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The benefit of building a collection of things you love is that you can always find a place for them. For example, a common thread integrates my possessions so much that when I downsized and moved twice in the last decade, I discovered that all of my home decor would work in any room. Similarly, the pieces in my wardrobe can be layered or used in almost endless combinations to create a look appropriate for me and the season.

Now that it is late September, I am wearing more structured clothes that are still comfortable even though it is sometimes eighty degrees. I will wear the same flare-leg white jeans and striped shirt in November, but I may drape a gray cashmere sweater over my shoulders and wear taupe suede booties. Similarly, I wore the striped shirt in summer with white ankle jeans and strappy sandals and carried a straw bag.

A similar blue and white shirt is here. Mine is from Talbots a couple of years ago when I also found the flare-leg jeans. The Vince Camuto shoes are also not new. The Kate Spade bag in raw pecan was from Nordstrom, but a similar color is here.

Mr. Mickey’s pewter elephant stand lost its original bowl many years ago, but I was delighted to discover that the bowl I purchased here fit perfectly in it. No matter where I display the bowl in the future, it will blend well with all my other possessions.

Ralph Lauren has inspired my clothing and home decor purchases for several years since the classic style aesthetic feels perfectly comfortable for me. But, as in most cases, I take inspiration from high-end well-curated examples and then look for similar items within my budget. With that in mind, here is a home decor site that is a feast for the eyes.

I wore this look to enjoy lunch with a delightful group of friends that get together on Friday afternoons. A summary of recent posts is here. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. Amidst the cacophony of the news and the crazy chaos of the world, Susanafter60 is a balm for my mind and soul.

    Wishing you a lovely, refreshing weekend, Susan!

  2. Have followed you for years and enjoy your blog the best.

    I am a “mature” woman and am going to Florida for 4 months….early Dec. to early April.

    Golf is our main activity when we are there with casual nights out.

    I am trying to pack and travel light as we will have a washer & dryer.

    Could you please do a post to assist me?

    Thank you and good health to you both.


  3. Thank you for offering your discount at Beauty In Stone Jewelry, I just ordered and received the beautiful State Coin Commemorative silver beaded bracelet, it will be the bracelet that I wear with everything. I am so happy with it! I will treasure the special state design that makes it personal to me.
    Thanks again for always being helpful.

  4. The blue striped shirt and the white pants are so crisp and clean cut looking. Very pretty for lunch with friends,

    Love the home furnishings website. I have a Macys Charter Club light taupe quilted bedspread and shams that look just like the picture. I’m sure the Ralph Lauren one is much nicer, but mine is pretty nice, too. There sure were a lot of nice things to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Susan!
    Thank you for your blog. It’s never boring and I discover so many ideas that I can apply to my lifestyle as well. Love the white pants and blue striped blouse. Timeless & elegant! You look great as always!

  6. The crisp blue and white looks great on you! Love how you have evolved through the years and shared these tips with us!❤

  7. Some good thoughts. As I said before you are true and don’t push something on us. I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to reading it.

  8. Hi Susan,

    I love your blog and I’m thinking I need a closet purge, I love Talbots and JJill.

    Can a person wear white pants year round?

    Have you heard of Naadam Cashmere? I bought one of their $75 cashmere sweaters and love, love it. The company gives back to it’s herder’s and other residents.

    1. I have heard mixed reviews on Naadam cashmere, but I haven’t bought anything yet. However, I’m glad you are happy with yours.

      The old rule about not wearing white after Labor Day is thankfully no longer followed. Instead, I wear white jeans on any sunny day since the weight of the fabric, not the color, determines when it is appropriate or comfortable for wear.

  9. A lovely look, as always!

    Susan, at some point, would you address the positives and negatives of long versus shorter cardigans, as variances in different body types/heights?
    I am 63, 5’2″ & 116 lbs. I love simple, fine knit cardigans over sleeveless tops. My collection is about 50/50 fingertip length or hip length. Now, I am seeing much longer cardigans and wondering whether they would work with a short stature! I’d love your opinion on this “third length” (especially for the height-challenged) before I would invest in a dark grey or navy (or, my favorite bright red).

    1. Petite women benefit from wearing garments that do not cover any length of their legs. A jacket or cardigan that ends at the hip joint or a little above is a good option unless you have a pear shape, in which case a shorter option would be better. The most flattering garments do not have hemlines that end at the widest parts of the body.

  10. You always look terrific and I love reading your posts. I have always liked the classics and your posts have inspired me to stick to that. I really appreciate your guidance, it’s been so helpful. Thank you so much!

  11. I love it that your blue and white bowl fit into the elephant stand that was missing its bowl! That is the beauty of timeless classics. Enjoy reading your posts, thank you!

  12. I love the crisp blue striped blouse with white pants. Looks great on you. I love your necklace. Do you have a link to purchase?

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