Worth Repeating

Over the years, we have discovered several places that are worth visiting again and again. Keeping a list of favorite events to visit within a three-hour drive ensures that we always have a fun adventure awaiting us. Sometimes the stress of arranging, planning, and searching for something to do, makes people give up and stay home. Having a variety of local experiences saved for regular rotation ensures that we can decide what we want to do for the weekend with complete confidence that it will be something we both enjoy.

Earlier this year, we visited the Farmer’s Hands Homestead and shared that experience with you here. We had such a wonderful time; we agreed that this event needed to go on the list of things we want to repeat as often as possible.

The evening was almost coming to a close when I remembered we had not taken even one photo of what I wore on this warm evening punctuated with occasional showers. The Portofino shirt in white is from Express. I wore it over a white tank from Chico’s because it is somewhat sheer. The jeans are the Lior Paris “Sasha” straight-leg pants in dark denim blue from ShopMyFairLady.com here. These pants are so comfortable, I have purchased several pairs. The shoes are by Ralph Lauren from Dillard’s last year.

The food is served family-style at picnic tables set up under a tent in the farmhouse’s motor court in the late 1800s. Every course is a unique flavor combination created with fresh, locally sourced products. Often those ingredients were raised a few feet from where we were dining. This talented young couple has made use of almost every inch of their small farm. Spending time with Sebastiaan Zijp and Ariel Dixon at the idyllic oasis they have created together is a pure delight. It is incredible to consider that we are only a few minutes away from the busy streets of Asheville, North Carolina.

The lovely ladies above and below celebrated their beautiful gray hair in all its glory. They prove that we don’t always need to cut our hair short later in life. It was a pleasure to speak with each of them when I asked for permission to photograph them for the blog. If you have beautiful hair and a longer length flatters your face, by all means, wear it long!

Until next time, bon appétit!

  1. I was waiting for your Monday post. It is really worth the wait. Very beautiful pictures of the farm and of you both!

  2. Susan, I Love your enlightening info on everything you share …fashion, food, ideas, quaint places to visit, …the list goes on! I turned 75 yesterday …truly just a number …your style/info reiterates just that! Thank you!


  3. Beautiful farm, beautiful food, beautiful people… Love the picture of you and the fab Mr Mickey…deserves a special frame…

  4. You are so blessed to live in and near some of the most beautiful areas in our country! I so enjoy your photos and I look forward to reading your blog daily. Please keep up the great work!

  5. You two look very happy.

    The reason long hair doesn’t suit some people as they age is that it probably never did. These two ladies have the right face shape amd hair that’s in beautiful condition, as well as a length that suits them. They rock that hair. It:s nice to see.

  6. Gorgeous photo of you and Mr. Mickey; definitely a framer. Such a beautiful place to enjoy good food. I appreciate that you and Mr. Mickey enjoy a variety of places to visit and so willing to share them with us. I hope you have a lovely day…

  7. As always, another delightful post, Susan. I agree with the comments already made, so I’ll just add that the headache I had when I started reading today’s post was completely gone just a couple of minutes later. I think I could actually feel my blood pressure drop as I read and looked at those photos of a lovely evening. Thank you!

  8. Wow ..what a lovely place! The food looks amazing…as always thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful region! Also thanks for including the photos of the women with their long hair. They both looked lovely! I’m in the process of growing my hair a bit longer than usual. I’m thinking shoulder length will suit me. I guess the most important idea I take away from reading your blog is to not be afraid to try on a new style after accessing your own proportions and lifestyle.A few photos will tell you what you need to know! Have a great week Susan!

  10. Hi Susan, from Bron in Melbourne, Australia. Always a joy to see your beautiful posts and read about your outings. Keep up the great work!

  11. I love that women don’t feel they have to cut their hair short after a certain age. If it’s healthy and it’s your style, go for it!

  12. Thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures of a gorgeous place.I am pleased that you included pictures of the ladies and their beautiful long grey hair..You are a beautiful lady and an inspiration to all of us…Thank you so much.

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