Beach Time!

Several of you asked me about the length of jeans to wear with heels or flats. After giving it some thought and researching, I found a great pair of relaxed-fit jeans to fit the bill.

I like the jeans so much; I bought three pairs in two sizes. They are a relaxed fit, so they run a bit oversized, but the fabric reminds me of the Levis 501s I used to get in the 80s. It isn’t too stretchy, and the fading looks authentic. Not that weird blue that looks nothing like vintage jeans.

As you can see from the example photos, I can wear these jeans with sneakers or block-heeled sandals. I washed them before wearing them and pressed the hem to lie flat since I don’t care for cuffing.

The jeans are here – The top is here – the shoes, tote, and hat are a few years old.

I’ve packed these items for a few days of toes in the sand next week. Have a lovely Easter weekend. I’ll be back soon.

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  1. I am a little confused. You say you bought three pairs in two sizes? What was your thinking on the different sizes?

    1. I bought the jeans in the store this time instead of online. They had my usual size, but they are a bit too slouchy for any but a relaxed, casual look. So I bought these for my trip and ordered a smaller size to wear with blazers or nice tops during warm weather later.

  2. How lovely! Have a wonderful time. I do hope we may see some photos when you get back and I would love to see a ‘what I packed’ and ‘what I wore’ post.

  3. Happy Easter Susan. I hope you really enjoy your beach trip! I’m sure you need the relaxation.
    Love this look!

  4. Wishing you a wonderful time away with your “toes in the sand”! I look forward to your post about your getaway when you return. Thanks for answering the question about the two sizes of jeans. I was curious about that, also.

  5. Once again you have saved a pair of my pants from being discarded. I already own a very similar pair of jeans but I didn’t know how to style them. Now I do. Thank you and hope you have a great getaway.

  6. I was waiting for a picture of you folks sipping drinks on the beach in your bathing suits.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Have fun! I would like to see a post on swimsuit coverups for a cruise or all inclusive resort where you might wear it to a casual meal midway through a water day. Thanks

  8. This outfit with the magenta top looks very spring like! I love the color of that top on you.
    Happy Easter! Enjoy your beach stay!

  9. Cute and casual! I love the tote. I just ordered similar jeans, so it was confirming to see how you styled them. Have a great time relaxing in the sun and sand.

  10. Long time follower…thanks so much for all that you share with us! I’m searching for some sneakers/trainers and I love the look of the ones you’re wearing here. What brand are they, please? Thanks again!

  11. Susan we enjoyed the beach today in Central Florida and thoroughly enjoyed our time. I have that exact tote and love it. I purchased the rattan earrings and bracelet with the shell from Beauty in Stone and they look so lovely with the tote. Do you still own your navy tank dress from 2 or 3 years ago? It looks great with the straw tote and the rattan jewelry.

  12. Enjoy and relax while your toes are in the sand! You look so pretty in that top, a raspberry shade? Beautiful. A little getaway sounds perfect.

  13. Happy Easter Susan & Mr.M. Have a relaxing & fun getaway to the beach! Will look forward to pictures and hearing of your adventures!

  14. You look so good in colors! Wear them often!

    Off the subject:
    There are couple of ads that pop up on my phone that seem to use your photo to sell non-related products. Even the back of Mr Mickey’s car appears. Is this with your consent? If so, disregard my note.

  15. I’ll be checking out these Jean’s when we return from our Spring Break trip; enjoying a week in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina

  16. Have a wonderful Easter weekend I love reading your blog and using your brilliant ideas on what to wear with what thankyou.

  17. I so enjoy your posts. This is a fun outfit; the jeans don’t look slouchy or baggy as I would envision relaxed fit to be. I have a question for you: what would you wear and suggest for 70+ women for a spring wedding, evening/more formal? Have you done a post on wedding guest outfits?

    Enjoy your beach time!!

  18. I love this look! You always look so put together and still relaxed and comfortable. I have an hourglass figur so most of the Talbot clothes are tight in the thighs and large for my waist. I just found a pair of jeans that fit me and your description. For other curvy girls out there, check out the Old Navy curvy mom jeans. Enjoy your beach trip!

  19. Love your posts. Have a wonderful time at the beach! I was wondering why did you get 2 sizes in the jeans?

    1. I bought the jeans in the store this time instead of online. They had my usual size, but they are a bit too slouchy for any but a relaxed, casual look. So I bought these for my trip and ordered a smaller size to wear with blazers or nice tops later.

  20. Susan,

    Your spring outfit is so refreshing. I agree with other commenters. The color of the top is perfect for your coloring. The entire look says “Springtime”. Very fresh and stylish.

    Have a wonderful time at the beach and a Happy Easter to both of you!

  21. Great outfit. We have a Talbot’s close to my home so I may have to try on a pair. However, I do love the rolled cuffs, especially for a casual look. Happy Easter

  22. Love this casual look. I have the blouse in black, and will be ordering the jeans in the first pic! Glad to see you sometimes dress a little more casual, while retaining a polished look! Thanks!

  23. Yesterday a dear friend of mine took me to Carrabba’s for a three-hour lunch to catch up on news. We enjoyed their Passion Pear Spritz with New Amsterdam Passionfruit Vodka, desert pear, fresh lemon and pineapple juice topped with Riondo Prosecco. After a salad with their creamy Parmesan dressing, garlic mashed potatoes and chicken marsala, we were content!
    I’m envious of your getaway! Though I live in the Midwest places such as Myrtle Beach with a visit to Brookgreen Gardens, Savannah, Charleston, and the Outer Banks over the years are very special places to me. Another book on my nightstand – “A Girl Called Samson” by Amy Harmon.
    We’ll all be looking forward to your next post – have a wonderful time! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  24. I really like these jeans – they look great on you! I just haven’t been able to get into the flared look yet. Happy Easter and have a wonderful time at the beach!

  25. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for all of your great information! I am over 70 and travel the world a lot. I am wondering if you would do a segment on airplane travel outfits. So many people look so bad, but I don’t want to look too dressy and stand out. Clothes that are comfortable,non-wrinkle, warm, but fresh looking and neat. Also, some accessories-purse/backpack, cute support socks, etc. It’s a big category, but I think you could help! Just an idea…
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Leslie Shape

    1. Travel looks, including dark-colored pique knits, will make you comfortable while looking appropriate. Accessories such as colorful scarves, a nice tote bag, and good sunglasses are also favorite travel items.

  26. Lovely outfit, really like those colors! The jeans look great on you so I ordered a pair and hope they will look as good on me as well. I’ve been looking for jeans that I can wear sneakers as well as wedge or block sandals. So glad I looked at your blog! Hope you had a nice time on the sand!

    1. They didn’t have my size in the store, so I got what they had to wear on my trip. I ordered the correct size to wear later with more elevated looks. The larger size is OK with casual looks.

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