Wearing A Hat

An Arctic blast arrived in East Tennessee, bringing with it a few inches of snow.

We don’t often have severe winter weather or even very much snow here. When it gets extra cold, I add more layers and a hat. This is my favorite winter hat thus far. I told you about my DIY project to personalize the hat on my old blog here. I have also told you I don’t wear jewelry near my face with a hat, but you can see that I broke my own rules here. I intended to remove the hat and coat when we arrived at the church, where a memorial service was held for my friend’s mother. After wearing the hat for even a few minutes, I realized removing it was not an option, so I kept my hat-hair covered for the remainder of the day.

This is the same winter coat I purchased last year. I shared the details here. The short boots with a block heel and tread on the soles are old from Antelope Shoes. They are the most snow worthy boots I own. The large cashmere wrap is old from J.Jill. The leather gloves are many years old. I think I bought them at T.J.Maxx. They were made in Italy, and they are lined in cashmere.

I always look for the best quality I can find within my budget. I gravitate to classic menswear-inspired pieces because they fit my personality, and I don’t tire of them so quickly. Even as a child, I never felt comfortable in bright colors, bows, lace, prints, ruffles, or anything that sparkled too much. My three guidelines for getting dressed each day are simple. 1. Dress for the weather. 2. Dress for the event. 3. Dress for your personality in what suits your shape.

If you are looking for all the latest trends, my blog may be a disappointment for you. I show you pictures of what I wore, and it is often classic basics that I may have owned for a couple of years or longer. I do buy new items occasionally, but I always look for pieces that I can wear many times, in several ways, and for years to come.

  1. Dear Susan
    Here in Sydney New South Wales, Australia we are definitely ‘warm’ having been at various times today 40 degrees c, 34 degrees c and 30 degrees c!!!! I so enjoy reading your almost daily reports about your life, fashion and eating plan and today I just had to reply when you encouraged us to be ‘safe and warm’. In Sydney we have no choice but to be warm at the moment!!

    We are having one of our hottest summer days while you are coping with one of your coldest winter days!

    Thank you for your fabulous new blog and also for ‘fifty not frumpy’ – it’s great to read the musings of of someone in my age group who taps into issues that concern many of us. Your positivity regarding the 2nd 50 years being the best, really resonates with me!!

    I hope your weather improves soon.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Maria – I live in Sydney too and it’s hard to imagine snow today. It’s going to be so hot here, no coats for us. I’m wearing my Island Jade Alyssa dress and sandles!
      Hi Susan – you look fabulous as usual, love your style and blog, in fact I reorganised my handbag yesterday – those little zip top pouches makes it so much easier to change bags. Many thanks for all you do for us.

      1. Hi Helen
        O yes the heat is definitely on in Sydney!! Thank goodness for air con and cotton maxis and open sandals as you say!! Keep cool as the temperature rises
        Kind regards

  2. Nice tone on tone look & a great hat. Your 3/4 photo is especially pretty in showing the off the style effect of the individual pieces. Great too that you were able to get out in support of your friend in this weather. Wishing you a cozy day by the fire with a good book. Thanks for posting!

  3. Your blog is never a disappointment! I love the ageless style you present, and you always look beautiful. I live in Florida now (former Tennessean), where the uniform is floral shirts and bright colored shorts, which just aren’t “me”. Through reading your blog and re-thinking what fits my personality, I am slowly adjusting my wardrobe back to a more classic look. Thank you for all the inspiration and tips.

  4. What a great fedora! I too have always gravitated towards the menswear look and remember buying my first fedora back in the 1980’s – grey felt with a black grosgrain ribbon.
    Do you ever tuck your hair behind your ears when wearing hats? For some reason, I always feel the need to do so when wearing a wide brimmed hat. I wonder if it has to do with face shape?

  5. Your street and drive look like mine did on Thursday.. We’ve worked ourselves up from -3 up to 10 degrees today!! A total heat wave! Love your totally put together look! You even look good in snow! Happy weekend to you and Mr. Mickey!

  6. Nice looking outfit Susan. I dislike hat hair also, but thankfully like you, I am smart enough (read happy with myself) to know that its best to wear something on your head when its cold and not worry about how it looks. And like you, it stays on until I get home.
    Have a great Sunday.


  7. You look nice and toasty to face the elements. Actually you have more snow on the ground than we do here in Indianapolis. It’s just very cold here. I love the fact that you don’t show trends or the “latest color”. Classic elegance…

  8. I live in Canada and we don’t have any snow at all in the Niagara Falls area … but it is cold! I have found your style tips so helpful, Susan, and am gradually changing my wardrobe accordingly. Love your blog!

  9. Your cold weather outfit is so put together and very smart. In Ontario, Canada the temperature is going down to -25 tonight !! Thankfully no snow. I might be tempted to purchase a long winter coat, then again I am quite short and the long coats seem to be wearing me….

  10. What fun weather! You certainly put together a fitting outfit for the occasion, the snow and your style preferences. A good example!
    I hope the service went well and your friend is OK.

  11. It is definitely hat time in NYC after a snowfall and below freezing temperatures this weekend. I have very thin hair so when I wear a hat, it definitely stays on until I get home. My hat is a knitted black cashmere cap which covers all the hair and ears. I do love hats, though, and enjoy looking at Judith Boyd’s Style Crone blog. She owned a hat store and has the most beautiful collection of vintage hats.

  12. I too love your blog for its classic styling and how to restyle the clothes in your closet rather than running out to buy the latest trends. I also appreciate that you do not resort to reviews and collaborations. Keep up the fabulous work you do and stay warm.

  13. I think your earrings look lovely with your hat – IMO the look is very flattering, elegant, “finished” and the 2 do not compete with each other. Not sure why you have a rule about not wearing earrings with a hat?

  14. Simple. Classic. Your simplicity in classic dressing speaks to me personally. Thanks, Susan, for your kind and straightforwardness in talking to your readers. B. Anderson (after 60)!

  15. Dear Susan,
    I love the entire look, earrings and all. In fact, I think the earrings are a great addition. The hat is perfect. I wish I could find one that looks really nice on me. Most that I try on are way too big. The problem too is, hat hair.

  16. I spend at least an hour a day outside during my commute and have a wardrobe of hats. They’re great for keeping your face out of the sun in the summer and keeping your head warm in winter, as well as keeping the wind from destroying your blow-dry. I go for a high crown, and twist the top part of my hair up into a topknot before putting the hat on. When I arrive at my destination I give it all a gentle shake and avoid smashed down hat hair.

    Many women’s hats are too small for me. I seem to have a large head. If it’s not the right size then the hat doesn’t sit securely on my head, so I’m fussy about finding hats that are the right size.

  17. I just found your blog and truly like your style. I am a classic dresser and am not obsessed with following trends, so this works for me. I love the hat. I’m in Ohio where we get too much cold for too long, so hats are a must. I find many similarities with your style so have bookmarked your site!

  18. But Susan, my granddaughter, a few years back informed me….Gigi, sparkle goes with anything!! lol. Totally agree with your philosophy and enjoy reading your blog everyday! Thanks

  19. I am so glad you no longer wear clothes in collaboration. I like the clothing that you choose for yourself. Today’s outfit looks marvelous. So classic!

  20. I totally love this outfit on you. I too am a “hat” person. I live in New England, so when it is windy I need to make sure my hat fits well on my head, hence buying some good “hat tape” to make it fit well is important to me.
    Right now I wear a fur hat that I have had since 1970. Then lots of knit hats or newsboy caps.

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