Changing Hair

My hair has always been my nemesis. It is a little more manageable during the winter months, but I often consider shaving my head by the middle of summer.

After trimming my hair myself more than once recently, I decided it was time for professional help. My stylist gave me a deep conditioning treatment and blended my’ hack job’ into a low maintenance cut to work with my hair’s natural tendencies. I asked for a more oval shape in graduated layers with the intent to let it grow into a bit longer style for fall/winter. I told him I wanted a contemporary look but not trendy.

The top I am wearing is from Cali and York. (I wore the same top in red here.) The Michael Kors crossbody gray bag is here. The silver sandals are a couple of years old, similar here. The sunglasses are no name very inexpensive ones from a gift shop last year. The earrings are several years old from Chico’s.

On my way to the grocery store, I stopped by Mr. Mickey’s warehouse to show him my new haircut, which explains this “glamorous” backdrop. The photos are by Mr. Mickey. We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  1. You are always so stylish and although I’m 58, I enjoy reading your posts and advice on how to feel more “put together”!

  2. I like your new hairdo, but then I have never seen your hair when I did not like it. You are a very pretty lady.

  3. Anyone who grapples with frizzy and/or limp hair, during humid weather, especially those of us with thinning and/or fine hair, should consider getting a “keratin EXPRESS” treatment. It involves 20′ of processing time with the solution, followed by blowdrying and then flat-ironing your hair. I order it on the internet and do it myself but many salons offer it. It lasts 4-8 weeks, depending on your hair type/texture, and is a lifesaver for me in the summertime. (It is not the same as the traditional keratin treatment you see widely offered in many salons.) It has never damaged my delicate, thin, fine colored-blonde hair. Just a tip.

    1. Jacki, I was thinking the same thing when looking at Susan’s hair and reading about her concern about summer frizz. I’ve had the Keratin express treatment and liked it, but I prefer the full Keratin treatment process because it lasts 3-4 months. I love the effect it has on my hair! My hair has highlights and lowlights, and the Keratin treatment helps smooth the shaft and distinguish the contrast, which is why I get both in the first place. Plus, it makes my hair is so shiny and healthy looking. I had a friend with hair the same length as Susan’s, but slightly curlier. She got the Keratin treatment and it looked amazing.

  4. I follow your hair style journey closely as I have the same dilemma in finding the perfect hairstyle and stylist for fine, wavy hair. I went to the same stylist for over 20 years and always had great cuts, but when I moved away from the big city, I began searching for a local stylist that I trust. I’ve gone to 5 different stylists in as many years, and even when showing them photos of myself with the cut I want, it turns out different! My current cut has more shorter layers with the ends texturized, and so far, so good.
    Hope your style works for you.

  5. I also have fine hair, which is wavy/curly. I find mine hard to deal with too. ATM I wear it a bit longer, unlayered and usually in a chignon. I just got fed up dealing with it. I’ve given up on layers, I’ve had so many disasters.

  6. Love the hairstyle with the turned up curls and brushed curl/waves in back. I’ve always envied your natural volume and body. Enjoy it and if it overwhelms, style it with a hot tool your way. My hair never looks the same any day; I remake myself daily. You always look pretty so just roll with it!

  7. Susan,

    My hair is thin, fine, “flyaway.” and limp. I used to be able to manage it somewhat by getting a perm, but as I have gotten older, my hair has gotten so delicate that no beautician will give me a perm any more. In fact, because it has gotten so delicate, I can’t blow it dry or style it. While a cut that allows my hair to fall softly around my face would be more flattering to my face, my hair can’t accommodate that look. As I have run out of styling choices, I now wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail. My hairdresser can’t even put any lift in the hair around my face, because my hair “splits,” revealing large parts of my scalp. (I should mention that my hairstylist is really good. I have seen countless clients that he has styled before my appointments walk away looking gorgeous!) My hairstyle looks severe, but I really don’t have any choices.

    So as you struggle with your hair, which I personally think looks lovely, just remember that you could have hair like mine. I assure you, it would not be an improvement!

    1. You may want to look at photos of Lidia Bastianich, the chef. She seems to have the same type of hair as you. Over the years of watching her show I noticed that she had challenging hair. She cut it super short years ago and I think it looks great.

