The Hair Salon

When I visit a new stylist, I always dress and present myself as I would at any business meeting. This alliance is important because that stylist will give you a focal point that you wear every day. How you show up gives them a better overall impression of your style personality. I believe that the way we dress shows respect for ourselves and the people we encounter.

Those fabulous pants came from Talbots last fall. I have them in several colors and love the way they fit. Here is a summer version.

The top is from Clara Sunwoo here.

The one of a kind glass and shell necklace is more than ten years old. I bought it in a boutique on Hilton Head Island. Here is a somewhat similar one. The watch and gold bracelet are each more than thirty years old. (I rarely wear gold accessories.) A similar bracelet is here. A similar watch is here. EarringsRing

The bag and shoes are also a couple of years old. I’ll share a few similar options at different price points. Bags – herehere and here. Shoes – herehere and here. Similar sunglasses here.

The photos below show the new cut. I have to start over since my last cut was too short in the front and too long in the back. My new stylist will help me transition to a bit longer and more manageable style.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you for all of your kind words and messages this week. It is my honor to be a small part of your journey.

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  1. Wait a minute. I thought you lived in Tennessee. You wrote about going to Blowing Rock which is in N C. And your hairdresser is in Virginia. How far do you travel for these activities?

    1. I live in Johnson City, TN, which is in the upper northeast corner of the state. Within an hour or two, I can visit Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina.

  2. Absolutely love your new haircut.
    I have those Talbot pants too. Very comfortable and they wash very well.
    Thanks for keeping me “in style.”

  3. Oh my goodness, Corina has been doing my hair for years! Your hair looks great! I love her, she is a wonderful person as well! My long awaited appointment due to the Corona virus is finally on Monday. I don’t mind the drive at all. It usually gives me an excuse to roam around Bristol and do a little shopping.

  4. You look stunning Susan. I just turned 60 and so happy I found your blog!! Seems everything in the fashion world is catered to the younger women.
    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! ❤️

  5. I love that color on you. Your haircut looks pretty too. I struggle with the bang/sweep! Lol. A great stylist/salon visit truly is a good day. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I completely agree on dressing up for appointments whether it is doctor, dentist, bank, salon, etc. When you expect more from yourself, I think you get respect from others. So fun to get this validation!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful, Susan! Thank you so much for sharing with us, I look forward to your blog. Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. I moved house during the UK lockdown so needed to find a new hairdresser. One agreed to come to my house earlier this week. She arrived wearing a mask and face visor, she cut my hair in the garden. Not ideal for either of us but what a star she is for starting back to work. Bliss to have short hair again almost 3 months after UK salons closed.
    Stay safe everyone.

  9. Thank you Susan. You always give great advice. I also believe how you present yourself to others is so very important. It certanily says so much about how you view yourself and how you wish to be treated. We all need to bereminded to take extra care with our personal grooming and the picture we present to others. Especially in these uncertain times.

  10. My 13 year old granddaughter is getting her braces today. I told her to get gussied up for the occasion. For her it will consist of lululemon shorts, a perfect tee and her Birkenstock’s along with perfect blue studs, one ring & one bracelet. We talked about the importance of always looking our best and the confidence it gives you. Life lessons from Grammy so reading your post today made me smile. Love you hairstyle. You look stunning.

    1. How sweet!! Your granddaughter is very blessed having you as a Grammy. She will always remember the things you tell her.

  11. Your hair looks so good. She did a great job. You never know how you will look when you go to a new hair dresser. Your’s turned out fantastic.

    Stay well, my sweet friend.
    Barb F.

  12. Hello, I am new here, I love this page :), I am 70+ and still want to have a nice clothes even I’m old :). I wish I can look like you 🙂 . My hair is the same, white, only little bit shorter, sometimes I use the blue shampoo so make my hair nicer. I’m not toll, only 5’3 but I do not worry about it 🙂 My English poor, so I can’t write good,

  13. Very stylish hair cut. I like the back. You always look so nice. You are an inspiration! Have a great weekend. Hi to Mr. Mickey.

  14. You look beautiful and stylish in every post, and I appreciate your sharing your style journey with us. I must say that I loved your previous hair style, especially the version you showed in “style evolution.” The version with side-swept bangs with your hair tucked behind your ears was particularly flattering, youthful and current.

    1. I use a small round brush to blow dry my hair. I lift the roots from the crown to give some height and then I smooth the rest of it as it dries. There is still enough length to tuck it behind my ears. I don’t use product other than this shampoo. Once per week I use this purple shampoo to keep my gray from yellowing. I spray this into my hands and work into the roots at the crown and in the front to keep the hair from falling into my face. I like a soft natural look, so as soon as the spray dries, I scrunch it out with my fingers so that there is no stiffness.

      1. Thank you for your explanation of styling and products!! Your styling tips are quite valuable to me!

  15. Thank you so much, Susan, for these very sensible tips – I am in the UK (waiting impatiently! For salons to re-open) and was planing to try a new salon so will follow your guidance.

