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Sunday afternoon is a time to relax, visit with family, or gather with friends. Casual, comfortable clothing is always my choice. I often start with a scarf and build from there. The color combinations have already been determined for you, so it’s a failsafe way to put together separates. All you have left to do is to get the proportions right.

I wore a cashmere heather gray sweater from Everlane and topped it with another gray sweater/duster by Clara Sunwoo from My Fair Lady. The soft black jeggings are from Chico’s. The shoes are by Marc Fisher from last year. The color of my Beautycounter sheer lipstick is Poppy (here).

  1. Your outfits are for your climate, but in Florida, we dress in lighter weight clothes and more casual. Any suggestions?

    1. Dress in light colors and fabrics such as cotton or linen. Brighter colors will feel more appropriate in your sunny climate. Gray skies always make me want to tone down my colors.

  2. I hope you take some time off today to enjoy and pamper yourself….. you deserve it! Thank you for your sacrifice and service for this wonderful country we live in, Happy Veterans Day!

    a fan,

  3. This look is classy but looks to be very comfy. I was drawn immediately to the Clara Sunwoo cardigan. Does the fabric snag ? Is it lightweight? I have several black booties and Chico’s leggings and several neutral tanks to choose from. I also love the gray cashmere cardigan from J Jill you often wear. Which cardigan do you prefer? Thanks and have a great day!

    1. The cardigan from Clara Sunwoo is a soft knit that doesn’t snag. I like the shorter J Jill cardigan best of all, but both are comfortable. Note that I had the pockets stitched closed on both cardigans. I do not like gapping pockets and never use the pockets in any of my clothes.

  4. Susan, I ordered your lipstick in poppy, It is a risk to order without really seeing it…just trusting you since you seem to wear it a lot. Wondering also, do you bake the fruit cake after Thanksgiving around December 1st. ? Thanks! Pat D.

    1. If you look best in clear bright colors, you will likely be happy with the lip color. I bake about four fruitcakes every fall, as soon as the candied fruit shows up in the grocery store. It is a gift that my whole family loves getting. We slice it and store it in the freezer after it has had a couple of weeks to soak up the apple brandy. It’s a treat to have a piece of cold fruitcake on a hot summer day.

  5. What a good idea! I never thought to start with the scarf. It is always my last pick as I head out the door. But, picking the scarf first might generate different colour combos. Brilliant!

  6. I love the bright pop of colour from the orange bag that echoes the orange tints in the scarf, against the softer hue of your sweater. It’s a lovely casual look that’s still ‘pulled-together’. Fabulous!

  7. Great idea, to build your outfit around your scarf (or other accessory) colors! I too enjoyed looking at your service pictures. Not used to you blogging on Sunday so I missed it at first! Thank you for sharing with us (and for your service, naturally).

  8. I should have thought about starting with a scarf. That’s like what I do to decorate a room – find a throw pillow I like and then choose fabrics and paint color to match. Great idea!

  9. Thank you for serving Susan! As Joanna said, you were gorgeous and STILL are. You are an inspiration and a beautiful model at any age.

  10. I love your oatmeal recipe so much that I am hopeful you might share the fruitcake too! I’ve always wanted to make one!

    1. Fruitcake
      Plain Flour 2 cups
      Baking Powder 1 teaspoon
      Baking Soda ½ teaspoon
      Salt ½ teaspoon
      Allspice ½ teaspoon
      Ground Cloves ¼ teaspoon
      Ground Nutmeg ¼ teaspoon
      Apple Pie Spice ¼ teaspoon

      Blend all the dry ingredients above with a whisk and set aside.

      Butter 1 stick
      White Sugar ¼ cup
      Dark Brown Sugar 1 cup packed lightly

      Melt the butter in a pan and add sugars, stirring until dissolved.

      2 Eggs
      1 Small Jar of Applesauce (about 2 cups)

      Mix the butter and sugar with the applesauce. Beat the eggs and then blend all these ingredients. Then add all the dry ingredients above. Stir well.

      To the batter, you can add whatever fruits and nuts you like.

      Raisins 1 cup
      Pecans and Walnuts 2 cups each
      Chopped Dates 2 cups
      Candied Fruit 1 large container (Check Walmart’s holiday baking section)
      About three cups.
      Candied Cherries 1 small container of green and one of red.
      About two cups each.

      Spray a pan with a removable bottom with Pam for baking then pour in the batter and bake at 325 for one and a half hours until a knife inserted comes out clean.

      Let the cake cool for about half an hour before removing the pan from the cake. (Best to put the cake plate on the top of the pan and hold firmly while carefully flipping over. The pan will then come apart for easy removal.) When the cake has cooled, soak a cheesecloth cut to the size of the cake in Apple Brandy. Wrap the cake with it to let it absorb into the cake. I do this for a couple of times a day for about a week or until the cheesecake no longer dries out. Discard the cheesecloth and keep the cake in the fridge until you are ready to serve. Extra can be frozen.

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