A Special Evening

Fifteen years have passed since our first date at Gourmet and Company. On Saturday, we returned to enjoy an enchanting anniversary dinner. After so many months, it was a pure delight to have dinner out again. I told Mr. Mickey I felt like it was Prom Night.

Mr. Mickey has had both his shots, and we wore masks to enter and leave the building. Our reservations were for the first seating, so there were very few people in the building. He washed the car and dressed to impress for our date. Note the ascot and silk pocket square.

His sense of humor is one of the things that draws so many people to him.

When we were shown to our table, a beautiful card and roses were waiting for me. He always manages to make every date magical.

It was challenging to get decent photos inside in dim light, but we enjoyed a champagne toast, gourmet deviled eggs, fresh from the oven house-made bread, and the best salad I’ve ever had.

Mr. Mickey added grilled salmon to his Farmers Market Salad.

I added seared diver scallops to mine.

We also shared a Bananas Foster served warm in a tiny cast-iron skillet.

Neither of us wore anything new. We always mix and match things from our collections to build upscale casual looks appropriate for the weather and the event. The restaurant is casual, but we always enjoy dressing up a bit.

I purchased my jacket and the handbag at the end of the season sales at Dillard’s a couple of years ago. Similar jacket here. Similar bag here. My slacks are from Talbots. They still have them here. The sweater is still available here.

Long ago, I purchased two strands of good-quality glass pearls and joined them to make one extra-long strand. A similar necklace is here. The suede pumps are a couple of years old. Here is a similar pair.

Mr. Mickey shops for his classics at Dillard’s, Brooks Brothers, and Polo Ralph Lauren. You may find similar items for your adventure partner there.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Susan and Mr.Mickey! It’s wonderful that you could share a special dinner out. Continued blessings to you both.

  2. Black and white is always elegant. You seem to like the moto style jacket. Are you able to close it? With a (ahem) sizeable bust, it seems when I try them on I feel like a packed in football player. I guess wearing it open would work, but wonder about how it looks width wise. Ah, such worries. Glad you enjoyed your dinner out.

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a perfect evening! The food looks so tasty. And you both look so happy! Here’s to many more perfect dates!

  4. Happy Anniversary! You both look happy and cheerful! Sense of humor is one of my favorite traits! I can’t seem to click with anyone that doesn’t have that quality. My friend once commented “listen to Steve, his laughter fills the room. She smiled so sweetly, I think her hubby was a constant serious one. I believe laughter is the best medicine! Looks like another perfect evening and the glowing yellow pics just make you feel like you know the mood! xo

  5. What a handsome couple! I’m sure you both turned many heads! Happy anniversary!
    Love the classic good looks you both are wearing (so well!).

  6. You two are adorable. I do not think you two have ever taken a less than perfect photo. Such a delight to see your post this a.m. Hoping for many more anniversary celebrations.

  7. Awww, happy 15th anniversary of your first date!
    The other day I was walking in my neighborhood and saw two older married men washing their cars/vacuuming them, making them spotless. I asked the one I know better if he was prepping for a date. He said, “On Saturdays we wash the car to impress our dates!” It brought back memories of all the teen boys washing their cars in our village on Saturdays. 😀 <3

  8. Susan, Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary! You both look smashing and are such a lovely couple 🙂
    It’s a delight to share in your celebration, especially after a year of covid. Thank you so much!

  9. The jacket with the bit of glimmer is SO pretty! And there’s nothing I love more than suede shoes. A lovely outfit for a wonderful occasion!

  10. I was excited to see your posting this morning. That always starts my day off on a high note! Happy Anniversary to you both.
    Black and white looks so elegant and you look lovely as always. I’m so happy to see a wider pant returning as a choice. They drape so nicely and I like the way they feel. The plates you ordered look delicious and were beautifully presented. Thank you for sharing a wonderful evening with your readers.

  11. Happy Anniversary!! You both look wonderful! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us, besides all the great fashion tips and advice!!

