Hair Update

Earlier this week, I told you I would share the results of my most recent cut with you.

Many of you have asked about my turning gray decision. Before I turned twenty, my first gray hair showed up, so a fiftieth birthday gift to myself was to stop coloring it. My hair tends to turn brassy with coloring, so it is now in harmony with my coloring for the first time in my adult life. The process of letting the color grow off included using a lighter temporary color to mask the skunk line a little and keeping it short while it grew out. A stylist once told me that letting my hair go gray means keeping it neatly trimmed becomes a priority to keep from looking unkempt.

My thinning hair is best at a medium length or shorter, which is much more flattering than trying to let it grow to my shoulders. Working with the natural tendencies of my hair certainly makes my daily life easier. I never spend more than ten minutes on my hair in the morning. If I blow dry it, I use a low heat setting and speed as I lift and scrunch my hair with my hands to keep it curly. If I want it to be more straight, I use a vented brush to lift and smooth it as I dry it up from the root to give it lift. I rarely brush it or even think about it during the day, so a low maintenance cut and style are imperative. When it starts falling in my eyes, it is time to make an appointment for a trim.

Dry hair and skin is another reality that is becoming much more of an issue for me as I age. One of my favorite moisturizers for both my hair and my skin is coconut oil. I like the idea of fewer products used on my body or cluttering up my home. To keep the brassy tones at bay, I use Jhirmack Shampoo Silver Plus once each week, and I mix it with my regular shampoo. During this season, I am using Moroccanoil® Extra Volume Shampoo. My hair and scalp become very dry in winter, so I shampoo every other day and massage coconut oil into my scalp and hair about once a week.

  1. I love this length for you. It brings out the luscious waves that you have. I have always been tempted to do this because my hair is high maintenance-coloring and keeping it super straight. Plus, I have no idea what color my hair is. Haven’t seen its natural state in 20 years!

  2. At age 60 when my daughter graduated high school, I decided to let go of the color. I’m so glad I did. Mine is a salt and pepper look. I love your hair!

  3. Good for you embracing your natural gray! And your style is so chic. I sincerely mean that, it looks lovely on you. Too often I have seen women our age or older with long gray hair and it truly is not an attractive look on most women. It truly looks unkempt. My hair is about your length, maybe a little shorter and I struggle with what style to have. Straight is easier, but wavy is more complimentary. Would you mind if I took a screen print of your style to my hair dresser the next time I go? So happy you shared this with us.

  4. Hola Susana.
    Hace unos meses que visito tu blog y es el unico que sigo.¡Enhorabuena por el mismo!
    El largo y corte de pelo que llevas hoy es el que más te favorece, en mi opinión.
    Un cordial saludo.
    Piedad desde España.

  5. Hi Susan. I started graying at 17. I touched up the gray for a while, then stopped for a while. When I was 32 and people thought my 3 year old was my grandson (yes, really), I decided I had to color again. For the next 18 years, I was a beautiful dark auburn that I loved. However, it was so hard to keep up! Right before my 50th birthday, I knew that the time was right to LET IT GO!! The young stylist had never seen hair like mine before and tried stripping it. Well it went from tangerine color to canteloupe color, and when she was afraid to strip it again (thank God), I said just leave it be. It wasn’t so bad, as it washed out pretty quickly. I’ll be celebrating my 63rd birthday in 2 weeks, and I am proud to say that I sport a pure-white pixie cut that suits me just fine. It’s the hair my Grandma had, the hair my Mom had, and now people stop me and ask what color do I use on my hair. I love that. Going dye-free was a great decision. Your’s is beautiful. Enjoy it.

  6. Your hair cut looks GREAT! Do you have naturally curly hair. If you’ve mentioned it before I guess I have forgotten.
    Could you tell us more about how you use the coconut oil? Do you put it on your body before getting out of the shower? Do you use it daily? Do you use other body lotions in addition to the coconut oil? When you use it on your scalp do you cover your hair witb a towel and let oil stay on for a certain period of time? I have severe dry flakey skin all over. I know I could do much better at hydrating by drinking more water but I also have a skin condition that I was born with so much of it I have had to learn to deal with over the years. My hands look like I am VERY old (older than my 67 years) and they have looked that way since I can remember. Curel lotion has been a great help. I have thought about trying coconut oil as an addition to my skin care.
    I enjoy Susan After 60 especially your outings with Mr Micky. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I sometimes use the coconut oil as a body lotion before bed, or I massage it into my skin when I get out of the shower. It will absorb after a few minutes. You can also put your Curel on over it before getting dressed. I just massage the oil into my hair and scalp when I get up in the morning. A few hours later I take my shower and shampoo my hair as usual but it looks is a lot softer and shinier afterward.

  7. Your hair looks terrific! I am shocked by your description of yourself st 40. How generous and honest to share and how inspiring! ❤

  8. You always look lovely Susan. I have very straight hair so I have gotten a perm for a long time. Thank you for sharing the products you use. I am definitely going to try the coconut oil.

  9. My hair was always on the thin side but with aging has become sparse in certain areas and much thinner overall. I continue to color my hair to a medium dark brown with subtle red highlights just near the face. The color definitely adds much needed volume and moisture to my hair and I would not go grey. It looks lovely on you but I think we all have to decide what works for us personally. As I always say “Vive la difference”.

  10. That is a lovely hair style on you. I am intrigued about the coconut oil – is it strong smelling and greasy to use or does it sink in?
    Is it ok to style the hair ends – as a wax replacement? Do you use it all over, face body and hair?

