Dinner Date

On the first evening of our recent trip to the wine country of North Carolina, we enjoyed an excellent dinner at The Harvest Grill on Shelton Vineyards in Dobson. We always stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Dobson, located near Interstate 77; it is clean, quiet, and very reasonable.


This Rolls was parked beside us at the hotel. At breakfast the next morning, we visited with the amiable owners who were on their way to their summer home in Florida.


That’s my handsome date, Mr. Mickey. We asked a passing lady if she would snap a photo for us.


We love to visit Shelton Vineyards because it is beautiful, and there is a great gift shop on site. We made the trip in part because we wanted to eat at the Harvest Grill again.


The fin to fork special was North Carolina grouper on this evening. Excellent!


We sometimes share a dessert. This time it was the fig tart with espresso ice cream. The pastry Chef from the Biltmore is now at The Harvest Grill!


It is always a pleasure to spend time in the park-like setting of the vineyard.


The fringe burnout duster is old from Dillard’s. I took the short boots to wear because I found it hard to believe it would be so warm this close to November, but indeed it was.

  1. I smiled when I saw you in front of the Rolls. It reminded me of my son’s high school graduation this spring. He didn’t rent a limo like some of the other students, but we did get a photo of him hamming it up in front of a limo that was parked. He has memories without the cost. We had fun with that one!

  2. Recently left Hilton Head early because of hurricane. Spent 2 lovely days at Hampton Inn, dinner at winery and also restaurant next to Inn. Explored area before continuing north to Toronto. Agree just delightful.

  3. HI Susan, oh my goodness that place looks gorgeous and your dining choice is amazing. I had no idea that North Carolina also had grouper, another favorite of mine. This outfit is classically beautiful! Amy

  4. Love how you and Mr Mickey always seem to be in sync with your outfits. Every time I see a fella with a ball cap and a beer tee shirt, I want to lecture him on dressing…ha! Thanks for sharing your outing…

  5. I absolutley love your blog Susan ! Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures. Mr. Mickey is very dashing, you and he make a wonderful couple. I love your outfit, it’s just beautiful. And the winery is a lovely place to visit. I’ll have to put it on my bucket list.

  6. What an elegant outfit, so dramatic and yet comfortable looking. Seeing you and Mr. Mickey looking so happy and in love (and coordinated) always makes my heart happy. Nice proof that love is not only for teenagers and 20ish people.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You are an inspiration to me, 68 and frustrated by limited offerings of stylish clothes without looking like a woman desperately trying to hang on to her youth!!! I love the inclusion of food pictures, too. I’m really looking forward to future postings.

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