I still see the “poncho” trending everywhere. I am on the short side at 5’3″ and I am worried that it will make me look dumpy & frumpy. Can you show different ways to wear this item? I use wraps now with a colourful hatpin to fasten it at the shoulder – sometimes I find that two shoe clips will do the trick as well. Thanks for your advice!

    1. I just show what I am wearing to give you ideas and tips. It isn’t always going to work for everyone, but it sounds as if you have found something that works for you. That’s what I do too. Find what works for me and ignore the rest.

  7. I love this topper. Looks great on you. I wish they would carry some things in Plus. I do
    not like the arms too tight.

  8. Great look on you; thats my kind of belt and I found a similar one at Chicos last yr. Really like your earrings as well. Thanks for all the tips & ideas.

  9. Your outfits always look so stylish when you wear high heels. Such a nice look. Can’t wear them anymore but they do make an outfit

  10. I bought this topper after I saw your photo in it the first time. I’ve gotten so many compliments. I wore it with black and with gray. It’s fabulous and perfect weight.

  11. Susan,
    Your look is so beautiful and sleek, top to bottom. You don’t have any bumps, lumps or rolls, like I do. Are you wearing shape wear under this?
    Thank you!!

  12. Bought the topper after seeing it in your first post wearing it and paired it as you have it now. I see now that I should have used a belt! 😉 Flat heels of course for me; 12 hour work days don’t make for anything but a comfortable shoe. Wish I had storage at work so that I don’t have to carry a large tote!

  13. Very nice, Susan!
    I have a request for the future. Would you please address appropriate dress for the usual functions most of us attend. I use to feel confident about this, but now feel over dressed frequently. Could you give examples of business casual, dressy casual and the other labels appearing on restaurant and event dress codes. Thanks so much!

  14. Hi Susan. You look awesome in the white and the black under this jacket. I learned this long ago when a news anchor. You can have only do so many jackets. Jewelry and makeup and hair become the focal point
    This jacket does do well for most women. Good color and a little stretch. I have worn it all white and all black under. Totally awesome…but I to have to say. I am too short…still… this jacket works:)

    Heels help me and I do
    Feel so slim…
    Otherwise when traveling the world….I have specific brands on the shoes that have done me right for years…france italy austria germany….these are shoes that work but it takes experimenting. I have it down now. Not always the prettiest but for walking miles…….got it.
    You are awesome Susan.Do not forget that.

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