Fall Color

We drove up to the mountains of North Carolina to enjoy seeing the changing leaves yesterday.









Blowing Rock, North Carolina, is one of our favorite villages to visit in our area. We knew the weather would be changing throughout the day, so we wore layers. It is always smart to have a jacket in case you need it.


I wore a faux suede moto-style jacket I bought at the end of the season from Dillard’s last year, over a tank top by Peck and Peck from Stein Mart. The jeans are NYDJ. The flat shoes are old by BCBGeneration via Saks Off 5th. The bag is from Uno Alla Volta. The scarf is from Celeste’s in Blowing Rock on an earlier visit. It is a large square silk scarf, which I folded on the diagonal and wrapped twice loosely around my neck in the infinity style. I tied the ends in a tiny knot, which I moved to the back.

I always tell you where I bought items, but you can see a pattern in how I dress. Classic neutral basics are completed with the addition of carefully chosen accessories but not too many of them.

  1. You always look beautiful and classic. I really do appreciate that you do not show terribly expensive clothes that you have been gifted as so many other bloggers do. I am beginning to not want to follow some thatni used to love. Thanks for staying true to yourself

  2. Good morning Susan! I always read your blog but never reply, not sure why. But I want you to know that your classic style has been a huge inspiration to me over the past two and a half years…I lost 70 lbs and am still in process of defining my style and building a wardrobe. We have similar taste in clothes and shoes–your reliance on solids and basic wardrobe items that interchange easily has helped me make good choices. I really like today’s look and notice that you are wearing earrings, which I love with your hair. I think you normally accessorize with necklaces, so this is a nice change. My hair is cut very similar to yours and my accessory of choice is almost always cool earrings of some kind–I’m not a necklace wearer. Anyway, thank you for generously sharing every day. I look so forward to your posts!

    Lina from California

  3. Love the jacket and Mr. Mickey’/ socks. I love to look at the fall leaves. Such beautiiful colors are found in nature.

  4. I like the way you dress. You always look so classy and “put together”. Keep posting, please. We ladies enjoy your tips. Mary Heare

  5. Susan
    Yet another great look. Would you mind telling me which NYD jeans these are. I have the Marilyn ones that you recommended but find them a little large
    I look forward to seeing your posts each day

  6. I love the color in the mountains. Looks like I was about 10 days early. You look great and love the casual look. Tell Mr. Mickey he looks great also.


  7. I love your new emphasis on using scarves as a pop accessory. Having a short neck, I would buy scarves (I have a Hermes scarf for about 15 years that I have never worn!) and never wear them. Your scarf ties are simple and flattering so I will give this look a try.

    Having heard about all the flooding in North Carolina, I was happy to see that the beautiful areas you and Mr. Mickey visit don’t seem to have been affected.

  8. Great look Susan. Definitely one I will use. Mr. Mickey is as good-looking as the scenery! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I just love Fall changes and fall wardrobes!

  9. Thanks for doing a casual outfit with flats. I can’t wear heels because of a big balance problem so am always looking for ways to look cool without heels. The proportions are really good in this outfit. Thanks, also, for not doing ankle pants. I can’t wear them without feeling like a goofball so appreciate seeing full length pants.

  10. Your jacket is something I would definitely wear to death. My color and my cut. Your pictures are always so inviting and make me want to return south soon. Also, I love wearing caramel and black. I think it is a rich combination, so I was thrilled to see your purse and shoes.

    Mr. Mickey also looks fabulous. My husband always wears a sport coat and, if I may say so myself, still looks handsome even after our 45 years together. I love a man with taste and style!

  11. Hi Susan, Two beautiful subjects on your blog today–you and the gorgeous changing colors of the fall season in North Carolina. It allowed me to be an armchair traveler because we don’t see those beautiful colors on the West Coast. You with your wonderful outfit fit right into the fall scenery. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions on how to tie a square scarf. I really appreciated it and look forward to more scarf-tying tips from you.

