Foresta in Abingdon

Foresta is an upscale Mediterranean restaurant with an Italian flair in Abingdon, Virginia. It has become one of our favorite places to enjoy a delightful meal in comfortable surroundings with excellent service.

Abingdon has always been one of my favorite small towns to visit. The respectful preservation of early American architecture makes one feel like you are stepping back in time.

My look included elements I’ve owned for two or three years, so you’ve seen them all before. The navy jacket is by Clara Sunwoo. The tank is from Chico’s. The ankle jeans are from Talbots. The block-heeled sandals are about three years old by Sam Edelman. Finally, the straw bag was from T.J. Maxx years ago, and I tucked the strap inside to carry it as a clutch.

The unique artwork on display throughout the restaurant is for sale.

An aperitif (a word from the Latin aprire “to open”) is a light, most often dry, modestly alcoholic beverage meant to spark the appetite without overwhelming the senses.

The bread is worth the hour drive! Cloves of roasted garlic are stuffed between slices of French bread, lightly toasted, and drizzled with olive oil and fresh herbs. The whipped butter on the side is infused with fresh herbs as well.

My Linguine with mushrooms, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts was a delight.

Mr. Mickey enjoyed the halibut again. It is one of his all-time favorites.

The Italian Cream Cake with strawberries and blueberries is so delicious!

We look forward to revisiting Foresta since it remains near the top of our list of favorite restaurants.

  1. Hi Susan, I love the way that you wear items you already have in many different ways. Thank you. Abingdon looks delightful. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love your outfit and the fact that you shop your closet. Your meals look so yummy (and healthy)! Abingdon looks like an interesting place to visit.

  3. Susan, The combination of white on white with the navy jacket is quite flattering. I recently withdrew completely from social media — but I still enjoy your blog immensely. I have been wanting to thank you for highlighting the online pilates site, “Move with Nicole.” After suffering a shoulder injury due to weightlifting (with a personal trainer, no less!), I am experiencing less pain and more mobility with Nicole’s routines. I have been very pleased with the results. I look forward to not only your fashion posts, but also your lifestyle and healthy living insights.

  4. A friend and I are planning a trip to your area and want to “walk in Susan’s shoes”. Could you list some of the small towns you have visited and enjoyed? I remember Abingdon and Blowing Rock, but can’t recall any others. Thank you for your blog and wonderful fashion, food, travel and lifestyle ideas.

    1. I hope you enjoy your visit! In North Carolin, we love Black Mountain near Asheville and The Biltmore Village. Banner Elk is a quaint little town with vineyards, restaurants, and shopping. Linville has an epic waterfall and an excellent vineyard, and it is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. You may find this website helpful.

  5. We travel the I-81 corridor to Johnson City frequently. On your recommendation we tried the wonderful Gourmet and Company and were delighted. Thanks to you, we have another restaurant to try. Blessings!

  6. Dear Susan, it is pure joy when I see one of your posts. I don’t comment frequently because all of your reader/commenters always say exactly what I am thinking. This is truly an uplifting group you have gathered to this online space and I am ever grateful. Blessing to you and Mr. M in all your new adventures.

  7. Looks so quaint and fun! I love preserved historical sites and how lovely this little town does so. So happy you two are able to enjoy each other.

  8. I used to live in Abingdon. What great pictures! I kind of miss the place. I remember Abingdon Olive Oil. Their Balsamic is the best. I’ll have to order some more.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a lovely day this sounds like. So many charming places where you live. I really appreciate you sharing the fun life you and Mr Mickey lead. The news can be pretty dark so it’s like a little spot of joy in the midst of everything. Best to both of you!

  10. Susan,
    You are such a classy, lovely lady. I love how you put outfits together from your closet!
    And I love the look of white slim jeans. A big thank you to Mr Mickey for persuading you to
    Keep your blog going‼️

  11. Since I changed my email address, I have not been receiving your log, even though I thought I changed it on your site.
    Please add my new address, as I enjoy your blog. It was the first blog I subscribed to!.


  12. I love when you post things from Abington! I grew up in Bristol and went to school in Emory so have such fond memories of that area. Now I’m in the Northeast and don’t get back too often.
    Also love the fashions!

