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Foundation makeup and contouring applied in an attempt to achieve a perfect finish no longer serves my sixty-one-year-old face well. The smokey eye with liner and dark lashes works well for evening and a photoshoot but not so much for real life in the daytime.

I continue to modify my daytime makeup application and skincare because what I have been doing for the past few years no longer works. I want to look my best, but not overdone and harsh. Makeup settling into lines and creases is never a good look.

My brows are thinning, so I fill in the sparse areas, a little below and at the ends. (I overplucked in the eighties, so now they do not grow back.) A carefully blended medium taupe or gray color works best with my coloring. I don’t hesitate to blend a little eyeshadow into my brows to get the correct color.

A medium color of eyeshadow is applied to the middle of my lid, and a little darker shade goes at the outer edge because I have a lot of space between my brows and my lashes. This shading is all done in a tiny area above the center of my lid and then blended well. I do not extend the color in an outward swoop from the edge of my eye. Keep in mind that light colors advance and dark colors recede. Never match your eyeshadow color to your clothes.

Next, I smudge a little eyeliner into the base of and over the top lashes only and then blend the darkest color of shadow over that line with a brush to soften it. Next, I apply a little neutral shadow above the lash line and the previous darker colors in the crease. Blending well is the key. I stop before I get to the outer corners, and I always blend upward. Never line your eyes to the corners. Lift the end of the line a little where you stop at the outer edge of your lashes. Add mascara to only the top lashes. Be careful never to line your lips or eyes to the downturned corners to avoid looking sad or tired. Always think upward, lifting, and lightness. My goal with makeup is to look happy, healthy, and well-rested.

I apply Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage after I finish the eyes because there is always a bit of flaking from other products that land on the rest of my face. Applying foundation last keeps it fresh and clean from eye makeup residue. I use a foundation brush to blend it away from the center of my face outward, and I use a minimal amount. I keep Lip Conditioner in Peppermint by my bed and on my desk. No one enjoys the feeling of dry, chapped lips. Do you know that chapped lips are a result of not drinking enough water?

My current routine includes less makeup than ever before, along with better skincare. I am finding that my skin is much drier and more delicate than it was even last year. As we age, the skin takes on a different texture as well as becoming thinner. All of the products I am using now are from Beautycounter. I apply Brightening Facial Oil and Nourishing Day Cream to my face each morning and drink a large glass of water as soon as I get up. Nighttime and daytime moisturizing creams are now the most critical part of my daily routine. I use less nighttime moisturizer in the summer, but I never skip it in the winter.

The last thing I do is apply a small amount of blush and lip color in the tone that complements the item I am wearing near my face. For example, if you are wearing red, you would never want to wear pink lip color. I apply blush only on the top of my cheeks and never too close to my nose or the outer edge of my face. (Notice the color and where your cheeks blush after you get out of the shower.) We have all seen ladies who run their blush to the hairline and even into the hair itself.

The above photo was taken this morning without makeup to give you perspective.

I signed up to be a consultant with Beautycounter a few months ago because I fell in love with the products as soon as I tried them. Honestly, I no longer buy any other skincare, shampoo, or makeup because I am so happy with these items’ performance. If you would like to learn more about the products that might be appropriate for your skin, visit my Beautycounter site by clicking here. I will receive a small commission if you purchase items from my Beautycounter site.

  1. Thank you for the great info on your skincare and makeup routine. I will turn 61 right before Christmas and find that minimizing makeup and focusing on skincare is my priority, too. Blessings.

    1. Yes, I have tried the cream blusher, but I am using the powder now because it looks more natural for me. The waterline is included a little in that smudging of the lash line but not as deliberately as before. My eyes tend to water more now, so it gets “washed” away pretty fast. I don’t want any darkness on the lower lid, and that was happening a little if I wasn’t careful.

  2. Are you still lining the waterline and have you tried the cream blusher? I’m reading that cream blusher is better for older skin and blends more realistically into the cheeks. Just wondering if you’ve compared cream to the powder?

