Three Favorites!

Today, I’m sharing three of my recent favorite things with you.

When the rainy, gray days of winter start to get me down, I wear a pretty silk scarf to lift my spirits and bring color and pattern up near my face. Most of my winter coats and raincoats are dark colors, so it helps to wear a colorful scarf. I always get compliments on this scarf. It is from my shopping site here. The raincoat is from Everlane here. The light taupe bag is by Dooney & Bourke here.

I saw these jeans on the Chico’s site recently, and since they are only $19.00 at the moment, I thought I would try a pair in the petite size range in the Melrose Indigo color. I am so happy I did! These don’t require hemming, and they are very comfortable. I like the fact that they skim over the leg and then flare out slightly at the knee. The waist sits a bit higher on this style, so it helps to diminish muffin top. The jeans are here.

Throughout my blogging career, I have taken many online courses and read countless books. (Some of those courses have cost more than $1,000!) I want to make sure I am sharing the latest information and that my style tips are up to date without being overly trendy. One of the best style courses I’ve taken will be starting again soon. The Find Your Style Challenge begins on January 14, 2019. I enjoyed it and learned so much last time; I am signing up for it again. You can take it along with me this time. Sign up for it here. My friend and fellow blogger Sylvia, editor of the site 40 Plus Style, created the course and will be taking us through it step by step.

At this time of year, it becomes a real challenge to take decent photos to share along with lessons and tips, so please forgive the sporadic posts over the next few weeks. I hope you have a lovely weekend! is an online space where women can share their thoughts, ask questions, gather style tips, and be inspired. My shopping site here offers classic basics and accessories. The ‘On Sale’ section is here. My favorite skincare and makeup line is Beautycounter found here. French Kande makes my favorite jewelry pieces. Visit them here. I model for and wear Covered Perfectly tops often. You will find them here. Referral and affiliate links may generate a small commission for Susan After 60 Inc.

  1. I’ve taken Sylvia’s courses also, and highly recommend them. It’s fun, enlightening and you’ll be encouraged and supported by other women in the group to play with and expand your style choices or make subtle changes.

  2. Thank you for the heads up on the jeans. What a deal! I ordered a pair too and hope they will fit. They sound like a style I’ll like. It’s good to start the New Year with a pair of good fitting jeans.
    Thank you for continuing with your blog and not having all those annoying pop up ads that make it nearly impossible to read. I find myself avoiding reading some favorites because of those. Best wishes to you this year!

  3. Goodness, this weather IS having an effect on my normally sunny personality, and it’s reflected in the grays, taupes and blacks I’m wearing. I’m going to throw a pretty scarf on with a colorful sweater and get over these rainy-day blahs. Love those jeans; unfortunately, they don’t have them in my size any longer.

    Thanks so much for reminding us how color can add color to our lives, Susan!

  4. Good basics! Thanks! I must say it is hard to pull off chic in a parka with scarf and gloves along with winter boots. I would wear your outfit in spring and fall though.

  5. I signed up for the course. Can’t wait to start. Susan you have helped me and my style a lot. I’m 63 yrs young and currently losing weight. I love your scarfs and was surprised that you wear petite jeans being as tall as you are! When I put something on I think of you and what you would wear. My goal for a while is to be able to go without face makeup. I have a few sunspots, but around my eyes I’m so red and dark circles. I also have blonde eyelashes..any tips?
    Thanks again for your wonderful style!

    1. I still wear eye makeup including mascara and eyeliner in the lashline on top, but lots less than I did when I was younger. Try using a light tinted moisturizer instead of heavy coverage. I like to use Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage No. 2 when I want a more even tone. It melts into your skin and looks very natural. You can find it here.

  6. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I’ve learned so much and you’ve simplified my life! I’ve purchased many items from you and happy with all of them! Since some of us will be traveling to tropical climates this winter, any chance you could educate us on what to bring/pack for a week? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lola, As I mentioned above in my replay to Diane; If I could wear Bermuda shorts, I would wear them in light neutral colors and hemmed to the most slender part of the knee. Flat sandals, sunglasses and a hat with a smaller summer bag would likely be my only accessories. If I wore any jewelry, it would be small studs or hoops with one finger ring. I would wear a light cotton or linen blouse or a slightly fitted top (not boxy). The hem of the top should land at about mid-butt and have a face-flattering neckline. Another note about casual summer outfits: I cut way back on the makeup and wear a lighter color of lipstick or a pale plum color gloss. Since shorts and crop pants are not in my wardrobe, I would most likely take lightweight and loose fitting light color cotton pants and similar but more fitted tops to mix and match with the pants. I would include one of my white cotton cardigans for those overly air-conditioned buildings.

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