  12. Congratulations on 15 years. I am delighted to see that you were able to dine inside a restaurant. I always enjoy following along on your outings, and the food looks so good! You both look fantastic, by the way.

    One thing I’ve been curious about is that I don’t see you mention buying from Chico’s. Any particular reason why. I hope this isn’t an inappropriate question. I have followed other blogs over the years and many of those bloggers near my own age (and yours too), shopped Chico’s a lot.

    Thanks for always having refreshing posts and sharing.

    1. I still purchase a few items at Chico’s. I love their Microfiber Tanks in white. My style is more subdued now, so I prefer solid color classic pieces in natural fabrics.

  13. Happy Anniversary to you both! Great to see a post. You spread sunshine with your upbeat attitude and kindness.

  14. Congratulations on 15 years together! You both look wonderful and I’m so glad you were able to go back to the site of your first date! Best wishes!

  15. Such an elegant couple, well dressed and looking so fine ! How nice to dress up for a lovely anniversary dinner. The black pants I really like, well tailored. Would mind commenting on the salad please, some details.

    1. The salad included a very fresh mess of Jack’s Greens, veggies from our local market, including butternut squash slices, radishes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and Three Graces goat’s milk feta, with Appalachian Honey Vinaigrette.

  16. Happy Anniversary to you both who exemplify class, decency and patriotism. It’s such an honor to follow you two on your extraordinary journey through life.

  17. How nice to have the opportunity to dress up & dine out again. I have a feeling we all will appreciate times like this & not take them for granted. If COVID has done one thing positive it may be that we will appreciate life more. You both look fantastic. I like how you coordinate your outfits. I must say Mr. Mickey sure does not look his age. He could easily pass for 15 yrs younger !! The fact that you both live a healthy lifestyle & enjoy a health diet is a testament to both of you looking so good!!

  18. Congratulations on your dating-versary! You look so nice together!

    Your blogs always brighten my day – thanks for sharing with us!

  19. Susan, you always looks so polished & pretty in your classic styles. And, Mr. Mickey is a handsome guy. Congratulations on 15 adventurous years together!

  20. Utterly charming. . so happy you had a magical celebration for your 15th Anniversary . .
    Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. . .

  21. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Mickey. You both look wonderful and always seem to be having a good time. I am a almost lifelong vegetarian and I enjoy the pictures of your colorful veggies. Glad to see you are able to go out again.

  22. Congratulations to you and Me, Mickey!! You guys look great as usually!!!!
    Happy Anniversary-15th years

  23. Happy 15th Anniversary! What a wonderful couple you two are. If only there were more Mr Mickeys in the world! (has he looked into cloning?)
    I just rewatched your most recent makeup tutorial and the capsule wardrobe video- it feels like maybe we’ll all be able to get out and about again and you’re helping me get ready for it!

  24. You two! Simply the most attractive, elegant couple ever! And yes, Mickey has a fantastic sense of humor–and style.

    So happy for you both that you found each other.

  25. Congratulations ! It’s sad to say, but some married couples don’t last 15 years !! You both look dashing !!
    Connie Briggs

  26. Happy Anniversary! So nice to see you two out and about and enjoying yourself, post vaccines!

  27. You both look so happy and chic. I was excited about your special night out to a real restaurant. I’m certain you both had a wonderful time. Love his sense of humor.

  28. Congratulations on your anniversary with Mr. Mickey. It is certainly an art you’ve both mastered to remain as such a happy couple for so many years. Thanks for sharing your special moments as this is always so inspirational to read! I think a focus on fashion definitely has room for how to use the fashion to live an excellent life! I loved this post and wish many continued blessings to you both.

  29. Congratulations on your anniversary! You both look very elegant and your dinner looks fabulous.

  30. Wow what a lovely couple you make. So glad you were able to go out and enjoy each other’s company.

  31. Celebrating a milestone has become even sweeter in light of recent experiences… Congratulations to you and Mr Mickey… looking as classy and chic as ever! Love how you are inspirational in so many ways!

