NYE Outfit Ideas

We plan to stay home before the fire to ring in 2024. But some of you have asked for ideas on what to wear for a New Year’s Eve celebration, so I’ll share some outfit suggestions for different types of events. We’ll begin with the most dressed-up scenario. If you go to dinner and then dance to live music later, you can wear a dressy ensemble.

I will share shopping links if I find similar things, but I’ve owned these items for at least a year. I don’t wear them often, but I’m always glad I already have them when a special event comes.

This first look includes a silk slip dress (similar here) with a tweed jacket (similar here). The shoes are here – crystal shoe clips here – hose/tights here – similar bag here – crystal dome ring here – silver dome ring here. Similar earrings here.

If we met friends for drinks and dinner, I might wear a sequined top with a satin lapel tuxedo jacket and nice slacks. Similar items are linked: EarringsDinner RingBlazerSequined TopBeltSlacksBagHeels.

When small groups of friends gather for informal events in our homes, a cashmere sweater, nice jeans, or slacks with pretty flats or short boots are often my choice of attire in the winter. This year will be no exception. Similar items: SweaterBootsEarrings.

This is the link to the very comfortable yet elevated-looking jeans. (They are my new favorites!) I am wearing a size 28 regular.

I hope 2024 brings you good health and peace. Happy New Year!

The view from the sunroom was amazing last evening.

A summary of recent looks is here. Shopping links on this site may allow me to earn a small commission without cost to you.

  1. Who would have thought that a tweed jacket could go with a silk dress? But for a chilly winter night, of course!

  2. Happy New Year to you Susan and Mr. Mickey! Wishing you both good health and a prosperous 2024. Hopefully with some fun trips that you can share with us. We love seeing where your adventures take you. Thanks for all the wonderful posts. Looking forward to many more.

  3. Happy holidays to you and Mr. Mickey! I wish you both a new year filled with good health, surrounded by wonderful friends, love and laughter.

    Thanks again for a timeless and classic approach to fashion. That’s my style and I so enjoy finding ways to make my pieces current. I always loved a soft turtle neck or mock turtle sweater. However now that I’m in my 70’s, I have the dreaded turkey neck! A turtle neck just seems to accent that. What are other choices for me? Even a silk scarf seems to draw attention to that unfortunate feature. Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers!

  4. Thank you for all the wonderful advice and tips Susan. I’ve learned so much from you.
    I wish you all the very best in 2024. Thank you for being you!

  5. As an artist and photographer, I suggest using your extra length of draped fabric to cover the floor you are standing on to avoid showing the tile floor. It will be a much more seamless transition. If not long enough, put down a layer of white roll paper under the background drape to hide the tiles you are standing on..

    Suggest an aesthetic suggestion.

  6. Thank you for the guidance. I always have trouble with what to wear to different events. How dressed up or casual should an outfit be. Have a Happy New Year!

  7. And to you and Mr. Micky, Susan.
    PS: Much much older posts of yours have been popping up in my Pinterest feed. Golly, your style has evolved! Fascinating to see the journey to this so very elegant you. Cheers.

  8. Really nice chic outfits , I like the last one best what a lovely colour your cashmere sweater is , ? Claret or maroon..The outfit says smart but casual
    and relaxed. Of course followed by that awesome sunset, it made me think of how powerful the sun is to give a glow like that.
    I wish you and Mr Mickey and your families a very Happy New Year .
    Best Wishes Pamela (Wales) UK. P

  9. Thank you for your continuous advice on what to choose when putting together an outfit, I’m sure I speak for all your followers when I say how much we look forward to your blogs and allowing us into your world and your home, you and Mr Mickey make a awesome couple and I want to wish you both a wonderful NYE and hope 2024 will bring you both good health and happiness xxx

  10. Thank you for your continuous advice on what to wear when putting together an outfit, I know I speak for all your followers when I say we value your time, effort and input in helping us to achieve a look which can boost our confidence greatly. I also want to say you and Mr Mickey make an awesome couple and are generous in inviting us to share your world and your home so again thank you and I wish you both a healthy and happy NYE and look forward to enjoying your blog in 2024 !

  11. Well Susan, I’ve always admired your style. You “got me” again, and I say that in jest, but I just purchased the faux leather cap, and the black collarless vest from J. Crew, that you featured in a previous post. I always think I’m going to look as sharp as you do in these things; and they do fit my personal style, but somehow I miss the mark!
    We’ll see this time! I’m excited to start the New Year buying quality over quantity, and you always give different price points, which is appreciated.
    Have a wonderful NYE with Mr. Mickey!
    My husband and I go out for an early dinner, then it’s back home to the sofa!
    May your NEW YEAR bring good health, wealth and peace!

  12. Susan, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you and Mr. Mickey the same! Good health on the top of the list. The photo of your view is beautiful. I love sunsets!

  13. Love your style! I’ve been folloing for several years was wondering if you are short or long waisted? Your choices are beautiful. I’m built with a short waist so I need to get the proportion right to look good. Thanks! Have a Happy New Year, Kathy

  14. Wonderful ideas! I notice you have been wearing the Jenny Bird earrings often. Do you have both the silver and yellow gold pairs? Do you try to match your metal colors when wearing? Are the earrings heavy? I’m thinking of buying them for myself! Thank you and best wishes in 2024.

