The best-laid plans must sometimes change. We’ve learned to go with the flow and move on to plan B. There are also times when we have to turn to plan C. We started the day with a sense of adventure and full of anticipation.

Now that my rhododendron is blooming, you can see why I chose that hanging basket combo. The rain started to fall after we stopped to take the photos below.

We snapped these photos at the Lakeshore Marina as we passed by beautiful Watauga Lake, located east of Elizabethton, Tennessee.

My shoes are by Sam Edelman from a few years ago. (Similar here) The bag is from last year. (Similar here) My black linen full leg crops are from J.Jill (here). Styling tip: always pair full leg crops with block heels or platform shoes to balance the proportion. Full leg crops are much cooler than slim leg pants, so I’ve invested in a few pairs for summer. My denim jacket is a couple of years old (similar). My tank top is from Chico’s (here).

Our Saturday plans were to drive to a remote North Carolina area to have dinner in an old farmhouse located on a riverbank. When we arrived, the rain was coming down in torrents. We were a couple of hours early, so we canceled those reservations because we couldn’t even get out of the car.

I tried to call a favorite restaurant in Abingdon, VA, to make last-minute reservations, but they were booked. It was Prom Night, so everyone was extra busy. After four hours of driving, our plans to enjoy a lovely date night dinner were fading. As we were considering other options, we passed by Morgan’s in Abingdon and decided to take a chance that they could seat us.

They found a table for us!

My new favorite link bracelet was a gift from my sweet friend Suzanne Burritt McKinney, the designer of Beauty in Stone Jewelry. All the fabulous pieces are created by hand right here in East Tennessee. The bracelet I am wearing is here. She is offering a generous 10% off with the code SAS10.

Mr. Mickey was so happy when they put this bread in front of him; I thought he might weep.

This garden salad was most excellent. Those are blood oranges and peaches with assorted fresh greens. So good!

While we were waiting for our next course, Mr. Mickey disappeared with the camera. He was fascinated with the blazing pizza oven. (The open kitchen is within view as you walk through the restaurant.) He also got to meet the very talented Chef.

Stephen Gilbert is the owner/chef at Morgan’s (named after his beautiful artist wife).

Mr. Mickey ordered the Faroe Islands Salmon.

I ordered the North Carolina Trout.

We finished the perfect meal with a warm berry crumble topped with ice cream. You guessed it! We made our reservations for next Saturday before leaving. A serendipitous find indeed!

  1. I love it when the alternate plan turns out better than the original!!! Looks like you made more great memories! Thanks for sharing. By the way I love those shoes you are wearing.

  2. That outfit looks so good! The wide leg pants are everywhere and I was wondering how they can be styled to look cute on petites. They certainly will be cooler in the summer. Will you wear tucked in tops with no jacket when it’s hotter? Styling with scarves? Those shoes are super cute and make me wish I could wear heels. Will look for wedge as you’ve suggested. I was going to return a raspberry colored purse I just purchased as it didn’t blend, but now I see how a pop of color can elevate the look, and will be keeping it. Thanks for sharing your styling wisdom. I’ll be following your photo tips so the Mother’s day picture will look good this year.
    Going with the flow really can make for some grand times and fun adventures.
    So glad you are feeling back to normal!

    1. Since I have a very flat behind, I never tuck in a top worn without a jacket or a lightweight sweater. I will have to experiment with slim-fitting tops that end somewhere below my natural waist. I don’t wear a scarf in the summer months, but I do keep one tucked inside my bag for those cold restaurants. 🙂

  3. Thank you for featuring my Big Link Bracelet! I t looks fabulous on you, as does all of your choices. I like this outfit, seems so perfect to wear by the water! Love those shoes!! Mickey’s photography is outstanding!

  4. I hope you try a hidden gem , 128 Pecan .. a local restaurant here in Abingdon. Love the cropped pants look. Thanks for sharing .

  5. After four hours of driving around in the rain, while hungry and looking for a place to eat, I can fully understand the “comfort and warmth” the bread that was put in front of Mr. Mickey did bring!

    Jay and I are going to have to try this place, it looks fabulous. Thanks for taking us on your “adventure!”

  6. You look wonderful in those wide leg crops! I am curious, since you shy away from regular crops, what made you decide to take the plunge with wide legs? Is it a balanced proportion thing? I would love to know as I’m 5′ 2″ and would love to wear the new style crops.

    1. If I pair them with a more fitted top or short jacket and chunky heels, I can carry them off. I can’t wear the shorter tight crops at all because they end at the broadest portion of my calf. These end at the most slender part of my leg.

  7. You made lemonade out of lemons to enjoy many more visits. It surely was a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.

  8. Hi Susan,
    I love how much younger you look now than the photos you showed before you lost weight and doesn’t it make a difference. I’m about your age and have had a thyroid problem which is now under control so I’ll be following your advice on diet etc and I’ve taken up waking as the weather here in Australia (Queensland) is starting to cool down)
    Many thanks for all the tips and photos you so selfishly share with everyone, Marie

  9. The J Jill wide leg pants look fantastic on you! That style is so current and of the moment, of course, but you’ve made them also look classic and timeless and not at all trendy. Now I’m inspired to try to achieve the same thing with my new wide leg pants!

  10. What an inspiring post! I really enjoyed reading this – and vicariously enjoying the ride!

  11. Love this outfit !! Thank you for the tip about what type of shoe to wear with a wide-legged pant !
    Really enjoying following you.


  12. why is it I cannot cl ick on to your post Serendipity and continue to read your comments, they will not continue with your postings.

    1. I’m sorry that this is happening. Please try to view the post on another browser or another device. A couple of ladies have told me they could not see the full posts via their tablets.

  13. Sometimes plan C turns out better than what was originally planned! I find your outfit interesting. I love the pop of color with the great red purse! I am not sure about the shoes because they are lighter than your clothing and have no other matching color. I am trying to get of of my matchy matchy box. I’ll try lighter shoes with an outfit similar to yours.

  14. Would like to incorporate a pair of wide leg crops into my wardrobe.
    However, I’m 5’3 and I don’t have a 24″ waist any more, so I wear shirts/blouses out. How could I style these to look tailored and classic? I don’t wear dresses anymore and think these could serve as a dressy alternative.
    Thank you for your blog, it is always encouraging with helpful advice.

    1. Look for a top that is slightly fitted and ends with scoops or some other detail at the sides (not just straight across at your widest part). It should end just a few inches below your natural waistline. I find that this combo allows me to carry off the full leg crops. I also make sure those crops end at the most slender part of the leg.

  15. In one of your posts you told what length different style pants should be – Would you repeat that please – I can’t seem to find it. I am 5′ 1. Look forward to your posts every day . Thank you

    1. The shoes and pants should never compete for the same spot. Pants that fit slim or skinny should end at the ankle bone or a bit above it. Ankle pants should stop about two inches above the ankle bone. Tailored pants with full or straight legs look best when they touch the top of the foot but don’t break. Palazzo pants and other wide leg pants should almost touch the floor. Full leg crops should stop at the most slender part of the leg. Tops and pant or skirt hemlines should always end at the most slender portion of the body regardless of the current trend.

  16. You’ve inspired me to try on the J. Jill wide leg pants that I just passed up last week! I did and bought them! I’m so glad to know what shoes will look best with them. Thank you!

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