I Wore A Poncho!

We often go to Ming’s Asian Cuisine for sushi on Sunday afternoon.


This past Sunday, the weather was starting to get colder, so I wore layers. Bulky layers can make me look like the Michelin Man if I am not careful.


When I wear short booties or any closed-toe shoes, I wear the same color hose or crew socks as pants. I know it is the trend to skip hosiery, but I am sixty years old. Many blue veins are showing through my white skin, so I will cover my legs no matter what the trend is. I skip socks in summer because I am usually wearing open-toe shoes, but I make sure I always have a fresh pedicure, and I do not wear capri pants or shorts.



The gray cable poncho was from Foxcroft last year. The plain gray sweater underneath is a couple of years old from Chico’s. The black ankle-length pants are also old from Chico’s. The bag is old by Calvin Klein via T.J.Maxx.


The boots are by Gianni Bini via Dillard’s, and they are also old.

You have likely noticed a pattern in the way I dress. I love to wear classic pieces that fit and flatter my shape. I can mix and match them and wear them for years to come. I hope that sharing my little tips and outfit ideas helps you put together your own winning combinations.

  1. Thank you for stating that the trend of a bit of skin showing between your short boot and the bottom of your pants doesn’t work for everyone. I tried the look, but i couldn’t even step out of my closet. As always, you look stunning!s

  2. I love this look on you! Thanks for showing us a poncho look I think I could actually try! Your hair looks really pretty also. I enjoy your blog! I just turned 60 in April and I find your blog very inspiring.

  3. Gorgeous and so stylish Susan! It’s so refreshing to see a woman who knows what looks good and is flattering to the body. And you are always so classy:-)

  4. I have never tried a poncho, but you look so stylish in yours that I just might. And your boots are just what I am looking for. I had to donate my dressy short boots because the very narrow toe box was killing my bunions. (I hate the word bunions, so old-ladyish.) The heel on your boot, while a little high, looks stable. Is it comfortable?

  5. You look so great! Also I wanted to comment on how well you maintain your clothes and shoes – everything looks new, even when you say it is “old” – lol. Do you polish your shoes yourself or take them somewhere? I go both ways – a professional shoeshine is a small luxury that I love. The Nordstrom here has a permanent shoeshine station and while it’s mostly men who are customers, they always make me feel welcome and comfortable and I walk out feeling like a million bucks! Have a wonderful day – always look forward to your posts. Lisa

    1. I am always careful with my bags and shoes. I wish we had a cobbler here, but they have all closed, so I polish all my leather goods myself. Thank you for your kind comments.

  6. No hose in winter is simply not on for we northern girls, quite aside from the sextarion lumps and bumps! The fashion goddesses sometimes come up with cuckoo ideas. 😀

    I adore shawl type wraps with one side flung over my shoulder. It visually adds height and the fling adds panache. I have a fine collection of them, ’cause I snap them up when they are “in”. They never go “out” as far as I’m concerned!

    The narrow pant and bootie works so well with this style!


  7. I just found your blogs a couple days ago and have been perusing them. You offer so many helpful tips. I am an apple shape and in process of losing 20 pounds. Did I read you are an inverted triangle shape and is that much different from an apple? What height are you? Yours in living to the fullest for what I think of as , the ‘best one third’ of life. (Growing up, working and raising families, enjoying a fulfilling, meaningful and fun life.)

    1. I do have an inverted triangle shape which means most of my weight is carried high on my torso with wider shoulders than hips. An apple shape can have smaller shoulders and hips with a wider tummy area. When I lost weight, it took about six months for my skin to get used to there being less foundation under it. That was the least of my worries. I lost weight to get back my health and to rid myself of inflammation that was causing me so many problems; it wasn’t for vanity. Four migraines per week and seven sinus infections in a year were more than I could take. I could barely walk in even in cushy flat shoes. My whole body hurt. I will never go back to eating meat and processed junk food again.

    1. I feel like when people lose it often shows up in their faces first, but then it redistributes – so you might look a little hollow-cheeked for a while but then it tends to even out. I know some people say you have to choose between your fanny and your face after 40, but I don’t believe it!

  8. Bbrrr, leaves on the ground, a poncho, I’m feeling the chill! A great transitional outfit, Susan. Perfect!

  9. I absolutely love this. You wore a poncho, something I never have the nerve to buy. Yours fits closer to the body and is not patterned and I thank you. That’s why it works. And the thing about wearing hose with short boots. FINAlly, we can do that. I was told “no sox” when I bought a pair of serious ankle pants but I am an early 60s woman who just can’t do that. You look great!

  10. Susan, you never fail to amaze me with your fashion sense, and I thank you for sharing it with all of us. Question regarding your ankle pants and booties. Do you have separate skinny pants that you wear with your booties? I bought my first pair of booties late last winter but haven’t worn them yet and, glad that I haven’t because I was not aware of the top of the bootie and the hem of the pant leg. It makes so much sense. I have casual leggings that I can fold but for dressier wear, it looks like I have to shop for nicer skinny legs pants.

    1. I first pick the pair of shoes I want to wear that day and then find the pants in the correct length and color. I try not ever to cuff them because of my already short legs.

  11. You look stunning-as always. I have been trying on some of your looks and I want to thank you. I am not even five feet tall and the outfit ideas really seem to give me a longer appearance (high heels don’t hurt either). I really appreciate all that you share. About five years ago I also began eating better and lost about 40 pounds (and have kept it off), but a couple of glasses of wine a week and dessert on occasion is still part of my lifestyle-cheers!

