A Special Lunch Date

We enjoyed a special treat this week. Mr. Mickey’s cousin, Rebecca Warner, is the renowned author who wrote “My Dad, My Dog,” the heartwarming and highly acclaimed book about being a caregiver. She was in town this week for business, so we met at Barnes and Noble before joining Mr. Mickey for a delightful lunch at Gourmet and Company.

I wore items you’ve seen many times before, including white jeans, a white sweater shell, and summer weight navy blazer. The silver jewelry complements my cool skin tone, and the nude loafer style pumps elevate the look while elongating my legs. The orange bag provides a contrasting pop of color. I will share links to similar items: JeansShellJacketShoesBagMask.

Rebecca wore an elegantly understated ensemble in white and black. I will try to find items similar to hers as well. CardiganTopSlacksSandals.

Rebecca’s book is available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon here.

As always, we enjoyed a delicious meal along with Rebecca’s most delightful company. Each of us enjoyed the Susan Sandwich (named after me!) along with a side salad. The greens and other vegetables are farm-fresh and full of flavor; I could happily have this every day for lunch. The lunch menu for the restaurant is here.

Mr. Mickey is pictured holding his signed copy of the book along with his beautiful cousin Rebecca. We enjoyed a splendid afternoon together.

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    1. The sandwich includes smashed avocado, pickled red onion, shaved radish, Three Graces goat’s feta, local seasonal roots & shoots, yogurt green goddess, a slice of toasted honey-wheat bread that they make there. It is so good!

  1. Looks amazing All of you look great
    I will kindly get the book from Amazon
    Your meal seemed very appetising

    1. The sandwich includes smashed avocado, pickled red onion, shaved radish, Three Graces goat’s feta, local seasonal roots & shoots, yogurt green goddess, a slice of toasted honey-wheat bread that they make in the kitchen.

  2. Delicious looking food and great looking company too! I always enjoy how you take tried and true basics and turn them in to a special style.

  3. I so enjoy your posts, Susan! Seeing how you style yourself using the concepts of owning basics and then mixing and matching them continues to validate that it works. It took a couple of years to purge my closet, but I’m now using your ideas to great success. For example, I have a version of everything you show in the photos on this blog, so I think I’ve reached a point that it’s working. Yay! Gratefully appreciate that you’ve shared your ideas with us over the years. It must take a lot of time and effort to do your blog, but know it is not in vain!

  4. Susan, thank you for a special day spent with you and Mr. Mickey. You looked gorgeous, as always, and I really enjoyed “The Susan,” a delicious and healthy sandwich The Gourmet named in your honor. Thanks also for the fashion tips!

    For those here who have said they will be ordering a copy of My Dad My Dog, I thank you and hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

    1. I just finished your book…..you described all the emotions I’m dealing with now as I take care of my 99 year old mother with dementia. No one in my family seems to understand how I’m feeling because they can come for a visit and then leave and go on with their lives while I’m left here alone to deal with everything. I’m struggling but your book help me so much in understanding I’m not the only one having all these different emotions. Thank you!!

      1. Dear Carolyn,

        Thank you so much for letting me know you read the book and were able to relate to parts of the story. Caregiving is a very difficult and stressful undertaking, especially when you have no help. But you will never regret what you are doing. It’s just so hard to do, day-to-day. Thank you for letting me know My Dad My Dog resonated with you. Take care of yourself, please.

        My warmest regards,
        Rebecca Warner

  5. Your fashions, delicious “Susan” Sandwich, and book definitely look like I will enjoy too! I will order the book tonight. Thanks for always sharing wonderful suggestions. Always enjoyable!

  6. What a lovely post. You always look beautiful. I love the pop of orange in the purse. I never could get my husband to eat avocado but I would love this sandwich although I might throw a boiled egg on there somewhere.
    This sounds like a book of substance. So many today are shallow and halfway through you wish you hadn’t started reading. God bless caregivers.

  7. What a lovely day y’all had! I always love pairing black and white in the summer. It’s classic and elegant, and you’ve styled it impeccably right down to the accessories. The orange bag really does add the perfect pop of color. I love that you have a sandwich named after you! I’m trying to figure out what all is on it. Is it a spin on avocado toast? It looks yummy. Sending wishes from Charleston for a wonderful weekend!