  8. I loved this hair post. I’ve been focusing a lot on hair in the past 7 months. I so wish I had hair like yours, even if it would drive me crazy in the summer!! I guess we aways want what we don’t have. LOL In late December 2017, I stopped having my hair colored. Then I was unable to get to the salon during a long recuperation from open heart surgery. By the time I could have an appointment, my roots were an inch or more. The light bulb went off and only a hair cut ensued….so short, I thought I’d be called “sir.” I wanted the dye gone as soon as possible. Two hair cuts later all the color was gone. I just wish I had never begun coloring but, back when I was 31 in 1971, most of us ran to the salon when we saw the first silver hair. I realize now that the chemicals have caused a lot of the hair thinning through the years that I attributed to my age ( now 78). Currently I’m having lots of new growth…fuzzy baby hair….and am not losing hair with every shampoo or brushing. I’ve had short hair (chin length or above) for years and in last the two years or was a sort of pixie. This was due to the thinning and also because I’m not an adept stylist. I’m now back to indoor cycling, walking and yoga and don’t want to fool with my hair. So I’m trying to be patient with the growth process and then will think about a new style. The curls that I had as a child and the waves I had as a young woman, seem to be gone but who knows what will appear? It is just another adventure in my life. I’ll take a “hair adventure” anytime over an “open heart surgery adventure.” Enjoy the rest of your summer. XO

  9. Hi Susan, is your hair naturally curly? I think the style is fun for summer. Love that you shared about trimming your own hair, now I don’t feel so bad.ha! I just had my hair color changed to a more natural color of the silver that is the predominant shade now of mine. I love it!
    I notice you wear long sleeve tops in many of your pictures, how do you manage this with the warm climate where you live?
    Thanks for your tips!

  10. I like your new hairstyle with the poof on top. I think you wear your collar popped at times (I do, too) and your new hair will handle that. Also, about your sunglasses from a gift shop. Hospital gift shops are the most under-rated retail shops that exist. They have terrific items that you don’t find anywhere else.

  11. Your hair always looks wonderful! I determined a long time ago that I really hate messing with my hair (I’m a wash and go kinda gal), so finding the right person who could cut my hair to allow me that lifestyle was essential. Happily, I did find that person and I will stay with her forever! She knows my hair, knows what it will do, and isn’t afraid to tell me if something won’t work. Priceless!

  12. Why are you afraid to do a more trendy style/look? I am 69 and wear my hair very short… I would consider it a trendy luck… But I receive compliments almost daily ..
    Just curious..

  13. Oh my, I have the exact same hair and challenges! I tuck my “wings” behind my ears when they need taming. I think the look would look great on you.

  14. Oh my gosh, Susan, you had me laughing out loud with this! Your hair looks absolutely great — but I know exactly what you mean. There is one day every year — usually about now, high summer — when I stand in front of the bathroom mirror with my hair all heavy & shapeless, & wail “I can’t stand this anymore! I’m shaving my head!” And I have “good” hair: thick, glossy, full of texture & waves. But every summer I hit that wall. The funny part is that my partner IS bald, by choice. He’s inherited his father’s male pattern baldness, is vain enough to hate it & so shaves his head baby-butt smooth. It looks great on him & he has the attitude to carry it off, & he always tells me that should I decide to carry through on the head-shaving threat, he’ll be glad to help. I haven’t so far. When I was younger I’d wear a pony-tail on hot days, but that doesn’t work at 60 (for me, anyway). The only thing that does seem to work is a shorter cut over the summer & just accepting that my hair’s going to do what it wants, regardless of what I’d prefer or any attempt I make to “style” it. Fortunately, the casual look works with my life style as well as my hair style, but I hate to admit how many years it’s taken me to accept that. One thing’s for sure: a good stylist who knows how to work with naturally curly hair is worth his/her weight in gold!

  15. The top looks so flattering on you. I bought both colors (red and black). I am looking forward to wearing them. I love your style. Any shopping hints/purchases for a summer garden party/wedding in this heat. I am very fair with light blonde/silver hair. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Your best look for a garden wedding might be a pretty light flowing maxi or midi dress with wedge or block heel sandals. Look for fluttery short sleeves and dresses made from very lightweight fabric. The navy tank dress from my site with a bolero style linen jacket might work as well. Carry a small basket type bag.

