Wise Choices

Looking and feeling our best starts with making wise choices every day. Mindless snacking in front of the TV, impulse buying things that aren’t you or that you don’t need lead to frustration in getting dressed, weight gain, and clutter. It took me too many years to realize that my habits needed to change.

There was a time in my not too distant past that getting asked out to dinner would cause tremendous anxiety and panic. “What do I wear? What will fit? I don’t have the right shoes! Why did my face have to break out today?”

Changing my habits changed my life. I stopped buying cute prints because they were on sale. I stopped eating because everyone else was eating. I started thinking of moving my body to stretch and exercise as a reward, not a chore. Making better choices and how much I choose to eat means the same clothes now fit for ten years instead of only ten months. Forming a new habit of buying well-planned separates in solid colors and various types of fabrics means I now have something appropriate to wear for any occasion.

My leather-trimmed jacket is old by Helmut Lang. My flocked Juliet pants are from Chico’s. The bag is also several years old.

One piece of bread tastes the same as all the others. One glass of wine can last throughout the whole evening. Sharing an appetizer and ordering another as the main course is plenty of food. Sharing a dessert and an occasional glass of Port to celebrate a special event can make the evening even more special. (Don’t make it a habit!) I don’t have to clean my plate or empty the glass. (My mother is not going to scold me for wasting food.)

Mr. Mickey and I enjoyed a wonderful evening meal on Saturday at our favorite restaurant in Johnson City, Gourmet & Company. We enjoyed deviled eggs with smoked trout, freshly made bread, housemade pasta with steamed lobster, and sticky toffee pudding to celebrate a significant anniversary. We met at a neighborhood Christmas party thirteen years ago today. Thank you, Mr. Mickey, for coming into my life and bringing so much joy! (Photo below from January 2017.)

  1. Hi Susan: I always read your blog first thing! Your focus on choice rings true. I went to an event that included a dinner this weekend and had a lovely appetizer for dinner with a glass of wine. Plenty! Exercise is a joy. I have a rule in my clothing choices: NO PRINTS! As a pear shaped woman I am very conscious about dressing to look my best, even when running errands.

    My significant other and I are going to London and Paris in the spring! 10 days. Might be a fun blog topic! (Clothing/packing/shoes/ french pharmacy products!).

    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I always look so forward to your blog. I read it first thing on the morning. I noticed you mentioned clutter today. Do you believe clutter has a negative impact on your life? I remember not too long ago you were giving away things in your house. Just curious about your thoughts on clutter. Thank you for sharing part of your life with your readers.

    1. Clutter causes me anxiety because I keep thinking I need to clean or finish something I’ve started. For example, a stack of mail on the counter will haunt me until I sit down to open it, answer it, pay it or trash it.

  3. You always look beautiful and refreshed. One question and I would understand if you don’t answer. First, I am 61 and still color my hair – I am so over coloring my hair, Second, do you color your hair? I can’t really tell in the pics if you are adding some color.

    1. I used a tint only once in the past twelve years, which soon reminded me why I never color my hair. It gets a brassy color that is most unflattering against my skin. Natural works best for me.

  4. Hello! I love your blog. I am 66 and I have used many fave moisturizing products : coconut oil, caster oil, WHEN HOPE IS NOT ENOUGH, Olay brands, …and I drink a lot of lemon water.

    What is your moisturizer?? I really need help. Dermatologists do not take aging skin seriously.

  5. You look wonderful and very classy! I was wondering about your blush and eye shadow choices. You may have mentioned them before. As I have gotten older eye shadow has become a real problem since my eye lid has changed in texture and shape. Thank you! You and Mr. Mickey are very lucky to have found each other.

  6. I can’t tell you how much your blog has helped me in my wardrobe choices. I no longer purchase prints and am very cognizant of my body type. Thank you so much for your fabulous style advice.

  7. I love how you speak of exercise as movement that you enjoy and movement throughout the day. Keeping that slow burn going throughout the day rather than relying on one Crossfit class every morning to meet your exercise requirements.