  3. I love the lipstick you’re wearing! Will you please share what color it is? Also, do you have any tips for choosing lipstick colors? I have light coloring and blonde hair and feel like I need something to brighten my face without looking harsh. Thanks!

    1. That lip color is Scarlet in the Lip Sheer collection. I like this color best with red. I agree with you, filled in brows and a bright lip color have never been more important to me.

      1. I was lucky to have my grandmothers live until ages 99 and 104. The one who lived to 104 continued to sing the virtues of wearing lipstick, eyeliner, and some filling in of the brows until a year or so before she died when I was 45.

        Now that I’m 55 I’m finding that attention to lip color, eyebrows, and a little mascara work wonders. You confirm what my grandmother taught me all along. Thanks!

  4. Susan! You have change your ideas about skin care being only diet and coconut oil! (Not that diet isnt THE foundation of great skin). Beauty Counter is a great line.

    1. A clean diet, enough water, sleep and yes coconut oil are important to good skin care. I have coconut oil in my hair and on my hands and feet right this minute. I often layer up with it a few hours before I take my shower.

    2. I have heard that it is pretty occlusive and I understand it creates a barrier on your skin instead of replacing your skin with moisturizing properties.

  5. My issue is the dark circles under my eyes. More a hereditary thing than lack of sleep. I have tried using concealers but that just ends up settling in the lines and creases. Do you use anything specific under your eyes? Thank you.

  6. This is more of a skin care question. I use Dove soap to wash my body. When I get out of the shower i use Aveeno body lotion. In less than 30 minutes I’m feeling dry and itchy. I’ve tried different lotions but always use the same soap. Any suggestions?

  7. We live in a community with many middle-age-and-over residents. One Sunday, as I was sitting in church, I happened to notice the women in the choir. Many were truly lovely senior women, but as I looked I thought that–just looking at them–you might think Christian women were the most unhappy people in the world. They–to a person–sat there with a completely “relaxed” face, and they all had mouths that turned way down at the corners, pulling the rest of their faces down into a horrible expression. It made them look miserable–and OLD!!! I decided right then to make a conscience effort to have a least a small smile on my face at all times. It not only makes me look better, it helps me to keep a bright and happy attitude all through my day. I conclude that the most single thing we can do to look younger is SMILE !!!!!

    1. I often apply a lip liner to the whole lip, blot and then apply lip color over that and blot again. This allows the color to last much longer. I avoid goopy glosses at all times. Sometimes I just put the color on one lip, press my lips together and go.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Susan! I like how you said that you put eye liner first, followed by shadow brushed over it to soften the line. I was wondering how to incorporate the Physician’s Formula gel liner that makes my eyelashes grow, so that it doesn’t look so dark and harsh. I’ve been lining my eyes in shadow before my usual eye pencil so that the quarter line I add on the bottom lash line doesn’t smudge. I also use an eye primer before applying any eye makeup to smooth out the crepey skin and wrinkles.

  9. as a woman of 67, i realize i am spending more on skin care products than actual makeup, but the looks you have provided today are so encouraging and exciting. your eye makeup is so attractive without being over the top. i also would love some tutorial type help for my eyebrows. they are sparse, pale, and overall pitiful!! i blame chemotherapy for the loss but i really thought they would grow back in and they haven’t and it’s been 10 years (so i am giving up on the regrow dream!). i would love more information and technique as well as exact color information on what you did with your brows as they are what i aspire mine to be!!

    1. If you have a professional brow stylist in your area, make an appointment with them. I wish I had known the importance of brow shape when I was younger. I just follow the natural line of mine and then fill in the lower part and the ends with light feathery strokes. Learning where to properly fill in, start and end my brows made a huge difference.

  10. Hi Susan,
    I always find your advice is valuable and was therefore going to try the Beautycounter products. I just tried to place an order, however, looks like they don’t ship to Australia.