    Do you know of any equivalent Stockists in Britain of the clothing lines you talk of?

    Thank you

    1. Many of my clothing items are classic styles and in neutral colors. I avoid trends and strive to get the fit and the proportions right for my body shape and height and buy the best quality I can afford. I found a site that lists the top British women’s brands here.

  16. Your haircut is lovely Susan, and you look lovely too. We’ll turned out and stylish. I’m letting my hair colour grow out at the moment and letting the grey come through naturally, but also slowly. I think I need this time to adjust to the grey colour from my blonde/brown. Loving the silver shimmers coming through. Difficult to look my best, but you’re giving me inspiration to try. Thanks for that Susan.

  17. Thank you for sharing pictures of your new haircut. I love it and it seems you can wear almost any hairstyle and make it look fabulous. I like to dress up before going shopping. I think it makes people believe I am ready to shop and buy and I get better service. Plus I have to wear makeup when clothes shopping. I can’t picture myself wearing something if I don’t look like I would if I were wearing the items.

    Thank you for the blog today. Hi to Mr. Mikey.

  18. I just enjoy your blogs so much. Because of them, I am now a Beautycounter fan. Also, I attended graduate school at ETSU (1974-76) and absolutely loved being there. Of course, Johnson City has really changed and I love visiting one of my best friends there. She retired from the VA Hospital in JC and has lived in JC for many years. On a recent visit I told her that I was following your blog and was so excited to learn you were in J C. It made my visit even more special.

  19. Could you tell us about “firing” your old stylist… how did you do it? And how did you find a new one?

    1. I didn’t make a follow-up appointment, and won’t go back. The old stylist gave me the opposite of what I asked for, so I don’t feel disloyal. Several of my friends also go to Corina, so I am familiar with her work.

  20. What a brilliant idea, Susan!
    I never thought of presenting myself to a new stylist in an outfit that would give her/him an insight into my personal style.
    Hairdressers are artists who are sure to notice whether your style is classic, quirky, sexy, casual, sporty, etc. And dressing the part gives them clues to “who you are.” You can communicate without ever having to say a word.

    I am going to share your blog with my co-writer, image consultant, Janna Beatty.

    Great tip. Thank you, as always.

  21. I learned from my mother long ago that you should always look your best. The better you present yourself, the better you will be treated, anywhere. The older we get, we have to be more conscious of this. What a teenager could get away with is long gone. It might take us a little longer “getting ready” but it is worth it. Your blog is a joy to receive.

  22. Hello,
    Love you blog. Your style is very much like mine. However, I have been developed foot problems and am no longer able to wear heel or any built up wedges. Coupled with that I need wider toe box, not a wide shoe size, but a box that won’t pinch my foot.
    Would flats or low wedges be complimentary to the looks you show?

  23. Your thoughts as to how you present yourself to others by the way in which one dresses is so true, and not only for “special” moments such as acquiring a new hairstylist but also for something as simple as running to the grocery store. One never knows whether she’ll see a friend from the past, etc. I must admit when time was short, I failed to spend those extra moments on the ideal top for the bottom I’ve chosen, etc.; and I have almost always regretted it. People judge us by the sense of style we feel we are presenting “in the moment.” If we’re comfortable, there almost always is a positive response. If we’re not, back home we wish we had used better judgment.

    I look forward to sharing your blogs with my sister-in-law, also named “Susan.” She tends to avoid the Internet, but I think I’ll be able to convince her to log into your sense of style as she once modeled as a teenager for a lovely department store in Portland, Oregon.

    Thank you for your refreshing honesty. Those of us past 60 (I’m l-o-n-g past that birthday) do so appreciate you!!

  24. Very smart …I love North Carolina and Georgia …but haven’t been to Tennessee yet…looks beautiful…

  25. Nothing to do with hair, but something I have always meant to ask–do you have a signature, or favorite, fragrance?

  26. You are so sweet! Like a flower, shine our garden! Have a nice Sunday! Hugs from Brazil! ❤️

  27. Thank you for the photos showing exactly your new hairstyle. Next time I show them to my stylist, also I go to a new one.
    I don’t understand why so many hairstylists make the opposite of what a lady wishes. Especially, when they have to work with grey or white hair they often cut a man s cut or an old fashion cut, not feminine at all.

  28. I’m glad I found your blog. I’m 54 and it’s so nice to see we can look classy and stylish instead of old and frumpy or like a 20-year-old. Thank you!

  29. Wish. I could wear high heels! Years of standing at my easel and teaching art have hurt my feet and knees. I am very strong so could stand for hours on uncushioned floors. I am always searching for elegant-comfortable shoes! In any case love your shoe/trousers combo. Enjoy the summer!

