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Yesterday was my day to run errands and go to the grocery store. We enjoyed full sunshine and 88ºF!

I wore the (now sold out) blossom color lightweight sweater/jacket I bought at J.Jill earlier this year. Other colors are here. I am wearing an extra-small. These types of whisper-light cardigans are perfect for keeping the arms covered when it is hot and humid. I found other similar styles in ivory here and white here.

The tank top is from Chico’s here. The wide-leg pale blue Chinos are so cool and comfortable as compared to long, slim-fitting jeans. They are from Everlane here. This pant style looks best worn with more fitted tops that are not too long and shoes with a bit of a heel.

The Kate Spade bag is here. The shoes are by Cole Haan here. The sunglasses by Nine West and the silver hoops are both from T.J.Maxx. The ring was a long-ago gift from Mr. Mickey.

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Readers often write to ask about how I decide to purge things from my wardrobe. I had similar platform shoes, but when I put them on this year, they felt so uncomfortable I didn’t even make it out of the house wearing them. I put them in the donate bag along with a couple of sweaters and a top that never fit well. If I always take something off and wear another item, that’s my clue that it’s time to donate it. Keeping the losers in your closet will only remind you again and again of your mistake. Please give them a new home and relieve yourself of the clutter.

    1. This is the first time I have worn them. I usually take pants out of the dryer before they are completely dry and hang them on a rack to finish drying. I rarely use an iron on them.

  1. I really like the Everlane wide leg pants. You look fashion fresh plus ready for high temperatures and summer humidity.

    I agree with you in regards to donations. Just this week I looked in the full length mirror and even though the items fit, were comfortable, the colors were great—the outside of me was fine ,but it just didn’t feel clicked in with my insides, my confidence level was missing. I redressed. Changing the outfit made me run late but I’m worth it. I deserve to look good and feel good. You give me so much encouragement to do so.

    1. It’s easy to forget that this is a process. We’re not “done”. The fit of our shoes can change from season to season. A minor weight shift can make last summer’s T-shirt too tight. C’est la vie.

  2. Love how you purge. Good tip. I’m trying to warm up to those pants. Ha. So use to fitted. But can see they would be cooler. That might convince me. Love your style.

  3. I, too, have a “donate” bag I keep in my closet. Anything that doesn’t feel right, fit right, or wow me goes into the bag. Someone else will love it!

  4. I was looking at some old pictures that my niece posted on Facebook from the early 80’s. There was her grandmother in pants that looked exactly like the ones you are wearing today. As you know, we called them culottes back then! Had to laugh! And I can remember wearing a bright red jumpsuit that I just loved in the late 80’s. That is, I loved it for maybe two wearings–and it ended up in the donate pile. The cyclical nature of fashion!

    You look very pulled together in this outfit today, Susan. Appreciate your hard work. You have helped me so much to analyze my wardrobe and, therefore, I end up with fewer mistakes and feel confident in the clothes I have.

  5. Susan, answering a question in an earlier post, you said you do most of your clothing shopping online. Could you tell us more about that process? Do you have in mind the type of item you are looking for and search for it? Do you browse favorite sites to see what appeals to you? Do you have to return many items after you try them on at home? What tips can you give us? I would like to purchase more online but worry about having a lot to return. Thank you for all you do to help us “out here” in blog land look and feel our best.

    1. I mostly know which brands fit me well, and I stay with those. For example, I know that a size medium Clara Sunwoo top will work for me, but I need to order a size small in their pants. I know which styles and colors look best on me and will work well with the items I already own. I shopped with Chico’s for years, because I know which sizes to order and rarely have to return anything. If I have the opportunity to shop in a store such as Nordstrom which carries lines I may have been curious about, I will try on many items that day to learn how the lines fit me. I have favorite shoe lines such as Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman, Cole Haan, or Kenneth Cole, which fit my feet well. I rarely have to return any of those shoes. We do not have a lot of shopping options here in East Tennessee is the main reason I shop so much online.

