Daytime to Dinner Time

Some days, my schedule is filled straight into the evening with no opportunity to change for a dinner engagement. Switching out the details can make what I wore during the day look more appropriate for after five.

I changed the medium-sized metallic gray day bag to a small croc-embossed box bag and the gray suede oxfords for sleek black leather short boots. These small changes make my black jeans and tee more elevated. The blazer is striped denim with gunmetal buttons. The earrings and the belt buckle are also in subtle shades of gunmetal and burnished silver.

Wearing black near my face can be tricky now. If I add a more flattering color in a third piece, such as a jacket or scarf or even bold jewelry, I can still make it work for me. I invested in some lovely garments in black that I’m not ready to give up yet.

All of the pieces in these looks are from last year or earlier. I consider comfort, fit, and versatility when I make a well-planned purchase. It’s always smart to acquire pieces that mix well with all the other items we own. Everything in my closet gets worn and enjoyed many times.

Never save things for special occasions; being alive is a special occasion.

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  1. I love this look! No need to give up black. May I ask, your jeans–what brand? And do you have a current favorite?

    1. In these photos, I’m wearing NYDJ in the Sheri style. My current favorites are Levi’s 724 and the Sheri style by NYDJ. Straight slim fit styles fit my shape best.

  2. That’s so true about the gift of life! My mom saved everything for a special occasion. She even had special towels! I use everything because I want to have that special occasion feeling way more than the times I would wait for.
    I love the gray shoes. I thought they were suede!

  3. The link to the sleek booties is the same link to the Oxford shoes. May I have the link for the sleek booties? Thank you!

  4. I just looked up if wearing a blazer was in trend as I have several in my closet several years old. Apparently they are classic. Then I find your post showing a blazer. All looks very nice and I love you demonstrated changing from daytime to dinner wear with little changes.

  5. I absolutely love the comment “Never save things for special occasions; being alive is a special occasion.” Perfect.

  6. I love both looks but my eye was drawn to the belt buckle . It didn’t seem to tone in with your outfit as much as I would like but it may have been the photo. I noticed in the enlarged picture that the buckle was a brushed silver tone and that would go well with the jacket trim and shoes.
    I liked the comment about enjoying things now, rather than saving them. That’s a bad habit of mine!

  7. I join the others, applauding your comment: Never save things for special occasions; being alive is a special occasion.
    I’ll add that to my Susan quotes! I actually just quoted you yesterday regarding “all the rest of the bites taste just like the first one!!” Love that! And I remind myself of it often!!

  8. Love how simple little changes can make such a big difference! I love changing up my handbags! and shoes too! Both of your looks here are so pretty, and I see nothing objectionable about the black near your face! It’s striking and lovely!

  9. Susan,
    I became aware of your blog over a year ago and have followed you ever since. Every time I see a new blog from you show up in my never-ending email list I smile.
    And now I have a lovely quote that I will attribute to you whenever I say it. “Never save things for special occasions; being alive is a special occasion.”
    My husband and love of my life has been fighting stage IV cancer for 8 years now. He is a man of great faith and unfailing optimism. He still teaches and counsels people in grief. That quote fits him perfectly.
    Thank you for your inspiration….not to mention thank you for teaching me how to dress myself and build a wardrobe. When we get to a certain age (I’m 68) it is so hard to find clothing to reflect our insides: too young….too old… gaudy. I am about your size and love neutrals. I’m not flashy but love to be comfortable and well-dressed. (I think I am a ‘classic’ dresser.) I had sometimes felt boring, but you have shown me how to be me, dress with dignity, and still look modern and comfortable.. Thank you, dear woman.
    Your fan forever…..

    1. Thank you for sharing your comment. You and the followers with a similar message are my inspiration for continuing blogging. I send you and your dear husband, my most profound respect. Serving others when you are in need or hurting is the best therapy.

  10. I just quoted you too. “White denim is just as warm as blue denim”. I love the easy way we can change out day to evening with just a few accessories changed.

  11. Oh my gosh, Susan! “Don’t save things for special occasions; being alive is a special occasion.” I so needed to be reminded of that. My mother did that! “Saved” things for whatever”. And guess what… I have a tendency to do that. My body has changed a lot over the past few years. Had to purge the closet of things that were never going to fit again, After attending an unexpected funeral with nothing to wear and feeling frumpy at it, I went out to WHBM and purchased some basics. Black pants, skirt, blouse, and blazer. Two years later, they are still sitting in my closet without having been worn. But I will have them if the occasion ever comes up again! Such lunacy. Thank you for the reminder.