  16. Just darling! Absolutely love it
    Good luck styling on your own- I have faith in you, but I have similar hair. I often have to learn how to deal with it after my stylist deep conditions, cuts, and styles it at appointments.

  17. Me too, Susan! My hair is my bane! It gets so frizzy in the summer humidity that it seems to me like a bush. :0 — Angie

  18. I am so with you on the hair and have just thrown in the towel. By the end of the day, my hair looks like a cotton ball no matter what product I put on it. I have finally come to terms with that. Gel makes it sticky and frizzy, and everything else makes it dry and fuzzy. So my new regime is shampoo, conditioner and a lot of Moroccan oil. (Also great haircut from Constantine at Zazu Hair here in Atlanta, John’s Springs.)

    Second day I wet it in the shower and add more oil. Third day, if I can get by without washing it, same thing.

    I am a tiny bit happy with it. And it will save a lot of money in the long run – no more searching for and buying the newest miracle product.

    Or I may just shave it all off.

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy it.


  19. I wish I had your hair! Like Linda stated earlier, I have very fine thinning hair too. You can see a lot of my scalp. I never predicted that at age 67, losing my hair would be an issue. My husband has lost quite a bit of hair and people comment on how handsome he looks,,,,me, on the other hand, not a good look. My stylist can still perm my hair. She gives me a very tight curly perm, on humid days it still falls flat,,,even with my short layered cut. I am wondering if any of your followers can offer any advice for fine, thinning hair. A product, shampoo, cut , hair extensions(although, I doubt my fine hair could hold onto them), hair replacement, minoxidil products, a different cut, wigs…..any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Try Toppik fibres, they help camouflage a balding scalp. They make gray. I sacrificed my hair to chemotherapy a few years ago, never was the same. Toppik gives me some confidence!

  20. Ten years ago I embraced my waves, but I am not always happy with the way they behave. This week, thanks to a friend’s tips, I discovered tutorials on Youtube on how to wash and style wavy/curly hair and the products to use. I have been doing it all wrong the whole time. There’s also a great book that I purchased. I learned the ingredients to avoid in shampoos and conditioners that work against curls. It was so eye-opening. Curly hair should always be cut dry, not combed or brushed (use your fingers), and not towel dried.

    My plan is to find a salon that specializes in only curly hair, and fly there for a trim.

  21. Susan, you are an attractive woman but those wings over your ears are doing you no favors. I have the same hair as you do (at least it seems so from your descriptions and photos) and the shorter mine is the less weight it has to hold it down, and springy-uppey things like your wings happen. Just my opinion, but it was far more attractive on you when it was longer, about 2 years ago.

    1. I liked that longer length a lot too, but my hair is much thinner now. Too much scalp shows for that to work. I have tamed the wings as you will see in the next post.

  22. My hair is very similar to yours but a bit longer. I have discovered that if I wash it at night then put it up in a high ponytail with a scrunchie, the next morning it’s not only dry when I take it down, the waves and curls are perfect. Then all I do is arrange my bangs and use a touch of Frizz Ease Secret Weapon and ta da! I’m done. Secret Weapon is a wonderful product — inexpensive with very little scent and it works! Hope this helps someone.

  23. Yvonne I have exactly the same journey as you and still looking for a stylist to match the superb saint I had for 25yrs. 10 years we retired to the coast and yet to find anyone who can work with curly and frizzy hair. Mind you they all know how to charge. I pine for my superb saint but he has given up her salon as she has RSI in her wrists. Susan love your new style bu5 look forward to seeing how it looks after you wash and settle the side curls. Very classy lady.

  24. Your hair always looks lovely. I gave up fighting my hair years ago and am hopeless with hair anyway. Now I have it super short. It may not be flattering but it is wash and go and most of the time it behaves itself.

  25. I simply love your style. and I appreciate how you made it easy for us. You are so stylish.. and I just love how you take care of us

  26. I love the cut! And, I am not sure you should grow it out for fall and winter because it’s you, young and sharp!

    Also, I have been meaning to write to tell you how lucky you are to have Mr. Mickey, and he to have you! Every picture he takes shows both of your love through your eyes and smile. What you have is beautiful! !


