Tailored Coats

A tailored coat will always make you look elegant. A neutral color is a wise choice since you will likely wear this coat for several years. Neutral colors are the most versatile, and simple styles stand the test of time.

My classic steel gray tailored coat is a wool/cashmere blend with clean, sleek styling. I bought it more than three years ago and will likely be wearing it for another ten. I chose this style so as not to add bulk to the bust or tummy. A belt, showy rows of metal buttons, busy toggles, or a puffer style would make me look larger than I am.

The color is dark enough not to show dirt, but it is more subtle than black. The fabric is supple, soft, and warm. I can even wear it over a wool blazer without feeling too confined.

I hope that showing you how I wear the same things on repeat in different combinations inspires you to make the best clothing purchases for you and your lifestyle. The most sustainable wardrobe is the one you have. I advocate making wise choices and then using those items for the long term.

The black and ivory trousers are here. The black turtleneck sweater is here. A similar scarf is here. Similar gloves are here. Similar shoes are here. The bag is here. A similar tailored coat is here, here, and here.

We took these pictures when we took a short afternoon drive over to Elizabethton, Tennessee, on Saturday. I wore this look earlier in the day to visit the grocery store and the Post Office.

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  1. Susan do you still wear a shapeez ultimate? I am about to drive to the nearest store to look and try on. Are they comfortable? Do they roll up from the bottom ? I have lost quite a bit of weight and unfortunately am not very toned.

  2. You look fabulous. Thank you for taking the time to share all you have learned. Love the longer length of your hair. I have followed you beginning at Fifty Not Frumpy. Your style has definitely evolved and changed. What about a post where you show side by side outfits to illustrate the differences and why you changed.

  3. I enjoyed all these photos. The attention to detail in the outfit and coordinating it with the the bridge and the background is perfect. Plus I love the color of your magenta scarf which is the pop of the cork. Super post! Thank you.

  4. You always look so elegant., yet comfortable. Not too young, not “old lady” by any means. Just right.

  5. I always enjoy your posts. They contain lots of good information. I am wondering what you would wear to a bridal shower? I have one to attend this weekend and am clueless as to what to wear.

  6. I have been looking for a tailored winter coat for two years and finally found a charcoal Cinzia Rocca at Saks that did the trick. Like you, I wanted one that could even go over a wool blazer. Your style is inspiring and I love your classic looks! Thank you for posting.

  7. You look so cozy and elegant! I’m happy to see wider legged pants are coming back in style. I’ve never really enjoyed tighter pant legs no matter the stretch. Have an enjoyable week!

  8. I’m so glad to see your bag! I frequently use one that is almost identical and wondered if the color was ok for winter. Thanks for helping me without even knowing!

  9. Susan,
    I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the time you put into it to provide us all with such great information and tips!
    I used to follow several other bloggers but have dropped them. Your blog is so informative and interesting and I truly appreciate your no ad policy and the fact that you aren’t “bought ” by sponsors. I also enjoy your outings with Mr. Mickey! Thank you!
    Kathy Campbell

  10. Ah, Cinzia Rocca! I bought one of their coats about 10 years ago and I still love wearing it. It was quite expensive, even on sale, but well worth the money. Whenever I wear it I get compliments, and it goes with everything. It’s perfectly plain, but made of an exquisite fabric. I love it.

  11. Nice! I just picked up a Chesterfield coat at a thrift store today! Red with black velvet collar, single breasted, it’s gorgeous!

  12. I purchased the jacket you shown a week or so ago from L.L. Bean the blue one I just received it love it it’s very comfortable keeps me warm and keeps the wind off. Thank you for your suggestions Mimi O’Dell

  13. Susan,
    You look so very elegant in your tailored coats. But then, you would look stunningly elegant in a burlap bag. Thank you for sharing this with your admirers.

  14. Hi Susan,

    Wow, it looks really cold, it’s going to be I believe 80 degrees in our little community on Saturday, that is Arizona
    for you. My Honey Bear is going to prune back our nine rose bushes. No more roses for us to enjoy until maybe
    March or April.

    Susan, your coat is really lovely, what an excellent choice.

    Sending you a happy day and enjoy your weekend.

    Katherine in Arizona

  15. Great look, love it. Classic coats always ramp up the look. What a nice day trip, like the look of the bridge too. You are blessed to have so many interesting places to visit within driving distances for day trips.

  16. Hi Susan,
    I love your blog.Thanks for sharing all your great tips and photos.You are an inspiration and a real class act!

  17. I do love the look of your coat, and the coats you linked to, but it always amazes me when people can wear coats open at the neck. You are wearing yours with the first button unbuttoned! I get so cold. And a scarf is nowhere near enough. I do wear a scarf of course, to fill up every scrap of room around my throat but the coat itself has to button up or zip up to right under my chin. Yours must be the joys of living in Tennessee. Ontario is too cold for that. Love your blog.

  18. Susan I have just found you!!! I also live in Tennessee. I have been catching up on everything you have posted on all outlets. Such useful, wonderful information!! I love your classic style and the way you put your outfits together. You have a classy, timeless, effortless look. You have got me rethinking my buying habits and my wardrobe. My closet is full & I wear maybe a fourth of the clothes. I do love handbags Dooney & Bourke are my favorites. I noticed you like them too. I don’t think you can beat their quality and style. I am looking forward to more of your advice. Stay well and enjoy your weekend!!

  19. I love your classic style. Very stylish! I also love the way you’ve tied your scarf. I think I need a tutorial.

  20. HI Susan,
    You look elegant in all your looks, and I love this with a pop of cranberry. I so enjoy learning from you. I have seen you wear faux leather jackets, and I know you said they are a softer look than leather. I remember you saying, they were a softer look than leather. If the leather jacket is is simple, without all the zippers and buttons, would it make a difference?

    I am sure you and Mr. Mickey have plans for the weekend, so enjoy every minute.

    1. We are sheltering in this weekend due to the weather, but thank you. If the jacket is not black and rather plain, it can look sophisticated. The black moto jackets with hardware seem too harsh when I try them on now.

  21. Hi Susan, I enjoy your blog very much. I was wondering if you could send me a link for the video on how you choose your eye glass frames? It was so helpful but am not able to find it again.
    Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!

  22. Elegant style the combination of dark tailored coat with ivory pants and grey bag and boots .
    Classic and new at the same time.
    Thank you for the inspiration .

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