  6. Hi Susan. I love the wide leg pants on you and like the idea that they are cooler than tight-fitting ones. However, I am 5 feet and petite, and am not sure the look would work for me. Would you have any thoughts that could guide me?

    1. They are very popular this year. Go to a store near you and try on a pair. Make sure that they end a couple of inches above your anklebone and that you wear a top that is neither boxy nor too long. If you can tuck in your top, that would be even better. Make sure to wear the highest heels you can tolerate. They look best when you style them as if they were a midi skirt.

  7. Susan, I love all of your posts and outfits and am always glad to see them pop up in my email. You’re gorgeous and an inspiration to me, and I am sure many feel this way. I do feel that I can speak to you as I would to a friend and say that those pants may be in style, and they may be cooler than long jeans, but they do us no favors because they make our legs look fat and stumpy.

  8. They may not be for you, but many have asked for tips for wearing wide leg crops. They are a cool comfortable alternative to wearing a dress, skirt or shorts.

  9. Sorry Susan, but this is probably your worst look ever. The wide leg culottes are not flattering, and the sweater you are wearing with them just make you look like a big boxy rectangle. You are always so neatly dressed and beautiful. Put the culottes in the recycle bag.

  10. Wow, Susan today people have no hesitation in stating how they feel. You have earned the right to wear whatever you want. I appreciate that you take the time to write a fashion blog for women over 50. I might not like every outfit you post but that okay we all have different taste and body shape. I feel people do not have to be rude if they don’t Like an outfit. I myself tried on the wide leg pants and you are right you have to wear heels. I returned them because I am not willing to wear heels. My choice but I appreciated seeing how you style them.
    I look forward to getting your blog in my mailbox. Keep up the good work!!!

  11. You look cool and comfortable. A perfect errand running outfit in the heat. It’s 90+ here in Atlanta and I’m all for looking put together but coping with the heat presents problems. I love the wide leg trousers and long skirts that allow some air to flow through!

  12. I really enjoy your posts and have been inspired to rethink my wardrobe choices. I recently bought two tops from Shopmyfairlady, both are Clara Sunwoo ( the black and white track top and a navy side tie top). I love them! But I must comment on the pants today. I am not a fan of that style and don’t think they look flattering especially since they also look wrinkly. This is just my opinion. Keep posting because I look forward to seeing them. I appreciate all the work you put into this.

  13. You look fresh , I’m loving the cropped wide legged pants. I loved them in the 70s when they were called gauchos, they came back again in the late 90s and wore them with boots Too many older women get trapped in a style and won’t take a chance on something new.

  14. When it’s 88 degrees and I need to be out and about, I’m looking for ways to stay cool while keep certain body parts covered. Susan, thanks for showing current styling options for our age and tips with these new pants. My niece in her 30’s was wearing similar style pants all last weekend in Missouri. Thanks for all your tips.

  15. I don’t think this style becomes you. You are more the up town girl look. It seems you have been changing lately from your original style. I think you should stay with your beautiful sleek, rich looking style. Rich fashion look.

    I think you are very beautiful but you seem to be wanting to change your style for some reason. I just personally think you look better in the upscale fashion look. It suits you.

  16. Hi Susan, just a suggestion – I think it would be great & helpful if you could also display back views when you ‘model’ your various outfits. Thank you for reading my comment.

  17. Love everything but the pants in this outfit. I consider this length to shorten tHe leg rather than elongate. Just my thoughts and I am open to critique

  18. I’m trying to be open minded about these “new” wide leg pants…but I can’t help being pulled back into the disheveled 70’s. They are just not figure flattering compared to the skinny legged jeans.

  19. Thank you Susan for modeling and styling the new wide leg pants for us. I am ready for a new look and cool alternative now as the temperatures and humidity rise. I personally don’t like the feel of bare skin on chairs, etc and this is a good way to stay cool while still covered. Lots of folks here wear loose boxy clothing in the summer which works for them but I’m too short to feel comfortable with that look. And I’m happy with skinny pants but not in the summer…..too hot and clingy for me.
    You always look chic and put together and I’m working on doing that effortlessly. Those tips you give are so appreciated!

