Musicale Masquerade

If you are fortunate enough to have a Symphony Orchestra in your area, you may know how much work goes into each production and how many behind-the-scenes fundraising events are necessary to keep the performances coming. On Friday evening, we attended the Musicale Masquerade, a silent auction and evening of fun to benefit the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra.

When the event was announced weeks ago, several people called to ask me what that meant. They didn’t want to attend if they had to wear a silly costume. I shared with them that a Masquerade is a party, dance, or another festive gathering of persons wearing masks and other disguises, and often elegant, historical, or fantastic costumes. For most of us, that means dressing up in nice clothes and wearing a mask for at least a few minutes of the evening. One poor fellow showed up as a deer hunter in full camouflage. He was teased in a good-natured way and accepted it all with a laugh. Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed good food and fellowship as we listened to beautiful music from the JCSO Strings and the very talented soloist, Rebecca Myers. The event was held at the Blackthorn Club.

Shoes always catch my eye!

I adore this lady! Her name is June, and she is always perfectly groomed and well dressed each time I see her around town or at events. Her face lights up when she sees me, and we have a brief, pleasant conversation each time. She has given tirelessly to the community and especially to the JCSO for most of her life. I admire her positive attitude, giving nature, and how she always presents herself in such a lovely way.

I borrowed the beautiful mask from Mr. Mickey’s daughter Regina (Thank you!). I could not wear it for the whole evening because I could tell doing so would give me a massive headache.

I tried to apply false eyelashes one last time for fun. (That takes a skill set I do not possess!) The rest of my look includes some of the oldest items in my closet. The shoes are by Anne Klein from maybe ten years ago. The only skirt I own is this one from T.J.Maxx about fifteen years ago. The jacket is from White House|Black Market last year. The Wacoal Lace Impression Camisole is from Dillard’s, under that is a black V-neck bodysuit type thing from years ago. The evening bag is also about three years old.

  1. Yes, yes! about Miss June. It’s so important as we move down the years to really keep up that grooming. She is my role model!!

  2. What a wonderful event; you look amazing. Sorry there is not a picture of you with Mr. Mickey. For me, two items that stand out are the lace cami and the mask. Details matter! You aced it ♠️♥️

  3. Even “masked” your beauty shines through. How elegant! Nice to see people appropriately dressed for an event in this day of business casual. I am often shocked to see people attending a theatre production in clothing I wouldn’t wear in the privacy of my own home!

  4. Susan, you look fabulous! Love the mask…Regina has good taste. I was delighted to see the picture of Miss June. Good grooming is important at any age but I think more so as we age. Maybe that’s because I turned seventy this summer…ha!

  5. I bet there is some woman in your community that says the same things about you that you said about Miss June. You always look perfectly groomed and dressed appropriate to the occasion, whether running errands or attending a gala event. You, milady, are an inspiration as well.

  6. What a wonderful post. I’m glad there are still occasions where dressing up does not mean a silly costume.

    I’m afraid I had already awarded ‘best costume’ to the granddaughter of a friend, a young woman who was born with spina bifida and more recently had a kidney donated by a friend. She dressed as Cruella and her good natured boyfriend as her Dalmation. The Puppy cinched it for me and Jessica’s makeup was superb.

  7. Hi from Toronto, Susan. Your outfit is very elegant indeed. How nice to have occasions to dress beautifully. The skirt is especially lovely.

  8. Susan – my immediate impression of you was you look so tall and elegant in your photo.
    So very many of us admire you and your selfless sharing. Thank you.

  9. You look fantastic….elegant and stunning! Know that was fun evening! The mask is a jewel, and so glad you could borrow it!

  10. You look fabulous – I love the lacy camisole peeking through to give an elegant all-black outfit a bit of a twist. It looks like it was a fun event and a great evening.


  11. I think you look elegant and lovely Susan. To me your outfit has a bit of a Victorian feel to it, so with it and the mask, I think you truly hit the meaning of a Masquerade!

  12. Susan, not sure why you mention your waistline….you look absolutely fabulously thin and that long skirt is tres chic, very becoming!

  13. You are such beautiful, very positive person! It is fun to read your writings and to see your pictures. I love seeing your entertaining trips to various places. I always learn something fun.
    Love, Marion Powell

  14. You look fabulous in this stunningly put together outfit from favorites in your closet.. The elegant finished off this classy outfit. I am a new follower and am enjoying your posts and learning some things along the way. I am 74 and still want to be nicely put together. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Carolyn from SC

  15. Your look is smashing,youthful and classy. Try to incorporate more skirts to your wardrobe to get your look expanded.

  16. Susan, your outfits are always so creative! This was an outstanding one! You looked lovely!
    Thanks for sharing as always! Julie L,

  17. Funny question….What kind of hosiery are you wearing? I don’t usually wear a dress and have a black dress for a December wedding and I’m not sure what to wear! Thanks

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