2017 Favorites – Part 1

A year-end review of favorite looks is a blogger custom that I have always enjoyed sharing. This year, I want to focus on the pieces I turned to again and again. My goal is to share tips on creating effortless looks that help you feel confident and comfortable. It is possible to look great on a tight budget with just a few basic pieces if the colors work together and the fit is right for your shape. There is power in timeless simplicity paired with elegant accessories and a genuine smile.

If we rarely dress up for special occasions, it can cause wardrobe panic. Women often write to me to ask what to wear to a wedding, reunion, or another special event.

A unique topper can upgrade your basics to something special. The suede Sam Edelman shoes are more than three years old, as are the pants and tank from Chico’s. I paired the items with a jacket that is not too much of a show pony. I could just as easily wear it dressed down with jeans and flats.

The jacket is by IC Collection, and it was a gift from my friends at ShopMyFairLady.com. I have always enjoyed a good red jacket, and this one certainly is a winner. The knit is heavy enough to be flattering, and the style isn’t so dressy that it is limiting or too memorable. The unusual closure creates an attractive focal point that isn’t too showy.

  1. Yes. I think many men are later shoppers at Christmas.. can remember the husband of a friend saying that’s what he did on Christmas Eve! Enjoyed your post; great red jacket. I agree that it is nice to be recognized as approachable both for yourself & others & makes for little moments of shared camaraderie that would otherwise be missed. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas Susan and thank you for all the inspiration and elegance you bring! I always learn something! Julie L

  3. I think many of us bemoan the loss of caring how one presents oneself in public. Look at any city street scene from the 50’s and 60’s and compare to today–what a loss in what we use to refer to as having pride in one’s appearance. Regardless, I try to treat all with respect and a warm smile, as I am sure you do, Susan. Honestly, Americans (who can do better) are careless in their dress and manners. I think it is somewhat a lack of teaching but you are doing a great job in that area, Susan.

  4. You just look stunning in this outfit! I enjoy seeing you dressed up or down. you look classy either way! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey and thank you both for all the work you do for this blog!

  5. “Power in timeless simplicity” – perfectly said, and can be applied to all aspects of life. Merry Christmas Susan.

  6. There is something really special about a ‘perfect red jacket’ and this one is a winner!
    I continue to appreciate your Blog with its wonderful advice and inspiration.
    May you & Mr. Mickey enjoy a beautiful, peaceful Christmas and may 2018 be another year full of wonderful adventures for both of you!

  7. You look stunning in jackethe. The AVERAGE peson I add not able to buy $150 topS. ( we aren’t given them like you) sooooo what can we get less expensive to look elegant???

  8. You look so lovely in this photo as usual. I love that red jacket. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear.

    Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey.

  9. Lovely! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Have learned SO much from you in this past year since I have been following your blog. Thank you!

  10. So pretty and party ready in red! Thank you for all the wonderful words you continue to deliver to us to help our little dilemmas. I appreciate so much the time you take to share your great advice. Merry Christmas!

  11. Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to you and yours. Thank you for another year of inspiring looks and advice. And finally, thank you for your lovely comment on my little article – it was greatly appreciated.

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