  15. Happy New Year to you, Susan! In an earlier post this week, one of your followers mentioned the Quince website as an alternate shopping site. I’ve purchased from this site too and have always been very pleased with my selections. I thought you might want to see how a washable silk slip dress is featured on Quince here.

  16. I have noticed that you have started using a white backdrop for your photoshoots. I feel that it gives a cold sterile feeling. I enjoyed seeing you in your outfits in surroundings where you normally would be seen, such as outside, in a restaurant or in your house. White is not flattering to anyone. I understand that you are using it so that the outfit is not distracted by the background, but the only time you would naturally be surrounded by all white would be in the snow. I enjoy your posts, but they are much more personal in natural surroundings.

    1. Lighting is so poor here in winter, I created this studio environment so that I could still share ideas and outfits with you. Otherwise there will be no fashion posts until warmer weather.

  17. Dear Susan, thank you for another year of lovely photos and good ideas and tips, wishing you and mr. Mickey a prosperous New Year! Jolanda

  18. Oh my, another wonderful set of clothes to choose from for the same occasion that you present. Always a joy to see how you manipulate your clothes to fit the right occasion in different ways. Love the way you went from very dressy to very casual and still look elegant in each one. Very classy.
    Now to you and Mr. M, may much happiness be at your door, may it knock early, stay late and leave the gift of God’s peace, love, joy and good health in 2024. May the new Year and every season, warm your soul, bring love to your hearts and bless you both with everything life has to offer.
    Clara from Iowa

  19. Susan,

    Thank you for inspiring us to be our best by embracing our age and utilizing pieces we may already own to create unique outfits we cannot find in stores! You look beautiful in all of these outfits.
    Happy New Year and please keep blogging –


  20. Hi Susan,

    Another very helpful presentation, thank you.
    I still re-watch your videos. You did a wonderful job of those. I am sure they were a lot of work.
    I hope you know what an inspiration you have been to us. I have so much more confidence in my clothes, and dare I say it, sometimes I think I look very nice indeed!!

    Thank you again and may God bless you with love, happiness, good health and peace.
    ‘See’ you in the new year.

  21. Hi Susan,
    The view from the sunroom is gorgeous. Mother Nature is a marvel. Thank you for sharing your peace of heaven.
    I really like the idea how you are spending your New Years at home where you are safe and in front of a cozy fireplace and toasting one another with champagne.
    Happy, healthy, New Year to a special couple. Hopefully you will make it onto a front cover of a major magazine next year. There is still hope!


  22. Your photo was gorgeous……..I love reflective pictures. I’d call that CLEMSON orange, as I’m a Tiger fan !!

  23. Susan, I agree entirely with an earlier commenter in appreciating your style photos taken in your home setting. They have much more personality than photos against plain white. You and your outfits would not be benefited by isolation from your surroundings. You are not a high-fashion magazine; you are Susan (and Mr. Mickey)! And as a long-time reader of this blog and the comments, I believe most or all of your readers feel the same way.

    1. People also say, “I can’t see your outfit for all the clutter around you.” Doing a photo shoot inside is a tremendous amount of work and expense. Furniture has to be moved, rugs rolled back, and I only have an hour or so of natural light to allow you to see anything other than my silohoutte, so I had to buy LED studio lighting. There is a lot more work involved to bring you the photo than what you see.

  24. How did you lose 75 lbs.? I am ready to embark on a weight loss adventure to lose 30 pounds. Any advice?Thak you. Love your blogs. Please don’t stop making them.

    1. I lost weight by eating less food and better, more nutritious food. Avoid all manufactured food and return to eating whole food the way it grew in the ground on a tree or plant.

      Thank you for your comment Char. I appreciate your kindness

  25. I really like the photo studio set up! I think it allows the outfit to “pop.” More importantly, thank you for the time, effort and money spent in creating this set-up for our benefit. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey!

  26. Susan, I can’t thank you enough for encouraging such a positive, thoughtful approach to finding a classic style (and a healthy lifestyle) that is not only beautiful, but also is more economical and, in many ways, friendlier to the environment than constantly focusing on reflecting fleeting trends. You open my eyes to seeing things in new ways, and the closer my own style reflects what I’ve learned from you, the more “me” I feel (sound contradictory?! 🙂 ). Thank you for spending so much thought, care, and time to create this “world” for those who follow Susan After 60. I’m very grateful! Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a new year that makes your hearts sing!

  27. Thank you for all of the effort you put forth in 2023 to bring us fashion, health, and travel advice. I love how your style has evolved over the years. You encourage me to try new things and to not be stuck just because “this is the way I have always done it.” It’s alright to embrace a style for a season or two and then decide something else feels better. Change can be very good. God bless you and Mr M in 2024!

  28. I just signed up for your newsletter and am excited to see what new posts you will have this 2024 year. I appreciate all your insights for those of us over 60. I’m now 78 and have been seeing you on Pinterest this last year and thoroughly enjoy your ideas. Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey.

  29. Gorgeous New Year’s Eve selections, & sunset!!

    Thank you for so many helpful hints & information!

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