Great New Vest

Even if I have no plans for the day, I get dressed after my morning exercise and breakfast. A vest is often part of my relaxed, casual looks, so my favorites are starting to look a bit worn. I’ve been searching for a replacement to wear with crewneck sweaters and tees.

You may also avoid thick sweaters in cotton or cable knits if you have an apple shape or a full bust. Fine knits such as merino wool and cashmere are much more flattering, and a vest is a warm layer that creates the desired vertical lines without being too hot. Crewneck tops do not flatter roundish faces and full busts, but they are warmer than v-necks.

I have a few pairs of Loraine Bit Loafers found here, and they have become my favorite house shoes. They are comfortable and attractive for staying at home, but I’ve found them too flat for errands all day. The gray cashmere sweater is from Everlane, and it is about four years old, so the style they have now is different. Here is a similar sweater.

The vest is here. The jeans are here. I bought the jeans because of the wide smooth pull-on waistband, which looks best with thin sweaters.

The vest has several attractive details, such as high-quality black zippers and snaps, and the side panels are knit, which gives a more slender silhouette. In addition, the piping detail looks like leather for an extra special touch. I took a couple of photos to show these details because I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and style of this vest.

Since this is a post about what I wear to stay home on a cool fall day, I thought I would snap a few photos while I took an afternoon walk. I hope you have a lovely day.

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  1. I’m an apple shape so I appreciate your tips Susan. I love that this vest is not so puffy & the diamond shapes are smaller. I never understood before why crewnecks never appealed to me but do now! I live in V-necks or scoop necks.

  2. Hello Susan. I’ve been following you for years. I appreciate all that you post to keep us after 60 ladies smartly dressed. (I’m 69) I remember that you have said that advertising companies steal your content to use for their gain. I saw one yesterday that popped up on my iPad. I took a photo with my cell and will send it to you if you’d like.

    I’m writing to you from Bonita Springs Florida. As you probably know we just experienced hurricane Ian a week ago today. We are fine but the surrounding areas are still struggling without power, clean water and in many cases total devastation. The utility companies have been working nonstop to get power back. So many are helping in so many ways. The local leaders are determined that the areas will build back soon.

  3. The vest is very nice with the trim and the knit side panels. I would have bought it, but already have two I bought in late summer. They add a layer of warmth just where I need it. Thank you for sharing photos from your walk. Autumn is a beautiful time of year. I was surprised to see the iris. My best wishes to you!

  4. I’m an Apple shape also, and appreciate your guidance on that. I have a few vests and will wear them more now. Wearing a crew neck tee with them is a good way to put those crew necks to good use, as I too prefer a vee neck (I’m petite with a short neck and a somewhat large bust). I also love the flat pull on waist! Now I don’t want to wear anything else, for they’re so comfortable and I like the smoothness of it under shirts. Love the Autumn photos you shared. Have a super good week!

  5. I appreciate your lesson to me on vest details. I will now pursue the purchase of one. I don’t have one.
    I enjoyed the half summer half autumn tree that you snapped.
    Florida has such a lite abbreviated fall and now with Ian we don’t have our mind on the season anyway.
    I am fine and in North Port waiting for electricity.

  6. Hi, Susan!  I love your blog and always learn so much.  Thank you for continuing to share with the online community! 

    I love vests and wear often during the winter.  When purchasing a vest, should it be snug or loose?  I often see women wearing vests that would not be able to be zipped or buttoned, yet they look nice.  Is the shoulder fit and length more important than if the vest can be fully closed.   I never zip/button my vests but want to have the best possible look.  Your thoughts?

    1. I buy my regular size and rarely button or zip them, but they will if needed. Jackets, vests, and cardigans should all close even if you never intend to wear them that way.

  7. Susan,
    You and your companion live in an area, where the surroundings are beautiful. I was curious if the vest is black as shown. I haven’t shopped at Chico’s lately, but I will order the vest and jeans, except the one color is sold out in all sizes. Thanks again for sharing.