  13. Hello Susan,
    I so enjoy your travel excursions and dining experiences along with your tips on style. My daughter and I are considering a late fall, post Thanksgiving travel to your area. Do you know if any of the towns you have shared have special celebrations for the holidays? We are making a road trip of several states that include MS, GA, TN, SC, NC and possibly VA. Any suggestions or tips is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. Many of the local towns have parades and events to celebrate the holidays. The Gingerbread Houses and numerous Christmas trees at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville are among the most charming. The Biltmore also has some lovely events and decorations at Christmas time.

  14. Beautiful as always and such delicious food! When you carry a clutch or really any bag what do you do with it during dinner? On another chair? Lap? Table?

  15. It is so much fun to accompany you and Mr. Micky on your adventures. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Hi Susan — That little town looks right up our alley! And the restaurant and food too. Have fun! You are looking rested after your big move and glad it went well!

  17. I always enjoy reading about your outings! You live in a lovely area and have many restaurants to choose from. Thank you for sharing and showing us how you use your beautiful outfits from your closet.

  18. Abingdon is a wonderful place to live. Thanks for the lovely comments and review of Foresta. Lois Lavery

  19. I love that you have figured out how to maintain your healthy weight and figure while still enjoying a decadent meal with your guy. I’m still working on that, and I appreciate seeing that it can be done.

  20. Your pictures capture the delicious food very well.
    And I love that you show us how to enjoy the clothes in our closets for a chic look.
    Love your jaunts. Stay young in spirit forever!!!!!

  21. Thank you, Susan.
    My husband and I spend our winters in Cullman, AL. I keep track of your visits. We enjoy day tripe as well and you have provided us with great ideas.
    We are in the process of adding on to our home in New Hampshire so we can live on one floor. I took some of your advise on downsizing.

  22. Am so loving your posts. With a fixed income it is so refreshing to see great ideas for what I already have in my closet. Looking forward to your next home and how you design and style it.

  23. I love your small town & restaurant posts! You live in a beautiful area, so full of Americana. My husband and I live in Dallas, which is just urban sprawl. But we are near our kids and grands.
    Please keep sharing pics of your area!

  24. Hi Susan! What a charming town! Loved seeing the pictures of the area. Also appreciate the shots of the delicious dishes at the restaurant. Like Mr. Mickey I love halibut! Your outfit looks savvy and comfortable. So glad you both are out and enjoying life. Have a great weekend!

  25. Susan you look great as always. I always look forward to your blog. The food looks delicious.
    Maybe my husband and I can visit this city one day.

  26. Susan,
    Food and art are beautiful together. Your pasta has me thinking of trying my hand at that vegetable combo since I like all of them. I make a light lemon/wine sauce with herbs I can put together fairly quickly. Keeping a light and fresh taste with food has been my preference for years. I’m in Michigan and if I were within driving distance I would be making a reservation. Your pictures are beautiful and I enjoy them.

    Thanks for continuing to post and share your adventures as well as your great style.

  27. What fantastic looking food. The bread and salmon look delightful. We are coming south this fall and will stop at the restaurant. Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. My mouth was watering just looking at all the delish food. What a neat little town to visit and enjoy a meal.
    Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Mickey.
    Patty V

  29. We always enjoy your dining posts! It looks so delicious. Love the scenery photos and your outfit if the day! Thank you for posting for us.

  30. Lovely review on Foresta. So many quaint and fabulous restaurants in Abingdon and Bristol. Next time you should try out the new Inn at Nicewonder Farm and Vineyards. And then enjoy a fabulous meal at HICKORY. Check out their FB site, and all the reviews

  31. Dear Susan,
    Your pics and info are such delights… always!
    I am so happy you and Mr. Mickey are now housemates!!!
    What a very special friendship!!!!
    Howdy from Texas!

  32. Dear Susan
    Your meal looked delicious as did your outfit! Abingdon, Virginia looks every bit as charming as its English namesake!
    Could I however just make a tiny comment? The Italian word for ‘to open’ is ‘aprire’.
    All the very best,

  33. Susan you always look wonderful. I enjoy reading your blogs and have learned so many new things. I really like the necklace you are wearing with this outfit. Do you know where I could find this or something similar? Thank you from Matthews NC

  34. My husband and I live in Knoxville. Based on your recommendation, we did a spur of the moment overnight to Abingdon. It is one of our favorite quick get always. We had a delicious dinner at Foresta and lunch at The Girl and the Raven. Thanks for steering us to a great place.

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