  8. Congratulations on a wonderful relationship with Mr. Mickey. I’m so glad that you continue to remind us how to make good choices. It is easy to slip back into early habits that were fine for then, but not for now!

  9. Congratulations on finding such a good man like Mr. Mickey 13 years ago. He is another one of your choices to be good to yourself. Your meal at Gourmet and Company was a super celebration.

    1. What would you suggest I wear to a wedding in Cuernavaca Mexico? They all seem so glamorous. I am 65 and never go anywhere to dress up like this.

  10. Congratulations to you and Mr. Mickey! Finding love later in life is a special gift and I wish you many more happy years together.

  11. A lovely picture of you and Mister Mickey. I love the black sweater with the feather sleeves and neckline. Where could I find one?

  12. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you. I am thankful for your friendship! I get to benefit from Susan’s happiness and great advice.
    Barb Bennetts
    Palm, Desert, CA 92211

  13. Happy 13 years as adventure partners! Congratulations Susan and Mr. Mickey. May y’all have many more happy, healthy, beautiful years together.

  14. During the holiday season it is so easy to be tempted to overeat, over indulge and buy unnecessary things because they are on sale. This article is the perfect advice. Although my daughter is in her early 40’s, I will be sharing this with her, not because she needs the advice, but because she gets it already. Thank you for reminding us to be thoughtful about how we live, it’s more than just fashion and beauty advice.

  15. Susan, I’ve never replied to your blog, but I want to now. First, your hair has never looked better. Your stylist has figured out a technique and it suits you. I have time on my hands because I tripped through no fault of my own and fell in a store two weeks ago and fractured my hip. Surgery was the next morning and now a walker and toe touch. I go back Wednesday to get stitches out and find out what’s next in this fiasco. I’m telling this because I’m only 67, too young for this break, but I’m dealing with it. I’m glad I was in pretty good shape before or I might be a statistic of the mortal kind. That would be okay as I’m a child of God, but want to see great-grandchildren someday soon. Don’t want to leave my husband of 43 years yet either. I’m sharing this with you and your readers because I want you to learn from me. Take care of yourself, girls. Eat a good diet, splurge some but get right back on it, pick an exercise and do it, keep your weight down but don’t go crazy. You might need those reserves. Take your vitamins. Get blood work to see what you need. And for heaven’s sake, get a bone density test. I hadn’t and I wish I had. I could go on but I’ll stop there. This might be a blog subject for your future. You have helped me clean out the clutter. Wanted to say thanks and look forward, especially now, to those blog posts.

    1. Amen Myra. Wishing you speedy and complete healing. I watched my mom deal with a hip fracture after simply tripping on the threshold at the entrance from bedroom to bathroom. She was NOT in good shape to begin with, nor did she lead anything close to a healthy lifestyle and had multiple health problems. Though she survived the fracture (requiring 2 surgeries because of another fall), she went downhill over a 5-year period and I remember her telling me near the end that she was so angry at herself. When I asked why she said “I wish I had taken better care of myself and maybe I wouldn’t have fallen”. I am 63 and like to think I have made better choices. Susan–imagine that around the globe, thanks to you, a club of women of a certain age dressing smartly in solids with accessories, living our best lives, inspired by Susan after 60!

  16. Susan, thank you for mentioning the Mitford books several months ago. I had never heard of them and now my husband and I have almost read the whole series. I enjoy your blog very much and thank you for all of your wonderful tips and advice.

  17. This blog really hit close to home! I do all the things you did in the past. I am going to keep it and read it again and again and tell myself if she did it so can I! I like this sort of blog I hope you do more in the future.

  18. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for another thoughtful post. I so enjoy reading your blogs. Congratulations to you and Mr Mickey on your anniversary. You are a lovely couple. If you ever have time I would love to see a blog /video on how you do your hair, you always look so polished. I’m trying to grow my hair out and you keep me motivated to do so. All my best to you and Mr Mickey… Mary

  19. Congratulations to you and Mr. Mickey on your anniversary. You make such a handsome couple. I almost never leave a comment although I read lots of blogs nearly every day. But, I feel compelled to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and that I have been a reader for many years. I frequently subscribe to new blogs that I discover, and just as frequently unsubscribe when I feel I don’t relate well to the blogger or that reading their blogs is not a good use of my time. Your blog inspires and uplifts me each and every time I read it, With all the negative information we are bombarded with daily, I find your blog a ray of sunshine that I always look forward to seeing in my inbox. Thank you so much for that.