  12. very classic looking and agree with wearing stockings and or socks as I have the same problem with veins and besides it’s ugly to look at!!

  13. Love that look on You! I have one question, how do you cope with taking off a poncho in the restaurant – without destroying the hair. Linda from UK

    1. I didn’t remove this one but if I did, I would gather it up in my hands so that it was in control as I slipped it over my head. My hair is wavy, wash and wear hair, so I always laugh at the wind or sweaters being pulled over it.

  14. I’m with you on the wearing of hose/socks. I can’t say I enjoy wearing panty hose or even trouser socks, HOWEVER, at the age of 60+ I know what I need to do to look presentable. At age 20 or 30 I had great legs but now even though I do wear shorts, I just don’t like to see them exposed….especially if I’m wearing a dress. I also do not wear capris as I think they make an outfit looks unfinished. Like the manufacturer forgot to hem them. I haven’t purchased ankle pants but I like your tip of wearing them with booties to lengthen your leg. It is so nice to have a woman of my age whose style I admire. My biggest problem is remembering to dress up once in a while rather than pull on the sweatpants. I’m getting there.

  15. I love this title ” I wore a poncho ” . You remind me an excited child discovering new things and so passionate about how you are fitting in to this world with yourself .. l guess it is a new journey in many ways . Anyways, love ponchos I have many and love your blog . I am 54 and enjoy fashion and my ever chananging approach to life and fashion at this stage of my life. We have very similar taste in clothing . However since I’ve been following you, I never see you incorporate skirts into your wordrobe. What’s your thoughts ?? I love my skirts in the summer and fall. Too cold in the winter as I live in Port Washington , NY. Happy blogging.

    1. My legs are short, and my calves are muscular. If I wore a dress, it would need to stop about mid-thigh to have the correct proportions for my body, so I rarely wear a skirt or a dress. If I do, I keep the line as long as possible by wearing nude hose and high heeled shoes or if the skirt or dress is black, I wear black hose or tights and black high heeled shoes.

  16. Susan,
    I have been following your blog for over a year and I have learned so much about fashion and what works for me. I am 64 and like you I love classics and clean lines. I very rarely wear patterns unless they are smaller since I am thin and petite. Since retiring from 30 years of teaching, I am wearing more casual clothes, but my husband and I still have date night every Saturday night. Thanks for all your tips- I really appreciate your advice. Love Mr. Mickey too!

  17. Wonderful combination! Even when someone young goes without socks, I think it looks ugly. The whole bare-legs look has never appealed to me. I will be glad when hose are back “in”.

  18. Amen to the skip the-socks-trend!! Sometimes temperatures demand that we be sensible and keep our feet warm!!! I also have the dreaded blue veins around my ankles. I praise you for publicly stating on your blog that you wear hose or socks with your booties. I love your outfit. I have been considering purchasing a poncho and now I think I just will!!

  19. as usual you look fabulous! I totally agree with the bare leg business, I always wear hose or socks with close toed shoes. Thanks for all the great suggestions you always have, and for being true to yourself!

  20. Love this look and love that you encourage value and personalization vs. “latest and greatest” trend. You’ve empowered me to not look ridiculous!

  21. Susan, such you don’t wear shorts or capris, what type of clothing do you wear at home for relaxing? Really enjoy your blog.

    1. I don’t wear shorts or capris. I do wear white, khaki and denim ankle length pants when the weather is warm. I love my Miss Elaine flannel back satin pajamas for relaxing at home alone.

  22. Great look Susan. I like the look of hose.Under pants,if wearing dressier shoes,it helps me look like I have longer legs. And I think it looks so elegant when a woman wears nylons with a dress. No matter the weather or if you have blemish free legs! Sexier,young or older.

  23. I find ponchos and ruanas difficult to wear. It is windy where I live, and fall/spring don’t really exist for more than a day or two. Ruanas are too light for fall. You could wear them over a parka, but they’d blow away, or you’d have to belt them. Winter clothes are already bulky enough. No need to look like a bigger marshmallow!

    So for me, ruanas and ponchos are indoor wear. I am not a short or small person, so I thought it would be easy to carry off this look. Wrong! I remembered how you size down in some items. I sized down two sizes in a poncho. It still overwhelmed me, so I switched from black to a dark green. Success! The smaller poncho was shorter, with much less volume. It fits under my winter coat, no problem. I wear a column of black for the slimming effect. My small bones needed less volume and a shorter length. Thank you for the lessons.

  24. You look fantastic. Guess I will get out my poncho purchased at Chico’s a few years ago. Yours looks so soft.

  25. Susan, I am 49 and I love your blog and your style!! I get a lot of inspiration from you as I feel your style is ageless. You are beautiful and thanks for all of your advice.

  26. You look very elegant in your poncho. I love those boots too. Your comment about tight pants with a loose bottom is funny but makes sense. I love ponchos & have been wearing them since the 1960’s. Not the same ones. I wear them if they are in or out of style. A great layering piece.

  27. I have found that I can’t wear heels anymore – too painful. I imagine you have other 60-year-old women in the same boat. Any fashion tips for footwear for us?

    1. Wear something similar with a low heel or whatever you find to be comfortable. I can still wear heels for short periods, and I have many pairs in perfect condition, so I hesitate to let them go.

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