    My Google search didn’t show any stores in Sydney – do you know if this range is available here ?

    Thank you


  11. Susan the lip colour is very pretty. Would you say it is an orange red or a blue red. Hard to tell on the computer. Thanks!

  12. Food for thought……..Have you considered tattooing your eyebrows? I just had mine done and I love them. No more worries of if they are even or if they will rub off – they are just there!

    Love your style. Thank you. Gale.

    1. I’ve wanted/considered that too. Is it priced exorbitantly where you live? The only information I have on cost is from a YouTube feed who lives In Houston. She said it had cost her about $7,000.00. Definitely more than I would spend for it. I might if I was a lot younger! thanks

  13. You look really pretty. Btw, I ordered the red and royal blue scoop neck tops from Covered Perfectly and they are indeed perfect. I will be ordering more for sure! Thank you for the tips!

  14. Which skin care collection do you use from Beauty Counter?–I think this would be a great gift to ask from Santa 🙂 JoAnn

  15. Such a pretty & soft look with a brighter lip. You are great at the color selection and blending. How much time on average does your start to finish take? I was also wondering when you walk in the mornings, do you just put on a lip product and sunglasses, then shower & do the full makeup later? Thanks so much for the closer shots, the eye colors are wonderful. You are a lovely lady with a brave soul! Thank you.

  16. Lovely post. May I be bold enough to thank you for the make up free shot. You always look so stunning and natural that seeing you look a little more like this almost 60 year old face in the morning is very motivational. Working from home it’s easy to be make up free to often which is crazy because we all are more productive when we know we look good! Thanks again.

  17. Love this! As I age major adjustments have been made in my makeup application. Luckily I have always tweaked my skincare to match the condition of my skin but find that I need to do that much more frequently these days. Hang on to your hat…I am 68 soon to be 69…skin changes in so many ways with each passing year! My biggest fear is looking like a woman who is trying to hard to look younger! I’m thankful for my age but that doesn’t mean I need to give up on working to look my healthiest and happiest just because I am older! Thanks for sharing your life it’s fun to get tips here and there and share with other woman going through similar things!

  18. Nice post! I’m thinking that each year past 60 will mean making little tweaks to skin care and makeup. I agree w/you that I can also see differences in myself after just a year goes by. Your eyes are so clear and pretty; do you use any special drops to keep then that way?

  19. Wow, from stilettos to block heels and flats, rocker leather jackets to softer jackets and full face make-up to a more natural look! What has inspired such a transformation from just a year or 2 ago? Love the new Susan!

  20. Do you have a link to your Beauty Counter site?
    And a list of your favorite products?
    I have sensitive skin with some rosacea
    ThAnk you!

  21. What brand of makeup do you recommend? I am 68 yrs. old and you look fabulous. How do you apply it– the base? Also, any powder? I live way out in the country and do not have a consultant. When I saw your picture , hairdo is almost like mine. Your simplicity and classy look is what I want. Thank you for any help. It will be much appreciated.

    Elizabeth Williamson

  22. I really like your finished look! Do you apply absolutely nothing to your lower lashes or below your eyes? No shadow, no nothing?

  23. Susan I enjoyed your blog and photos. So warm and friendly. Iam an active 85 year old. My skin is Asian fair with dark brown hair with gray mixed in. I do not color. I have light brown eyes, almost hazel. I was told green eyeshadow but I like your Smokey shadow. What colors do you recommend before I purchase from Beauty counter. And what second color to compliment? I may not be able to pull off the Smokey look because of skin and eye color. Maybe the olive eye shadow?my wardrobe is very similar to yours. Closet is dominated by Johnny Was and Saga Linen from Italy.

    1. Thank you, Sally.
      As I age, I am wearing less and less makeup and concentrating more on skincare. Try an eyeshadow color a bit darker than your skin color for the base color and then a second one that is darker for a small amount of contrast.

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