Dinner at Wolfgang’s

When you visit Highlands, North Carolina, consider a reservation to dine at Wolfgang’s. If an unpretentious atmosphere, exceptional food, and gracious staff are priorities, you will not be disappointed.

On the second evening of our weekend get-away to celebrate Mr. Mickey’s birthday, we enjoyed a delightful dining experience at Wolfgang’s. The restaurant is a short stroll down the street from the Highland’s Inn where we stayed. I wore a light gray tank top from Chico’s, which is more than three years old, over a white pair of jeans by Ralph Lauren via Dillard’s. The navy blazer is by Tahari via Neiman Marcus Last Call from a couple of years ago. The VANELi Aliz Slingback pumps are from Nordstrom. The metal clutch bag was purchased at T.J.Maxx a few years ago.

Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!

  1. Please extend Happy Birthday wishes to Mr. Mickey from me! I’d love for you to share your story with him; I’m intrigued by your statement that he brought you back to life. Thanks for the blog post. The restaurant looks delightful.

    1. At forty-nine, I had endured too many years of sad, destructive, abusive relationships, so I began to retreat from all social life. Mr. Mickey came along and refused to let me give up on myself and living a full life.

      1. And you, my dear, are giving him a reason for living – putting a bounce back in his step – ENJOY!!

        Please wish Mr. Mickey a (belated) wonderful Happy Birthday and many more!

  2. I have a time finding tanks that don’t show every lump or bump. This one is lovely. Sizing up doesn’t seem to help. If I ever find the right one, I will buy a dozen.

  3. You both look so great and happy!!! I love reading your posts and especially the beautiful pictures from your trips. Your dressing advice is always spot on. Thanks for what you do to help us look good as we age.

  4. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You and Mr. Mickey look like you are enjoying life. I would like to know what type of books you read. Also do you use a travel agent when you travel solo?

    1. I have been reading the Mitford series of books by Jan Karon, and I love them! I never use a travel agent. I keep links to all the places I would like to visit, eat at, and see. When I travel to that location, I already have a plan for things I want to experience. I also remain open to suggestions by locals and what I might discover when I get there.

  5. Love Jan Karon books ..just read the latest one. Lovely trip & blog post and Happy Birthday wishes to Mr M!

  6. Happy birthday to Mr. Mickey. I enjoy your travels and photos so much. Did you use your new camera or a cell phone phone for your photos? Thanks for all the style tips, love your blog.

  7. You are a very classy couple. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey. Are your shoes cream and black or navy?

    Thank you

  8. That is a fabulous outfit, Susan!
    I don’t know if it’s intentional but I love how you and Mr. Mickie wear coordinating outfits.
    Really enjoying this series!
    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey!

  9. You looked so beautifully dreamy in your navy last night and equally chic tonight. I have to compliment how trim you are yet you still enjoy good wine and food. I have taken 8 pounds off my 5’1″ frame recently and it makes getting dressed much easier and enjoyable.

  10. Mr Mickey is exactly what you needed in life and deserve. So glad you have each other and are happy.

  11. Happy Birthday to Mr. Mickey! I so enjoy your posts. You are one classy, beautiful, inspiring lady!! Liz

  12. Our daughter got married in the Highlands and had her rehearsal dinner at Wolfgang’s and It’s About Thyme did her reception. Both places have such good food! You and Mr. Mickey look smashing. Hope he is enjoying his birthday.

  13. Happy birthday Mr Mickey. A very classy couple. Love your fashions and travels. Enjoy your special day!

  14. Happy birthday, Mr. Mickey! May you be blessed with good health, good friendships, good times & good food — as well as much love & genuine happiness.

  15. Hi Susan, I love your style and am learning so much from your blog. I love your necklaces and would love to splurge on one. If I was going to buy only one, what would you suggest. I am 5’6″ 145lb 51 years old and have a casual job but want to look professional and classy

    1. A necklace like this one (here) might be a good choice for you. There are no crystals or tassels and the style looks great with jackets. It has both metal colors so it will be easy to wear with everything from a wool suit to faded jeans. It makes an elegant subtle statement and has a classic simple style that you will not tire of even if you wear it often. Enjoy!

  16. A great looking couple. I can’t believe Mr. Mickey is 84. I think you must mean 64. A fantastic looking place to celebrate also. Enjoy and many more celebrations for you guys.

  17. Just discovered your blog and loving your style. I turned 60 (Sept. 2018) and your ensembles are inspiration for hitting the notes I have been looking seeking.

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