  12. Nice to see you wearing flats, I can only wear a low heel after breaking my ankle many years ago, so good to see examples of how to make them look stylish and comfortable. I’ll try a scarf tied this way, it sets off your outfit nicely.

  13. Hi Susan,

    Today’s outfit is so like my usual uniform, short jacket over narrow pants and loafers. I feel rather costumey in the longer, flowing styles like those my BF wears. Loved yesterday’s post on proportion. Makes all the difference.
    Cheers to the dapper Mr. Mickey. Thank you so much for your efforts. This is my very favorite blog!

  14. Hi Susan, I love your posts, but haven’t left a lot of feedback. That does not mean I don’t enjoy and even look forward to your posts. Today’s look is just fabulous. You have given me the inspiration to let my hair grow to it’s natural color-somewhere between gray and white. I am a fixed income and can get a few pieces from my closet and have always worn classics/traditional type and add some accessories to perk up what I have and fill in with new. You are a one of a kind person and I’m so glad to have you as part of my life. If you ever need ideas from Arizona, let me know and I can send pictures of stuff I have accumulated over the years. I am older than you, but classics never go out of style. I am still having problems wearing necklaces, but will get there. Thank you again and I hope to meet you up close and personal some day.

  15. Susan, another great post! When I saw the first photo, I immediately noticed the shoes and thought I should write to ask how you wear shoes without socks or hosiery and still feel comfortable. Specifically, I wondered if you wore “no show” footies. And lo and behold, you answered my question in the text! This is one of the many things I love about your blog: your attention to detail and your diligence in explaining these things clearly, and without talking down to your readers. The scarf info is another example of this.

    By the way, I wore those wonderful crepe I purchased from on the airplane to and from France last month, as well as while I was there. So stylish and so very comfortable!

    Finally, as so many of your readers have commented, you and Mr. Mickey make such an attractive couple. Loved his socks!

    Warm regards, Gail

  16. I always enjoy your comments, your travels and your style. You are living my dream. You are a classy lady.

    Thanks for your fine work and your giving spirit to share.


  17. A pair of great fitting jeans can be elegant with the right accessories. You look modern and so terrific! Love this classic casual look! Thanks for showing Mr. Mickey too. It helps me give my hubs advice.

  18. Love this fall outfit. I can’t wear the jacket color, but it looks good on you. I was especially interested in the no show socks. I only make online purchases from Amazon and I don’t see those socks there. Do you know of any stores that might sell them? Thanks so much for all the ideas and suggestions you post. I don’t “browse” the mall anymore, so you are a great source of ideas for me.

  19. Hi Susan — I read your blog every day religiously. Thank you for all your help. And also, it is so great that you often come back and answer the questions raised in the comments. I find this very helpful as well. I am currently living outside the U.S. but can’t wait to get back and shop on your site. I love all the basics.

  20. And another comment: I think the Mr. Mickey photos are great too. He is a good incentive for the hubby — he always looks marvelous as well.

  21. I like you in this color with the scarf near your face to make it work. It add some nice variety in a warm color,(specifically nice for autumn photos) yet fits your style profile. Thank you for the tip about no show socks. You continue to refine and elevate my personal style.I also want to thank you for tipping us on to Shop My Fair Lady…wonderful jackets that are unusual. They have brightened up my classic style wardrobe.

  22. I am so glad I found your blog. You’ve help me so much. You and a lady I work with are certainly my style standards. I’m a work in progress but I’m getting there!

  23. Thank you…I enjoyed learning about you when you described your new diet and weight loss but I’ve lost the link to that. Any chance you can provide tthat to me? It was about the large breakfast you have that pretty much takes you through the day, etc. Thanks again.

  24. Beautiful pictures. Love your outfit and especially the way you tied the scarf. Yes, Mr. Mickey is a fine distinguished gentleman. You 2 make a great looking couple.

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