    Your travel pictures look like so much fun! I’ve never been to your area but would love to visit there when my husband retires. It is so beautiful. What season do you think is the very best for tourists?

  20. I am always inspired by your blog. I can’t wear knits because my posture as I get older, I’m 77, is not as good as I would like. Instead of knits, I wear silky tanks or sleeveless blouses under another silky type shirt or jacket. I can duplicate the look with basic colors and it still looks put together. Thank you Susan. I’ve learned a lot about sticking to basics and I really pay more attention to the shoes now. So much fun. My shoes were all dull before.

  21. Thanks a million Susan. I always enjoy your blogs and get inspirational from them.


  22. I think you are kind of washed out in the sweater and top. You look much better in vibrant colors or scarf accent!

  23. This look is perfect for a hot, humid southern day to run errands. You do not looked washed out, your legs do not look fat and stumpy, you do not look like a big boxy rectangle. And if you live in the real south and wear linen (and you should!) then you know that 100% cotton of any form that is also cool wrinkles and is part of the charm. You look up-to-date, not stuck in a previous decade, yet age appropriate which is why I subscribe to your blog and enjoy your posts.

  24. I agree 100% with you, Mary Ann. This is why I am on this blog as well. I am new to blogging, think all of the comments should be kind and am very surprised and saddened by some of the attitudes here.

  25. Beautiful ensemble, you inspired me to donate some stuff I may wear someday, lol! Looking forward to following and seeing more of what you share.

  26. ……..I LOVE your wide leg pants.!!!! I have never totally given mine up and now they are out and new again. I also like to have a full length linen or all cotton pair and I DO wear flats with them. Mostly because I cannot wear heals. – I think you look great in these and I know how comfortable and cool they can be. Have you looked at any printed pants this season?? I bought two pair last year and was surprised at how much I enjoyed wearing them. Nothing beats all the good basic solid colors but a few pair of prints are a nice alternative – I just bought a darling pair of navy ankle pants with small white dots. They are fitted and tapered – so cute. I would like to see you in some prints……not palazzo….. I think they would look v. Nice on you. Just a thought – as you say, each person has different taste and figures.

  27. Thanks Susan for showing something different and “daring”. I personally enjoy seeing totally new ideas. I admire your decision to wear comfortable clothing, and I don’t understand why some posters here feel it’s okay to insert their criticisms. Who needs that anyway?!? Cute summer Look!

  28. Lovely easy-casual outfit, Susan, and a great tip about purging too. If we keep trying to give a piece a chance and it fails each time, that is surely a sign.
    Hugs, Mary.

  29. Love your rooster/feather duster comment! I’ll have to remember that one. I’m new to your blog and really look forward to them! Would you please give us your height so that we could gauge the length of the beautiful tops you wear?

  30. Came by way of Pinterest. I’m 72 and counting so appreciate blogs like yours that are dedicated to mature women. That said; regarding editing your closet great tip! As for fashion itself, IMHO I feel if one chooses ‘classic’ and ‘quality’ and ‘neutral colours’ you often can pair it up with what’s trending whether it be in garments, shoes or even jewelry. As for handbags; as I’ve aged I definitely have downsized from the totes that I once carried that contained ‘ every thing but the kitchen sink’ … ☺. (I now prefer small cross-body bags and or wristlets.) As for footwear, I seldom wear high heels now and lean more towards flats, wedge or low heeled that latter of which I prefer to refresh by either dyeing them (myself) or add my own personal touch to whether it be a shoe clip or similar namely out of necessity as comfort is my top priority and not so much trend. i.e.: At this stage of life I’m afraid; pointed toed stilettos would prove detrimental to my well being …. lol! Do love your fashion savvy! -Brenda-

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