  20. I love your style and advice. I have done the same things, buying silly stuff to fill some void. Your advice helps me to understand what is good for me. Thank you to a pretty and classy lady!

  21. I enjoy and look forward to your blogs. What BC products for cleansing and moisturizing would you recommend for an 82 yr. young aging skin with many wrinkles due to, mostly, too much sun as a teenager and not a very health diet. I note you use the overnight resurfacing peel and the No 1 Brightening oil…would you recommend those two for my aged skin, If so what cleansing product? You said you do not use a foundation, I would like to go without a foundation too. Do you use any powder or powder the nose? Would welcome your recommendation for the BC products and how to use them. Thank you.

    1. Hi Frankie, I don’t ever put powder on my face since it is already too dry. I recommend the Countermatch Pure Calm Cleansing Milk here. I have been using it for a few months and it is very gentle. All the best to you!

  22. Susan, your blog is so helpful! I always look forward to reading it. You truly have done your homework on so many things.

  23. Love the black and red! Just beautiful. You and Mr Mickey are a handsome couple, and I’m so pleased you found each other!!! Thanks for all of your tips!!

  24. Thank you for your enduring inspiration! You look stunning in that outfit. I love your constant, yet gentle reminders to stick with our good intentions to keep moving and eat healthier and less. I keep telling myself, ”Just because it’s on the plate doesn’t mean you have to eat it.” Your little reminders go a long way! Thanks for keeping me smiling. I cherish all your great advice!

  25. Love the last picture very much! I need to change my habits, I am doing ok on food but love more than one glass of wine. I liked the most recent post on mistakes even you have made!

  26. Hi Susan, I rarely have time to comment, but I want you to know how much I look forward to reading your blog at the end of my work day before I leave the office. Your blog inspires and educates me and I’m so glad I found you! Also – I LOVE the picture of you and Mr. Mickey! You look so happy and beautiful 😉 thanks for all you do.

  27. Susan, I am so glad I found you. I love seeing your YouTube especially. You are helping so much, especially as I am turning 70 in January and need to reaffirm my habits of looking my best and feeling my best. I have actually shrunk 2 inches in height over the last 12 years. I have always been a petite from waist up but now really find your tips on looking taller and leaner so helpful and necessary to feeling good about myself. Thank you for being you. I look forward to every new thing I see from you. I feel like you are a dear friend that I look forward to seeing and learning and planning with. Know that this hobby of yours is reaching and helping so many people . Thanks also to your handsome Mr Mickey for his work and his presence in your on-line presence. You have been a lifesaver to me at this time in my life as I have a couple of chronically depressing situations I must live with. My moments with you on-line and the things I am learning from you are a part of my life bouy. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and helping me to know that I can over come in Life and look my Best which Helps me Feel My Best. Your faithful follower. You make a difference in my Life. Dougie Weaver, Manakin Sabot, VA. (Western County of Richmond Va ). May God Bless You and Yours This Christmas. Dougie

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out to me Dougie. Your words have given me the push to continue with this project. I hope you overcome your current challenges and thrive with style and grace for many more years.

  28. Just discovered your site through Pinterest! Will enjoy reading and learning how to be fabulous at 60!

  29. Dear Susan,
    I am so enjoying reading every one of your blogs and watching your videos. One question that I have is, where would one find your basic crepe separates that you showed from your shopping site or something similar? It would be so nice to have pants and top in crepe in both black and white for core pieces to start.
    Thank you for your help. Judy Scott

  30. Love your site! Using your great ideas to go through my clothes and reworking my wardrobe now that I’m retired. Great do-able ideas. Thanks!

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