A Rain Hat

Accessories play a key role in all my looks. My most often worn and comfortable clothing includes neutral colors that serve as a background for scarves, jackets, and wraps. Hats have always held importance in my collection of accessories.

A soft gray v-neck cashmere sweater can be the perfect layer over a silky blouse or under a denim jacket. If you want to tone down the formality of any look, throw on a jean jacket. Black slightly boot cut jeans can be worn in countless ways almost year-round. The combination of black and brown in the bag adds a casual element. The silk twill scarf worn in a very relaxed way pulls all the pieces together and keeps me warm.

The taupe fedora is the perfect addition to help keep me warm and dry. When humidity threatens a bad hair day, I always turn to my collection of hats.

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day and that you are safe and warm.

Nothing in my look is new, so I looked for similar current items. Shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.


  1. Lovely! And my hair doesn’t like humidity, either! I forget about wearing hats, although I do have some.
    I think I dismissed them because baseball caps don’t flatter me…but it is about finding the right hat in the right color, isn’t it?
    The color of the fedora is flattering on you; I can see that a black or darker fedora would cause you to look shorter, is that right?
    My hair is more pepper than salt at this point, so this visual helps me see that I just need to experiment with neutral hat colors…perhaps more of a gray for me?

    Thank you for the Valentines Day surprise of a blog post!
    Happy Valentines Day to you!

  2. I have worn sun hats for years and warm winter hats my whole life ( the windchill here is – 22 so trust me they are not fashion statement winter hats). You have broadened my ideas for hat wearing in my temperate weather. I really like the look of a fedora. I hope you and Mr. Mickey enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

  3. I love hats but never know what to do with my hair after I take them off. Woke up to -1 this morning. Brrr.

    Happy Valentines to you and Mr. Mickey!

  4. That is darn good news that we need not remove our hats because the combo of “hat head” on the top and the results of the extreme humidity here in Raleigh this week would not be pretty. After a walk between rains this morning, my hair was approaching horizontal.
    Yes, hearing from you today is a nice surprise, Susan!

  5. Awesome, you look great! Most of us need to protect our skin from the sun now. I would love to see more hat posts please.

    1. That’s one of the many residences on the VA grounds, though I don’t believe they are still in use. The building in the background is the Johnson City Medical Center.

  6. Now that my hair is shoulder length (thank’s to Covid and no cuts) it is curly and I think I could pull off wearing a hat. My husband always compliments when I put a hat on in a store for fun, but I’ve never purchased one. Couldn’t decide on color and thought my hair would look horrible when I took it off. Now that you say ladies need not remove hats, what are best color options for white/silver hair? Sometimes taupe looks dingy next to white hair.

  7. You look great! Now that many of us need to protect our face from the sun, advise on hats is very relevant. Please, more blogs on hats.

  8. I love this post and you look great in hats! I recently found my “holy grail” black fedora from Rag & Bone at Nordstrom. It was a small and fit perfectly. I did not even blink at the price because I have been on the search for a black fedora that fits me for more than two years. Since most hats are too big for me, I only have a few. I once found a straw cowboy hat that fit me perfectly – I laughed when I saw it was a child’s size then promptly paid for my purchase. I love hats in the summer for my walks, and am getting more hats for fall and winter. I find that I like that they offer protection from the sun, and keep you warm in winter and cooler in summer by keeping the sun off your head. And they look stylish!

    I found the most useful hat accessory just before Christmas! It is genius and is called a Toptote, designed by Lindsay Albanese. I saw a segment on the Today show and found her website online by googling her name. It is two magnets covered in leather that can be attached to your handbag like a bag charm. When you want to take your hat off, you simply put the hat brim between the two magnets and it hangs on the side of your handbag. It is perfect for travel and is a great way to avoid putting your hat down on surface and then potentially leaving it behind. I also clip to my belt when walking. I also saw some at Nordstroms. She has several styles in different color leathers. Most look like a high-end bag charm, and some look like luggage tags. A very useful item. I gave a couple as Christmas gifts.

  9. You are so fortunate to be able to wear and look good in hats. I love them, but because I have a smaller than average head, I have a difficult time finding hats that don’t cover my ears and come down to my eyebrows in front! Even the ones with an adjustable band don’t seem to really fit that well. Any suggestions?

  10. I love your outfit! I have a question. I need help trying to pick the right colors in a scarf, do you have tips? I’d like to be able to have scarves that match multiple outfits.

    1. I look for scarves that include only the colors I like to wear often. For example, I will skip over a scarf if it has a lot of gold, tan, lime green, or ivory in it. Those are colors I always avoid wearing near my face.

  11. Do like all the outfits you put together , what diet did you do to loose your weight you look fabulous by the way thanks for the inspiration x

    1. It isn’t really a diet, but more a way of eating for the rest of my life. I eat mostly vegetables, some grains, and some fruit. I rarely eat an evening meal, and I drink lots of water. Occasionally, I have a piece of wild-caught fish, a glass of wine and share a dessert with my date. As I age, I need fewer calories because I am less active than when I was younger. I’ve mostly kept my weight at 142 for the past ten years.

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