A Summer Jacket (No Really!)

The sky was a clear, vivid blue on Saturday. The trees are now fully leafed out in a sea of a million green colors, so we took a drive to enjoy the high country.


I wore the new lightweight cardigan or jacket I just got from Covered Perfectly. It has longer tips in the front, and the fabric is surprisingly light and airy. I found it to be the perfect topper for a drive in the mountains. You can get a 20% discount on up to two items. Use the discount code FNF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several great styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items; after that, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special!

I wore the jacket over a white tank top from Chico’s. The ankle pants are by Lior Paris via ShopMyFairLady.com, and they are as close as I get to shorts. The Antonio Melani tasseled hobo bag is from Dillard’s last season. The shoes are from Neiman Marcus Last Call.

As is so often the case on our balmy Saturday drives, we stopped in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, to share a small lunch and then sit in the park to watch the passing parade of people and cars.

Later in the day, we found that our favorite wine shop had moved down the street and expanded. Congratulations Sharon! Sunset & Vine Wine Shop offers wine, craft beers & spirits, but it is also a Wine Bar and a gift shop with a selection of cheeses, chocolates, and more. Take a break inside or outside on the porch while shopping and walking around the village.


Mr. Mickey unknowingly appears in our photos sometimes.

This is Mr. Mickey’s version of mountain climbing. Tomorrow is his eighty-third birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!

It was still early as we were crossing into Tennessee, so we decided to drive to the top of Roan Mountain.

  1. I like your shoes! They look like AGL! I know you are transitioning your shoes collection. I want to suggest you try Munro shoes. I have only found them at Nordstroms. They are considered one of the “comfort” shoes ,but are stylish. Lots of styles and sizes . Mostly made in America and a family owned company. I have worn them since 1997 when I had to quit the heels that I loved. Not as expensive as AGL. Also try Paul Greene. These are expensive, wait for one of Nordstroms sales! Beautiful shoes and check all the boxes you need. Good luck. I’ve been through this , and there are some great shoes out there that will suit your needs and still look great!

  2. Looks like a glorious day and a perfect outfit for a drive in the beautiful countryside. The jacket looks very versatile and I liove the colour- it looks fabulous with the white jeans and top.

  3. Love the scenery of your pictures! We have spent many wonderful vacations in Blowing Rock. My husband is a bicyclist and enjoys the climbs up both Beech and Roan Mountains; sometimes starting in Blowing Rock and I would meet him at the top!

  4. Susan you look lovely in this. Here in England I am discovering dressing in layers is a must. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey.

  5. I always love the combo of black, beige and white, so CP have put together a pretty versatile summer jacket in my view. Happy Birthday to your darling beau, hope you have a great day together!

  6. I had to love at your comment re…this is as close as I’ll come to wearing shorts! Agreed…it’s never THAT hot, right?

  7. Very nice. I was wondering Susan, when I saw the convertible, what do you where to cover your hair for the ride?. My husband has one and it’s a predicament I have. Thanks, Debbie

    1. I just let it blow in the breeze and then re-scrunch it with my wet fingers when I get to a restroom. It is naturally wavy. I also sometimes bring a hat with me to wear after a long ride.

  8. Such a lovely post for the rainy day where I live.
    The outfit is gorgeous and your hair looks absolutely fabulous in these pics!

  9. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! Love reading your posts. Always, always informative. Thank you for taking the time to help and encourage us to all look our best.

  10. I’ve been thinking about buying that jacket. Now, I’m gonna make that purchase soon!

  11. I absolutely love this look! You look fabulous. I am considering ordering the top. Covered Perfectly has some great clothes. Have a great say.

  12. What a beautiful day; we are now back into rain after a couple wonderful days! What a fun excursion; guessing you have a fun celebration on the calendar for Mr. Mickey. Wish him a very Happy Birthday!

  13. Great post and love Blowing Rock…and also the vistas at Roan Mountain…Love your casual outfit, and tell Mr Mickey he looks great, and I would never have guessed he will turn 83! He looks at least 10 years younger!

  14. Just delightful!
    Thank you for your blogs – they are wonderful.
    A very happy birthday to Mr. Mickey.

  15. Hi Susan, You look wonderful, this is a perfect travel outfit. You and Mr. Mickey look so much younger than your age. Love the sweater and necklaces.

  16. Wow, not sure what’s prettier you or the scenery! Let’s call it a tie. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!!

  17. Super…you look very pretty and comfortable too. Best birthday wishes to Mr M! Lovely photos. Thx!

  18. It is a happy time of life! Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! Your outfit is stylish and looks comfortable. I’m not always a fan of black and white for myself, but this combo manages to be light and airy looking.I could go for it!

  19. The above picture with Mr. Mickey reminds me of going to Disney World where you look for the hidden Mickeys. Ha!

  20. Got a kick out of the ‘Where’s Mr. Mickey’ photo. Reminded me of the hidden pictures we used to do. Can’t believe he’s 83 yrs. old. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey. I think it’s time you started a blog for the guys.

    Cheers, Sandi

  21. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey — my gosh, he looks 20 years younger, no kidding! You both are inspiring people.

