Cashmere -Wool Poncho

This poncho is a new addition because it is warm, soft, supple, and a color that makes me happy. It takes my tee and jeans up a notch on a sixty-five-degree, balmy day when I’m doing nothing more exciting than going to the grocery store. It can also be gathered around your neck like a warm scarf under a coat when the weather turns icy.

Similar jeans are here. A similar long sleeve tee is here.
The Cashmere-Wool Poncho is here.
The sunglasses are here.
A similar bracelet is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)
The handbag is here. (I like it so much that I also bought the French Grey!)
The boots are here.

I hope you have a stylish weekend!

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  1. Wow! The poncho looks fabulous on you, Susan! That looks fits you to a tee, in my opinion and is more age appropriate, stylish and yet still fun. I did not care for the oversized denim shirt and tops with the leggings and combat boots. To me, it looks like a young, trendy retro style that just makes us older women looked dated and sort of silly. I have been following your blog for several years and usually love your fashion ideas. Thank you. A very blessed and healthy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey. You are so cute together!

  2. Susan, great look! And I love the bag. Question: How much can you actually put in the bag? Will an iphone, keys, and a credit card holder fit? Thank you!

  3. I have liked all of your more on trend/edgier pieces lately. You still have a very classic base, but we don’t leave fun behind when we go gray!

  4. Love all these posts. New year and new ideas. I love how you are classic and fun with your apparel. While we have different body types, I always find something to inspire and adapt to my figure. Thank you for all you do to help so many.

  5. I’ve been a poncho fan for years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear one. Looks great on you! I have so enjoyed this and your prior 3 posts of trying new things. Whether we like it or not, day to day style has become even more casual since the pandemic. I think it requires some creativity and flexibility to find casual looks that are flattering, comfortable, and age appropriate. Good for you for “shaking things up” a bit.

  6. I love the way you changed the neckline of the poncho! This piece should be perfect for our central Florida weather.
    Just want to let you know, I have enjoyed using Beauty Counter products. They have really made a difference. Many thanks for all your ideas and tips.

  7. Oh how I envy your weather – it will be a few months before we reach those temperatures.
    On another note, can you discuss your evolving hairstyle sometime soon. I’ve been searching for curly, short-ish style inspiration lately and realized you have lost your curls – or do you just style your hair straight now? My post chemo hair has grown in white and quite curly. 11 months of growth, with a trim and shaping in October has it almost at chin length. It was interesting to discover that I actually suited (and liked) a pixie cut, but my comfort zone is about chin length. Any caring for grey hair tips would be appreciated also.

  8. Love the poncho! I have a cashmere one in purple which is my signature color and get compliments every time I wear it! Please share best cleaning and storage tips for the cashmere as I’ve had problems with tiny holes appearing in other cashmere pieces. I’ve used cedar blocks for storage, but not sure that’s working.

  9. That looks lovely on you, Susan. And the color is delicious- one of my favorites. The warm temps are wreaking havoc on my winter wardrobe choices. I’m in Central NY and we should be in the 20’s, not the 50’s. When I leave the house, I don’t know how to dress. And it’s not unusual for the temps to change drastically in the course of the day.

  10. This would have been a good article to inject proportions when using a coverup such as a poncho with those that do not have as long legs as you were blessed with… could you suggest an alternative coverup as a scarf or different cut poncho? The look is fantastic on you but can it be adapted? Keep your length of hair!! Absolutely the BEST! Thank you!!

  11. This outfit is a homerun! Classy, current, and casual! The color of the poncho is perfect on you, and the fit of it not too oversized, the dark jeans with those sleek booties really elongate your legs, sunglasses are fabulous with your bob hairstyle, and small handbag elegant, but trendy. Very flattering!

  12. Love the poncho-you always come up with the coolest ideas-the line of your jeans and boots creates a lean long look that is very flattering. Thanks again for sharing your style. Discussing how you get through the winter months would be helpful if that is ok to suggest.

    1. I read a lot, exercise every day, and continue to go for walks whenever the weather allows. Since I am helping my parents and Mr. Mickey as needed, there is always something for me to do every day.

  13. Great look….
    Did you turn the poncho sideways to get the
    V-neck’isj’ / cowl type neckline ?
    If so, does it put any seams in an awkward place?

  14. The poncho is lovely. As a styling newbie, it would be really helpful if you could show how you style the neck in the different ways shown in the photos. You have a wonderful sense of style. I’m hoping to be able to emulate you.

    1. Since the cashmere of the poncho is very soft and not too thick, you can arrange it in many ways at the shoulders, creating different looks. For example, if you gather one side and move the gather to the back, different angles will show in the front.

  15. Thank you Susan for your excellent and well thought out blogs. You are an inspiration to me…I’m 2 months into a keto diet.,have lost 16# on my way to 60#….and am putting a little money away every 10# so when I reach my goal, I can reward myself with some new, stylish clothes….I retired a year ago, so my wardrobe needs are different now, and you are helping me think about what I might want to buy.

  16. Love the poncho! I have one in blue and need to pull it out of my closet. I really like the sunglasses and the bracelet. I might have to check those out.
    I’m also looking forward to reading about how you style your hair as I have hair much like yours.

  17. I love the look and I really love your hair longer, the way you’re wearing it now. Thank you for the suggestions and inspiration. I really enjoy all the hints and photos. Thanks!

  18. The beautiful bag!! Ithe iPhone 13 Pro Max is too big for this bag. I had to return it. Much yo my chagrin. Just beware!
    If is gorgeous

  19. Love the outfit and the color of your poncho…I was disappointed to see that the red color was sold out…I wish buyers and manufacturers would give us more jewel colors to choose from…I hope you keep on being a style pioneer and adding interesting pieces to your basic wardrobe…Thanks for showing us the way…

  20. Oh, Susan,That is such a smart and well put together and fun look! Very classy, but also very fun. You look fantastic, and I might have to indulge in a purchase or two as well.

  21. Hi Susan,
    I love the poncho look! As I’ve said before,
    You are a super classy lady with great style, who looks great in everything!
    And I’m a guy saying this! I know style when I see it! Keep it goin’ Susan!

  22. Susan, So funny that I thought of you today while I was shopping in Talbots! I bought a silver embellished poncho on sale! It would look beautiful on you!

  23. I bought this poncho in navy. I don’t think I would have ordered it if I saw it online at their website but your post encouraged me to get it. The first day I wore it, I had it on for less than 10 minutes and spilled my soup on it. So I washed it and let it air dry.Today, I wore it for a few hours and I really like it. Thanks for posting this poncho! I’ve bought many pieces of clothing that you show on your posts and haven’t been disappointed yet.

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