  30. Susan, I am new to your blog, discovering it about a month ago and am so glad I did. You are only 3 months older than I am and am thankful you offer such classic styles as I am not a fan at all at what is typically in the stores for women our age. I appreciate you taking the time to list the sites where we can purchase the item or similar items. I have recently lost 12 lbs. And am determined to loose 25 more. (Probably should add another 10 to that number, but don’t want to be overwhelmed, ha). Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey and while I will carefully watch my carbs, I have added those books you mentioned in your post the other day to my reading list. I am working on cutting down salt and sugar, but not as drastically as you did. Maybe the books will help me too and really change my food mind set . At any rate, many thanks and I look forward to more of your posts.

  31. Susan, I couldn’t agree with you more about first impressions and respect. I was just talking to someone about this , this morning. The current ” althleisure’ fashion trend is often disrespectful and downright slovenly. I see unkempt people on golf courses, in Churches, on planes, etc… I suppose there are many reasons why people dress this way- clothing today is made of cheap fabrics intended to be disposable and manufacturing cuts corners by using generic sizing like S, M, L, etc.. When our clothes don’t fit properly, our bodies will grow to accommodate the clothing 🙁 Anyone our age remembers that women once had very small waistlines.

    As far as hairstylists………..oh gosh, they are the bane of my existence!! I’ve never had such problems getting a decent haircut as I have in the last ten years. Going to the stylist is like getting wisdom teeth pulled. I wear my hairstyle ( or try to) just like your style. A simple bob should be simple! I’m 60 and I like it to have volume but not be too short. No matter what I communicate or how many pictures I show the stylist, they seem to do whatever it is THEY want to do. They also seem to get defensive and become passive-aggressive. I had a beautiful haircut last November, the best in probably ten years. It was so beautiful that it changed my entire disposition and people said I was gorgeous! So, I decided to go back to the same stylist one month later just to get 1/4 ” removed to freshen it before the holidays. I told her how many compliments I received and that it was the perfect cut. I couldn’t have made myself more clear but my stylist ruined my hair by applying a trendy point-cut which thinned my aging wavy hair and made me look like I had a head full of split ends. I lost all my beautiful curl, waves and bounce. She also cut it way too short in the front and too long in the back. I wondered if she had ever used a ruler before? The 1/4″ I asked for had become 1 inch or more. I looked hideous and I had to wear a scarf for two months and my holidays were ruined. Everyone kept asking me, ” what happened to your hair?” and I just cried. I’m not a trendy person and I really wish that sales people and stylists would quit making that assumption about everyone. I get tired of hearing, ‘ Everyone loves this, everyone uses this, everyone wants this” , implying that I should too.

    For everyone’s information: One of the things I learned from a very professional stylist in the UK is that the popular ‘ point-cut’ was really created for stylists that are not very good at their craft and managed to turn bad haircuts into trendy. It’s the lazy way to cut hair. Point-cutting allows for a lot of inaccuracy and mistakes because it gives a shaggy unkempt appearance. It also makes the hair very sharp and can irritate our skin. He said that no worthy stylist will use a point cut or a razor and that we should always make sure they use blunt cuts on our layers and length ( unless of course you want a style to look thin, stringy,shaggy and wild). People with wavy or curly hair should never get point cuts because the curls and waves need other hairs the same length to cling to to make the shape. When they thin the curls with point-cuts. they just create a bunch of wild hair stinglets that stick out everywhere.

    I’m in eastern VA but I don’t know if I would be willing to drive to Bristol for a haircut. Then again, I’m so desperate I might just make a trip of it. Your hair looks beautiful Susan. I don’t think it’s too short but I also like how you wear it a bit longer. Kudos to Corina! By the way, I am using a product called Bodifier by Beverly Hills. It’s a thickening styling spray and I apply a little before I blow-dry with a round brush. It really makes a huge difference in helping my thinning hair to look fuller and healthier. No teasing necessary.

  32. Do you have any advice on growing hair out? Mine has been colored dark brown (my former natural color) and I am considering growing it out to gray….also not sure how I will look! Thank you for any advice.

  33. I’m getting ready to go to a different cut, too. I can’t wait! Still wishing I could be as disciplined as you.

  34. I believe I am where you were. I turned 73 in June and have decided to find my fashion sense before it’s lost forever. Thank you for your blog.

  35. Your kind of style is really very appropriate for my age. I am 60. Actually I will see my hairdresser today and show the pictures of your hairstyle. I will ask him to do the same for my hair

  36. Love your style and need to clean up and update my wardrobe. I love how you put clothes together. Unfortunately, I’m 5’11” and Talbot’s is not for me. Any suggestions where I can buy stylish tall clothes?


  37. I love your comments and photos. Unfortunately, I don’t have your height or body type! But, still gives me some ideas to help me find some better looks for myself.
    I’m impressed with the changes you seem to have made in your life.

  38. I enjoy seeing pictures of your hair styles and the clothes that you model. Thank you also for your timely advice for us older women.

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