  12. I REALLY like wearing blue short boots with black jeans (I always just reached for my black short boots with out thinking.). I bought navy blue suede shoes this fall but never thought to pair them with my black jeans and black top. Tnank you for this great idea!!

  13. Susan, could not start my day without reading your article. I really would LOVE a book from YOU. May I ask a question? A busty woman would like to wear a belt on a dress. How do you choose the correct belt width? Does it depend also on length of dress?For example midi, full length, (maxi) or just below knee length? Love your gray brogues in your picture. Hopefully we are allowed to ask you a question. Many Thanks,Maureen Mc

    1. Questions are always welcome! Consider your waistline when wearing a belt. I have a short thick waistline, so I wear belts that are about two inches wide and either wear them over a top and bottom of the same color or the same color as my top. When in doubt, ask someone to take pictures from every angle of you wearing the outfit with a belt. You will know right away if you got the combo right.

  14. I discovered your blog about 6 months ago! I’m 65 and been pretty on point in dressing….including when I weighed a high of 280 lbs! With hard work and commitment and the help of gastric bypass surgery I have kept that 130 lbs off. I love your honesty when you say you have a short, thick waistline or heavy calves. We all have our little flaws, admit them, don’t shame them, just deal with it, dress for disguising the “flaw” and love yourself! I love your smile, your common sense and dressing so beautifully. I have stuck to classics and quality all the time but you have helped me so much with better mix and match. You are a gem! Thank you for your insight❣️

  15. I love your comment about don’t save for a special occasion. Being alive is a special occasion. Never thought about it but you are so right! Thanks for the ah-hah moment! ❤️

  16. I am so grateful for your website. You are filling a void for those of us 60+ who are challenged in the what-to-wear department. Your suggestions are always spot-on and affordable.

    I love all your posts, but especially one you did last summer about your typical day — getting up at 4 a.m., going for a walk when the sun rises, etc. Do you follow the same schedule in the winter? If the weather is bad, what do you do instead of a walk? Or do you still go out in it, just dressed well for the weather? I’m curious because I have a very similar schedule, which works well in the summer, but in the winter I have trouble thinking what I can do for aerobic exercise. Would love if you did another post your typical day.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Anna. It is difficult to work more outdoor exercise into cold rainy or snowy days. I have been known to walk around the mall, Walmart, or Home Depot to get the blood moving. I do Pilates at home and climb the stairs often. At this time of year, I wait until the warmest part of the afternoon to walk. It helps to keep moving all day long when the weather is uncooperative. Taking classes or going to the gym is an excellent way to stay socially active and follow a routine. There are many YouTube videos to share different types of exercise.

      1. Thank you, Susan, for these ideas! I really like the idea of walking around Walmart or Home Depot during the winter. There is also a large Mall 10 miles from my home that I may consider. Also looking into some Leslie Sansone YouTube videos for indoor walking at home. Thank you again.

  17. I think you look fine in black. Compliments your hair, I do understand what you mean by black not being the best color as we age, though. I also have been transitioning to softer colors close to my face. I find that I look awful in the warmer colors, like browns and golds. Pastels, blues and greys are my friends now.

  18. I looked up the blazer you linked and it is blue tweed, $472! I would like to see the denim blazer if you have that link. Thank you.

    1. The denim blazer is a couple of years old. As I recall, it was about $200. I don’t know where to get the exact one now. The items I wear are rarely new, so I share highlighted links to similar current items.

  19. I have been following your blog for the past 6 months and always look forward to the next one. I live in Canada above the midwest of the USA, however I do have family living in California and visit frequently. So your packing for a trip was much appreciated. I always overpack.
    I like your classic style in fashion. My style choices are classic with a little edge to them…so your clothing choices are very similar to mine. I enjoy all your tips…it’s always nice to get another person’s perspective on things. You look amazing in all your posts.

    Keep blogging Susan…and keep well.


  20. I love your advice; never save things for special occasions, life is a special occasion. Wonderful and so true.

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