  8. I wondered how you store your cashmere? I don’t own many but was sad to see a small hole in my Talbots cashmere sweater this year

  9. Love the vest, & the whole outfit actually! Beautiful scenery for your walk. Love the changing colors of that beautiful tree! Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

  10. Here in Rock Hill, SC, near Charlotte NC..we have few really cold days. Long sleeve tees under vests, “boyfriend” sweaters, well..Your new vest reminded me to get a black, white and red one down and have them ready in case we get a bit of chill..After almost 40 years of wearing scrubs,having closets full of clothes and nothing to wear, your advice has almost emptied my closets..but, it sure is easy to plan clothes for the week Sunday evenings..Thanks for sharing sensible pointers..

  11. Your fall pictures are just beautiful. Here in Houston, Tx, our fall comes much later, so these are quite welcome, knowing our fall season is coming!

    Love this vest; will shop at my local Chico’s…..hopefully they will have colors as I already have black ones I love.

    Loving you from Texas,

  12. Love the vest and your hair! What loafers are you wearing now that are comfortable to wear all day when you are out and about? Thank you. I just ordered the vest.

  13. Your casual look is lovely and well-put together. Thank you for the many examples of subtle, stylish “mix and match” dressing as well as your hints for highlighting our best features. Women our age have better things to do than to stress over our wardrobe any longer! On the topic of vests, I do have several — one of my hobbies is landscape painting and vests give me the warmth and freedom of movement I need. I do have one black fleece vest designated just for painting. I recently took a risk and purchased a vest in an animal print. It is a darker, more subtle print so we shall see how it looks with a black top.
    Thank you, also, for sharing your photos of this beautiful time of year.

  14. Hello Susan
    I’ve been following you for some time & love your posts.
    I’m transitioning to retirement – this might seem like a crazy question but – do you exercise and breakfast before showering & dressing for the day? Or the other way around? – I’m conscious of not ‘letting myself go’ upon retirement as I’ve seen it happen to friends of mine who are basically now housebound since they finished ‘paid employment’ – they haven’t been able to engage in this new wonderful life that doesn’t involve working outside the home. I admire how you’ve been able to ‘pull it all together’’. I don’t have a male companion which can at times be the motivation to keep ‘looking good’ but I do feel completely fulfilled & happy & would like to keep it that way. I would like any advice or suggestions.
    Margaret xx

    1. I work out, make breakfast, clean up the kitchen, then take my shower and get ready for the day. However, I am a very early riser, so these tasks are usually completed by 8 am.

  15. Susan,
    Thanks for this post. I have been looking for a vest – went to the Chico’s link and bought 2 – black and orchid! And they were almost half priced. Timing in life is everything.
    I am using your basic wardrobe list to pare down my winter wardrobe. I enjoy your pictures and your positive outlook!
    Stay well,

  16. Love this vest. Thank you for the link. I bought one. Great prices. Always grateful for your ideas and bits of wisdom!

  17. Susan, I too wear vests in fall and winter, that add warmth without bulk. Your nature photos are beautiful!
    I enjoy all your posts!

  18. Love your outfits! Just a question….what do you think about the popularity of pleather this season? Worth the puchase?

  19. Dear Susan,
    I love your vest and so useful with layers, especially here in the UK. I take your point about following fashion blind. The vest type you show on this post suits me very well. However, the over large dropped shoulder large knitted vest ( hitting the shops now) would be too overpowering for my 5’2” slightly round body and face. I will stick with the fleece or quilted type vest. You tell us so many things that are so obvious once said Somehow it has taken me years to analyse my style & body and save expensive mistakes. Thank you so much for all your advice.

    Kind regards
    Aileen Goodwin

  20. I have breakfast, read my devotions, and then complete household chores or tackle a project. So I dress in work clothes and then I wait to shower and dress in that day’s outfit. Close to noon by that time, so always concerned someone can stop by or just feel not put together until then. Oh, well, not mind altering problems! Ha Ha.

  21. Dear Susan,

    I always look forward to your blog postings!

    You only wear clothes that suit your life. You then explain why something works or doesn’t. Appreciate that you’re not trying to sell me something.

    Thank you!

  22. hi Susan. I was at my local mall and purchased the vest in black. Thank you so much for the tip! I agree – it is well made! Thank you for all your tips. I appreciate you very much.

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