  32. You two always make me smile! Thank you for sharing your special evening with all of us. I am grateful that I found your blog. Always a pleasure to read!

  33. Congratulations on your journey together. You both look wonderful.
    Carolyn Sakamoto
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  34. Happy anniversary! The food looks delicious, and bananas foster is one of my favorite special dessert. I was curious that you said Mr. Mickey has had both Covid vaccines but you didn’t mention yours…….I have had both as of last week and I feel such a sense of relief.

  35. Isn’t it so good to ease back into a more normal way of life? I think if we’ve learned anything it’s to appreciate the things we might have taken for granted before! Y’all look so fine!

  36. You two are a stunning pair! Your evening looks very special and thanks for sharing. Mary from casual Colorado

  37. How wonderful to have a special dinner out that has at least some feeling of normalcy about it. Getting dressed up is half the fun. It gave Mr Mickey a chance to show off that beautiful car and his beautiful girlfriend.

  38. What a special occasion for two very special people. You both looked fabulous…much love to you both & thank you so much for sharing your special night with us xx Margie Morton (Australia)

  39. Congratulations, and wishes for many more anniversaries with your adventure partner! You both brighten our days!!

  40. You always look elegant and so put together. I do wish more people made an effort to dress well these days.

  41. Happy Anniversary! Lovely to hear you were able to go out to your favourite place to celebrate. Looking lovely as always and Mr Mickey looks so smart. Congratulations. X

  42. Happy 15 Anniversary! You look beautiful and Mr. Mickey looks handsome. Thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic week!

  43. Congratulations, what a lovely couple hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Love mr mickeys sense of humour he is indeed a fancy dude.

  44. Happy Anniversary! You and Mr. Mickey are such a cute couple. Cheers to many more, friend!

  45. You both look lovely! Happy anniversary and many many more years. It is wonderful and precious to share a life with someone who after 15 years makes you feel like the first time you met! It’s priceless and wonderful!

  46. Happy anniversary. You are such an attractive couple. Always enjoy seeing pictures of the two of you.

  47. Oh my so elegant. What a lovely evening out. We here in Michigan, are barely getting ready to open up anything. Oh to be nicely dressed again. You two look delightful.

  48. Susan, you and Mr. Mickey look so happy and healthy. You are very inspiring and we appreciate you sharing your wonderful evening with us. Congrats on 15 years! Love your elegant ensemble.
    Wishing you 15 more!

  49. Congratulations on 15 years together. You both look wonderful as usual. I always look forward to your posts.

  50. Thank you for sharing your special date. I like your elegant, classic style and Mr. Mikey compliments you.

  51. Great look! Congratulations! We have the same anniversary date for my adventure partner-25 years!
    Best wishes to you and Mr. Mickey!

  52. I love how you and Mr. Mickey dress up and make the date special. A little extra effort makes all the difference.

  53. Enjoyed your special evening too. My husband loved the “Hey Dude” plate!
    Of note one day when we were driving in our SL500 we were stopped at a red light. The car next to us called over and said “great car sir”. My husband’s comment was “wish he called me a Dude.”

  54. Happy anniversary! What a lovely evening, thanks for sharing. I may have missed it, but would you share how you two met?

  55. Hi Susan,

    Aaah how nice Susan, celebrations are so nice, fifteen years since your first date, and still going strong. It’s so nice to see a couple that have fun and enjoy life together. What a gift. Here is to fifteen more years.

    The food looks so yummy. You both look so cute together.

  56. Joy multiplies when shared…..thank you for sharing yours. The past year has been a challenging one for everyone yet it has also increased appreciation of relationships and the pleasure of moments shared.

  57. I really like the fact that you mentioned about dressing up at casual restaurants. A restaurant has to remain “casual” if it wants to attract the masses. I personally like it when I’m dressed for dinner even when no one else is.