    1. The sandwich includes smashed avocado, pickled red onion, shaved radish, Three Graces goat’s feta, local seasonal roots & shoots, yogurt green goddess, a slice of toasted honey-wheat bread that they make in the kitchen.

  8. I noticed you wear white pants quite often. Do you have several pair to rotate? I know I can only wear white pants one time and they are soiled and some spots are difficult to remove. Whats your secret to keeping them So sparkling white?! Sherry

    1. I have several styles and pairs of white jeans and pants. I am always mindful about where I sit and how I eat, so I rarely stain a pair. If I have a mishap, I use the Shout stain remover and soak the stain before washing the item. I wash my jeans with similar colors in cold water and put them in the dryer for only a few minutes to get some of the wrinkles out. I remove the jeans while still damp and hang them on a hanger and rail to finish drying. If I reshape and smooth out the jeans with my hands, I never need to iron them.

  9. A beautiful outfit, as usual. The restaurant menu looks delicious. What city or town is fortunate enough to have this gem?

  10. How fortunate you are to be able to go out to eat with friends and family. Here, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms etc. are closed due to Covid. You look lovely and your guests as well. I will get that book as I took care of both my parents now deceased. I miss them everyday. I didn’t get any help from other family members. It was so difficult but I did it for my parents who had no one to take care of them. The food look so good… my mouth is watering. Wish I lived close to that restaurant but I am far away in Canada. Take care!

  11. I am preparing myself to care for one or both of my aging parents and will definitely order Rebecca’s book. The “Susan” sounds delicious!! I will have to try to replicate it at home.

  12. Hi Susan,
    What a nice post. What a treat to have Rebecca Warner in town promoting her book “My Dad, My Dog,” I will have to check it out. I recall you sharing her book in a previous post. If I recall correctly I think she took care of her father. Rebecca must be a wonderful person, being present for a chronic health issue is very telling of a person’s character.
    How nice they named one of the sandwich selections after you “The Susan,” You are famous.
    Sending Joy,

  13. I have a favor…would you share again the “rules” for pant lengths based on where ones’ hem hits? This time I promise to write them down.
    Many thanks for all you share.
    La Donna

    1. Here’s an easy way to remember: The more slim-fitting the pants are on the leg, the shorter than can be. If the pants are wide-legged, they should almost touch the floor. Avoid anything that stops at the thickest part of the leg, hips, or any other area you don’t want to draw attention to.

  14. What a delightful afternoon! To have an author in the family is extra special and her book sounds wonderful. Yes, being a care giver is difficult, but still rewarding knowing you are doing your best for your loved one. I like your outfit and I copied your last posts out fit, white jeans, white T and a lightweight blue vest. I had to run errands and have a quick visit with a friend recovering from open heart surgery. I was pleased with the my results and received a few compliments, so thank you Susan! Many thanks for all your wonderful insights. Please keep them coming. Happy weekend!

  15. Sounds like a delightful luncheon. Thanks for the reminder of what looks great with a navy jacket. I will be wearing similar outfit to church tomorrow. We are fairly relaxed for services as you can tell. Just happy that we can get together and worship. I think I will pass on the orange bag, and I might wear lime with lime sandals also. Always look forward to reading of your adventures. Being a caregiver is so rewarding to me. I find joy in bringing others happiness, and a sense of security in their daily lives.

  16. The Susan Sandwich looks delicious and sounds easy enough to make. Seeing as how I live on the West coast and there are no Gourmet & Company restaurants here, I think I will try to duplicate it for myself. I too have white jeans and a navy blazer I want to wear together, but I have to lose the extra Covid weight first. Now I am all the more determined to lose it. The beautiful large scarf I won from you last week along with the wonderful fresh water pearl earrings from Suzanne would look great with white jeans and a white top! Thanks again for sharing with us.

  17. What a lovely day. I will look forward to reading the book. Thank you for all of help in fashion and diet.

  18. Susan, I know you are grateful for all your blessings. So am I. But finding Mr. Mickey? Well, that’s a double blessing!

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