Casual Spring Jacket

When I buy something new, I try to show the item before it sells out in case you want one too. This week, I wore this casual soft white denim jacket to the grocery store and to run some errands for my parents. The stitching is gold/tan, with horn buttons. The fit is spot on, and the fabric is lightweight, making it perfect for spring or cool summer evenings. Since the material isn’t thick, turning up the cuffs doesn’t create bulk. I tried it with a black and white striped tee, but it showed through, so it is best over a light solid color tank or a scoop neck tee.

The best thing about trends is the sudden ease of finding those items at many price points. I have several jackets in this style and always enjoy them since they smarten up any look. The collarless jacket looks best with a scoop or v-neck top or a summer dress that fits close to the body.

The jacket is here. The gray tank top is here. The jeans are about three years old but are the same style as here. The shoes are here. (I like these loafers so much that I bought all three colors.) My handbag is from a few summers ago, but I found a similar one here. Similar sunglasses by the same designer are here.

I took pictures in different lighting in an attempt to show you the actual color and details of the jacket. It is a size medium, which is the size I usually buy.

I bought the collarless jacket here. The shorter style looks especially nice with dresses. The detailed stitching and absence of pockets at the bust are very slenderizing.

I found similar jackets here, here, here, and here.

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  1. I like collarless jackets.
    It’s easier to style a scarf with them, and even if you aren’t wearing a scarf they reduce bulk at the neckline.
    I think you’ve often shown that skin at the neckline is elongating to cheery round faces.

  2. I have learned so many terms from you. Never heard “horn buttons” before 🙂 P.S. I had lunch with family yesterday and wore the jean jacket and black jeans you inspired me to add to my closet. Perfect. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Debbie.
      Horn buttons are buttons made out of animal horns. Horns (and in some cases, hooves- which are made from similar material) from water buffaloes, cattle, sheep, and deer are commonly used in commercially produced horn buttons.

  3. Lovely look! Collarless jackets are my favorite – they feel more like me. I think they look more streamlined and there less going on in one area. A few years ago, I purchased a gold linen collarless jacket at Chico’s that is my favorite for summers. It has bracelet-length sleeves and a zipper. I was excited to find the same jacket in white linen and royal blue linen. I also have some dressy white tweed jackets that are collarless – I learned they are called “lady jackets”. They are my go-to-jackets in spring and summer. I love them with dresses and skirts and also pair them with slacks and jeans.

  4. It has been interesting seeing how your style has changed since I first began reading your blog. You used to wear all those polyesters from Shop My Fair Lady, and I bought several items inspired by your choices. Now it’s mostly classic clothes from Talbots which has always been my go to store. I did check out Tuckernuk after seeing the gorgeous dress you got there last year, but it seems their dresses are all either too short or way too long (because I’m short). I did buy my Easter dress there this year, the Jackie O. The nicest dress I’ve ever owned, for sure! It seems like scarves have become more a rarity than the everyday accessory you used to wear. It is nice to see that your style is always evolving and not in a rut like some women fall into as they get older.. I have changed sizes so dramatically over the past ten years that I haven had the option of falling into that rut, though at this point, I’m ready to do that.

  5. Susan,

    Are the Vince loafers as comfortable as the Sam Edelman that you have shown before? I bought the Cole Haan loafers that you showed several years ago but the toe box was too tight for my hammertoe. Can you advise if the toe box is roomy on either of these loafers?

    Thanks! I love your style and blog

  6. I have enjoyed the blog very much for many years. Much like Susan‘s post, I’ve watched as your style has evolved over time. I still have some of the Covered Perfectly tops inspired by you years ago. Living in Florida, it is often too warm for some styles so these tops have lasted a long time and I think of you every time I reach for one. I was very sad to see that they are no longer in business. I hope you continue to share your style with us as I look forward to your posts. You are an inspiration!

  7. What a fab jacket, it really suits you and the way you pulled the whole outfit together shoes as well makes it casual but ladylike
    and feminine. as well. The back view is great to as you have a neat derrière, why not show off your dainty figure Susan. The sharp
    neat Bob cut into your neck above the neckline of the jacket makes this for me a timeless classy look and full marks for this gorgeous
    jacket , it shows off your figure and doesn’t drown it. As I have got older and grey hair and fair complexion I find lighter more pastel
    shades suit me better and I have a light cream jacket , a bit more boring than the one you are wearing but the point I am making is
    lighter colours reflect better on the face as we get older. Do you agree ? I know what you will say and I will agree with you , the striking red
    Jacket you wore with in last post is always a winner to as red too can reflect on to the face to give it warmth rather than drain as other
    strong colours .
    Hope your parents are feeling stronger , they are lucky to have a kind daughter . I think your vacation gave you the respite you needed and you
    look well.
    Best wishes as Always,
    Pamela from Wales UK.
    PS did you discover what Laverbread is , some Welsh people love it but honestly it’s awful, but full of vitamins and nutrients , I would rather
    take a vitamin pill than cook Laverbread.

  8. I have used Beautycounter ever since I saw you recommended it. I love their products. I can’t find the facial oils #2 and #3. What do you recommend to replace them? I see they replaced #1 with All Bright.
    Thank you for your help!
    Deb Mead

  9. ‘Hey thanks for comment on Laverbread, I tried it once a long time ago and just heaved. Never again .
    Have a nice weekend x

  10. Talbots is having a 30% off sale right now, perfect timing. When I went into my local Talbots this past week, I mentioned you to the lady ringing me up and said that’s why I had come in due to Susan after 60s blog where she had shown some thing I was interested in.

  11. Thanks Susan, I love cropped jackets of any kind and especially Denim. I do have a white collared one – a stretchy material which I don’t care for anymore. But I’ll dig it out and try it on again. I’m going through Spring “Clearing” anyway – Ha! Thanks for your tips. Georgieanne

  12. Hi Susan – What a versatile jacket and a great addition to my wardrobe. So glad I could snag one before they were all gone. Thank you for the suggestion.

  13. (1) Is the belt you are wear silver color? I have had a hard time finding replacement belts as some of mine are wearing out. There used to be a nice selection at the Talbot stores, but not so of late. I have a silver one that I wear all the time, purchased at Talbots, no longer available. Could you do another review of belts, such as the best width to wear with jeans and dress pants. (2) Secondly, I notice you are wearing lighter blue jeans. Did I read quite some time ago in your posts you were favoring the darker jeans — but have revisited the lighter now?

    1. I have silver, gray, taupe, and tan colored belts as well as black. No wider than two inches seems to work best.
      Here is a belt that would be good for summer. I’ve also been pleased with the black belt with a silver buckle and keepers that I purchased here.
      I am reconsidering the “rule” that we older ladies should only wear darker denim. It is too hot in the summer; darker colors bleed onto lighter-colored shoes. Additionally, faded blue looks better with white tops and sneakers. I still don’t wear distressed denim or raw hems.

  14. I love the jacket, too, Susan. Mine came today . I also bought the relaxed jeans from Talbots. I love them, but they did get a little baggy during the day. I’m going to order the next smaller size, too. I love your recommendations.


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