  27. Susan I have your hair only worse. It has nice curl in the back but totally different texture and curl on the top and sides. And since I work outdoors a lot in hot humid weather it is an absolutely awful sight when dried naturally. The amount of product I must use to wear it curly is yucky and annoying. So I wash it twice a week, blow it dry and flatiron it and use a product called Perfect Hair Day styling cream. It’s much easier to just fool with it every three days or so, and it stays straight all over. Takes me about 20 minutes (my hair is not long, and cut in an angled bob) Folks can say what they want about embracing natural curl but it isn’t always pretty at all. And if we don’t feel pretty it’s a bummer, and takes your confidence away. I also have used Minixidil for years for hair loss plus have scalp psoriasis! So I share your hair woes!

  28. You crack me up!! Cutting your own hair! Well, it all turned out in the end. The cut is very cute and fun!

  29. I think your hair always looks lovely, Susan! And the new cut is very pretty. I am green with envy as hair is so important. Mine is a constant hassle: I have plenty of hair, so it’s not thin, but each hair is ultra-fine so there is very little body and styling to get a little lift is a nightmare. People tell me that I should be grateful that, at 75, I have few silver hairs, but I yearn for lovely hair like yours. Enjoy!

  30. Love the layers Susan. I am currently growing out my hair, but not to have it too long (I am almost 59!) and women with longer hair at an older age does nothing for them! In my opinion.

    Enjoy your simple but oh so elegant style!

    All the best,

    P.S. Let Mr. Mickey know he does a great job at photographing you!

  31. Susan, great post about your hair! I also have the same problem, my hair looks pretty much like yours, compounded by the fact that I lost lots of hair on an androgenic pattern. Summer for me is a nightmare, I just can’t keep my fine, gray, curly hair in place. I tried many products, from the cheap to the expensive, and nothing helps. I am tempted to go through a straightening process but I am terrified to loose the little hair I have. Maybe one of your followers has had the chance to find a good products for this sort of problem; if so, could you share it with us?

    Love your blog!
    Gaithersburg, MD

  32. Your new hair style looks smashing. You have a lot of hair. Lucky you. And, Mr. Mickey’s warehouse looks so neat & tidy.

  33. I have naturally straight thick hair. I think I look better with it shorter. I do like a little poof on top. Your hair is so beautiful. I’ve always wanted curls. Isn’t that always the way, we want what we don’t have. I just turned 54 in June, my red hair is turning white. Btw, I was born in Johnson City, Tennessee.

  34. Great outfit on you, you look so slender. I know you are done with hair coloring, but it really helps with smoothing the hair and giving it shine.

  35. Could you please assist me with sizing for the black/white top?
    My Australian size in tops is 8-10
    I believe the size small might be right for me
    Also do you send to Australia and what would cost be please

  36. Dear Susan,
    Love the new hairstyle. Adorable.
    I am such a fan of your blog. So many great wardrobe ideas. Love your style. I shop mainly at Chico’s, Stein Mart for shoes and purses, and occasionally department stores. Never ordered anything on line, but you tempt me to explore some sites you mention.
    I’m 77 with short white hair but your same round face. Wish I had your complexion though, so smooth.
    The California sun has had its way with mine. Back in the day we didn’t wear sunscreen except for a little zinc oxide on the nose. My granddaughter says my wrinkles give me character. Lots of !
    I’m taking a cruise to St. Petersburg in May and going on Safari in July with my husband. Your vacation travel packing ideas have been most helpful.
    Although I’m a lot older than you, your sense of style has really resonated with me. Thank you !

  37. Susan, Would you please share what shampoo and styling products you use. I also have gray hair and beyond purple shampoo I can not find a styling product routine.
    Thank you

  38. Love your tour…..I like the shorter style on you…. but of course you are beautiful in whatever style..

  39. I have been following you for quite a while. I have always enjoyed your blog. I’m 67 and loving it. But sometimes find it difficult to not dress too young and not dress too old. lol. So thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Sharon W.

  40. Dear Friend, I enjoy your blog so much! Your fashion advice is classy and well thought out. I always love seeing the accessories you wear. But please rethink this hairstyle. The former, smoother style is much more flattering. Bless you!

  41. It’s been some time since I lost track of ur column, that I “devoured” faithfully for a long time. After a “age denial” time, I’m back and so happy to hav found u again. U are a true inspiration!

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