Tuscany In Tennessee

Discovering all of the vineyards in our area is on our bucket list. This region provides optimal growing and soil conditions for growing grapes, so hundreds of vineyards are within a short drive. Many wineries offer special events such as music festivals, farm to table type dinners, and tours. The settings are beautiful, and the scenery is often breathtaking.

On Saturday, we toured the Watauga Lake Winery. We enjoyed a delightful evening making new friends at Villa Nove Vineyards, where a low country boil was prepared and served to more than one hundred attendees.

My look for this dressed down casual event included NYDJ straight leg Marilyn style jeans, a black tank top, and a short jacket style cardigan (both old from Chico’s). The wine-colored utility jacket over my shoulders is from White House|Black Market last year. The bag is by Dooney & Bourke via Dillard’s last year. The wine-colored loafer shoes were by Nine West last year. The sunglasses are by Ray-Ban.

  1. Looks like you had a fun evening. Love your casual attire for the day. Do you still have your wine club dinners at a friend’s home? I remember you posting about that in the past. Is Mr. Mickey starting to let his beard grow longer for his important holiday tradition?

  2. We have vineyards here in MN and we also enjoy visiting them and experiencing their events and drinking their wine!

  3. Thanks for sharing your weekend winery trip. Lovely bag & liking the cut of the jeans very much; would be one that would work for me. That was a great view of the ridge! The platter of boil reminded me that it’s getting to be soup, stew & chili weather.

  4. Susan – I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite a few months now. You have inspired me in shaping my wardrobe, and in choosing articles of clothing and accessories that are age-appropriate and flattering to my figure. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise with others.

    I enjoy your posts about places that you visit, but I am looking forward to seeing more posts and videos about how to mix and match wardrobe pieces to make outfits. I really enjoyed your video last spring when you showed all the pieces you had purchased for the season, and gave suggestions for how to wear them. Will there be more posts and videos like that?

    Also, I know you are not a trend-follower and tend to stick more to classic styles. However I would love to get your perspective on current colors and trends for each season, and how the mature woman can apply them to her wardrobe.

    Thanks so much for your blog.

    1. You are correct; I don’t follow trends at all. When you see what I wear to different events and how I use the same items over and over again, it may give you ideas for putting your wardrobe basics together for various events. I don’t have anyone but Mr. Mickey to occasionally help me by photographing me or shooting a video when I have something interesting to share with you. I also have two companies to run so there isn’t as much time for blogging as I would like. I hope to devote more time to this blog soon.

  5. Hi Susan,
    Those are great looking jeans I could wear that style. I love the wine colored outfit post you did before this one. Wine is one of my best colors I have a beautiful cardigan and lacy tank. I would like to know how to choose a nice jacket ( light coat) that looks stylish. Thanks for your helpful blog.


    1. A great fit through the shoulders is essential when choosing a jacket. Look for a style that flatters your shape in a simple design. (I’ll use myself as an example here.) I am larger on top than on the bottom, so a dark color with only one or two buttons and slim lapels are best for me. If the front forms a deep V-neckline, that would be best because my face is roundish. A V-neckline always makes us look taller.

  6. Lovely setting Susan. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. We enjoy visiting wineries as well. Lovely country drives, beautiful scenery and meeting new people is always time well spent. One question, what is a country boil ? 🙂

  7. Susan, Beautiful scenery! The pic of the lake reminds me of a stay my husband and I took on Lake Hamilton in AK. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Elaine Lamb

  8. I just love your posts about your wine country visits Susan. My hubby and I are not big wine drinkers per se, (although we will have a glass now and then), but we LOVE a quiet drive in the country, and we enjoyed visiting Tennessee when we were young, so these posts of yours on this topic are such lovely scenery to see — like a mini virtual vaca. 🙂 We took a drive this year to the Temecula, CA wine country north of us in San Diego and really enjoyed the quieter day in the country. (As country as it gets anyway in SoCal.) Thanks for sharing your lovely TN pix.

  9. Following on your reply about jackets, would you only use darker colours now,as I noticed previously you have worn white or ivory jackets and shirts?Or is that only for summer? How can you incorporate v neckline tops with cardigans?
    Please can you list your everyday looks – or essentials. Thanks.

    1. I still wear white jackets and cardigans all year round, but I layer them and often leave them open to show a darker top underneath. When you wear a cardigan, leave it open and wear a low scoop neck top with it instead of a crew or high round neck top. Showing some skin around your collarbones helps to elongate.

  10. Thank you so much, Susan;

    for sharing in our 6th Annual “Low Country Boil”. Thank you for sharing your experience in your blog!

    Linda & Wayne

  11. Just found you! So excited to see and read what interesting things you have to say. From one Susan to another, good job, keep up the great work, I’m hanging onto all the advice you have to share!
    Susan Maroulis

  12. Hi Susan
    Long time since I have written to you. I still enjoy your blog.
    I was wondering what a ‘low country boil’ is, so I am so pleased you showed a picture. However, it does not look like the food you usually eat. Was it good?
    Kind regards to you and Mr Mickey
    Ps I have just returned from 3 weeks vacation in France. I know it is one of the countries you would like to visit.

    1. No, that is not normally my choice of food but it was what was served that evening. I didn’t eat the sausage at all but I did taste all the other. This link explains the Low Country Boil here.

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