  58. Wow, look at you two. Looking gorgeous. Just like the first date, right?! Happy anniversary.
    I have heard so much about these shots, I am glad they went well for Mr.Mickey.

  59. So absolutely lovely! A magical return to “normal”. I’m rather worried if I have any social graces left, or if I’ve forgotten how to live less like a cave woman.
    Thank you for reminding me to take a few moments to put myself together, and your always give me a goal to achieve.
    Blessed week.

  60. Susan, I love how you are able to live an elegant lifestyle by the care and attention you give in your choices that are betoken of that setting. You have inspired me to do the same as your lifestyle truly resonates with me. I am far from there yet, but making progress! To purchase quality as much as one can and take good care of your things, as well to make daily activities special is such a pleasant way to live! I, like you, strive to keep my home, vehicles, personal items well maintained. To “dine” at the kitchen table with proper place settings and conversation (no tv!) is now usual for my family. If its simply spaghetti, I light a candle. Beef stew? A bread basket and cloth napkins. Grocery shopping, never in yoga pants!!! It really doesn’t take much effort to live royal on a pauper budget, it’s more a state of mind. I would also like to say that you and your adventure partner ( love how you say that) look so perfect together! Thank you so much for your posts and please continue to delight us with more!

  61. You make a very chic couple! My husband and I have been missing going out for dinner too, so definitely can relate to your being excited to be out again! Your plates were making my mouth water! Jealous!

    Love your outfit with the column of black highlighted with white. Lovely!

    So fun to read your blog, get all your tips and see all your adventures! Thanks!

  62. Happiest Anniversary wishes, Susan! At least once a week my husbands asks, “How’s Mr. Mickey & Susan doing?” So glad you found each other & celebrated in a special way. May continued health, elegance & comfortable adventures surround your next sweet year together. Thank you for your time to connect with all of us!

  63. What a beautiful photo with you and Mr. Mickey. You both look so elegantly casual. Congrats on your anniversary.

  64. Congratulations on your special anniversary. You both look so lovely! So happy that you were able to celebrate together. Looking forward to getting our 2nd vaccines next week.

  65. You both look so elegant and with seemingly little effort. Thank you for sharing not only your wardrobes but all those delicious looking meals that also look elegant.

  66. Many congratulations on your anniversary, Susan! What a handsome couple you make. In the same week, my Michael and I also celebrated the anniversary of our first date – four years ago in our case. How lucky we are to have happiness again later in life.
    Your evening out sounds very exciting. I am green with envy that you can once more go out to a restaurant, somewhere for which you can dress up. Here in the UK, apart from the period between 2 and 25 December, we have been in lockdown since 5 November – stay at home except for essential journeys (only shopping for food or medicine), no meeting up with anyone anywhere (except with one other person for exercise), all social and hospitality venues closed, all non-essential retail closed. And on the current timetable, it will stay that way until at least 12 April. Over the past year, we have only been able to go out to a restaurant 5 times. I was surprised to see you write that you haven’t eaten out for nearly a year – didn’t you dine at Gourmet and Company in June, for Mr Mickey’s birthday? And several times after that, albeit outdoors until it got too cold?
    Anyway, at least we have now been vaccinated and hopefully there will be better times in the summer ….

  67. Absolutely style icons and such a lovely vibe. As in live in another part of the world I have not seen that desert before. May i be so bold to ask what exactly is served with the bananas in the dessert.

    1. Bananas Foster is a dessert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream, with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. The butter, sugar, and bananas are cooked, and then alcohol is added and ignited. The bananas and sauce are then served over the ice cream.

  68. Congratulations on your 15 year anniversary! You both look very grand. I enjoy pearls and think they dress any outfit up in a classy way.

  69. Susan, Praying for you and Mr. Mickey and your loved ones that you are safe from the terrible weather that has gone through Tennessee.

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