Tips To Look More Slender

I feel qualified to write this post because my goal has been dressing to look more slender all of my adult life. Today I am sharing with you one of the items I intend to take on my next vacation and a recent look that helped me look taller and more slender.

Tank dresses in forgiving fabrics that skim the body are the most comfortable option for getting dressed in hot weather. When I went to Florida, last month the weather was much cooler. A long straight tank dress with a simple scoop or V-neckline could be worn with jewelry, a low slung belt, scarves, or with a short jacket or cardigan over it to go out in the evening. I don’t often wear dresses because they would need to be much too short to be the right proportion for my body (mid-thigh).

Sundresses with gathers, darts, or details in prints would never work for me because they would add too much volume. A sleek, long tank dress with a side slit can be worn in various ways, and they add no bulk to the body. The black version could also be worn as a coverup over my black bathing suit.

Always keep in mind that light colors advance and dark colors recede. I use this tip in applying eyeshadow too. I would never put a lighter color shadow on the crease line or above it since that would make the area look puffy, so my eyes would look smaller.

Sandals, the skin color with at least a little block or low wedge heel (not flat) look best and are more supportive. Wearing dark shoes with a knee-length dress and no hose could be the worst look ever for me. Clothing, which is sleek and more fitted than you might think you can wear, helps us appear more slender. Proportion and proper fit make a tremendous difference in how I look. The extra fabric in oversized clothing always makes me look larger than I am. Remember, Extra Fabric equals Extra Girth. When I wear an oversized shirt or one of my favorite loose-fitting tunics, I pair it with slim-fitting lightweight pants. When possible, I turn up the collars and roll up the sleeves to a three-quarter length. Showing skin at the neckline, the forearms, and the ankles with lighter color shoes always make me look taller and more slender. Wearing dark colors on the top half (the most substantial part of my body) makes that area appear smaller.

Wearing one dark color from head to toe is my favorite slimming tip, but that can look rather plain if all the pieces are made of a similar fabric. Varying the textures makes the overall look much more interesting and elegant. For example, I wore these separate pieces, all in black, to the symphony performance on Saturday night. The Antonio Melani jacket has a texture and appears to be leather, but it isn’t. I had my eye on it for months before finally buying it at the end of the season sale from Dillard’s last year. The tank and the pants are from the Travelers collection at Chico’s, but they are more than ten years old. I added a belt to define the waistline and boots with a higher heel since I wasn’t going to be walking or standing a lot. High heels have always made me feel tall and slender, but I don’t wear them during the day anymore.

The bag is old. I have enjoyed this bag because it looks equally good with jeans or a more dressed up look.

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I share a picture of my handsome Valentine dressed to look tall and slim and ready to enjoy the symphony performance. Cheers!

  1. I always enjoy your blog, so many great tips. I too don’t have dresses in my closet. I’m stressing a little about what to wear to my grandson’s wedding in June – any advice would be appreciated.

  2. I, too, am a member of the “Does this make me look thin?” club. Darker colors, distracting patterns, monochromatic combinations, color blocking, and strategic seaming are magical illusions. I am generally described as tall and thin. The truth is I am tall and well concealed. Oh, another tip: Clothing should skim over your body and not be skin tight.

  3. It’s refreshing that you recognize and encourage women in our age bracket to continually reassess our clothing, footwear, makeup and food choices by providing valuable information from your research. I’ve learned so much from you about dressing to appear taller, more slender and age appropriate. I’ve drastically reduced the amount of processed food from my vegetarian food plan that I previously thought was healthy. I may not be there yet, but I know that going forward I am making an effort to accept the changes taking place and to apply your insight and wisdom that you share with us.

  4. You always look so beautiful. I have recently embraced my gray hair (at 58), and I just showed my husband a picture of you the other day to show him how I want my hair to look (in process of growing out pixie after cutting remaining color off). I have always been challenged in the style department, but I’m learning so much from you! Thank you!

  5. The dress looks lovely, but alas would not do for me as it would cling to my rather prominent tummy and bulgy thighs – I am over wearing constricting undergarments just to look chic!

  6. You two are always adorable. Thank you for the slimming tips — I also follow the all-black wardrobe style when I need to look taller and/or slimmer in a pinch. Mr. Mickey’s keyboard is very spiffy, and perfect the occasion. Cheers!

  7. I’m enjoying and savng all these blogs Susan, they are full of great ideas, as I am short at 5’1″ and a few pounds too many .. I plan to print out your recipes and begin a better diet! thanks for all your tips and photos, much appreciated. ann lee s. bc, Canada

  8. I so enjoy your blog. Almost as much as your jewelry supply stuff! And your Valentine is a keeper. You guys look awesome.

  9. I am short waisted with a tummy bulge even though I am not overweight. I can not wear a plain tank dress in slinky material. My stomach is totally highlighted. I have found fit and flare dresses with a form fitting bodice and a forgiving tea length handkerchief hem are fabulous on my figure. I wear these type of dresses all summer long….no loud patterns…just solid colors.. I’ll wear nude flats to blend with my bare legs and a knockout necklace to draw the eye up. Wish I could wear the tank dresses, though….lovely on you.

  10. We are totally different body types yet near the same age. I am tall, have always been slender, and flat chested. I have to wear shirts with collars because they tend to soften the sharp features of my neck and face. It’s nice that we can identify what works best for us and make it work to our advantage. I enjoy your blog.

  11. Great tips! Loved your “all in black” look….beautiful and elegant…Mr Mickey is as usual handsome dapper! You make a lovely couple!!!

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