If you like how an outfit is put together, but you don’t wear black, substitute with gray, navy, or brown. A dark neutral color that flatters your skin tone is the cornerstone of all successful wardrobes. Working around three neutral colors in harmony with each other and with your coloring means you always have something to wear that is flattering and comfortable. Pops of color, print, or texture can always be added with a scarf, jewelry, or other accessories.

If you don’t wear heels, look for flats that look slender on your foot and have a low vamp. The vamp is the top part of the shoe opening over the toes. A pointed or almond-shaped toe always looks more feminine and dressy than a round toe. I often look at the designer items and high-end luxury objects, knowing that I will never buy them. By studying the aesthetic, use of color, and style, I get the general feel for what I would like to add to my home or my wardrobe. Then I head over to the websites such as Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Off 5th, or even T.J.Maxx to look for something similar in style and the best quality I can afford.

Take inspiration from the objects you admire, then use that incentive to build a collection that works for you. Another example is my upcoming little vacation. I would love to spend two weeks in Seychelles exploring and snorkeling, a trip that is both out of my price range and not within my time constraints. Instead, I researched and found a safe beach town in southern Florida where I can spend a week alone roaming beaches, visiting nature preserves and window shopping, or just sitting by the pool reading a book for a while.

When I can get away for only a small part of a day, I take a break from running two companies and other responsibilities to do something that sets me free, at least for a few hours. I have learned the hard way that the body shuts down and gets sick if we keep pushing it to work harder and ignore the warning signs it gives us. Instead of striving for perfection and working seven days a week, I now seek more of a balance and fully embrace the moments of joy that can be found in daily life. Give yourself a break. You deserve it!

The photos from today’s post were snapped last week when my sister and I spent part of the day on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. We wanted to visit the nature preserve and enjoy the perfect weather. I wore layers to stay warm and boots by Antelope Shoes with a lug sole for comfortable walking on the paved paths and sidewalks. My look on this very casual day included Levi’s jeans, a lace-up neckline sweatshirt from White House|Black Market over a long-sleeve Covered Perfectly top, both half-tucked in front, and a scarf draped around my neck a couple of times. Even though I worked before and after our little getaway, I felt rested and happy that I got to enjoy this beautiful day with my sister.

  1. Good Morning! I am always inspired by your ideas about clothing & the information you share. I do have a question…….I am small framed but well endowed in my bust. I always hesitate to wear a scarf because I feel it just adds extra bulk in that area. I would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. You are wise to think carefully about how you wear scarves. I try to always keep the tie or drape well above my bustline. I often wear scarves long and loose just draped around my neck to embellish a neckline.

  2. Beautiful pics. A little escape helps the soul. Florida fun sounds perfect too. You always look so pretty even in Levi’s! Enjoy your day.

  3. Hi Susan, I’ve hiked Grandfather Mountain many years ago and the scenery is spectacular! Thank you for the beautiful pictures and memories. Enjoy your upcoming getaway. Even planning a vacation is fun!

  4. you Need to go on a cruise, Susan. And if you arrange it through a travel agent as the official Susan After 60 Cruise, you can go for free. Just post the date on your website and allow your readers to sign up to go with you. You promise some fashion lectures on the cruise, maybe with a nice slide show or lead the ladies on a shopping expedition in port. Ta da—free vacation. Just something to think about.

  5. Enjoy your vacation, Susan. You deserve it. I live in SW FL year round. The weather is lovely this time of year.

  6. Hi Susan!
    Thanks for the pictures. By the way…crazy road, too! I have a request. A while back you talked about how you had all your jeans tailored with a piece of elastic inserted in a “V” shape to hold them in place at the waistline. I was very interested at the time, but didn’t clearly understand how this is done. A short tutorial would be great if you could find the time…I can only imagine how busy you are. Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and Mr. Mickey! Sending Love, Marie

    1. Basically, the idea is to replace a wedge of fabric at the back of your jeans at the waistband area with wide elastic. Think of a small slice of pizza turned point down.

  7. Susan, these pictures are just stunning! Happy you had sister AND nature time. Your wisdom helps you model so well good self-care along with classy fashion. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  8. Hi Susan. I’ve learned so much from you about dressing correctly for my body shape and my comfort. I’m more confident and comfortable when I am out in public than I’ve ever been before. Thank you! I’ve noticed that you’ve begun to tuck in many of your shirts and are wearing a belt with jeans. In the recent past you usually would do a half tuck in the front or tucked in the back under a jacket. You frequently wore jeans or pants that were smooth in front with no zippers or buttons. You also mentioned in a recent post that you were no longer wearing tunics. You always look lovely, but I thought that front tucking and belts accentuated the tummy area. I’m curious why you have changed the way you dress. I have the same body shape as you and thought I finally had learned how to dress. Then you changed! I am not meaning to be a critic. I only want to learn! Why the change? Thanks so much!

    1. The reason I have started to half-tuck more often and wear long tunics less often is that I rarely wear heels anymore. I have to make some adjustments to the top half so that my legs don’t look so short now.

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