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I will be the first to tell you that I am not a professionally trained stylist. Some of my combinations are better for my shape than others. As I publish this blog and see pictures of my looks almost every day, it is obvious (afterward) that some silhouettes work for me and others, not so much. I share all of that with you here because that is part of the learning process, and we are in this together.


We recently attended a meeting at the dinner hour held in an event facility on a friend’s farm. It certainly wasn’t a cocktail party, so business casual was appropriate. I have been asked what this means for women many times. That seems to be a moving target for us. Given that the weather was still hot and the event was conservative, I wanted to dress for comfort in the heat and look appropriate.


Here are the reasons why I wore what I wore this evening. First, I knew I would be spending time standing in the grass, so no high heels. What pants are cool to wear when it is hot and look good with cute flats? Palazzo pants! I love this style by Clara Sunwoo from ShopMyFairLady.

My struggle came with what to wear on top. I am not comfortable wearing just a tank top; however, those are the only plain shorter tops I own. After trying on ten different tops with the pants, I settled for this Clara Sunwoo top because I ran out of time. While I love this top and have worn it many times with slim leg jeans and heels, it is a bit too long and full to wear with Palazzo pants. The best look for me includes either monotone (one color from head to toe) or broken by a horizontal line in thirds, never in half. If my legs were three inches longer, I wouldn’t have to be mindful of these rules.

I hope that sharing my successful looks and my not-so-great looks will help you learn what works best for your shape. Try taking a selfie every day for a week to help you figure out what outfit combinations look best on you. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and frankly, my mirror lies to me every day!

ShopMyFairLady is one of my all-time favorite sources for great-looking pieces that I can wear for years to come. I am on my way over there now to buy this top to wear with all my Palazzo pants!

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are indeed the best!

All words and styling are my own. I no longer accept products to review.
  1. I am just the other way around, long legs short body, so I like my tops longer to look leaner (and meaner). I am 60 years to. I am Dutch, rather short (1.60 m.) and working on my weight, 6 kg. down, 14 more to go.
    I like your blog.

  2. You looked beautiful though blouson top might look better while I hadn’t thought of that. You are genius as I truly hadn’t thought what goes well with the new wide leg pants. I bought a pair from Eileen Fisher and sent them back as my styling efforts all failed. I may try them again with the blouson top. Thanks. Kate Baker

  3. Hi from Oz Susan.
    Love your blog & IG and would just like to say that it doesn’t matter what you wear, you always look beautiful. Thank you for your hints and ideas, always a fab read. Xxx

  4. Like your new website! And,I like this look on you. Please show us how these pants work with the new top you are ordering when it arrives.

    I have shopped ShopMyFairLady after a previous referral from you. We are still working on getting the right size Lior Paris pants for me; but, their customer service is excellent.

    As always, thank you for sharing!

  5. Would one of your belts have changed the dynamic? I like your belts and the way you wear them. At first I did not see what you meant about cutting your body into halves. I think it was because of the way you held your handbag. Then I looked at the top picture and I could see. A fine point I need to remember. Thanks!

  6. I think that we are our own worst critics. You still look dynamic and fashionable in your outfit. Probably cool to boot! Sometimes a particular photo might be taken at an angle that doesn’t present us in the most flattering way but all in all you looked lovely. Glad though that you are human and have moments to! Keep up the great work.

  7. Glad you are back! Missed you.
    Sorry for the derogatory comments on your former blog. You have always made it clear you could only use yourself as a pictorial example. You always explained what worked for uou and what didn’t and why. I found it all very informative and helpful for learning, even though our lifestyle and body type were different. I have learned a lot. Please continue to share with us. I have learned more and why than any fashion magazine.

  8. I love the way you explain your wardrobe choices in terms of what will flatter or not flatter your body and why. Do you generally chose your outfit the night before or is it by standing at your closet in the morning?
    For me, wide leg pants need a shorter, more fitted top. However, we are different figure types. I am 5/7″ 140 and smaller on top so a body conscious top works well for me.
    Again, thanks for such a helpful and positive blog.

  9. You are like a girlfriend and confidant who shares ideas. I think a lot of us feel that way, even though we haven’t met you. I like your non-judgmental approach, sharing what you’ve learned through trial and error. You wear clothes over again, like real women, because that is what happens in the real world!

    Ultimately, the focus of my life is not what’s on the outside. It’s a much deeper journey. But thanks to you, I am making conscious clothing choices that help me feel and look better along the way, accepting and celebrating the body that has carried me this far and beyond.

    Thank you, Susan.

  10. I actually think you look great in this outfit! I think it compliments you beautifully, I love the palazzo pants and the top goes great with them.

  11. I’m going with a thumbs up on this outfit. The top could be a little shorter, but the cutouts on the sleeves and ankles and wrists showing do a lot for the outfit. Also, the neckline is great. Is the top one that is available from you?

  12. I have been an avid “student” of the “S Street” fashion academy since you began and I enjoy learning along with you. Thank you so much for showing single women of a certain age how to look lovely not desperate.

  13. This is why I enjoy reading your blog Susan, your honesty! It’s a nice outfit, but you’re right,just too much volume for your pretty figure. Nice color on you though.

  14. Could not agree more that the mirror often lies…we see what we want to see, not what is really there. But the pictures, they tell the truth, oh do they ever tell the truth.

  15. You look lovely, but I understand what you are getting at. If you find the right top for these pants, I would love to see what you come up with!

  16. Looking at the women in your photo I think a casual dress or skirt would have also been appropriate. In my office it’s been lots of skirts and dresses in this humid heat. It’s a challenge to dress for events where there are wide age and career ranges. Something that might be my going out event of the day is someone else’s after work stop.

    I think your top looks fine with the pants, but the top in the link suits your figure better. Many women our age have more tummy hanging out and a shorter top leaves the eye in the wrong place. Yours seems to have some side splits so you get a sense of your waist with those.

  17. Thanks for the ‘thirds not cut in half’ suggestion. I am only 5’3″ so probably shorter than you but my shape is the same. Being 66 though, it’s getting harder to keep the mid body weight off…just where it makes one look frumpy. Enjoy your site and blog since just discovering it a few days ago. Thanks for posting!

  18. I love the way you mix really nice pieces with older.inexpensiev, but still serviceable things . BTW Princess Diana did that!

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