  22. I am a recent follower of your blog site and enjoy your tips and travels. I only wish NorCal had such reasonable beauty and quaintness so accessible. I recently went on 2 cruises, one 2 weeks and the other 1 week. Both to the same climate zones. For the 2 week cruise I packed 2 HUGE suitcases, and AFTER reading your blog for 4 months, for the next cruise, I packed a SMALL suitcase and one carry on for our combined shoes and hair tools. My husband was thrilled! My clothes served multi-tasks to make several outfits day/night and my jewelry for each evening was placed in sandwich zip bags ready to go! I have never enjoyed traveling so carefree in years! One comment…I do purchase Chico jewelry new and used, but French Kande certainly makes up for your thrifty tips in price..do you have other favorites?

    1. After spending tons of money on fashion jewelry that didn’t last longer than a year or so, I find that I am saving money with my French Kande pieces. I wear them over and over again many times, and they still look new as well as looking right with a variety of outfits.

    2. Hope you don’t mind me asking this following on from Janice’s comments on cruise packing, Susan – or perhaps you can say how you would approach packing for a cruise in Europe in the spring. Ours is quite informal, only a couple of slightly dressier evenings.
      Did you base your packing around Susan’s combination of black, navy or white matching top and bottoms, then add toppers in colours or contrast plus some jewellery ?
      I have a cruise coming next year so hence the question. Thanks. Morfudd

  23. Hello Susan
    Just had to say thank you for your photos of such a beautiful area, it quite lifted my heart to be able to see the views. As usual your outfit was perfect encouraging me to persevere until I have my own ‘look’ and feel happy with it.

    I always admire your use of jewellery, this is still a weak point for me, as I am not confident about choosing, especially necklaces of various lengths and style. I am not in a position to waste my spend on my jewellery pieces or my ‘good’ clothes pieces for that matter so tend to not buy anything rather than make a mistake.

    I often refer back to your previous blogs, they are a great resource for me.
    Kind regards from Australia

  24. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey! 83?? You sure had me fooled! Any health tips, Mr. M?

    I can’t wait until that jacket is available again, Susan. Thanks for giving us a heads up when it arrives!

  25. Looking fabulous as usual. Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey.83 years young. No one would believe it. An advertisement for the adage you are only as young as you feel.

  26. I wear the same sizes as you in Chicos. What size do you wear in Covered Perfectly. I don’t like to shop on line because I never know what size to buy. I rarely comment, but I always read your blog and have learned so much from you. I enjoy your adventures very much!

  27. Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey. Have you lived in Johnson City most of your life? My parents were friends with a couple with the names Howard and Ferry (who had something to do with owning a railroad). I can’t remember their last name. They were a sweet couple from Gilmer Park…very wealthy! My father was an army officer and we moved to Germany, so I never knew what happened to them. They were sad (especially Ferry) because they couldn’t have children and consequently doted on me and my brother. This was about 1953, just a little while ago in my 70 year old memory. It would be a l o n g s h o t if you knew them, but I had to try. Have a wonderful 83rd birthday and blessings to you and Susan. Cheryl Ann

  28. Love your clothes. I am a petite for tops and dresses. My pants are sometimes regular or petite in size. They make very few clothes for petite women over over 65+. Shopping can be tough for me. Thanks for your ideas in clothing and your blog.

    1. Wow, Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. I can’t believe 83. That’s great – he still looks 60’ish. Any tips??? Your outfit looks casual and stunning – as usual. Great scenery. Makes me want to visit there someday.

  29. Love the French Kande jewelry. Because of the price, I would really like to see a piece before I purchase. Is French Kande sold in stores or just online? There are several pieces that really interest me. I am new to your blog but am now simply addicted!

  30. What a great jacket, it looks wonderful on you. I so hope it is restocked.

    Happy birthday Mr. Mickey!

  31. Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey!

    Susan, the thing that amazes me is that apparently you can purchase all of your clothes online, and they all fit you perfectly! (Frankly, you look better in the Covered Perfectly jacket than the model on the website.) I am reluctant to make purchases online unless there is a brick and mortar store in my area where I can return the items that don’t fit me properly. Even though I purchase the correct size and what appears to be the correct cut (A-line tops since my torso is kind of triangle shaped), I often find that items aren’t cut to lay on my body properly.

    Do you have any secrets to finding the right fit from online stores?

    1. I have learned which lines will work for my shape. I usually wear a size medium in a top, but I can almost never wear a top that buttons up the front that doesn’t gap at the girls. Learning what suits my shape has saved me tons of time and a lot of money.

  32. I truly enjoy your little one day get aways. Your creative choice of words makes me feel that I was right along with you.

    Please give that handsome guy you hang around with a big Birthday hug from me…an adoring fan!

  33. Hi Susan, you look lovely as always,
    love your style..I love everything about this outfit..
    I will be watching for the jacket to become available..
    Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey..:-)

  34. Dear Susan, you look so beautiful and happy in these photos, especially the fourth one! This is certainly one of your best looks. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey!

  35. I love ur videos and ur blogs, chats, u name it. Beautiful, refined and entertaining. Thank u for ur time and effort!

    1. Scroll back to some of my previous posts. There are several photos of us together. Mr. Mickey does not like to be in front of the camera at all, and I always respect that.

  36. Susan, I follow your blog every day. When I saw the post about the flowy jacket, I decided to try out Covered Perfectly. I used the coupon you told us about, and I ordered the jacket. I love it, and I intend to buy more tops from Covered Perfectly.

    I also decided to do a blog post about the company and the jacket. My blog is new, so few followers, and I don’t have the photos you have. I enjoy writing it, though, since I’m retired from teaching.

    Here’s the link, if you want to check it out. http://www.livinginour60sandbeyond.com/2017/06/the-perfect-summer-jacket-do-you-ever.html

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