    Please can we see more of your casual run about looks and styling issues, for a relaxed lifestyle.
    Also could you explain about choosing which style of outfit for which type of day (lifestyle) and what to accessorise with it.

    This has been bit of a mixed bag of questions today. Thanks.

    1. The coconut oil has a faint smell, but it is not greasy. After I brush my teeth and tidy up the bathroom, it has all but disappeared into my skin. I only use it on my hair a couple of hours before I get into the shower. I wash my hair as I normally do. Afterward my hair is much softer and shinier than before.

  11. Your hair looks very chic and not at all like its thinning. My hair is completely straight and no body at all so my thinning really shows.
    I have been following your blog for a month or so and I really enjoy it. I’ve noticed that all your clothes are solid color. Is this a part
    Of your fashion ethos? I’ll admit that I am feeling somewhat self conscious now every time I pull out a print. What is your thought about prints?

    1. I gave away all of my prints a few years ago. They are too memorable and limiting. My solid color neutral colors can be endlessly mixed and matched. I use accessories and scarves to give my look pattern and brighter color.

  12. I have fine curly hair too. My best friend is my silk pillowcase. This stops me waking up with bed head in the morning and helps reduce split ends. My hairdresser was so impressed with the improvement that he asked me to make some for him to sell in his shop. The result was an etsy business. If you would like me to send you one to try, just email me. My shop is katykookaburra. The money I make from my pillowcases enables me to travel to New Zealand to visit my son and new baby grandson, and in fact I am in Wellington now, meeting the baby for the first time.
    I love your blog, there is very little advice for people of our age and shape. Keep on keeping on!

  13. Susan,
    I am living in England for the next two years At my last haircut, the stylist asked if I every wore my hair curly. I am in the South Lake District of Cumbria and we have showers or mist almost every day..He blew my hair dry with a nylon sock attachment as he scrunched my hair softly. Check it out on the internet you might like it. it is called Hot Sock. Love your new cut!

  14. Good update. You look great! I wish more of us would go natural. I would like to go without makeup, particularly eye makeup. I am spending more days make up less, but for events I put it on … not brave enough for the big plunge yet. Lol

  15. I was wondering if you could tell me what you look for when buying a cashmere top? Anything in particular or just as long as it says cashmere on the label?

  16. Perfect length and love the style! I have to touch up my color every three weeks now as it starts to show at the roots but I am terrified of trying to let it grow out. Thanks for sharing all your tips.

  17. Your hair looks fab. I like the grey. I have seen so many great shades of grey that I may follow your lead and go grey!

  18. Your hair is a beautiful color and texture.
    I am a big fan of coconut oil also. I use it right after my shower on my arms, legs and neck. It soaks in as I brush my teeth and put on my makeup. Putting unpronounceable chemical-y names on my skin started worrying me. If it’s safe for my stomach to digest inside, then it’s safe to smear on my skin, my outsides.

  19. Hi Susan,
    Your hair looks fabulous! I too have let the silver shine, and refer to it as Arctic Blonde!
    I really enjoy your Blog and your sense of fashion.
    It’s always a welcome treat to have a peek into your home and your closet.
    We live in Ontario Canada so our climate is a bit different, though this winter hasn’t been too harsh.
    We love your area of Tennessee and always like to visit …. it’s so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing your great sense of style,
    Jennifer Neeb

  20. Hi Susan, not sure if you do this but it’s a trick I learnt many years ago: put coconut oil on your hair, wrap your head in a warm towel and leave for awhile but the important thing is to rub the shampoo in before adding water, this way you get the oil out easily. I find if I forget and run the water on first it’s really difficult to get all the oil out!
    Enjoy your blog,thanks.

  21. I love that length of hair on you. I to am letting my hair go gray, but unlike you with a beautiful head of silver hair I am 70 and it is only in the front and here and there, but I would much rather have it this way then to keep coloring. My hair texture is spider web fine. Thank you for sharing.

  22. I take your photo to my hairdresser ,too. You have already given the permission to others 3 or 4 readers.
    thank you Susan you are amazing!

  23. Love your hair! You are like me when it comes to my hair getting too long. I wish that I had your natural curl, mine is stick straight. I asked my hairdresser to use a razor this week and it helped with choppy layers. Keep up the good work!

  24. Finally, I found a blog I can relate to at my age! Thank you for being there and showcasing how sensational we can all be 60 and older. And remember…we got to see all of the good bands! Rock on!

  25. I looked for coconut oil today. So many to choose from! I notice yours is white. Does it matter if it’s refined or unrefined? Thanks for all your advice!

  26. Thought about letting my hair be natural, but I’m not sure what that color would be. My hair dresser said she would help me through the process, but my family want’s me to keep it the color it is. Big decision!

  27. I can really relate to hair stylist problems. I am sure some hairdressers have lessons in how not to listen. Last week i went for a TRIM. Had finally got my wavey hair to just touching my shoulders and it was looking good and easy to manage. All i wanted was a little of the layers to give it a lift. Well fist cut took about an inch off….too late then. To add insult she blowdried my hair straight into a sort of bob which was flat on top and wide at end. I’m 66 years old and it was not a good look. Came home and immediately gave it a wash and scruch dry but very annoyed that I lost that bit of length which will take ms 6 months to grow back.


  28. Thank you sooo much for sharing!!! I, am going thru the same expreience. My thinning hair is concerning me. I, am turning 67 soon (April 24th) my hair, nails and skin are becoming an issue!!! lol It has been both comforting and encouraging to follow your blog!!! I, am going thru almost the exact same thing that you are…I, feel like sister!!!

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